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Tik tok hookup? Here's how to actually get laid using Tiktok

TikTok App, or Douyin App as it is known in China, was launched in 2016 for just Chinese markets. For international markets, it was launched in 2017 for android and iOS. TikTok is now one of the most popular social media apps today, according to most data. Basically, you upload short, little videos known as TikTok's and watch, comment, or like them from other users.

It's a great place to view other users' fun short videos, create your own videos, and discover short videos related to your interests, favorite accounts, or username. You don't even have to pay to do this!

As with all social media sites, TikTok has also given way to people using it not just to make or watch videos but also as a hook up or dating app. It is one of the nine major driver apps that can connect people from Los Angeles to Big Pine Key. If you have decided that you are feeling the need to line up a meet with other singles on the app, TikTok provides plenty of space to do this.

Can You Actually use TikTok to Have Sex?

Anything can become a dating app in this day and age, and this includes TikTok. So, if you are wondering if you can get laid using TikTok, the answer is a resounding yes. It is possible to do so. All social media sites have been used to hookup. This includes Facebook, Tumblr, Reddit, Instagram, and even Myspace.

Where there is a will, there is a way to hookup. If singles want to find someone to hookup with and don't want to visit dating apps, they will use what is available to them. This is where TikTok and other social media sites come in. There is nothing wrong with that. Just make sure to proceed with caution and play it safe as you would on an actual dating site.

TikTok Hooking Up and How to Find Them

Now you know that you are able to get laid or hookup on TikTok, but how the heck do you go about finding TikTok hookups in the first place? Guys and girls do know how to discover short content videos related to their interests but not hook ups or having sex. 

It's not as difficult to hookup on this app as many might think. One easy way is to take the lead and search hashtags. As you would find on twitter, hashtags are very popular on TikTok. If you search say "Date me" or specify a specific area where you want to date, then you'll find there are a lot of options out there.

You are obviously going to have to weed through those that don't interest you or those that may come off as straight-up weirdos. Trust us; the internet is full of creeps (guy or girl), so you really do have to do your diligence when searching for people to date on this popular social media site. There are good ones in the mix, it just might take a while for you to find one or for someone to contact you.

TikTok Hooking Up Profile/Content Tips for Having Sex

Believe it or not, there are things you can do to increase the chances of someone responding to your DM or giving you a DM instead. For one, make sure your profile is all about you. Give some general information like your name, age, location, sign, or whatever you decide to add. There isn't a lot of room to make your personality stand out, so choose your words carefully and keep them as short as possible! 

The second piece of advice is to not be a creep or have people feel creeped out. You want to avoid them and not be one. Thirdly, always be yourself and never try to be someone you aren't. Most people can tell when others are being fake or genuine, so the best thing to do is always just be yourself.

Make a short content video or several short videos so other users can engage with it and learn about you. The content can be anything, for example, like what you wear. This can help expand on some of the details from your intro they may be wondering about.

Finally, the last piece is to take advantage of the hashtags we mentioned before. Date me, love, someone dating me, looking for a relationship, etc., are all examples of something to use. By doing this, you'll get the full experience that comes with TikTok Hooking Up.

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