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Seeking Arrangement Hookup? Complete Guide To Getting Results On Seeking.Com

Men and women hoping to meet that perfect match have so many different options with the explosion of online dating sites. While some are total scams, many provide a great way to meet someone in whatever niche you are looking for. 

One well-established and high-class dating site is “Seeking Arrangement,” now known as “”

Our Seeking Arrangement review will give you all the pros and cons of this dating site, and give you some great pro tips on how to get your money’s worth.

Contents Web Page Look and Feel

Seeking Arrangement is classy. Unlike other dating sites, which are chock full of banner ads and clutter, Seeking is clean and refined. Seeking Arrangement has taken the time to keep text and verbiage to a minimum and focus on the essentials so you can get to searching right away.

Profile pictures are nice and big, so you can focus on the important details. The great news here is that so many people have decided to show their complete face, so it makes searching and browsing a breeze. 

It’s important to note that Seeking Arrangements is not available on mobile as a dating app. The reason for this is that they’ve created an extremely full featured internet site that allows you to search, message, video chat, and more with a phenomenal user experience.

While whipping out your laptop can be annoying, the site just has too many awesome features to be a mobile app.

Is Free?

There’s no question about it: Seeking Arrangement is more expensive than other sites. While it’s free to check out some of the great features, you’re going to have to make an investment to find your true love on this site!

If you want to just pay one-time without the worry of auto-billing, you can get 90 days of premium for $96.66 per month, billed as one payment of $289.99. Another option is to try 30 days of Diamond Membership, at $274.99.

Don't worry, we’ll explain the differences later on.

If you’d like to spend a little less upfront, you can go with one of their subscription options. You can get 30 days of premium at $109.99, but it will auto-renew each month.

While there are no refunds, you can visit their customer support page to cancel your auto-renewing subscription anytime. If you do decide to cancel, customer reviews indicate that they are responsive to those requests.

Our advice is to start with the free services. Get a sense of if you’d fit in on the site. Check out the search function and see if the men and women on the site form a community you’d like to join.

What Can You Do With A Free Membership?

Seeking is actually fairly generous with its free dating services. Unlike so many other dating websites, you can actually check out a person’s full profile. Another one of their free services is the ability to view all their pictures and video clips full-size.

You can also see what they are looking for in a relationship, as well as their body type, ethnicity, and much more.

These free features mean that you’ll have a risk-free chance to explore everything the site has to offer, and the type of men and female members you’re likely to find once you decide to pay for a premium subscription.

Is It Worth Getting A Premium Membership?

There are two levels of memberships available for Seeking Arrangement. A premium subscription is a full-service membership that gets you the essential features that you’ll need to actually interact with other members.

You’ll also get some useful features like:

  • A notepad to keep track of your thoughts on your conversations and impressions
  • Inbox filters to cut down on spam and get to the messages you really care about faster
  • The ability to hide your online status, which is nice if you want to look around without being contacted
  • Profile boosts to increase your visibility to other members

Most busy professionals know that time is money. The Diamond Membership may help you find your sugar baby a lot faster than a premium membership, so it might be worth it.

What’s in the Diamond Membership? It’s just that coveted Diamond badge. However, the fact that you made that extra investment can give you that little competitive edge in addition to all the features of the premium-level membership.

This is especially important if you are looking for that mutually beneficial sugar relationship. That Diamond badge means you’ve got what it takes to shower them with gifts, expensive dinners, bling and whatever else they’d like.

In return, they’ll shower you with all the affection you’ve ever dreamed of, so ponying up for that Diamond level may well be worth it.

Whatever tier you choose from, remember that only premium members and above can actually reach out and talk to the other people on the site. So, free memberships are only good for exploring the site, not actually using it to find a match.

Registration Process: Quick And Easy

The easy and efficient registration process will help you sugar daddies find you sugar babies quicker than you can say “bling bling!” The data collected also helps to make for a search experience better than all the rest. 

The First Step: E-Mail

You’ll begin by entering your email. Go check your email, and look for their verification method. One tip: if you’re browsing from a VPN, it may flag you as a potential bot and suspend your account before you even get started. If this happens, reach out to their customer service team. If you do have a VPN, you may want to turn it off just during the registration process.

Photos Are Optional. But Are They Really?

The site will prompt you to add pictures, but you can skip this step. This is actually not a good idea. As you’ll read later on, you may want to take some time to really choose or take some really fire pictures! 

Don’t think you’re ever going to meet that cute sugar baby if you don’t have any pictures though. Embrace this! It’s your chance to put your best foot forward and make a great impression.

Now, The Specifics 

Next you’ll enter some specifics about yourself. If you are a sugar baby, make sure to be honest about all of these, and you’ll land a sugar daddy who will keep you smiling and looking pretty in a nice new pair of Manolo Blahniks.

Are you a sugar daddy? Just be upfront about what you really look like so things go smoothly down the road.

There’s a body type description for everyone: slim, athletic, average, curvy, a few extra pounds and full or overweight. Our advice? Round up.

That way, when you finally meet, they’ll be pleasantly surprised. Your sugar baby might be thinking, “Wow! He has a cute little belly, but he’s not really fat!” It will make you seem humble. Much better than saying you're six foot and shredded when you actually look like Danny Devito's horny uncle.

You’ll enter your ethnicity and education level. Be proud of who you are and what you’ve accomplished! This might help you meet someone who has lots in common with you, and you’ll hit it off great from the start.

What’s Your Status?

The status section can be extremely important for finding your sugar daddy or sugar baby. You definitely want to be honest about this. You can choose from:

  • Single
  • Divorced
  • Separated
  • Married but looking
  • Open relationship
  • Widowed.

While it’s important to be frank about all these things, it’s especially important if you are in the “Married but looking” category. Some potential sugars may not want to get involved with someone married. If you have a “hall pass,” just say so. If you don’t, that’s on you!

Indicate your level of smoking or drinking. Don’t say you are a non-smoker, then show up with a pack of Marlboro Reds in your shirt pocket smelling like an ashtray. Plenty of sugar babies are totally fine with smoking, so if you are a smoker, just say so!

Financial Stuff

Seeking Arrangement will ask for your net worth and income. This is where you might want to go a little easy on the specifics. High net worth individuals often attract scammers and grifters. Be proud of what you got, but you don’t necessarily need to include every penny in your 401(k). 

Just like all the other specifics, the issue comes down to managing expectations. If your profile makes you look like a one-percenter, but you really are more of a 99-percenter, your potential for sexual connections is really going to fizzle out fast!

If you have the means to spoil your sugar babies with a Christian Louboutin clutch purse, then indicate that by selecting the corresponding income level and net worth. If the best you can do is something from Costco then choose the “Kirkland” level of income! 

What Are You Seeking?

Make sure to accurately indicate what type of sugar relationship you are looking for. For instance, you might have achieved a lot of financial success, but want to share your luxurious lifestyle with someone that can show their appreciation through their companionship. There’s an option for that. 

Others are looking for something long-term and romantic and not so focused on material things. If that’s you, then click that box. 

When you accurately select what you are looking for, you are going to get the highest quality matches, saving you time and effort down the road.

Search Results: Find Quality Matches Quickly

With the advanced search filters provided by Seeking Arrangement, you’ll be able to find that dream sugar daddy or sugar baby with minimum time and hassle.

Traditional dating apps aren’t catered to the world of sugar dating, and don’t give you the kind of options you need, such as the lifestyle they are looking for.

Let’s look at some of the options you have for advanced search on Seeking Arrangement.


The default is to search in the location you provided as your home when you set up your account. Traveling? No problem.

You can search any location you wish. There’s also a convenient slider bar where you can set the distance up to 1000 miles for your potential sugar’s location. 

Before you drag that bar all the way to the right, consider how easy it’s going to be to travel extremely far and still provide the best sugar daddy experience.

On the other hand, it might be easier to be more discreet about your online dating if you do it away from your home base.

More Options:

There are millions of women on this internet site! You need to be able to click on and off options so you can narrow the choices. Seeking Arrangement has provided a whole set of checkboxes to make that easier. You can choose to reveal or hide:

  • People that have verified their ID
  • People that are fully background checked
  • People you haven’t viewed yet
  • People that have viewed or favorited you
  • People with photos
  • Your favorites

What Are They Seeking?

This is really what puts Seeking Arrangement over the site’s alternatives. These are tailor-made for sugar daddy online dating. Here are just a few of the options that members can choose from:

  • Luxury lifestyle
  • Active lifestyle
  • Emotional connection
  • Life of leisure
  • Vacations

This really puts you in control of your sugar daddy experience, in a way you wouldn’t be able to achieve through traditional dating platforms. For the best results, narrow your search to people that want the same things you can provide.

For instance, if you love travel and want a super fun companion, select vacations. If you have fancy toys like cars and a condo with a view, select a luxury lifestyle.


Next, you can filter by body type and demographics. They offer a range of body types from slim to overweight, and everything in between.

There’s an age slider with minimum and maximum to help you find your best match. You’ll also find filters for ethnicity, height, hair color, and much more.

While it can be tempting to hone in exactly on the type of woman or guy you fantasize about, remember to be realistic. We’re all human beings, unique in our own special ways.

If you are absolutely intolerant of anyone who is slightly outside your preferred body type, you might really limit your results, and miss out on meeting some great guys or ladies! Remember, it’s always what is inside that counts.

Optimizing Your Sugar Daddy Experience By Flexing Your Search Results

There’s going to be some trial and error to get the best set of results. Seeking Arrangement is among the best sugar dating sites in allowing you to expand and contract your search so you can sort through and have the best chance at success.

If you are getting too few results, spend some time thinking about which items you are a little more flexible about. For instance, add a couple more body type categories that you might be interested in. Or, see what other seeking categories you might be able to facilitate as a sugar daddy.

Spotting Fake Profiles

Seeking Arrangements definitely does a lot to prevent scammers and bots from creating fake profiles in the first place through features like its income verification process, social media checks, and more.

Still, with such a popular and well known internet site, you’ll get a few that slip through.

One of the easiest ways to avoid a fake is to look for people that have paid for a premium membership. This means they’ve made the investment in being part of the Seeking Arrangement community, and are unlikely to be an opportunistic scammer. 

If you do spot a sugar daddy that’s a free member, don’t assume they aren’t for real, however. Many people wisely want to spend a little time on the site to see if it's right for them before spending any real money.

You may want to favorite their profile and come back later to see if they’ve purchased that premium or Diamond-level membership.

Is A Background Check Required On Seeking Arrangement?

One of the things that really sets this dating site apart from the others is the ability to match up with other users that have undergone a thorough verification process. Part of this is a background check provided by a third-party company.

When you click the link to get verified, you’ll be taken to a link for Optimum Screening. This highly regarded company provides background check services for online dating sites, volunteer programs, and more. 

We’ll go into a little more detail about the background check process in a bit. Remember that it's not required for a free or premium membership. It is recommended. Many potential matches looking for sugar daddies will want to know that you are safe and not hiding anything.

It’s definitely a “buyers market” on this dating site, so you’ll have a harder time competing if you haven’t completed this step.

The Account Verification Process

Seeking Arrangement employs a couple of verification tiers to ensure that users are, in fact, real and not just bots or creepers creating fake profiles.

This significantly improves the quality of the site. Remember that premium members and people who get totally verified are going to be much more successful.

Social Media Check

The first is social media verification. While you can’t see another user’s socials, Seeking will verify that they are the actual person in those accounts. Creating fake social media accounts is not very hard, and Seeking Arrangement lets you know that this is just a bare minimum when you view someone’s profile. Still, this helps to filter out bots and people looking for a quick scam opportunity.

Background Check

The second tier is definitely a little more intrusive. Seeking Arrangement currently uses a third-party company called Optimum Screening to perform their background checks.

While this may seem a bit intense, it helps to cut down on predators and creepers, making the site fun and safe to use for everyone.

Optimum checks all aspects of a person’s background including:

  • National, state, and county criminal databases
  • Megan’s Law sex offender registries
  • Global terrorist lists
  • Verification of Social Security

According to Optimum’s FAQ, it usually takes 3 to 5 business days to complete their check. If any issues arise, it could be a bit longer. They provide an easy-to-use web portal to check the status of your check, so you know when it’s complete.

All your information is passed securely when you visit their internet site, which uses the latest SSL encryption to keep all your data safe. They won’t sell or rent your information to anyone. If you have any questions or concerns along the way, you can always reach out to their customer support team.

Rest Assured, Seeking Arrangement Is Legit

Whether known by its current name, “,” or its original moniker, Seeking Arrangement, the site is legitimate.

It’s been profiled in various publications such as the New York Times. The site was started in 2006 by Brandon Wade, a graduate of the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Brandon is a highly successful entrepreneur, relationship guru, and author. He’s worked with some of the biggest companies around, such as Booz Allen, General Electric, and Microsoft.

He took all the knowledge he gathered in both the world of corporations and relationships, and out of that was born Seeking Arrangement.

He actually wrote a book entitled, “Seeking Arrangement: The Definitive Guide to Sugar Daddy and Mutually Beneficial Relationships.”

The book explores how dispensing traditional public norms of dating can lead to an exciting and fulfilling online dating experience. This no doubt gave rise to a host of other sugar dating sites, but Seeking Arrangement is the true original.

The idea of a sugar daddy site was a popular one, and it soon attracted millions of users from around the globe. The great thing is that Seeking Arrangements knows exactly what it is.

The site-active audience is interested in sugar dating, plain and simple. Plenty of men (sugar daddies) and women (sugar babies) are not only comfortable with that, it’s exactly what they are seeking!

Seeking Arrangement Is Committed To Fighting Sex Trafficking

It’s a sad reality, but online dating sometimes gives nefarious people the opportunity to exploit other individuals for their own gain.

Any dating site needs to do everything it can to prevent this. Seeking Arrangement seems to be doing a pretty good job by providing a great deal of information about the topic. 

What Is Sex Or Human Trafficking?

In the US, these activities are defined as “the use of force, fraud, or coercion to compel a person into commercial sex acts or labor or services against his or her will.”

The law also says that if anyone under 18 engages in prostitution or “sex work,” then it is considered sex trafficking whether or not there were any threats or coercion. 

Who Is Affected By Sex Trafficking?

Unfortunately, the true scope and specifics of human trafficking are often unknown because victims may choose to remain hidden out of shame or fear of retribution.

Most human trafficking victims are female, but men or transgendered individuals are also affected by this horrendous crime. 

It’s a truly global problem. In the US, most victims are known to be foreign nationals, but it was recently uncovered that the nationality of most victims is unknown. 

Seeking Arrangement provides several helpful links to learn more about human trafficking. They also want all of their users to report anyone who:

  • Requests sexual favors for money
  • Identifies as a sex worker
  • Asks for money upfront, and before meeting
  • Anyone who says they are seeking an individual under the age of 18
  • Anyone who says they are, or appears to be, under the age of 18

It’s everyone's responsibility to help put a stop to the crime of sex trafficking and keep the sugar dating community safe and fun for everyone.

If you suspect anyone is a victim or perpetrator of sex trafficking, reach out to law enforcement and Seeking Arrangement customer support immediately.

Are There Sex Workers On Seeking Arrangement?

Seeking Arrangement is not a site to find sex workers. The women on this site come from all different backgrounds and have different desires.

Some may want to be showered by gifts and attention from a sugar daddy, others are just looking for love and a life partner. If they’re only looking to be paid for sex or escort services, this isn’t the site for them.

This also means that if that’s what you are looking for, Seeking Arrangement isn’t the dating site for you either.

Their website includes information on improving the mental and physical health of the world by eliminating human trafficking. 

Sugar daddies need to be conscious of the differences in a mutually beneficial relationship and any form of escort or sex work.

It’s normal to spend money on sugar babies, as a way of saying thank you for dates where they spend time with you, and make you feel like a winner.

But if someone is seeking an exchange of money for services, that’s not a real relationship.

Staying Safe With Internet Dating

There are several advantages to Seeking’s dating system. You can be connected with thousands of people locally, and if you’re willing to travel, millions around the world. This is something that traditional dating could never match.

Safety is a bigger concern with online dating services than the good old-fashioned method. This is because the people that you date in person are often known by your friends and family.

In other words, people you trust can vouch for them. With internet dating, ultimately, you really only know what they choose to share.

Any dating app has its share of creepers and scam artists. Here are some tips on how to make sure you stay safe.

Keep It Out In The Open, At Least In The Beginning.

It’s best to make your first meeting one that occurs in a public place. While it may seem exciting sometimes, it’s not a good idea to go off alone with a total stranger.

Get to know them over a few dates! Let a trusted friend or family member know where you’ll be.

You may also want to have them call you periodically to check in, especially as you get to know a new sugar daddy or baby.

Don’t Over-Share!

As you start meeting people on sites like Seeking Arrangement, be cautious about what you say. It’s pretty easy for people to look things up based on just a few clues.

If it’s someone you’re interested in meeting, that may be okay, but if it’s a creeper, you don’t want them knowing your exact location!

Start Out With G-Rated Pics

Once something is shared electronically, someone can make unlimited copies and distribute it worldwide in a matter of seconds.

People love sharing naughty pics on dating apps, and that’s part of the fun, but take some time to get to know them first and see if you can trust them with those intimate photos.

Keep Your Account Safe

With dating sites, you don’t just run the risk of meeting a creeper or stalker, but you could be the victim of a hack or identity theft.

You want to keep those intimate photos and disclosures about your net worth or desires within the confines of the site. 

The great news is that Seeking Arrangement has you covered with available two-factor authorization (2FA). It’s basically uncrackable and will keep any potential hackers from accessing your account and causing any issues.

2FA takes just a few minutes to set up, and even though it is an extra step, it’s one that is really advisable to take.

Fun Feature: The Seeking Arrangement Wishlist

One particular service that Seeking Arrangement offers is the gift wishlist. This is a fun and safe way to show that you are serious about being a sugar daddy right away, without any exchange of money. Give a gift!

Giving a gift is an act that is done without any expectation of anything in return. It’s just a way of saying thank you to potential sugar babies for having a conversation with you, checking out your profile, or just giving you a compliment.

Members can make a wish list of their own. Checking out some of the items that sugar babies are asking for, you’ll find things like

  • Perfume
  • Jewelry
  • Flowers
  • Intimate pleasure items
  • Gift cards

The gift wishlist services are provided by, a top website working with some of the hottest influencers around. They have a huge selection, and allow users to exchange their gifts, which means no matter what you choose, they’ll get something they like.

When Should You Give A Gift?

Don’t just go down the list giving gifts to every sugar baby you see. We recommend you see if you connect first. Have a great conversation online? Give a gift! Phone or video chat? Give a gift as a way of saying thank you.

One way to really set yourself apart is to give a gift to one of the new members. This will really make them feel special and welcome!

How Much Value Should Your Gift Have?

Too much too fast isn’t a good idea. Take it slow. After your first conversation, you might think of giving a little token. Maybe something $20 or below just to say thank you. As your level of connection grows, then the value of your gift can grow too.

Pro Tip: Don’t give any of the intimate pleasure items right away, or you’ll seem desperate. That’s definitely something you’ll want to wait on, and spring when you’ve really established a good foundation for a sugar dating relationship.

Pro Tips For Guys Looking For Hot Women On Seeking Arrangement

To get the most out of your investment, you’ll want to start meeting gorgeous ladies or cute guys right away. Don’t worry, this Seeking Arrangement review has all you need to find dates that understand your very own life style.

First off, understand that Seeking Arrangement is a sugar dating site. That being said, if you are upfront with a potential date that you want to take it slow, they might understand if you aren’t ready to start providing generous benefits just yet. Just don’t expect that arrangement to last forever! 

Let’s be frank: as a sugar daddy site, sugar babies on Seeking will expect a certain level of financial status in the guys they want to meet for casual dating. They are going to expect your profile to be classy looking, and see you at your best.

Show Off Your Assets

Do you have a nice car? Maybe a BMW, Mercedes, or Corvette? Strike a pose in front of it, while showing off that sporty Tag-Heuer or Rolex watch.

Don’t forget to obscure or stand in front of the license plate to protect your privacy. 

Make sure your profile pictures are your own photos. Since the ultimate goal of sugar dating is to actually meet and explore this mutually beneficial relationship, you’ll hit a major roadblock when you finally meet if you post a photo that clearly isn’t you.

Photo quality makes a huge difference. Use a tripod, or have a friend help compose a really good shot with nice lighting that shows off your best features.

It’s not necessary to use professional photos. It’s often past the point of diminishing returns, and comes off as fake and overdone.

Be Yourself

Female members will be able to spot a phony a mile away. These ladies are often classy, sophisticated and know exactly what they want.

Some sugar daddies think that by simply acting like a big shot, they’ll have more success on a dating site. The reality is that people usually know when you are faking it. 

The great news is that since Seeking Arrangement has so many members, you’ll find someone who likes you for the kind of person you are, and the type of lifestyle you can provide for them.

Always Be Kind And Courteous

While there may be some women on the site looking for a dominant man, or even something related to the BDSM lifestyle, this isn’t something you should assume right out of the box.

Everyone appreciates a polite gentleman. If it seems like someone isn’t interested, then just go on about your business and never take it personally. 

This is a place where people have lots of choices. If it doesn’t work out with one person, you can be sure there’s someone else out there that will like you for the great person you are.

Pro Tips For Women On Seeking Arrangement

People that are new to the world of sugar dating might think that a sugar baby holds all the cards. While it’s fair to say that the Seeking Arrangement web page is a buyer’s market, i.e., one where the women are in control, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make yourself available to anyone but the richest guys on the site.

By keeping an open mind, you might be presented short-term enjoyment when you least expect them!

Some great guys might have saved up to spoil you with a gift or two, and while they may not be candidates for a long term relationship, you can have a mutually beneficial relationship for a few weeks or days.

Finding quality matches for women depends on properly filling out your profile and data so sugar daddies can find you using the search function. Once they do, they’ll want to see some pretty pictures!

Good Photos Are Essential

Have a friend take some really flattering pictures of yourself. Photos should be current, because it’s not going to go too smoothly if someone agrees to meet you for a date based on a picture that’s a decade old.

There are sugar daddies who want to spoil women of all ages, so don’t be shy about being a foxy cougar!

You can still be yourself and take great pictures. Put on clothes you feel great in. Don’t overdo it on your makeup: just use it as a way of highlighting your best features.

Married And Looking? We’ve Got Tips For You, Too

Seeking Arrangement explicitly allows for married folks to use the site. That’s something that sets it apart from other dating sites.

Still, it’s something you’re wise to think long and hard about. Men and women alike can sometimes feel like they have unmet needs in their marriage partnership, and sometimes go looking for more.

Tip 1: Stop And Think

Unless you have a “hall pass” or open marriage, there’s an extremely high likelihood that your significant other is not going to approve of you spending time on a sugar daddy site, let alone actually engaging in sugar dating! Once you start, there’s no undoing what’s already been done.

Do you have kids? How might they feel about you dropping your hard-earned salary on a woman that isn’t their mom? How about your in-laws? If you thought Thanksgiving dinner was awkward before, just think what it will be like after you get caught in a sugar daddy relationship! As it turns out, cheating on your spouse has some pretty serious consequences (shocker!)

Tip 2: Think You Won’t Get Caught? Think Again

There’s a lot of ways to hide your tracks. But sugar daddies sometimes get so wrapped up in spoiling their sugar baby, and reaping the rewards, that they get complacent. 

Imagine this: you’ve taken the trouble to set up a burner number on your phone. You go take a shower. The phone rings: it’s your sugar baby! Nice of her to call, but your wife picks up the phone instead, since hers and yours look the same.

Next thing you know, she’s standing at the shower door, and it’s steaming up - not from the hot water, but from her burning anger.

If you are going to do this, you’ll need to be very, very careful. You’ll have to take every precaution to keep your sugar dating between you and your sugar babies.

Tip 3: Make Sure Your Sugar Baby Understands And Respects Your Need For Discretion

So, you’ve decided to go ahead and sugar date anyway.

At your first meeting, be honest about what you are looking for and how important it is to keep everything on the down-low.

Take your time and evaluate if this is a sugar baby you can trust before you do anything you can’t undo. 

Just remember that at some point, your sugar baby or sugar daddy will be ready to move on to something else, so make it clear that you’ll respect their decision when that time comes.

That way, there are no hurt feelings. You might end up with a sugar baby that becomes your friend!

Tip 4: Look For A Sugar Baby That’s In A Similar Situation

Some sugar babies are also married. Their husbands may not be paying enough attention to them, which brought them to Seeking Arrangement.

It may be much easier for you to establish trust and a good foundation of discretion when you both have something to lose. Mutually-assured destruction. Hey, it prevented nuclear war in the '80s, so it's good for something.

It’s also important to establish expectations. Some people are happily married and not looking to change that, but seeking a little excitement. Others may have unmet needs, but it’s an important part of their values to remain married.

Finally, some people may have given up and are only staying married as a matter of convenience.

What level is your sugar baby at? If these expectations don’t add up, you could have trouble. For instance, if you have no plans or desire to leave your spouse, but your married sugar baby is considering leaving theirs, that will create a conflict. 

Tip 5: Cover Your Tracks

So many married or attached people have been caught in sugar daddy relationships because they got sloppy and forgot to cover their tracks.

It’s not that different from flying an airplane. Go through a checklist to make sure you haven’t left anything out, each and every time you interact with your sugar baby.

Do you have a VPN? Now’s the time to get one. VPNs hide your exact location, IP address, and other crucial information from your internet service provider.

Masking your internet traffic makes it harder for a nosey spouse to see what you’ve been up to.

Always use private mode on your browser. Cookies, history, and ad trackers can make it easy for someone to see what naughty things you’ve been up to online.

Your spouse might wonder why all of a sudden, you’ve been looking at upscale shopping websites when she hasn’t seen any fancy gifts for herself. Or, why you’ve been looking at Michelin-starred restaurants when the best place you’ve taken her is Outback Steakhouse.

Never, ever use your work or personal email to communicate with sugar babies! At the very least, choose a free Gmail account or, better yet, a secure e-mail solution like Protonmail.

The same goes for your phone number. Now’s the time to get a burner number, or else all your calls to your sugar baby will be logged.

Remember: Nothing Lasts Forever. Here's How To End Things The Classy Way.

At some point, every sugar daddy and sugar baby is ready to move on to something else. There’s no reason to make this awkward or unpleasant.

If you followed our tips, then you managed your and their expectations and were upfront about what you wanted. This will minimize the fallout when the relationship concludes.

Variety is the spice of life! Sugar Daddies and babies know this, and after a period of casual dating, are often ready to go explore more of what Seeking Arrangement has to offer.

When it’s over, take note of what you learned, and view it as an opportunity to meet new members that might have joined the site while you were committed to spoiling your last baby.

The Bottom Line About Seeking Arrangement

If you are looking for a sugar daddy, mommy or baby, is one of your best bets. With top-notch client service, a user base of millions, and advanced features to make searching and communicating a breeze, it’s no surprise that it's one of the most popular sugar dating communities.

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