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Here's How to Actually Have a Tinder Hookup (Complete Guide for Newbies)

When people think of online dating apps, the first one that comes to mind is Tinder. Tinder has been a revolutionary force in the casual sex world, and has reached heights of mainstream use that most dating apps could only dream of. Even a decade after its conception, it's still the number one dating app in the world today.

Some people use Tinder to find quick flings and one night stands, but most Tinder users don't always see it that way. It's not really a hookup app, it's more of a casual dating platform. In this article, we're going to show you to progress from your initial Tinder conversation to real life Tinder hookups (and more).

Your Hookup Guide - What's Inside

You might be on the hunt for a long term relationship, a short term affair or an impulsive Tinder hook up. In this guide, we're going to explain everything about the Tinder hook up process, from how to utilize your Tinder bio to the max to the most common mistakes that most male Tinder users make when trying to hook up.

And not only that, but if Tinder hook ups aren't your thing, we'll also show you a few other choice dating sites that get you laid just as easy as Tinder does. Be warned, this is a long one, so grab a coffee and get ready to learn everything you need to know about finding your next Tinder hookup with ease. Here's what our Tinder hookup guide includes:

  1. Does Tinder Actually Work?
    • Is Tinder For Online Dating Or Hook Ups?
    • What Will I Find On Tinder?
    • Is Tinder The Best Hookup App?
  2. Creating Your Tinder Profile
    • Your Best Photo
    • A Diverse Range Of Photos
    • Your Profile Bio
  3. Using Tinder Properly
    • Playing The Swipe Game
    • The Tinder Algorithm
    • Tinder Plus Match Worldwide
    • Swipe Rewind
    • Super Likes
  4. How To Message On Tinder
    • Opening Lines Are Vital
    • Be Flirtatious...
    • ...But Respectful
  5. How To Secure A Tinder Date
    • How To Ask Someone Out
    • Where Do You Go?
    • How About A Hookup Instead?

Does Tinder Actually Work?

Before we get going, we need to ask the important question: can you actually find a hookup on Tinder? Is it feasible? It's not just gym rats and wannabe models who get all the luck on Tinder, right? The truth is that it doesn't matter who you are or what you look like, there's a Tinder hookup waiting for you on here.

Is Tinder For Online Dating Or Hook Ups?

When Tinder first smashed onto the scene in 2012, it was entirely based around casual hookups. If you wanted a one night stand, other dating apps couldn't match up to what Tinder offered. However, these days, Tinder is more of an all-rounder when it comes to dating sites. You'll find just as many people looking for Tinder hookups as you will long term relationships.

But really, that's what makes Tinder such an attractive platform. It's really got everything anyone could want. All relationship types are represented, and with such a vast user base and millions of active members, there's a Tinder use for everyone no matter what time of the day you're on the hunt. Put simply, you'll get dating and hook ups in abundance on Tinder.

What Will I Find On Tinder?

The question most users have is - how do you know what another Tinder user is looking for? For example, how do you know what that preppy chick you're eyeballing has in mind? Is she just on Tinder to meet her next bedroom partner, or is she looking for her future husband? This is one of Tinder's pitfalls, truth be told, but there are a few remedies.

A lot of users will write their intentions in their profiles so you'll know exactly what they want without having to search too hard. However, others won't be so open, so you might have to converse a little before getting to the bottom of things. But really, it's only a few messages back and forth before you'll know if they're right for you.

Is Tinder The Best Hookup App?

It's difficult to assign the label of 'best' to any casual dating app because it really depends on what you're looking for personally. For example, some casual sex sites are ideal for meeting new people and banging them that very night. Some are better for creating short-term casual arrangements, and some help arrange affairs. It really depends what you want.

But like we said, Tinder is such a versatile platform that you'll find online daters of every kind on here. Even though there's no set direction for the kind of casual relationships you'll find, Tinder is pretty much a sexual buffet so you'll have your pick of the bunch providing you put the effort in. It might not be the 'best' hookup app, but it definitely beats a lot of other sites.

Creating Your Tinder Profile

Everyone knows that in order to get success in the online dating arena, the most important step is to craft an appealing profile. Of course, Tinder is mostly a looks-based platform, just like any other hookup site. Some people might see this as a negative, but it's no different to real life. If you were at a bar or party, you'd naturally approach people you were attracted to.

Your Best Photo

If there's one that guarantees a high success rate on Tinder, it's your lead photo. Basically, this is the photo that people will swipe through when they're playing the match game. Until you've matched, they won't be able to see your other Tinder photos, so it's important you choose the best picture you have of capturing your next fuck partner's attention.

Choose a picture that's flattering but shows you in full. Pick one that shows you smiling, and most importantly, choose a photo where you're alone. You don't want your potential match to fall in love with your friend. Additionally, Tinder has a fancy little feature called "smart photo" which tests the sucess rate of your uploaded pictures and then chooses the best one for you.

A Diverse Range Of Pictures

If you want to attract some attention, you need a versatile range of photos that not only show off your looks, but showcase a little of your personality too. If you scrolled through someone's profile and you just saw bland selfie after selfie, you might not be very taken by them. But if you saw someone engaging in fun and interesting activities, you'd pay more attention.

Select some photos that show you doing something you love, whether it's exercising, playing music, rock climbing, whatever. Use group photos if you have to, but try not to include pictures of women (and definitely DON'T tag it "me and a female friend" because that's a huge red flag). A solid combination is two selfies, two activity photos and one group photo.

Your Profile Bio

Once you’ve matched with someone, the other person will be able to see your bio in full. Up until this point, they’ll only see your basic stats. So, if you want to keep the hookup momentum rolling, you’ll need to grab their attention with an interesting bio. It doesn’t need to be super detailed (quite the opposite), but something that shows you’re an interesting soul.

Don’t bother including your name, age or location (because that’s already visible). Instead, mention a few things you like (but nothing you dislike, don’t wanna come across overly negative), and the kind of thing you’re looking for without being too direct. If you want something casual, say it. If you’re interested in something long term, say it.   

Using Tinder Properly

So, you've maximized your profile for instant attention. Now, it's time to start putting youself out there. If you want matches, you need to swipe your ass off. Remember, you can't exchange the first message until you've mutually matched, so load up the Matches screen and get going. Here's a step-by-step guide to using Tinder properly.

Playing The Swipe Game

Even if you're one of a few people who've never used a swipe-based platform, you probably know exactly how it works by now. Like the look of someone? Swipe right. Don’t like someone so much? Swipe right. It’s as simple as that. If they return your swipe-left gesture, then you’ll mutually match and can begin chatting. That's the core system at play on Tinder.

Remember, it’s an important to keep an open mind when swiping. Hooking up is a major numbers game. If you just hold out for perfect-tens every single time, you might finding yourself with a date for a while. So, even if it’s not love at first sight, it might still be worth swiping left if there’s something about them you like.

The Tinder Algorithm

Like any dating app, Tinder rewards people who put the hours in. That’s not to say you won’t get results if you only log on a few times a week, but the more you use Tinder, the more the algorithm will work in your favor. Not only will you start seeing people more to your specific tastes, but you’ll show up more in the results of suitable potential matches too.

It’s also not a good idea to swipe right on absolutely everyone, because the platform will start to think you’re a bot. Even if you genuinely do want to bang every single woman you find on the site, it’s still vital that you occasionally pass on a few potential matches to keep you in good equity with the algorithm. A good ratio is 5:2 in favor of right swipes.

Tinder Gold

For those who want a little more functionality in their Tinder experience, Tinder now offers a paid version called Tinder Plus. It's a nifty little feature that offers some very useful benefits if you want to stand out from the rabble and make more matches in the process. It's also vital if you want to keep swiping long into the night.

Tinder's free version only allows 12 swipes per day (long gone are the days when Tinder was free), so if you want maximum exposure, you'll need to get Tinder Plus. But aside from this swipe increase, there's also a couple of other advantages too. All of the headings below are what's included with the basic Tinder Plus package.

Match Worldwide

Once you've set your location on Tinder, you can't search for users outside of a 50km radius. For most users, even those that live in the middle of nowhere, that's obviously more than enough. But what happens if you're going on vacation soon? What happens if you regularly have to stay in other towns and cities for work? Well, Match Worldwide can help you out.

If you've got an upcoming vacation in Europe, then simply input your destination and browse through all of the local talent before you even get there. That means you can arrange your first date before you even arrive on foreign soil. It's a fantastic feature that helps you get laid globally, and of course, it can make a huge difference to your vacation.

Left-Swipe Rewind

This one is ideal for those with an itchy trigger finger. If you're swiping too fast through profiles, it's very easy to accidentally swipe left on someone you like. It's cool. We've all been there, and it wasn't until recently that if you accidentally swiped left, it was tough luck. But the swipe rewind feature lets you go back and correct your mistakes.

You only have set amount of days before you can undo swipes on people you've swiped left on, so be sure to act quick. Just the 'Swipe Rewind' section and you'll see a list of people you've left-swiped on for the past 10 days. But after this alloted time, they're gone forever, so it's sometimes wise to check this section once a week or so.

Super Likes

Tinder Plus users are given 5 Super Likes per day, and these can be perfect for getting the attention of other users. If there's a particular member who you really want to get down and dirty with, a Super Like will tell that person exactly how interested you are in them. You'll automatically jump to the top of their inbox.

The other user will be notified that they've been Super Liked, and then asked to return the favor. Unfortunately, it won't guarantee they'll swipe right back at you, but it definitely increases your odds of a potential match. Non-Tinder Plus users are limited to one Super Like per day, and the premium version is worth it for this feature alone.

4. How To Message On Tinder

This is the part most people struggle with. Swiping and matching is often the easy part, but if you want to actually hook up, you need to perfect your message game. Don't worry, because we're here to guide you through the texting process to ensure you bag that Tinder hookup. Here's how to become a Tinder messaging superstar.

Opening Lines Are Vital

It's true. You know how they say people create a first impression within 7 seconds? Well, on Tinder it's even less than that. It's however long it takes the other person to read your first message. Therefore, there's no wiggle room to talk nonsense. You can't waffle because you'll love their interest. So, what exactly do you say in your opening message?

The best approach is to personalize your message. Go through their Tinder photos and find a point of interest. "That's a nice garden you've got there. Did you design it yourself?" Or maybe "cute dog, what's his name?" If their Tinder bio doesn't give much away (and lots won't), ask an attention-grabbing question like "if you won a million dollars, what would you do?"

Be Flirtatious...

Most people just want to hookup on Tinder, so there's really no harm in being a little flirtatious in your initial messages. In fact, it's expected. Most women actually want you to be a little sexually suggestive because it'll soon help you both uncover if you're sexually compatible with each other. Just remember to not take it too far (there are lots of grey areas these days).

Telling her she looks amazing in her pictures is perfectly fine, but maybe don't tell her you've screenshotted her Tinder profile and saved it to your porn folder. If you feel the conversation going that way, then feel free to talk a little dirty, but as with any interaction, it's important to not overstep any boundaries. The best advice is to take things slowly.

...But Respectful

If any any point you make her feel uncomfortable, then you can kiss goodbye to that potential Tinder hook up. These days, if women smell any hint of creepiness coming from a Tinder user, you can bet your ass they'll unmatch them without thinking twice. And of course, that's totally expected. That's why it's so important to stay respectful at all times.

Rejection comes with the dating territory. It can be after one date, two dates or zero dates. It happens to everyone (sometimes without even the "let's just be friends" talk). And if that happens, accept it and move on. Don't be one of those pathetic time wasters who lashes out and starts insulting the other person, because you'll just look foolish in the process.

5. How To Secure A Tinder Date

You need to know when it's time to pull the trigger. Once you've progressed to natural and fun conversation, you're going to need to bite the bullet and ask the other person out (whether for a date or a hook up depends on your preferences). This part can be nerve wracking, but exciting at the same time. How do you do that? Read on.

How To Ask Someone Out

Everyone will be different when it comes to asking them out, but it's recommended to pull the trigger between 1-2 days. Remember to keep it casual too, something like "you seem really nice, want to get a drink sometime?" Remember don't be pushy and don't get upset if she says no. Some people take longer to get comfortable around new people.

If she does reject you, then don't lash out because then you'll have kissed goodbye to any hook up possibilities. Instead, keep the fun and energy up, carry on talking and exchanging pictures, because even if you don't meet up, you can still remain friends (and it's good to have opposite-sex friends in case you both decide you want some no-strings fun sometime).

Where Do You Go?

Dating isn't what it used to be. Most peopl don't go to the cinema or bowling alley anymore. If you want a date that doesn't scream childish, then take the other person to a bar or a pub. Maybe avoid lavish restaurants for the time being because the atmosphere in those places isn't always super casual, and you definitely don't want garlic breath when you lean in for a kiss.

Also, be sure to avoid clubs or places with loud music. The whole point of dates are to help you and the other person connect, and you can't do that with 200 decibels of dance music pounding away in your ear drums all night. Find a quiet bar, have a few drinks and keep things simple. Don't think you have to impress her from day one.

How About A Hookup Instead?

But if it's a hookup on Tinder, obviously things will move much faster. Don't be scared to dive in within an hour of chatting. If she wants to hook up too, she'll be very welcoming towards your advances. Ask her what she's looking for, and if she replies vaguely or purposely avoids mentionining anything about long term commitment, chances are a hook up is on the cards.

Don't be afraid to be direct providing you do it with style. "Are you just here for fun, then?" is perfectly fine to ask. Likewise, if she gives you explicit permission or sends nude photos, it's pretty easy to read between the lines. Capitalize as soon as you can because chances are she's looking for the next person to share her bed with that same night.

Tinder FAQs

We're sure you've got some questions. Can you find your friends on Tinder? What happens if you accidentally swipe left on that hot local chick? Don't worry, we've got you covered. Here are the most common queries when it comes to finding a hookup on Tinder.

How Many People Meet Through Tinder?

Tinder has an amazing 75 million users worldwide. Every single day, over 30 million matches are made, including a whopping 1.6 billion daily right swipes in total. That means there's a hell of a lot of people using Tinder to find their next hook up (or their future husband or wife). At one point in March 2020, a record total of 3 billion swipes was recorded in a single day.

How Do You Know Someone Swiped Right On You?

The only way to tell for sure that someone has swiped right on you is to swipe right on them too. However, People who've already swiped right on you are likely to show up near the top of your swiping queue, so it could be worth paying careful attention to the person at the start as you are likelier to match with them. It's the beauty of Tinder's algorithm.

Can You Find People You Know On Tinder?

It’s not possible to search directly for people you know on Tinder, but it’s possible to stumble across someone you know on here. That’s one of the pitfalls of social media, however, there’s no shame if one of your friends or coworkers find your Tinder profile. If they’re on here, they’re looking for the same thing you are (and if they’re a potential match, even better, right?)

How Long Do Matches Take?

There are no set timeframes to get a match, nor are there any guarantees you’ll actually get one. However, if you have a solid profile and continue to swipe, you’ll make plenty of matches as you navigate through the app. In general, it takes around 1-2 days of regular activity to see an influx of incoming matches.

How Long Do Matches Stay?

Matches stay in your inbox forever. The only way a match will disappear is if the other user deletes their profile or purposely unmatches you. Once you match, it’s advised to begin a conversation immediately, otherwise you’ll both be subjected to the dreaded ‘inbox rot.’ Always strike while the iron is hot.

Why Don't I Have Any Matches?

If you’ve spent considerable time on Tinder and you haven’t made many matches, you should consider revising your profile. It could be a weak profile picture or an unattractive bio that’s putting off potential partners. Alternatively, Tinder's algorithm could have relegated you to the back of the queue for whatever reason.

Should I Just Swipe Right On Everyone?

Definitely not. If you just swipe right without really paying attention, the mods will think you're a bot and then ban your account. Plus, you might accidentally swipe right on your sister or your aunt, and that's guaranteed to make things awkward. A solid ratio is 5:

If I Swipe Left, Have I Missed My Chance Forever?

Yes and no. If you’re a free user, then yes, chances are you won’t see that life-swipe face ever again. But if you’re a Tinder Plus user, you can use the Swipe Rewind function to grab a second chance at matching with that person. You're able to see everyone you've left-swiped on in the past 10 days. This feature is only available for paid users.

Do People Know If You've Swiped Left On Them?

No, people won’t know if you’ve swiped left on them, so you don’t have to worry about upsetting anyone. The only caveat is that if you swipe right on someone and you never match, then you can assume they’ve swiped left on you (or haven’t yet come across your profile in their queue).

What Are The Best Tinder Alternatives?

Sure, Tinder is a behemoth in the hookup and relationship scene, but it's not the only place to get laid tonight. There are several other platforms out there that get just as high success rates as Tiner. Here are a few of our favorites:


If there's one major problem with Tinder, it's the disparity between the number of matches received by men and women. Men get 2 matches per day on average, women get about 30. For the ladies, this can be an issue because they're basically bombarded with choice, not to mention they're inundated with messages constantly.

But Bumble addresses this issue by only letting the women send the first message. The rest of the site works exactly like Tinder, but guys can't initiate conversations. Bumble's demographic is more catered towards young people too, so if you're sick of Tinder and you've got youth on your side, Bumble might help you find your next date.

Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder is less of a hookup site and more of an adult community. If Facebook and Tinder had a baby, it would look something like Adult Friend Finder (despite AFF emerging about 15 years before both). If you're looking to make new friends and line up some potential dates outside the confines of a hookup site, AFF is a good choice.

As one of the longest-standing dating platforms of all time, AFF has amassed a generously large user base in its long career. It's also got forums, chat rooms, personals and much more to help find your next casual fling. There's even a member content section for user-uploaded pictures and videos too.


Zoosk used to be something of an old school dating site, the kind of place where people who meet up hit the movie theater on their first date. But in recent years, Zoosk has become a place to meet new friends for casual relationships, both short term and long term. No longer are users interested in taking slowly, and are more interested in getting down and dirty right away.

Zoosk is one of the few dating apps that doesn't use the swipe system at all. Users can start chatting immediately without having to go through the matchmaking approach. It's a highly reputable and trustworthy brand name too, so you can be sure that you're in safe hands on here. Whatever kind of relationship you want, Zoosk has users looking for the same thing.


If serious relationships aren't on your radar whatsoever, then Hookup might be the perfect site for you. As you'll tell by the name, this is a place to meet your next fuck partner without beating around the bush. The entire site is a hookup paradise, loaded with horny users from every corner of the world, all looking for their next slice of adult fun.

Hookup takes the stress out of meeting people and doesn't bog you down with unnecessary features. Just scroll through users, send messages and arrange to fuck. The casual atmosphere of the site only attracts those the filthiest sex-seekers in your area, so you can be sure you'll get great results every single time you log on.


So far, we've been biased towards the straights of the world, but let's not overlook the LGBTQ community. If you're gay, bi, queer or anything else, Jack'd is a platform that exclusively helps you find someone to share your bed for the night. It's one of the very few all-encompassing LGBTQ apps that cater to the hookup crowd.

Jack'd is still fairly new but it's fast growing. It's not just a standard swipe app either, since there are chat roms and forums if you're looking to create a genuine connection or engage in some great conversation with other gay, bi, trans or queer people. Given how rapidly Jack'd is growing, it's going to be around for a long period, so get on it while it's fresh.

Conclusion To Your Tinder Guide

We hope our Tinder hookup guide aids you well in your upcoming sexual adventures. It doesn't matter where you're from, what you look like or what your sexual orientation is, there's a relationship waiting for you somewhere on Tinder. But if you want results, you've got to be in it to win it.

Or if Tinder hookups aren't for you, then hopefully one of the other mentioned dating apps will hit the spot instead. It doesn't matter if you want a platonic friend, a deeper connection with someone or filthy, impulsive sex, we guarantee you'll find someone if you follow our Tinder hookup guide. Good luck, and remember to practive safe sex along the way!

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