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Spokane hookups? How to Get Laid in Spokane (Washington)

Spokane, Washington is a city known for stunning natural scenery and an abundance of nightlife and breweries. Whether you've lived in the city for a while or you're new to the area, you may be searching for the best ways to find hookups in the Spokane area.

Spokane is a mid-sized city with a decent population of singles who are looking to hook up. Casual dating is common amongst the city, as long as you know where to look.

Spokane, USA may not be the first city that comes to mind when you're searching for a nightlife destination, but the city has a surprising amount of clubs and bars that are excellent for finding hookups.

Whether you prefer to find hookups in person or through an online dating platform, there are plenty of ways to find a hookup in the Spokane area.

To start, we'll cover the best nightlife spots to find action seeking clubbers, along with the best online dating platforms to find nearby city singles.

Ready to find hookups in the Spokane, WA area? Check out this list of the top places to find hookups in the Spokane area.

The Best Clubs in Spokane for Hookups

There are plenty of local club options in the Spokane area, but you may be wondering which night club is the best for finding hookups. If you're looking for the best local club that has a clubbing feeling that is ideal for hookups, check out these three options:

Crave Eats. Drinks. Nightlife

Crave Eats. Drinks. Nightlife is the perfect night restaurant that transforms into a club as the evening progresses. This popular dining establishment is frequented by many singles during the day for those who are looking for a top restaurant to dine out at, while also being one of the most popular night clubs in the area.

The kitchen at Crave is open until 12am, so those seeking a club that has little finger foods available might consider stopping by Crave on their next night out.

Many people in Spokane would consider this one of their very own favorites due to the versatility of the club. The Spokane club plays all types of music and hosts live music events to appeal to the masses.

Whether you're searching to meet someone younger or older, Crave is frequented by a wide range of age groups who seek to enjoy the local restaurant and and nightlife.You'll find that any erotic age is welcomed at the club.

This is the best club for those seeking a popular restaurant and club to frequent after working hours. Man, woman alike all come to enjoy a wood fired pizza pie along with their round of drinks. Enjoy signature cocktails with your meal for as low as ten dollars.

Overall, Crave Eats. Drinks. Nightlife is an excellent place to check out during the day or evening. The club is always full of singles seeking dance club encounters with others. For many women in the Spokane area, Crave is the chosen setting for a ladies night.


Zola is undoubtedly one of the best clubs to check out in Spokane. The Spokane club offers an eclectic indoors setting with a rustic feel. The local club produces live music on almost every night of the week. If you're seeking a casual setting where you can enjoy a variety of upbeat live music, Zola may be the place for you.

Zola attracts an audience of all ages who come to the club looking to dance and have fun. It's easy to find a one night stand in an environment where everyone is enjoying themselves and the expansive drink menu that is offered.

Zola is known as a popular happy hour spot and many people flock to the club at 4pm to enjoy specials on cocktails and wines. If you're looking for a popular spot that will be full of singles every day, try visiting Zola during their happy hour. Their happy hour is meant to be a social time where people can meet and converse with other locals.

Along with the indoor space which hosts many popular music events, the outdoor patio at Zola is an excellent place to get to know others in the area. The dog friendly backyard is the perfect environment to relax in during happy hour and get to know new people.

Zola has a full food menu with some of the best North American food in Spokane. Many enjoy Zola not only as an excellent club but as a wonderful place to enjoy food earlier in the day. This may be the best restaurant in Spokane for enjoying a meal that transitions into raving nightlife with an abundance of singles looking for hookups.

Jimmy'z GastroPub and Red Room Lounge

Jimmy'z GastroPub and Red Room Lounge is one of the best clubs in Spokane for finding hookups. If you're looking for a luxurious clubbing encounter, Jimmy'z Gastropub is certainly a place to consider. The club features a trendy interior with a modern feel and a 17ft high back bar serving the best cocktails, wines, and local beers that you can imagine.

Jimmy'z GastroPub and Red Room lounge is the leading luxury enjoyable club for those looking for a fancy bar to meet singles after working hours. Locals love to enjoy the nightlife at Jimmy'z GastroPub and Red Room Lounge, which includes a wide variety of live music and several pop ups including interactive community events.

Active members of the club value the area's ancient appeal due to the historical building in which the pub is placed. The unique interior attracts a wide variety of singles including heterosexual or gay, age young or old.

The local Spokane bar is an excellent place to find the one night stand of your dreams due to the exciting atmosphere of the club. If you're looking for exciting nightlife that may lead to swimming pool parties or other after parties, check out Jimmy'z GastroPub and Red Room Lounge because the attendants here love to continue the party all night long, even after the club closes.

A rating visit site will show you that locals enjoy the vast selection of over a hundred wines available at the club. You'll find the very same services here that you might find at a club in a larger city, such as vip services that grant you access to exclusive areas of the club.

The Best Bars in Spokane for Hookups

While Spokane, WA is home to many popular clubs, the local bar scene in Spokane is even more popular. Hundreds of thousands of singles opt to frequent their local bar each weekend or evening in order to enjoy the nightlife.

If you're looking for the best bar in Spokane that will introduce you to hundreds of singles, check out these three bars and discover for yourself which is the top bar in Spokane.

Globe Bar & Kitchen

Globe Bar & kitchen is a Spokane restaurant that is also a bar. The local bar combines an excellent drink bar with a raving LGBTQ+ nightlife scene that welcomes all individuals. It may not necessarily be a ladies bar, but the inclusive club is the perfect environment for meeting any type of single of your choice.

The night owl bar fills with crowds each evening who come to enjoy drag events or a casual night of music. It is the best bar for gay singles who want to meet others in person instead of on a dating app.

The Spokane bar comprises of a luxurious atmosphere adorned with chandeliers and an extensive bar and kitchen menu. The curry crawfish rating is 10/10, although this item is only featured occasionally on the specialty menu. Globe Bar & Kitchen is an excellent place to dine and enjoy the company of other Spokane singles.

Many find Globe Bar & Kitchen to be one of the most inclusive and enjoyable nightlife bars across the USA, Canada, and even other countries. Locals and travelers alike frequent the Globe Bar & Kitchen time and time again because they thoroughly enjoy the unique environment of the bar.

Whether you're searching for a place to relax and converse with others for happy hour (which is hosted 4-7 Pm Wednesday-Saturday),or you want to venture out and have an exciting night filled with drag and music, Globe Bar & Kitchen is certainly a place to consider.

If you're looking for a beautiful bar for event rental, Globe Bar & Kitchen is no stranger to hosting a wide variety of events. Globe Bar & Kitchen is may be the best local restaurant for offering an array of exciting and diverse events.

nYne Bar and Bistro

nYne Bar and Bistro is yet another popular nightclub that was created for the gay community but is inclusive to all individuals. Rest assured that no matter what your sexual preference is, you'll be able to find a one night stand at this lively bar.

After working hours, nYne Bar and Bistro comes to live beginning with a relaxed happy hour but shifting into an exciting nightclub with live Djs or music playing every night. The bar is open until 2am in order to ensure that you have plenty of time to socialize, dance, and meet other locals of Spokane, WA.

nYne Bar and Bistro is often the pregame spot to many sizzling pool parties and other events because it attracts the night owls of Spokane who are looking to enjoy the night well beyond the time that the clubs close. There is always a unique event to enjoy at nYne Bar and Bistro, no matter what time of day you decide to venture into the venue.

Whether you decide to stop in mid-day for a bite to eat and casual socialization with others or you indulge in the Saturday night scene full of singles who are ready to let loose after a stressful week of working hours, you'll certainly be satisfied with the liveliness and inclusiveness of nYne Bar and Bistro.

Not only is nYne Bar and Bistro an excellent bar to enjoy at any time, the club is affordable to enter even on weekends. Many locals of Spokane, WA note how friendly the staff is to all who enter the club and how reasonable the prices are of the Spokane restaurant during the day. This is the perfect place to enjoy yourself without worrying that you might break the bank.

Peacock Room Lounge: The Best Spokane Bar Creates the Perfect Environment for Hookups

While we have already introduced you to many of the best and most popular nightlife spots of Spokane, Peacock Room Lounge may just be the ideal place for you to frequent if you want to be guaranteed a high quality hookup with someone stunning.

The Peacock Room Lounge is adorned with stunning interiors that have a luxury feel. The ceiling is made of stained glass and features gorgeous chandeliers. Luxurious red leather chairs are placed on the foyer to welcome you into this high class bar.

Peacock Room Lounge is not the place to frequent if you're seeking a casual night out, but if you're seeking a classy place to check out where you can dress your best and attract a gorgeous individual to take home, this could be the perfect place to go.

Locals of Spokane note the immense popularity of Peacock Room Lounge. It is a hotspot for working individuals who wish to unwind after a long day or enjoy themselves on the weekend. The bartenders are known for being skilled and knowledgable in order to provide the best cocktails around.

The Peacock Room does feature a delicious food menu along with their specialty drinks. It is popular as a sociable dining spot where many flock to enjoy a drink or meal. If you're looking for a bar that you can enjoy well into the late evening, this may not be the best place to consider because this bar does close at 11.

However, The Peacock Room Lounge is the best place for those who are seeking a classy one night stand or looking for somewhere to start off their evening before moving on to one of the clubs that is open later.

The Peacock Room Lounge is certainly the classiest and most luxurious place to enjoy a night out in Spokane. If you have a date that you're wanting to impress, bring them to the Peacock Room Lounge and you may find yourself with an evening hookup before you know it.

Online Dating is the Perfect Way to Find Hookups in Spokane

While Spokane is filled with an abundance of clubs and bars that make it easy to find a one night stand, not everyone enjoys nightlife. If you're more of a homebody or simply shy when it comes to approaching people in public, signing up for a dating site can be the perfect way to find a hookup in Spokane.

Using a dating platform is essentially the new way to create personal ads for yourself. Dating profiles allow you to share information about yourself and find others who you may be compatible with an an easy, convenient way.

Most dating services offer a free membership so that you can easily have access to an abundance of hookup options without having to spend any money or even leave your house.

Try These Online Dating Sites for Spokane Hookups

Here are three of the best online dating sites and apps for finding a one night stand in the Spokane area.


AdultFriendFinder.com is the perfect place to find hookups in the Spokane area if you're older than 30 and seeking a place to browse through personal ads of other singles in the area. The site is easy to use and sign up for, and instantly grants you access to thousands of singles in the area.

AdultFriendFinder.com is mostly designed for hookups over relationships, so you'll have no need to worry whether or not the individuals you encounter on the website are looking for the same thing as you. Most users on the site know exactly what they want and are simply looking for someone to help them out by establishing a casual relationship.

This site is perfect for those who are older and looking for hookups because dating websites tend to have a larger population of mature individuals compared to hookup apps which are usually full of younger users.

If you're discouraged by other dating sites and want to meet individuals who want to hook up, take advantage of the free trial that AdultFriendFinder.com offers in order to browse the site and see if it may be a good fit for you. You may be surprised at how many active users are using the site who are ready to hook up.

Hud App

The Hud App is the latest hookup app that is currently rising to popularity rapidly. The app has over 7 million users and continues to grow in popularity every day. If you're looking for an alternative to other dating apps and websites that are more catered towards relationships, consider the Hud App.

Users on the Hud App are actively seeking hookups because this is the primary purpose of the app. The app is designed to be used for sexual purposes and allows users to list their sexual preferences in their personal ads, including what they are looking for and what they are open to sexually.

If you're tired of dealing with users on dating apps who are looking for relationships or something serious, you may enjoy Hud because all users on the app know that they are just there for hookups.

The Hud app does have mostly a younger userbase, so while it may not be ideal for older users, those under 35 can enjoy a wide range of options on the app. The app allows you to browse through all of your potential hookup options and see who you would like to match with.

Instead of venturing out to the bog outdoor and trying to find a hookup organically, Hud will present you with thousands of free members in the area who want to find a hookup.

Bumble App

Bumble is yet another extremely popular dating site that can be used for hookups. The app was originally designed for relationships but has since been dominated by users searching for something casual.

The primary difference between Bumble and other dating apps and websites is that women are required to send the first message. If you're a man who is frustrated with women not responding on dating apps or websites, you may want to try out Bumble.

While looking for hookups, be sure that your profile is set to looking for "something casual" so that you can easily find other members who are also looking for hookups. Bumble makes it easy to be open and up front about what you're looking for so that you can attract potential partners who are on the same page.

Bumble gives a 24 hour window of time for both participants to message one another after matching. While this may seem frustrating if you don't use your dating apps on a daily basis, this helps you to ensure that all of your matches are interested in having a conversation, meaning that they will be much more likely to meet up with you for a hookup.

The Best Dating Site for Spokane Hookups

Everyone may have their own opinion on what the best dating site is for Spokane hookups. You'll have the best luck by trying a few options and seeing what works the best for you. Some people may be extremely successful on one app while struggling to get matches on another.

As you try out different dating apps and websites, consider adding Tinder to your list of dating apps to try. Tinder is the most popular dating app available for free download today and has over 75 million active members. If you're looking for a site that has the highest number of members, my professional advice is that you should give Tinder a try.

Some find Tinder's extreme popularity to be both a blessing and a curse. While it has the added benefit of having seemingly unlimited options, a large amount of Tinder users may not be serious about meeting up or hooking up.

The popularity of Tinder has led to a surplus of users who simply browse the app for entertainment or attention. This can become frustrating if you're genuinely in search of a hookup in Spokane.

However, if you haven't tried it before, it's worth trying Tinder's free version because it continues to be the most popular apps today, and it was originally designed with hookups in mind.

Despite the careless users, there are still plenty of users that are on Tinder in order to fulfill its intended purpose of the hookup app. If you have no success on Tinder, you may have better luck on a different site or venturing out to find a hookup in person.


How do I find hookups at bars and clubs?

Now that you know the best clubs and bars to visit in Spokane to find a hookup, you may be wondering how exactly you can find a hookup during a night out. Fortunately it is much easier to do so than you might imagine.

The first step is to get to the club or bar of your choice and enjoy yourself. Have a few drinks and socialize with friends as you assess the club to see who your potential options are. If you see someone that catches your eye, you'll want to approach them to see if a connection can be pursued.

Approaching someone in public can be intimidating, but a bar or club is the perfect environment to do so. People expect to be approaches by others here, and generally they want to interact with and meet new people.

In order to strike up a conversation with your desired hookup at a club, simply walk up and ask them how they are doing or what their name is. You will be able to tell fairly quickly if there is a mutual interest.

If the other person is smiling, responsive, and maintaining eye contact, this is a good sign that they are interested in you. Upon recognizing their interest, you can proceed to offer to buy them a drink or ask them if they want to dance.

After spending time together at the club, you can ask if they would be interested in hanging out after the club closes. Most people know what this means, but you can also be more direct and ask if you can take them home.

If they aren't interested, you can simply try again with someone else.

How do I find hookups on dating apps or websites?

Dating apps or websites are designed for finding hookups, so it's really a matter of time and patience. You may be able to find someone to hook up with very quickly, or it may take more time and patience.

You'll be able to find someone much more quickly and easily if you have a great profile. You should take photos that represent you well and show you at your best. Clear, high quality photos will attract more matches than blurry mirror selfies.

Additionally, adding a bio to your dating profile can make a huge difference when it comes to getting matches. People will be much less likely to match with a profile if you have given no information about yourself.

As long as you have a great profile, you'll find someone to hook up with in Spokane sooner or later. Match with as many people as you can, and try out different apps or websites if you're not having great success with one.

Some find that it is much easier to find hookups if you invest in the paid version of an app or website. Most apps and websites are designed to be relatively accessible and affordable. If you're opting to meet people online or in person, you can invest your money in a paid membership the same way that you might spend money on drinks or Ubers during a night out.

Regardless, finding someone to hook up with is all about having patience and putting yourself out there. As long as you keep at it, you'll find yourself with a great hookup before you know it.

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