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How To Find Women For Squirt Hookup Fun Tonight

Let's talk about squirting. For those who don't already know, squirting is an explosive female orgasm that results in an endless stream of fluid from a woman's vaginal canal, usually soaking the bedsheets right through. They're sexy, messy, and they give the woman an orgasmic experience they'll never forget. For any budding Casanovas out there, knowing how to make a woman squirt will make a bonafide sex God in the eyes of any woman.

But there's a lot to know about squirting. You need to understand female anatomy and psychology to make it happen, not to mention that every woman is different. So, if you're looking to make a woman squirt, and if you want to know where to find some squirt-positive beauties tonight, we've got your ultimate squirting guide below. Here's how to find squirt hookups in your area today.

What Are Squirt Hookups?

Some women like squirting, some women LOVE squirting. If you're a guy, imagine having an an orgasm that lasts about 20 seconds. It might sound like a brief amount of time, but the average orgasm lasts about 5 seconds at most - women included. But when it comes to squirting, these sensations can be prolonged for 15, 20, sometimes even 30 seconds. That's some serious stimulation, and that's why a lot of ladies are obsessed with the idea of squirting.

Squirt hookups, then, are hookups that result in an explosive stream of "squirt juice" from your lucky bedroom partner. Some women go out with the sole intention of finding a man to make them squirt, so if you have this technique locked away in your sexual arsenal, it opens up a world of hookup opportunities for you. That's why we're here to help you master the art of squirting so you can blow womens' minds time and time again.

What Is Squirting, Anyway?

Squirting is kind of a polarizing topic in the world of sex. Some women are absolutely obsessed with it. Some women believe it doesn't even exist at all. However, we're here to tell you that squirting is very much real, but the reason so many women doubt it is because they've never experienced it themselves. And it's understandable, since actually achieving a squirting orgasm is no easy feat. It takes a lot of relaxation and technique.

Squirting is a unique type of orgasm in that the orgasmic sensation is prolonged much more than a regular orgasm. Additionally, the woman will produce a considerable amount of liquid during this orgasm, which is emptied out through the urethra. There is a common myth that "squirt juice" is just urine, but this isn't true. The produced fluid comes from a different gland than where urine is stored, although this fluid will collect traces of urine through the urethra.

How Does Squirting Work?

Time for the scientific bit. When a woman becomes aroused, their urethral sponge (a glandular tissue that produces lubricant), which is the location of the female G-spot, secretes lubricating fluid into the urethra, which then flows back into the bladder. When this lubricating fluid builds up to a high enough level, it can be expelled down the urethra utilizing the force that comes with orgasmic stimulation.

Put simply, a woman's self-lubricating fluid can be expelled from the body providing she's stimulated in the correct manner. Now, a squirting orgasm can't be achieved with simple penetrative sex or standard clitoral stimulation alone. It requires a degree of specific G-spot stimulation and particular techniques (on both the giver and receiver's end). Squirting rarely happens by accident, although it can in rare cases.

Your Ultimate Squirting Guide

If you're here, chances are you fancy to become a squirt God. You want to know these squirting techniques inside out so you can give women the best sexual experiences of their entire lives. Look no further, because we've got your ultimate squirting guide right here. Not only that, but we'll also tell you where to meet potential squirt partners later on in the article. Here's everything you need to know.

Anatomy Lesson

All the techniques we're going to discuss rely on a good understanding of the female anatomy. You don't want to be fumbling around down there, hitting the wrong spot. You need to feel confident when applying these techniques because, if you know exactly what you're doing, she she'll also feel confident and relaxed. This is our concise guide to the female anatomy.


The clitoris has the same amount of nerve endings as the entire male penis, even though it's only a fraction of the size. For most women, clitoral stimulation is the ultimate source of pleasure. The clit is an incredibly sensitive part of the female form, especially when un-aroused, so it's a good idea to build up from indirect stimulation towards direct stimulation over time.

The clitoris can actually become engorged with blood as her arousal levels rise, and will be easier to find under the clitoral hood as she gradually becomes more aroused. Ensure you use plenty of lube or saliva to stimulate the clit and reduce friction. When it comes to squirting, the clitoris is a crucial part of the process, so it's important you know exactly how to stimulate it effectively.

The G-Spot

The G-spot is perhaps the most important part of the female anatomy when it comes to giving squirting orgasms, so it's essential that you know exactly where it is and how it works. The female G-spot is similar to the male G-spot in that it's located internally and can provide mind blowing sensations when stimulated.

The female G-spot is found 1-3 inches inside the vaginal wall, on the front side (towards her belly button). Actually reaching the G-spot requires a specific fingering technique or usage of a specialist sex toy. The hand must slip into the vagina palm-upwards and then you'll need to bend the fingers to reach it. The G-spot can be stimulted through penile penetration but it's a little more difficult.

The Urethra

The female urethra is a 2-inch-long tube that connects to the urinary bladder for the release of urine. It exits the body above the vaginal opening, but below the clitoris. When it comes to squirting, the urethra is what expels the produced fluid. This is in contrast to regular female ejaculate which exits through the vaginal cavity.

Skene's Gland

The Skene's gland is an important area of the female anatomy when it comes to squirting because it produces the female ejaculate. During the routine day, the Skene's gland is empty, but during sexual arousal is begins to fill up with the liquid that will (hopefully) later be squirted out.

This is why foreplay, and getting the woman highly aroused before you attempt to make her squirt is so crucial. In colloquial terms, the Skene's gland is now also referred to as the 'female prostrate.' The Skene's gland is found close to the G-spot area along the walls of the urethra.

Part 1: Warming Up

Most men underestimate the importance of warming up both for having great sex and helping a woman squirt. While men can get turned on in an instant, women take a little longer. There are both emotional and physiological reasons why it's so important to take warm her up properly before attempting to make her squirt.

The warm-up and preparation are all about showing her that she can trust you and you won't freak out if she pees on the bed or something unexpected happens. Once she feels she can trust you emotionally then you can move on to warming her up physically. For a partner you have not had sex with before the emotional side of squirting will be your biggest challenge, simply because most women are shy about squirting in front of a new man.


The key to any orgasm for any women is relaxation. Sex is all about the journey, not the destination, so it's a good idea to reassure her in whatever ways you can. Tell her that there's no pressure on her, and if she's not comfortable at any point, you're happy to stop things where they are. You need her to be living in the moment, not in her head. That all starts with relaxation.

As well as mental relaxation, physical comfort is equally as important. You won't make a woman squirt in the back of your car or in some strip clubs bathroom. It's very much a bedroom activity, and it's a good idea to help set the scene before you get down to this messy business. Light candles, give her some wine beforehand. The more you increase her self worth and her presence, the more easier it will be to make her explode.

Free From Outcome

Another major roadblock to squirting success is if the woman feels you will be disappointed if she doesn't squirt. If she feels you are so dependent on the outcome to be happy she will be trying too hard to squirt, this will essentially pull her out of the moment. Additionally, you need to choose whether you're going to actually discuss squirting beforehand. Ideally, you shouldn't mention it, and just try to make her squirt without dwelling on it.

The more she trusts that you are a mature, caring man who genuinely wants to help her feel incredible pleasure without judging her in any way, the more likely she will open up to you and relax her body and mind. Judgment-free environments and comfort are the real keys to getting a woman to squirt. No amount of finger techniques, no matter how outrageous and dexterous, will work if she is not relaxed and feeling comfortable.

Hold Space

Holding space for someone means providing a grounding, non-judgemental outlook, where they can process their own emotions and feelings without fear. You are not telling them what to do, or processing their emotions for them, you are simply providing the secure support that might facilitate them to do it for themselves. If a woman has a powerful squirting orgasm you may need to hold space for her afterwards while she processes her own emotions.

If you have already proved to her that you can 'hold space' at the right moment she will be much more likely to feel relaxed enough, let go, and be able to squirt. The best times to prove you can 'hold space' for her are in situations where most people would become emotionally flustered and lose their cool. You can remain emotionally unaffected by the situation.

Part 2: How To Make Her Squirt

Making a woman squirt requires a specific technique. However, different women will respond accordingly to different levels of intensity. For example, one woman might squirt easily from light double-stimulation play, whereas others might need to be stimulated to higher levels in order to achieve a squirting orgasm. It all depends on the woman, so you'll need to go through a little trial and error before discvoering what works.

Clitoral Stimulation

The first thing you’ll want to do after relaxing her up is to stimulate her clit. The clitoris is especially sensitive, so to begin with you don’t want to apply much pressure. Lightly stroke it with your index finger or gently lap away with your tongue. Don't push too hard on it and keep strokes light and gentle. Occasionally pull away from the clitoris so she doesn't become over-stimulated.

You can build speed and pressure as she gets more aroused. Light rhythmic and quick strokes are best for the clit, but build up the speed gradually. Be responsive to her feedback at this point, if she looks in any discomfort, decrease the pressure and speed, and then build from there. Read her body and if you can, ask her what feels good and what doesn't. Communication is everything during sex.

G-Spot Stimulation

At first you may want to use just one finger slowly inserted inside her with your palm facing upward (as mentioned earlier). Make sure everything is well-lubed up beforehand. There are 3 basic motions that can be used to stimulate her g-spot with your finger(s).

  1. The "come hither" motion. The fingers are curled upwards and moved in and out towards your palm. This is the most important technique.
  2. The "windscreen wiper" motion. Move your curcled fingers from side to side, essentially "wiping" her g-spot. The tips of your fingers will be pointing towards her left hip then her right hip.
  3. The "barrel roll" motion. Use the tips of your fingers to make a circular motion inside the vagina.

Use a combination of these 3 motions with either one or two fingers to stimulate her G-spot. If you find one that she responds overwhelmingly too, stick with it. Keep it slow and first and gradually build up the tension until you reach the finale.

Double Stimulation

Double stimulation means stimulating the clitoris with one hand and the G-spot with the other hand, which usually results in powerful, explosive orgasms. When you have a rhythm that she enjoys, keep with that rhythm. Speed-up as she gets more turned on, when you feel her g spot start swelling up it will put more pressure on your fingers, this is the sign she is really turned on and almost ready to start squirting.

Maintain the rhythm or increase the speed and pressure slightly, with the come hither motion hooking round the G-spot. Continue with the this stimulation then transition into a stronger up-and-down motion with your fingers curled upwards (palm upwards). As she gets ready to squirt the pressure on your fingers inside her vagina will increase as the Skene's gland fills and the PC muscles contract. This is the sign that a squirt explosion is on the horizon.


Once you feel this pressure build up, you'll have to rely on her to tell you when she's about to climax. At the moment of orgasm, you need to pull your fingers out of her vagina with force and continue stimulating the clitoris with your fingers. There are a couple of scientific reasons for this, but the main one is that this motion creates a "vacuum" inside the vagina which allows the urethra to expel fluid.

This part requires a little co-operation with your sex partner. First of all, she'll need to "push" a little, as though she's trying to pee. Usually, if her orgasm is strong enough it will only take a small push to open the flood gates. Once the squirting has begun, further stimulation of her clitoris will continue the effect. During this time, her sensitivity levels will be on overdrive, and she'll eventually rech a point where she can't handle anymore.

A Quick Orgasm Guide

While we're on the subject of incredible orgasms, we thought it was important to talk about a few other types of female orgasms. After all, not every woman will want to squirt. Some girls think its gross, some are concerned about the mess, and some will feel embarrassed that they're mimicking the act of pissing in your face. However, there generally numerous types of orgasms, in contrast to squirting, all women will enjoy the following two types of orgasms.

Multiple Orgasms

Not a lot of guys actually know what multiple orgasms are. Making a woman cum several times in succession is not a multiple orgasm. That's just several singular orgasms. A real multiple orgasm is like several orgasms all happening at the same time, and they tend to provide full-body experiences rather than just limiting themselves to the genital area. But the question is - how do you give your fuck buddy multiple orgasms?

The bad news is that there's no single method available to give your partner multiple orgasms. Multiple orgasms can occur for a variety of reasons; excessive stimulation, absolute relaxation, high levels of excitement, multiple erogenous zones being stimulated at once. Multiple orgams come as a result of human instinct. The only method of really inducing them is to double-stimulate your sex partner as we mentioned above.

Stacked Orgasms

There's actually another type of orgasm out there, and not a lot of people know about it. It's called the stacked orgasm, and it involves building tension to the point of orgasm but not letting the other person actually reach the point of climax. Unlike squirting, there are numerous methods to pull this one off.

Stacked orgasms come as a result of pulling away at the point of orgasm, then resuming. With squirting orgasms, it's all about double stimulation of both the G-spot and clit. This is true for stacked orgasms, but at the point of orgasm, reduce the intensity to the point she can't cum. Then resume and repeat 4-5 times. When you finally push her over the edge, the tension will have built up so much that she'll (sometimes) experience the fabled stacked orgasm.

Oral Sex & Squirting?

While the most efficient way to make a woman squirt is with your fingers, it's possible to make it happen through other means too. We've all heard alarming stories of women squirting in guys' faces, and when that happens, it's usually through oral sex. So the question is - how do you make a woman squirt by using your tongue?

Get Comfortable

You'll need to have both your hand and mouth down by her vagina, so it helps be able to position both her and yourself in a way that makes this comfortable. You're going to be down there quite a while, so it pays to get comfortable begin you kick things off.

We're talking about 15 to 30 minutes down there, maybe longer depending on just how much you want to get her off. Maybe you will want her lying on the bed, with her butt at the edge, so you can kneel on the carpet and get good access to her entire gental area.

Build Tension With The Tongue

The tongue is the perfect wet and sloppy instrument to build arousal, stimulate her clitoris and get her to the point of no return. However, it is not necessarily the perfect tool for triggering the squirting, unless she's particularly sensitive and responds well to oral sex.

Because we can flick our tongue’s quickly and gently across the clit, this makes it perfect for stimulating the clit and actually comes with a few advantages over over solid fingers. Our mouths are already nicely lubricated with saliva so oral sex can be perfect for warming her up until we're ready to move on to stage two.

Release With The Fingers

We can't pull this off without fingers, unfortunately, so this part of the process is identical to the one we mentioned earlier. Your tongue will stimulate the clitoris while your fingers will address the G-spot, then you'l feel the pressure building up.

Before we get to the final step, we'll warn you that it's almost impossible to avoid getting doused with female ejaculate at this point. It's a good idea to keep a towel handy to clean up the mess.

Create A Vacuum With The Mouth

This is fantastic technique that, if you do it right, will blow her mind. It’s almost the opposite of applying pressure to her G-spot. Instead you'll create a vacuum, causing her G-spot to pulsate. Wrap your mouth around her vagina making it as air tight as possible, but keep your two fingers deeply inside her. Press your fingers softly into her G-spot and then flick away from it.

The flicking sensation combined with the vacuum teases out and engorges her G-spot, causing it to swell with blood, as well as engorging Skene’s gland with the liquid she'll eventually pump out. If you do this during the arousal period it will increase the likelihood of her squirting as well as the quantity of liquid.

Penetrative Sex & Squirting

If porn videos are anything to go by, then women can squirt through penetrative sex too. Sure, it's possible, but it's a little more difficult than finger play due to the ease of stimulating he female G-spot. However, with a little resourceful thinking, you too can make a woman squirt through your dick-giving abilities. Here's a quick guide on how to make it happen.


We can’t overestimate just how important the psychological and emotional aspects of sex are, especially when it comes to making a woman squirt. Men often tend to simplify things down to physical techniques, this is usually why most guys who've successfully a made a girl squirt can only do it on an irregular basis.

Real mastery in learning how to make a girl squirt comes from how well you can build trust, be non-judgmental, hold space and be her guiding masculine energy without being pushy. That's why foreplay is such an important part of the process. It sets the scene for everything that comes later. Build a solid foundation and everything that follows will be rigid.


Choose your position carefully if you want to make your woman squirt during intercourse because the only way you will be able to do it is if your dick is stimulating her G-spot, and to pull this off, you need to be packing some serious girth. It's difficult to do, but if you've got enough meat on the bone you can make it happen.

Length of the penis is considered unimportant in this respect because the G-spot is only a few inches inside the vagina. However penis girth is super important because it helps maintain good contact with the G-spot, and also helps to ‘seal’ the vagina, creating alternating pressure and the vacuum effect that brings her to a squirting orgasm.

Stimulate The Clit

It’s important to choose a position where you can stimulate her clit whilst you thrust, if not, you'll have to get her to do it herself, or bring a vibrator to help take the pressure off. Missionary and doggy style both work well, but stimulating the clitoris while thrusting can take its toll on your wrist. Therefore, using a vibrator against the clit will probably give you the highest success rate.

If you don’t have a vibrator to hand, use a wet thumb or finger and ping it back and forth lightly across the clit, building up to maximum speed as she reaches her climax. Remember that you'll need to continue the stimulation after you pull out, so make sure you're in a position to make it happen without interrupting the flow.

Pull Out

Just like the finger squirting technique, you will need to remove your penis as the pressure grows and she's about to squirt. The feeling of release and the vacuum that it creates is what usually triggers the rhythmic squirting to take place, especially when used alongside vigorous clitoral stimulation. When you pull out, continue the clitoral stimulation as before, maintaining the same intensity.

As we mentioned earlier, chances are you're going to get pretty wet at this point. For those in a long term relationship, the awkwardness usually isn't an issue. However, if it's a one night stay or a hot meetup with a fuck buddy, you might need to keep a few towels handy to clean up the mess. This will also put your sex partner at ease and make her feel less embarrassed.

Dating Sites To Find Squirt Hookups

If you hit up a random woman in a bar or club, chances are she's not going to be into squirting. That's why, if you want to increase your chances of finding a squirt partner, you need to narrow down your selection pool. The best way to do that is through dating sites. Here are some of the best Internet dating sites to find women into squirting.


SwoonMe isn't your typical dating Internet site. For once, it's got no pictures of other users. The only representation of other members is their animated avatars, which might resemble them but won't be an accurate representation by any means. SwoonMe focuses on sexual interests and personalities to match users together, and only after you've begun chatting will you reveal your faces to one another.

To help other users find you, you need to fill your profile with keyword tags. As you might expect, a lot of the ladies on here tag themselves with 'squirt' or 'squirting,' so you'll know exactly which women to zone in on if you're looking for your next squirt fuck session. Aside from this, SwoonMe functions like most other online dating sites. It's got messaging, a mobile site and a selection of chat rooms to help you connect with like-minded people.

Adult Cyber Dating

Adult Cyber Dating isn't a dating online site as such. It's a personals pages, much like the old Craigslist personals, allowing members to post ads for others to respond to. While it's not a direct dating site, it's still a perfect place to improve your sex life and help you find that casual sex partner for discreet squirting fun. No registration process. No premium membership. Just input your email address, log in as a guest and take advantage of this incredible website.

One massive advantage of Adult Cyber Dating is that users can search by keyword (something a lot of dating websites struggle with). So, all you need to do is search by "squirting" to find ladies into this messy activity. Shoot them a message and see where you end up. Adult Cyber Dating is a great site, no service membership required and super user friendly. Even if you're not looking for squirt fun, you'll find every specific service available through here too.


Okay, so Discord isn't an Internet dating site. It's a chat platform, and if you've spent any time on the Internet you've probably heard of it before. Discord is basically a big collection of IRC chatrooms dedicated to every topic under the sun, and a lot of Discord servers are created for particular fandoms. Naturally, there are a LOT of NSFW Discord servers, and there's a lot of squirt free ones in here too.

A simple search for "squirt" or "squirting" in the Discord lobby will bring up literally hundreds of anonymous sex chat rooms dedicated to everyone's favorite type of orgasm. And unlike a lot of online dating services, there are plenty of real life women in here too. Discord servers are so niche you'll even find localized squirting rooms, meaning you'll be able to find appealing users in your home town. It might not be a dating site, but Discord will still get you laid.


Pickable puts the women in charge. When men sign up here, all you need to do is create your profile and upload a few pictures. Then sit back and wait for the women to contact you. On Pickable, only the ladies can initiate contact, so men can do absolutely nothing and wait for their inboxes to fill up. Providing you write in your profile that you're a squirt master, you'll get a ton of attention from like-minded members.

Pickable might sound like one of those scamming Internet dating sites that relies on a fancy gimmick, but it's anything but. This Canadian website comes from Pink Triangle Press, the company behind a number of straight, fetish and gay dating platforms, all of them equally reliable. Pickable has a massive user base, it doesn't cancel customer reviews, and it might be one of the best cruising sites for horny women around today.


We hate to generalize, but healthy women have a higher chance of achieving squirting orgasms than their less-healthier counterparts. That's why DateFit is an excellent dating website to find your next squirting partner, because all of the ladies on here keep themselves in pristine condition. DateFit is a dating Internet site that brings potential workout buddies together for intimacy, fun and casual sex.

So, while DateFit isn't primarily aimed at squirters and squirt-lovers, your chances of finding precisely what you want are higher on here than most other online dating sites. The relationship versatility on DateFit is pretty great too. Whether you're looking for a romantic date, a casual fling or a one night affair, this particular app can make it happen. And with a site active audience of 4 million, you'll never be short of chat partners.


Kinkoo is a lot of things all rolled into one. It's a dating website. It's a hookup app. it's a chat room site. Hell, some people even use it as a sugar daddy site. It's got blogs, forums, and even a section dedicated to porn videos. Kinkoo has everything you could need, and it all comes under the banner of kinky fun. If it's non-vanilla stuff you're looking for, Kinkoo is a great site to find it.

It works more like a social media platform than an online dating site. Set up your profile, upload photos, and post updates to your wall. Interaction between members comes in the form of any of the above methods, and yes, there are chat rooms and forums dedicated to the act of squirting. It costs nothing to gain access and there are no premium membership options available. It's all totally free. Put simply, this site rocks.


EliteMate takes the hard work out of swiping and matching, because this online dating site does everything for you. Instead of spending your evenings looking through profiles or swiping through faces, EliteMate gives you one match every single day. That's it. You can initiate conversation with them as soon as midnight rolls around. Maybe they take your fancy. Maybe they don't. That's the beauty of EliteMate.

So how does EliteMate differ from sites like Tinder? Well unlike other sites, EliteMate actually matches you with suitable, legitimate dates. Before you sign up you'll fill out your preferences then the algorithm will only match you people you'll actually want to connect with. Of course, if you select squirting as one of your vital keywords, there's a good chance you'll connect with squirt-loving females on your buddy list.

Ejaculation Enthusiasts

You might associate Reddit with nerdy virgins who've never seen a tit in their life, but it's actually a fantastic place to meet horny women into all manner of filthy activities. The beauty of Reddit is that it's the go-to place for anyone into a niche topic. Given that hundreds of millions of people pass through Reddit's hallways every day, it makes an excellent one-stop hub to capture fandoms and horny bastards looking for fun.

Ejaculation Enthusiasts is a subreddit dedicated entirely to the art of squirting. Ladies post videos of themselves squirting and guys (and girls) post personal ads to help find a squirting partner in their area. If there's one place where every squirt enthusiast has visited at some point, it's Ejaculation Enthusiasts. You've got no chance of scoring a romantic date through here, but you've got every chance of meeting your next squirting buddy.

Squirting Gone Wild

Another Reddit community, and one in the Gone Wild series of subreddits. In these subreddits, people post pictures and videos of themselves engaging in the topic at hand, and at Squirting Gone World, it's all about the female ejaculate. Every post has been uploaded by the user themselves. It doesn't allow people to just post random clips from porn videos or anything like that. It has to be exclusive content.

How does this help you find a hookup partner? Well, all it takes is one message to the original poster. Lots of people post videos on Gone Wild to entice the opposite sex into their direction. Finding a squirt buddy through Squirting Gone Wild is pretty easy, especially as this sub is home to almost half a million members. No payment method. No membership price. Just instant access to the site's selection of gorgeous squirters.

Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder has been around for decades, and it's earned a stellar reputation in that time. You'll find everything on here; kinky bastards, gay men, straight men, straight women, bi women, trans people. It's an all-encompassing online dating site that utilizes social media elements to help connect people together for casual sex, monogamous relationships, one night stands and whatever else you might desire.

Given there's so many ways to interact on here, you can easily find people into squirting. There's a chat room and a forum dedicated to it, or you can just keyword search the whole site for any profiles that list squirting as one of their loves. Doesn't matter if you want squirting beauties, hot gays or swinging couples, Adult Friend Finder is the place to come to indulge your sexual needs tonight.


Straight men, don’t get too excited, because Squirt.org is a place for gay singles to meet a squirt buddy. Unlike Grindr or Scruff, Squirt.org actually informs its users of any local gay hookup venues in their nearby area. Gyms, public toilets, restaurants. If there’s a bunch of gay dudes planning on meeting up somewhere, Squirt lists all the gay cruising spots within a 10 mile radius.

According to Squirt’s terms and conditions, it has around a million gay members currently registered. It’s got a review rating of 7.9 on the app store, so it’s amassed a good reputation during its short career. Of course, there’s a Squirt mobile app for hooking up on the move, and while a Squirt account isn’t free, it’s relatively cheap in comparison to many other online dating services in the same niche.

Find Your Next Squirting Hookup Here

We hope we've covered everything you ever wanted to know about squirting, squirt hookups and where to find your next partner for squirting fun. If you read our guide in full, you’ll find yourself en route to becoming a squirting sex God, whether you do it with a long term partner or a random woman you’ve just met on an online dating site. Squirting might seem like complicated business, but little orgasmic tricks like this can really blow up your sex life.

Remember that squirting is just as much about relaxation and psychological comfort than technique (although technique is an important part of it too). But providing you lay the foundations for a relaxing and stress-free environment, half of the job will already be complete. Check out some of the sites mentioned to find your squirt partner, and we sincerely hope our guide helps you on your squirting journey.

Squirting FAQ

Can every woman squirt?

All women have the capacity to squirt as they all have the anatomy that allows squirting. The only difference between woman who can and can’t is the strength of the muscles in that area of the body and the psychological aspects of female ejaculation. The main reason most women don’t squirt is that they think they need to pee so they hold it back and refrain from squirting.

Is squirting fluid just urine?

No. Despite the common myth, the liquid that women squirt is not urine. Female ejaculate consists of prostatic fluid and also contains water, glucose, creatine and very small amounts of urea.

What are "squirting dimples"?

Squirter dimples are dimples found on the lower back of some women. They indicate a higher likelihood of being able to quickly and easily squirt.

How much fluid do women squirt?

It depends on a number of factors, including: hydration levels, relaxation levels and experience with squirting. Some women can ejaculate several cups' worth of fluid. The more experienced a woman is with squirting, the more fluid she'll be able to produce.

Why does she think she has to pee?

Often, novice squirters will confuse the urge to squirt with the urge to pee. Until a woman has more practice with squirting she won’t be able to distinguish the difference between the pressure on her bladder (needing to pee) and pressure from her Skene’s gland (wanting to ejaculate) and will perceive them as the same thing.

Does squirting mean orgasm?

Generally, when a woman squirts she is having an orgasm at the same time, although or rare occasions and a small minority of women they can squirt without orgasming. This usually comes down to an emotional block that is stopping it from happening and can be worked out over time.

Is squirting healthy?

Squirting done in the right situation between a caring couple can be both physically and emotionally healthy for both people. Physically the orgasm reduces stress and increases secretion of vital hormones.

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