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Is Your secret hookup legit? Full site review

In the year 2022, you will find that there are a lot of hookup sites available to sign-up for and use. One online dating site that has sprung up over the years is Yoursecrethookup. After going into some general information about hookups and hookup date sites, we will go into our review and determine if it is truly legit.

What Is a Hookup?

If you don't know what a hook up is, then this section is for you. Basically, hooking up or having a one-night stand means a man, woman, or non-binary individual is getting sexually intimate with someone else or multiple people. This usually involves intercourse or another sexual act but can include just kissing.

Can a Hookup Turn into a Relationship?

Hookup can mean a variety of things, but people usually use it to refer to a causal sex/relationship, dating, one-night stands, no strings attached, or friends with benefits. If you are looking to actually start dating, then take a chance and shoot your shot. It is totally possible for a hookup to turn into a romance or dating relationship.

How Did Dating Hook Up/Online Dating Sites Come About?

Well, hookup date sites came about as anything did on the internet. There was a demand for the product, and people delivered. People have always had casual sex. Creating them just makes it easier for people to do it. You don't have to go out at all and can do it right from your home.

It's unknown how many online dating sites are out there. To be able to count them all would take a long, long time. However, know that there is a decent amount of them out there. Some are more generalized, while others cater to specific niches, kinks, fetishes, and more.

About Your Secret Hookup

In the next section, we are going to shift to our review of Yoursecrethookup. We'll cover everything from the trial plan to ability to send messages and how to best use the service. At the end, we will give our opinion of yoursecrethookup considering all the factors that matter, including subscription options and what you can expect to pay when you visit or register as one of the site's members.  

Who Created This Online Dating Site?

It is not fully known who specifically made the site. What we can tell you is that it is an official website and has a secure connection. So, when you go on it, all your personal information will be safe during your visit.

The site appears to have been launched in the year 2018, and since it is 2022, this makes it about four years old at this point. Currently, it says copyright 2022.

Where is it Located?

A site's location usually depends on the IP address. It is not known where it is technically located. On the main page, it lists a lot of US cities where you can find dating personalities, so obviously, this is their target audience. That doesn't mean it is located in the United States, though.

If you are from Canada or the UK and are interested in using this site, you can. However, it is unknown how many users from Canada or the UK are actually on there.

Who is Yoursecrethookup For?

It's not hard to figure out who this is intended for. It's for people, men and women technically, that want to have sexual encounters. There is an option to search certain cities on this dating site, so if you happen to live close to one, you can look at people who are local and looking for a secret hookup or one night stands.

How To Use This Dating Site?

It's pretty easy to use to figure out how to navigate your way around this website. Most of the information is displayed on the main page. General information can be found by scrolling all the way to the bottom.

There is also an FAQ section on the site. It can be accessed by clicking on the Content Us link(s) at the bottom of the main page. They answer the typical questions you would expect to be found in FAQs. If the question is covered, you can always send a message or contact them.

Does it Cost Money To Register for Yoursecrethookup?

While there is a free account, the paid ones or prime memberships/subscriptions offer you more to do, so this might be the preferred option. There are three payment subscriptions on a recurring plan:

$1.00 USD for one day

$24.95 USD for 1 month

$89.40 USD a year

There are free trials you can register for on Yoursecrethookup, but you will be automatically enrolled after that period ends, so be cautious. Also, keep in mind that they use USD rather than coin plans on this website.

If at any time you want to stop payments or make them non-recurring and can't figure out how, contact the site owner by e mail or check the FAQ.

Is There a Free Plan/Trial Period or Free Account on Yoursecrethookup?

There is a free account you can use, but you can only do so much before you pay Features are limited, so if you really want to be able to do more on the site, you are going to have to become a paying member or have a subscription. You can always try out a free trial for, say, 1 day or 1 month or so, without a string attached or obligation to pay afterward.

Does Yoursecrethookup Give Real Results?

It's hard to say; there are some not-so-great reviews for Yoursecrethookup out there, while some people claim they have had real results. All you can really do is use your own discretion when or if you decide to join Yoursecrethookup for local links.

Is Your Secret Hookup a Legit Dating Site?

Yes and no. There are indeed real people on there and those who said they had a good yoursecrethookup experience, but you have to weed through a lot of fakes in order to be able to find someone real. This is a common problem with these types of websites, which we will discuss below.

Common Scams With Dating/Hookup Websites/Services

Some of the biggest scams or problems with Hookup sites is that they exist just to get your personal information and charge your credit card. Trying to scam money out of you is probably one of the biggest reasons they do this and one of the most common scams as well. So, if someone messages you, proceed with caution before adding them to your contacts.

What to Look Out For?

Look out for places that ask about excessive personal information from everyone (especially the top members or those who seem overly interested right from the start). Tack on the fact that these people have professional or celebrity-looking photos, then it raises a lot of red flags.

Biggest Pros of Yoursecrethookup

The best thing about Yoursecrethookup is probably the 1-day premium membership available. It can be expensive to join these types of places, so the 1-day premium membership gives you a chance to explore it without breaking the bank.

Biggest Cons of Yoursecrethookup

The biggest con of Yoursecrethookup has to be that there are a lot, and we mean a lot, more men on this site than women/girls/ladies. If you are a man looking for other men, then this shouldn't be a problem. However, if you are a straight man who is looking for women/girls to contact, it's very difficult. You are competing against other men and fake profiles/pictures on Yoursecrethookup.

How to Register For Your Secret Hookup

To sign-up Yoursecrethookup, you have to go to the main page. On the top of the main page, you will be prompted to join now with your email; it's free. Answer whether you are male, female, or a couple and other personal information before clicking the join free button. Then just log in and find someone to chat with on Yoursecrethookup.

How to Delete Your Secret Hookup Account

You can't actually delete your Yoursecrethookup account but rather close it, which will delete your profile. It can be fully deleted or deactivated. This is a little concerning because that means they just have your information stored there for good once you become a member. This is still true even after you have cancelled your subscription.

Final Opinion/Review of Your Secret Hookup

Our final rating/review of Yoursecrethookup is probably 2.5 stars out of five. Now, this isn't the worst site out there by far, and it is pretty affordable, which is probably what makes it so appealing. The problem is, for a site that is especially directed towards straight men, it is unlikely they will easily find matches/other members. Tack on the fact that you have a lot of fake profiles and members on there, and it's near impossible.

Other Hook Up/Dating Sites/Apps To Try 

If this Yoursecrethookup doesn't fit your fancy, keep in mind there are plenty of other fun ones available for you to search, sign-up for, and then start chatting in. Some include AdultFriendFinder, Tinder, Alt, Zooksk, Feeld, Hinge, Grindr, and Bumble. Keep in mind that this is just a very small list. It would really be impossible for us to list all of them!

Computer Safety Tips

Remember to always have an antivirus program and adblocker on your computer. This is especially true when visiting sites of this nature. Some of them can have ads that are malicious, which can download viruses onto your computer. By having such resources as an adblocker for your browser and antivirus features on your computer, you can prevent this from happening.

Dating Account Safety Tips

For your specific accounts on these sites, the best thing to do is always have a long password when you log in and a two-step verification system if it is available. This would usually include using your phone or a second email to protect your sensitive data.

General Dating/Sex Safety Tips

When exploring dating sites, it is important to keep yourself safe during any sexual encounter that follows. The best way to do this is always to get tested, use some form of protection, and some kind of birth control.

Remember Consent

We have to mention consent because it's an important thing to remember. No always means no. If someone says no or indicates they want to stop, then you need to stop. This applies to men, women, non-binary, young, old, etc. An enthusiastic yes for sex and a willing partner are always sexy and fun.

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