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San Antonio Hookup — 4 Sites That Actually Work

Tired of the San Antonio club scene where you spend a ton of money on a cover charge only to go home alone? Do you feel like you are done with the same old bars, buying overpriced beer for a date, then finding yourself stuck in the friend zone? You probably started giving up on San Antonio hookups.

Instead, would you like to spend your Saturday nights strolling along the San Antonio River Walk, listening to some great tunes, walking hand in hand with hot girls or guys knowing that you are about to hookup? That’s how most people in this city want the night to end!

The San Antonio hookup scene can be a bit difficult to navigate. Whether you are in San Antonio or another city, dating has all sorts of intricate and unspoken rules. You have to be in the right place at the right time for that dream girl to walk into a bar, and sometimes it seems like it will never happen!

San Antonio Hookups Can Be Easy if You Try

Getting laid in the city of San Antonio, TX is easier than you think when you use these top four dating sites. Each dating site has its pros and cons, but we’ve done the hard work for you to find the absolute best San Antonio dating sites. 

Whether you want a quick fling or a long term relationship, we’ve got you covered. The good news is that San Antonio, TX is a friendly spot for making a sex connection with its large population, great clubs and amazing nightlife. You’ll find there’s someone for everyone, especially when you make use of one of these dating platforms.

By using the right dating site the right way, you’ll get laid every single time you go out on a date! Follow our insider tips for the best San Antonio hookups.

Best for San Antonio Singles Looking For a Quick Fling: Adult Friend Finder

If you are looking for DTF San Antonio singles then you’ll certainly want to check out the number one casual dating site, Adult Friend Finder, or as most people call it “AFF.” This site has everything: college girls, cougars, and the hottest local singles from all over the city.

What sets this hookup site apart is the sheer number of members, especially in a city like San Antonio, TX. With that many San Antonio members, it’s like shooting fish in a barrel, no matter what you look like. There is something for everyone here. As far as San Antonio dating platforms go, this is one of the most full featured around. 

Adult Friend Finder is not just a casual dating site for San Antonio, it’s also a great community. After you join, you’ll find out this is the place to find out about great singles events all over the San Antonio area. The more you visit the site, the more plugged in to the city scene you’ll be. 

Adult Friend Finder Pros

With its Texas-sized user base and great features for setting up a sexy San Antonio casual encounter, there’s so much to like about AFF. It’s definitely worth it to join for a month or two and see how it works out. Here’s a few of the features we know you’ll love.

Great Customer Support

If you have an issue with payment, billing or features, the support team is on top of it. When you reach out to them, you can expect a response in hours, not days. San Antonio singles are a busy bunch, and they don’t like to wait for an answer!


With AFF, you are in control of your profile and who sees it. If you’ve met someone in San Antonio, TX and it’s clicking, you can even put your profile on a break so you don’t hear from other members.

After an earlier hack, AFF has put in place some of the most stringent security members in the industry, so you can rest easy about your data after you join. 

Easy Searching for Local Singles in San Antonio

With so many members, you’ll want to make sure you can restrict your search just to San Antonio. Adult Friend Finder has a great advanced search filter. You can set the number of miles away from San Antonio that you want to search.

Easy Messaging

There are two types of messaging, great for hooking up in San Antonio, TX. First, there’s the super fast instant messages. You’ll be able to see who’s online in San Antonio this minute so you can meet up for sex, or just chat away the night. You can also send more traditional emails back and forth so the message is waiting for them.

If you are a woman, you’ll probably be barraged with messages from guys. While this can be flattering, AFF gives you controls to block and ignore people that are outside your preferred age range, body time, etc. Since you probably want to hook up here in San Antonio, you can make sure that any message you get is from a local texas stud.

Adult Friend Finder Cons

While this site is a fantastic place to set up a casual encounter in San Antonio, it’s not without some drawbacks. None of these should be considered a deal breaker though! It’s just good to know about these things in advice.

Membership Cost

While you can join for free, most of the useful features are behind a paywall. There’s a few tiers of membership that you can decide on. Let’s face it though, if it helps you find San Antonio hookups, wasn’t it worth it? Remember, when it comes to the best dating sites, you definitely get what you pay for. Free usually means a sausage fest of other guys in San Antonio to compete with.

Fake Profiles

It’s no secret that this has been the bane of AFF users for years now. Despite their best efforts to stop this, plenty of fakes and scammers can be found on the site. It’s easy to join, so it's easy to create a fake profile. Remember if something seems too good to be true, it probably is! If you’re looking for someone from San Antonio and they don’t know any of the top local spots, they are probably just an overseas scammer.

Too Many Users

While having a huge number of users is really great, there’s also a plus with finding a casual dating site that is a little more specifically geared towards San Antonio hookups. We don’t think this should be too big of an obstacle, however. Make sure that you make it clear in your profile that you are looking to get laid in San Antonio, not just anywhere!

AFF is the Best All Around Bet for Meeting San Antonio Singles

If you were going to choose just one San Antonio hookup site to start out with, AFF is probably your best bet. While it’s not perfect, there are so many men and women from San Antonio that we think you have a great chance of a hot hook up! In fact, if you look around a popular bar, we’ll be several people making out on the dance floor probably met on AFF!

Best for San Antonio Singles Interested in the Sugar Scene: Seeking.Com

There’s almost no better place in America to be part of the Sugar Scene than there is right here in San Antonio Texas. These hot, smart and sophisticated San Antonio women absolutely love to be spoiled and wooed. So, it makes sense that one great place to start searching for casual dates in San Antonio is

Seeking used to be known as Seeking Arrangement. In the last 10 years or so, it’s exploded in popularity, and has helped to bring the Sugar dating community into the forefront of the San Antonio, TX hookup scene.

Here’s how it works: whether you are a man or woman in San Antonio, you join the site and create a profile. Then, you search for your “sugar baby” to spoil over and over, and in return, she’ll make the relationship “mutually beneficial.” 

Sometimes you need to take a woman to get into an exclusive San Antonio club or bar. Seeking is a great way to find someone who would love to accompany you, and be rewarded with plenty of “free” overpriced drinks!

If you have the means, then it’s almost a foolproof way to meet girls and make new friends in San Antonio quickly! The key here is that you have to have the means. If all you can afford is an unironic visit to Whataburger, or an actual dive bar (not the trendy kind!) you might want to look elsewhere to get laid.

Sugar Dating Tips for San Antonio, Texas

This is one part of the country where men are expected to be real honest-to-goodness Texas gentlemen. Take these women to the best spots in San Antonio, TX like Rosella Coffee, Clementine or Curry Boys BBQ. Is country music your thing? Head to one of the top music venues to see headliners.

Make sure you put your best foot forward with a glamorous picture. Try having the city in the background to show how you know the best clubs and bars in San Antonio.  Make sure the lighting is great. 

Most guys don’t take enough time to fill out all the information on their profile about income level, what job they have in San Antonio, and exactly how generous they can afford to be when meeting women from the site. San Antonio hookups with sugar babies are going to cost you a bit more than they would in other places. 

The key is that you need to view your spending as making an investment in your relationship. Show these sugar babies how much you care, and they’ll return the favor! After a night out in the city, dining at an elegant restaurant, or even a trendy dive bar, head back to your place and reap the rewards!

The Best Sugar Dating isn’t Free

There isn’t much about the sugar dating scene that’s free for San Antonio Singles. The same goes for Memberships are pricey, but if being a sugar daddy in San Antonio, TX is your thing, then this is the absolute place to go for a sugar hook up. 

Being a Sugar Daddy, Momma or Baby Has Its Advantages in San Antonio!

Girls you meet on this site know that you are part of an exclusive San Antonio club of guys that can take care of them, show them a great time in the city, and blow their mind with jewelry and toys! This is a unique form of dating where everyone knows what to expect!

Let’s face it, being a sugar baby in a dumpy small town isn’t any fun at all! In those kinds of towns, dive bars really are a dive, and not in that trendy ironic way! So, take advantage of living in a great city like San Antonio where we have world class restaurants, bars and culture!

Best for San Antonio Singles That Aren’t Really Single: Ashley Madison

Some San Antonio Singles aren’t single at all! They are actually married and exploring the San Antonio hookup scene. Modern times are all about not judging and being totally sex positive. That’s where Ashley Madison comes in.

They established themselves years ago as the top site in San Antonio for married women seeking a little fling; and for those husbands who aren’t getting the sex they need at home.

Ashley Madison users are often very discriminating in their tastes. These are ladies that are looking for discretion, and men who can give them what their husbands can’t. Often, these San Antonio hookups are people that are in the same boat: both married, both a little unhappy at home.

While the site isn’t free, memberships can in fact be quite economical. Typically, people in San Antonio will connect online through chat, then meet up at a local bar. If it goes well, they’ll head to a nearby hotel or home to enjoy themselves.

Tips to Get the Most Out of Your San Antonio Hookup With Ashley Madison:

Building trust is really key. If someone is looking to date outside their marriage, then they need to know you are the kind of person that can keep a secret. So, make it clear that you have no interest in judging them or spoiling their family life. 

The whole idea is no-strings attached dating. So, don’t go expecting more than a one-night stand. Many San Antonio users of Ashley Madison actually prefer to just meet once or twice before anyone “catches feelings.” The more you are upfront about what you want and expect, the better your experience will be with this dating site.

The Ashley Madison user experience tends to be a bit more refined than on other dating sites. For that reason, it’s really important to look your best in all the pictures you put up. Cropping a picture where you are really small is a recipe for disaster. When people see a totally pixelated picture, it makes you look cheap!

Tons Of Married People Are Looking For San Antonio Hookups

Don’t tell your priest or pastor, but married people looking for San Antonio hookups are around every corner! It’s simply incredibly common. San Antonio singles would be wise to check Ashley Madison out, as long as they are cool with their dating partner being married. If that’s not your thing, then you’ll probably want to check out one of the other San Antonio Dating sites.

Consider The Best Dating Location

Don’t go to a local bar for your San Antonio hookup if you are married. This is a sure way to get caught. Instead, you might want to meet in a different San Antonio neighborhood bar in another part of the city. This cuts down on the chances that anyone will see you with a woman who isn’t your wife, then send that dreaded text to her.

Best for San Antonio Singles Who Are Millennials and Younger: Tinder

Like many other cities, San Antonio, TX is growing, but becoming younger. While Tinder does attract its fair share of cougars, it’s generally you’ll find the younger set of San Antonio singles. These are often the cutest college girls and hunky young studs on Tinder.

More and more, San Antonio singles are turning to Tinder as it fits in with their busy lifestyles. Since it’s already an app on your phone, it’s super convenient to browse men or women, no matter where you are in the San Antonio area. 

Trust us when we say that probably more San Antonio hookups are set up through Tinder than any other app. It’s a true testament to the sheer number of users and convenience of this app.

Swiping Left, Swiping Right

Tinder is built on a very simple principle. As you use the app, you’ll be shown a series of pictures matching your San Antonio search criteria. You engage with the app by swiping right if you like someone and want to hang out. Conversely, you swipe left if you aren’t interested.

If you are hoping that San Antonio girls will swipe right on you, then you better have an eye catching profile. Make yourself shine with a fire picture, ideally with the San Antonio city skyline in the background.

What if Everyone is Swiping Left on You?

This is more common than you think here in San Antonio. Remember it’s a competitive marketplace out there! There’s lots of fun San Antonio girls looking for dating. When it comes to the online dating community, you’ll find there are tons and tons of men. It’s hardly an exclusive club! So you need to really put the time into taking fire pics and coming across as a guy that women would want to join for a fun night.

Is Tinder Free?

Not at all. You’ll need to pony up for a membership to meet San Antonio Singles on this casual dating site. Try to keep in mind that this is really a benefit. Like any exclusive club, it should take at least something of value to join up. This really helps to cut down on the riff-raff so the girls have better guys to choose from. 

Best Tinder Strategies for dating San Antonio, TX Singles

With Tinder, it’s best not to overthink things. Keep it simple and fast! That’s exactly what users of an app that lets its users simply swipe to like or dislike would expect. So, let’s say you swipe right? What now?

San Antonio Singles usually love heading to a popular dive bar before going out for an evening of drinking and dancing. So, having pictures of yourself doing these kinds of fun things can really help set you apart. This lets your dream San Antonio, TX woman know what to expect when she decides whether to join you or not.

Going to an exclusive club can set you apart from all the other guys on Tinder. Girls love hanging out with guys that can get them into the trendiest places! So, again, here’s your opportunity to impress by showing pictures of yourself in front of these high falootin’ San Antonio joints.

San Antonio Dating Dips to Keep it Safe, Fun and Sexy

Going out on casual dates is super exciting. We all know that heart-pounding, sweaty hands feeling when you meet a person for the first time. The anticipation really builds if all you’ve done so far is send messages and haven’t even talked on the phone. This is all part of the experience, even if it doesn’t work out in the end. 

San Antonio hookups are usually safe, but it’s important to take a few precautions to make sure the man or woman you are hooking up with isn’t a creeper or scammer. Here’s some tips to make sure your San Antonio, TX dating experience is fun and sexy, not an experience to forget.

Keep It Public

The first time you go out, it’s recommended that you pick one of your favorite spots, like a classic San Antonio bar. This keeps you in control of the situation. It gives you a chance to make sure everything seems cool before you take it to the next level. This is true for guys and women. 

Bars are a great place to meet. First, you have the liquid aphrodisiac of your choice: cocktails, beer or wine. Then, you usually have some great country music playing. All this combines to make everyone feel loose and sexy and ready for that one night stand. 

If you are a woman, suggest the guy take you to a club with a cover charge. This can help weed out some of the really cheap creepers you sometimes find when dating in San Antonio, TX. Lush Rooftop is our favorite club for dating. It’s got some totally sick lighting and music, and is a great place to meet for a hookup in San Antonio.

Have a Wingman

We recommend you always let someone know where in San Antonio or the surrounding area you’ll be visiting when you meet for a hookup. Find friends that aren’t judgemental about your dating habits or one night stands. They need to check in with you periodically and make sure you’re okay when you are meeting a stranger.

Don’t Get Catfished

When you are trying to plan your San Antonio hookups, you can take a few simple precautions to avoid getting catfished. First, take a good, hard look at the photo. Does it look like it was actually taken locally in San Antonio? If you see, for example, the skyline of another city that’s not San Antonio, that person probably doesn’t live here, and is just phishing for some naughty pictures.

What Do San Antonio Singles Like to Do?

San Antonio women are known for being sophisticated, smart and fun. These Texas girls are also drop-dead gorgeous. It’s quite a club! Take a walk down the River Walk and you know these San Antonio girls are much hotter than the national average! The great news is that being here in San Antonio, we have a huge advantage over other cities with so many great bars, restaurants and things to do when dating.

When dating San Antonio singles, especially the women, you are going to have to work to keep their attention, since there’s so much other competition from the guys in San Antonio. Even if all you want is casual sex, you’re going to have to treat this like a date and put some work into it.

Try taking your date to the absolute best bar in the city: Blue Box. The dating scene there is like no other place around, with craft cocktails and beer, cigars, and great tunes. We can’t guarantee it will end in sex, but you will have the chance to visit one of the best bars in the city!

Visiting San Antonio, TX?

Make sure you take advantage of an online dating service before you arrive so you can set up your San Antonio hookup. Our advice: book a night or two at a classy San Antonio hotel like the JW Marriott or Hotel Emma. Remember, San Antonio Singles are used to being spoiled when dating, so if you think you are going to meet the sexiest San Antonio singles at the Motel 6, think again.

When you visit San Antonio, remember that some of the sexiest ladies may be interested in long term dating or becoming friends, so if you don’t plan on returning anytime soon, make sure to say so. You don’t want to be the kind of guy that gets laid in San Antonio, then never calls a woman back! 

Why would you want to do that anyway when you are dating? There are so many gorgeous, hot Texas women here, that you are a total moron if you just visit once! Learn how to treat these San Antonio single girls and you’ll want to move here, for sure.

San Antonio Singles Can Get Laid Today!

These four sites are your best play if you want to hook up tonight with a gorgeous San Antonio woman, or big Texas stud. Dating in San Antonio can be fun, exciting and successful. Remember it might require joining more than one site at a time if you want to get laid in San Antonio. So, just be yourself, get out there and have some really hot San Antonio hookups!

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