Safety For Dating

Meeting new people can be fun, but you should still exercise caution when dealing with someone you do not know. Your safety should always be your top priority, regardless of whether you are exchanging first messages or meeting in person. While you can't stop others from doing things, there are things that you can do.

Financial Safety

Do not send money or share financial details, full stop.

It is best to not send money to anyone you meet on dating apps, particularly via wire transfer. Wiring money works the same way as sending cash. You can't reverse the transaction nor trace where the money went. Never reveal information that could be used in order to access your financial records. We urge you to immediately report any requests for money made by others.

Protect Personal Information

People you don't know should not have access to your personal information. This includes your social security numbers, home and work addresses, as well as details about your daily activities (e.g., whether you go to a gym on Mondays). Parents, please limit what information you share on your profile about your children and in early communications. It is best to not give out details such as their names, schools, ages, and genders.

Stay On The Platform

Keep your conversations on Hookup open while you get to understand someone. Hookup is subject to Safe Message Filters ( Learn more here). Bad intentions are often used to try and move conversations to text, messaging applications, email, or the phone.

Don't be afraid of long distance or overseas relationships

Beware of scammers who claim to come from your country but are stuck in another country. You should be wary of anyone who refuses to meet in person or speak on the phone/video. They may not actually be who you think they are. You should be wary of anyone who is unwilling to answer your questions and pushing for serious relationships without getting to meet you.

Report All Suspicious, Offensive and Inappropriate Behavior

You will know when someone crosses the line. We want to hear about it. Report and block anyone who is in violation of our terms. Here are some examples.

  • Requests for money/donations
  • Users who are underage
  • Harassment. Threats. And offensive messages.
  • Inappropriate, or even harmful behavior after or during a meeting
  • Fraudulent profiles
  • Spam or solicitation, which includes links to commercial sites or attempts at selling products or services.

Any concern about suspicious behavior can be reported via any profile page and messaging window. Or by emailing See our Membership Principles.

Protect Your account

Always choose a strong password. Never log into your account using a public or shared computer. Hookup never will ask for your username and password information. If you get an email asking about account information, you should report it immediately. Do not share the SMS code you use to log in with your telephone number. Hookup has no affiliation with any website asking for the code to verify your identity.

Meetings in Person

Don’t Rush into anything.

Before agreeing on a meeting or chat via Hookup. Take your time. You should not be afraid of asking questions to check for potential red flags. Before you meet, it is a good idea to screen by phone or video.

Meet and Stay with Public

For the first time, meet in a well-populated public place. If your date insists that you go to a secret location, stop the date.

Tell friends and family about your plans

Tell a friend/family member your plans. You should always have your cell phone with you.

Have Control over Your Transportation

We want you in complete control of how you get there and back. If you plan on driving yourself, you should have a backup plan. A ride-share app or a friend can pick you up.

Know You Limits

Take note of how drugs and alcohol affect you. They can cause problems with your judgment, alertness, and ability to concentrate. Do not allow your date to make you drink more alcohol or take drugs than you are comfortable with.

Keep your drink and personal items close at hand

Make sure you know where your drink came form. Many substances that can be used to aid sexual assault are flavorless, odorless, as well as tasteless. Keep your phone, wallet and any personal information in your purse and wallet at all times.

For those who feel uncomfortable, leave

If you are feeling uncomfortable, it's okay for the date to be ended early. It's encouraged. It's encouraged.


It is important to be safe when you travel. While we acknowledge and believe in the value of inclusion for all gender identities/sexual orientations, the reality is that there are always risks and that some countries have laws specifically targeting LGBTQ+ people. Look at the laws that apply to you in a new location before you go. You can also research which legal protections are available for you based upon your sexual orientation. If you're traveling in unsafe territory, we recommend you log out of the Hookup app or temporarily remove it.

You need to exercise extra caution when connecting with people in these countries. As some law enforcement are known to use apps for potential entrapment, it's important that you take care. Some countries have just passed laws that criminalize the use of dating apps and websites for same-sex communication. For the latest information about sexual orientation laws, visit ILGA World. Donate to support their research.

Sexual Health & Permission

Protect yourself.

Condoms can help reduce the likelihood of HIV infection. However, it is important to be aware of STIs such a herpes virus or HPV which can be passed skin-toskin. Vaccination will reduce the likelihood of contracting certain STIs.

Find Your Status

Some STIs may not show symptoms. You can keep an eye on your health and prevent the spread STIs by regularly getting tested. Here are the details of a clinic near you (US only).

Talking About It

Communication is vital: Before you can get sexually intimate with a spouse, be open about your sexual health concerns and STI testing. You should be aware that it is a crime to knowingly transmit an STI in certain places. You need to get started?


Consent must be given for all sexual activity. Communicating verbally can help you and you partner to respect each other’s boundaries. It is possible to withdraw consent at any moment and no obligation to have sex. If your partner is not comfortable or unsure about the situation, or if you are unable or unwilling to consent due to the side effects of drugs or alcohol, do not proceed. Find out more.

Resources for Advice, Support and Help

Remember that no method of risk reduction can be perfect, even if you follow the tips. Don't let a negative experience ruin your chances of success. We can help. Report any incidents . You can report any incidents here, and consider reaching out to one of the resources below.

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