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If you're looking for zoom hookups, try this controversial new dating app.

Is Zoom hookup legit? Full zoomhookups.com review

Since the Covid-19 Pandemic began, there has been a shift to the use of virtual meeting platforms like zoom in place of in-person meetups.

The fear of catching this illness has made it that many people aren't as comfortable meeting in person and prefer using online platforms to stay in touch. This has translated over to hookup culture, creating sites like Zoom Hookups.

What is Zoom Hookups?

Zoom Hookups is an online dating site made for people interested in virtual hookups. This site allows users to use their computer to participate in video sex, chat with other users, and share erotic pictures and videos. Instead of classic phone sex, you'll be able to use this platform for a live virtual hookup through your cam. Create an account and match with other users for an erotic zoom meeting.

Who Can Use This Site?

This site is perfect for anyone looking for a zoom hookup. Traditional dating websites aren't always helpful when looking for someone you strictly want to hook up with, particularly when you only want to hookup over zoom. Zoom Hookups allows for anyone who creates an account to meet members wanting to interact, share photos, and participate in a webcam chat.

Site Features

This sex dating site is equipped with features that let you prove who you are, report fake profiles, message another user, and offers options for a premium subscription.

With similar features to other dating sites coupled with the video capabilities of zoom, this is a perfect site for those who enjoy images when getting off.

Handling Fake Accounts

On most sites for dating or any service where profiles are created, you may encounter bots or fake accounts. However, this site allows for profile pictures to be verified to ensure that users are being honest about their identity. The site also allows for you to easily report other members you find to be operating a fake profile.

How to Create A Profile?

Creating a profile to join this site is very simple and easy. All you need to do is search up the platform, provide a bit of personal information to register, and pay the subscriptions fee to access the site. From then on you can login or log out of the site as you please.

Can I Delete My Account?

If you decide to purchase a subscription, you need to know that you can also cancel it and delete your account as well.

Whether you don't want to pay for the service anymore, don't want to participate in hookups anymore, or simply just don't like the service, you can always take advantage of this option.

You also have the option to cancel your subscription but keep your account so that if you want to re-join the site, you can have your same profile.

Should I Join?

Everyone is different and making the decision to join this site is your own choice. If you are looking to go on a date, this may not be the site for you. However, if you are looking for a no strings attached virtual hookup, then you should consider signing up. However, you should keep in mind a few pros and cons when it comes to deciding whether to register for this site.


When considering whether or not to create an account, it's important to look at some of its characteristics. Here are some of the reasons that may hook you into signing up for this site:

Specifically for Hookups

One positive about this site is that it is specifically for those looking for just a hookup. This is perfect for those that don't feel like sifting through people who are looking for dates and may not want to hookup on another dating network.

Safer Than In-Person

Not everyone feels comfortable having an in-person meeting. Even if you pick a public location to meet up, you still may not feel comfortable putting yourself out there in this way. This software allows for you to meet people in the comfort of your own home by sending messages or having video chats with the ability to stop the conversation with one click of a button.

Advance Filtering and Search Capabilities

The advanced filtering and search capabilities allow for you to look for people you have a preference for. Whether that is men, women, or those with a specific sexual orientation, this site enables you to find other people you may be interested in by using specifics in your searches.

The more specialized criteria you use, the more you can find the exact type of person you are looking for with results that stay up to date using a fully responsive web design.

Profile Privacy

Whether logged into your account or not, your profile remains private to those who do not have a membership. You can also add photos to your account that you can make private making it so only those you allow can see them. If you really want to keep people from seeing your profile, there is always a feature that allows you to block other users from accessing or interacting with your account.


You may find that this isn't the site for you based on certain qualities about it. Consider these facts about the site that may inform your decision to create an account:

Not Free

Using this site isn't free. You even have to pay for your trial membership. You can sign up for a three-day trial period for $1.95. After that, a one-month trial is $39.95, a three-month trial is $49.95, and a six-month trial is $69.90. Some people may not want to have a paid membership, preferring finding their hookups for free. So, if you want zoom hookups free, this may not be the site for you.


This is a public site that anyone can sign up for. This means that anyone in the world can sign up to use this site and someone you may know may stumble across your profile.

Even if someone hasn't heard of this site, clicking on one too many links may lead someone to find this site, sign up, and see you on it. If you're worried about someone you know seeing you, you may not want to sign up.

No App

Another aspect of this site that you may not like is that there is no app. If you don't want to always search the website up, you can always write the link down in your phone for easier access but there isn't the convenience of having an app.

Newer Site

This website is also newer, so it doesn't have the same following or number of users as other bigger hookup sites that have been around for longer. Though this network does have some of the same functions as other platforms like real time updates, chat rooms, and user verifications, it still hasn't been vetted to the extent of other sites.


Though this platform may be newer, require payment, and doesn't have an app, if you are interested in trying it out then it seems to be worth a try. In today's day and age, having hookup options outside of traditional in-person meetings is a must.

This service is perfect for those that don't feel like constantly trying to figure out whether or not someone is looking to hookup or not. With the ability to send messages, video chat, expand or shrink your search criteria, and easily report fake profiles, this website has a plethora of functionalities that make it easy and safe to use.

If you are trying to find a website perfect for finding virtual hookups, Zoom Hookups may be something to check out.

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