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Sacramento Hookups? The Best Spots for Sacramento Hookups in 2022 (Our Favorites)

In our year of 2022, hookups are a very popular way for people to meet up and spend their time. If you are looking for a one-night stand with a man/woman, a popular city that has a lot of singles and people looking for hookups is Sacramento.

We will go into some of the best spots for Sacramento hookups (both digitally and in real life) in this article. By the end of it, you will know exactly where to go. In fact, it will be easier than finding wood fired pizza that every Sacramento restaurant serves!

How to Find Hookups in Your City

A hookup is basically some kind of sexual experience that you have with someone. It can be casual dating, casual sex, or eventually turn into something serious. Really, it just depends on the two people who happen to be hooking up.

There are many ways to find hookups in your city. It may seem like it's impossible to find singles, but it is possible, believe it or not. One of the more traditional ways is to go to the best bar, night club, dating space, pop ups, or someplace where singles are likely to gather. The second way to find hookups is to go online and search for locals in your area.

Both involve searching for local people in your area. The only difference is that with the second option, you are doing half of it online and the other is in person. You get the same results either way, so it does not matter what one you use.

Best Bars and Night Club Locations

Traditionally a bar is a place that serves alcoholic beverages. They can serve such drinks as beer, wine, liquor, signature cocktails, and other drinks which include water and soft drinks. Sometimes you can even buy snacks to go along with your drink!

A bar can just be a drink bar where all they serve is drinks or it can be a bar restaurant. You eat food in the restaurant and can order drinks at the bar or vice versa.

Clubs, or a nightclub, music club, discotheque, or disco club, are venues that open up during nighttime. There is a dance floor at this and usually some kind of music. It's either live music or some disc dance club jockey that is playing recorded music. You can find night clubs or clubs that offer food and drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic). It really just depends on the establishment that you are going to.

No two places are the same, so if you are using this to find singles or find a hookup, make sure you check the rules first. It's always important to make sure you do not get kicked out!

There really are a bunch of different types of venues to drink, dine out, and socialize in. Some may have a rooftop patio with a top bar featuring over a hundred wines, while others may cater to to go clients.

Using an Online Dating Site for Sacramento Hookups

Online dating sites take the hassle of actually leaving the house/going out so you can find a date or hookup. This is the perfect method for the to go customers who prefer not to sit in and socialize at bars. Instead of meeting in person, you are able to talk to people specifically online. There are actual sites dedicated to talking to people who you plan to date, hook up with, etc.

There are many different dating sites out there that you can choose to sign up for. Some are general sites, but others are dedicated to certain groups like African Americans, Asian Americans, Jewish, Christians, LGBT, etc. Advanced filters allow you to search for anything from latin/age groups to specific kinks. If you think of it, you can probably find a dating site for whatever niche you can think of.

Best Night Clubs and Bars/Top Restaurant(s) for Sacramento Hookups

There are always certain drinking areas that are better than others for certain purposes, and looking for places to hook up with local singles is no exception.

Now let's get into the top five list of best places in Sacramento where you can find people to hook up with. Hey, maybe there will even be a ladies night in an indoor and outdoor lounge complete with over a hundred wines to choose from. Might even have a big outdoor one too complete with an upscale sitting room. Heck, maybe you'll end up eating curry crawfish (rating: 5 stars), or some other highly rated food at one of those southern inspired spots with a backyard garden location or drinking area with VIP cabanas. Who doesn't like VIP cabanas? You might also find indoor and outside lounges with an upstairs sitting room (over thirty thousand feet) where you can enjoy art drinks and meet other action seeking clubbers.

Coin Op Game Room

The Coin Op Game Room is a local restaurant obtained on K St, Sacramento CA. Its working hours are Sunday to Friday from 4pm to 12am and Saturday 4am to 2am. Happy hour is every Monday, Thursday, and Friday night from 4PM to 7pm. This establishment is only twenty-one+ which should not be surprising given that this is on our list as a great place to find a hookup.

They bill themselves as a neighborhood waterhole that has craft cocktails, craft beer, yummy, good, and arcade games believe it or not. The fact that they have arcade games is what makes this place so unique and stand out on our list.

There are about 40+ games offered at this popular restaurant in Sacramento. Some of them feature popular game releases between the years 1981 and 1892. Others are from 2011 and the 90s. Really, there is a little bit of everything available for you!

If you are curious about some games they offer, here is a short but not full list: Adams Family, Simpsons, Star Wars, Golden Eye, Big Buck Hunter Pro, Ms. Packman, Android, Tron, Super Mario Brothers, Off Road, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, NBA Jam, and finally Basketball.

The menu at this place is just as awesome as the games available that you are able to play. Best part is the cocktails all have fun names, some that are named after the very popular games you can play here. They even offer booze pouches. Think a capri sun, but with lots of liquor inside rather than fruit juice.

This local bar blends drinks like Ms. Packman's Revenge, Ralphie's Rampage, Chun Li's Swizzle, and Dr. Mario. Food wise, you can order a bunch of different types of pizza pie that go great with their drinks.

One of the best things about the Coin Op Room is how casual the environment is. This is THE place to look for a hookup because there is no pressure. Play some games and enjoy some drinks and food before finally taking the party back home or at a hotel.

Obviously, people do come here without the intention of hooking up, but it is a great place to find other singles in Sacramento. From the moment you step inside, you will be enjoying their casual and fun environment to dine in.

The Park Ultra Lounge

The Park Ultra Lounge is a very sophisticated club in Sacramento with a great dance floor, DJ, and drinks. Located on L Street in Sacramento, this club in Sacramento is open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday 9:30pm to 1:30pm.

This Sacramento Club offers a sophisticated environment. They state that upscale, fashionable attire is preferred. Show up in a ball cap, sandals/sneakers/boots, ripped or baggy clothing, or athletic wear and you will be turned away. Oversized bags, backpacks, sling backs, fanny packs, messenger bags, or parcels are not allowed. Only small purses that are smaller or at the maximum of 12" x 12" x 6" are allowed.

Make sure you also have cash, a Visa, MasterCard, or American Express credit/debit card on you. There is a $15 general admission Friday and Saturday. On Thursdays they have "Midnite events", so ticket prices depend on whatever event is going on for the time being.

Table reservations are encouraged at this specific Sacramento Club. If you manage to get one, consider ordering off their full bottle menu. They offer such bottles as Bubbles, Rose, Bubbles Magnum, Vodka, Tequila, Whiskey/Scotch, Cognac, Gin, and finally Rum.

As you can see, everything (and we do mean everything) about this place is upscale to the bone and really embodies the clubbing feeling in a night setting. The drinks, the dance floor, overall building, and finally even the outfit requirements. You need to dress fancy in order to even be allowed into this establishment.

Now if you are looking for a fancy bar to search for some hookups, this place is definitely where you want to start looking for some singles. Does not matter if you are a girl, guy, nonbinary person. Same goes for the type of gender you are looking for.

Dive Bar

Welcome to the fantastic Dive Bar, the best bar and local club that can be found on 1016 K street in Sacramento, CA rather on some "Blvd Sacramento CA" location. Now, when we say fantastic, we literally mean it has a fantasy theme! This establishment features mermaids, performers who dress up in fake fins and perform underwater. They do this in an over thirty thousand sq ft saltwater aquarium. Add in the live DJs, light shows, and drinks, which only add to this amazing experience.

To be specific, the tank has about 75000 gallons of saltwater and is home to over 15 species of tropical fish. It is usually kept between 78 to 81 degrees. The specific fish you can find in the tank are Squirrelfish, Heniochus, Monofish, Orbicular Batfish, Remora, Lookdown Jack, Annularis Angelfish, Curvier Surgeonfish, Blue Stripe, and Snapper.

The Mermaid showtimes are from 9:30pm/10:30pm every Sunday to Thursday and 8:30/9:30PM/10:30/11:30pm every Friday to Saturday. If you want to visit the bar, well their working hours are 3pm to 2am seven days a week. These new working hours started on Feb 28th, 2022.

Now this Sacramento club is on the fancy fantasy side, you should not be surprised that there is a cover and also a dress code. The cover is required on Friday and Saturday nights after 9pm. It is usually ten dollars, but it can be raised or lowered depending on holidays, special events, or rentals. Dress code wise, this club in Sacramento asks that you dress to impress. Ball caps, trucker caps, beanies, no steel toed footwear, slippers, flip flops, slides, hoodies, sweatshirts, sweatpants, or sportswear

Keep this in mind and you will be good to go. If you are in doubt about what would count as 'dress to impress', then just ask. Then there will be no confusion since you will know exactly what you will have to be wearing.

Coming here to find some fellow singles to hook up with is a great idea. The fantasy element that this Sacramento Bar supplies that you get from the live show will be sure to lull the two of you into a romantic, sensual state. Once the show finishes up, you will be leaving and possibly hooking up. If it does not happen that is fine too! Just keep in mind that this place is one of the best clubs in Sacramento to meet other singles.

This is probably one of, if not the best club, in Sacramento on this list. Are we mentioning this because actual mermaids are performing in a tank while you drink? Yes. One hundred percent.

District 30

The District 30 is a local club/local bar/local restaurant that can be found on K street in Sacramento California. Its working hours Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 10pm to 2am. Now this is yet another upscale place on our list, so they have a few strict rules. However, it's totally worth it if you want to be able to find some nice singles to be able to hook up with.

This particular Sacramento club entails a dress code and specific etiquette rules to be followed for those expecting top rate services:

· If you want to dance at this dance club, do so on the dance floor and not on furniture.

· Smoking, including electronic cigarettes, are not allowed.

· Such items are not allowed: pepper spray, mace, pocketknives, and tasers are not allowed. If you even, try to bring them in they will be taken from you and not returned.

· Do not be inappropriate with their staff or there will be consequences.

Do not show up in hoodies, sweatshirts, sweatpants, ball caps, trucker hats, beanies, slides, flip flops, slippers, steel toe shoes, or sports attire.

If you are a man coming here, you must wear a dress shoe or sneaker or tennis shoe in solid white, solid black, or black and white. Women's attire is pretty lenient given how many more options there are for women to wear. When uin doubt, consider giving them a call and trying to figure out what specifically is allowed for women or people who dress feminine to wear to this Sacramento Bar.

There are drinks available for you to order at the present Sacramento restaurant, and you will be happy to know they have quite the selection. Now this is an upscale place to go looking for some hookups, so dress to impress!

Ten-Ten Room

The final spot on our list belongs to a local club/local bar/local restaurant called the Ten-Ten Room. It describes itself as a mid-century inspired Cocktail Bar that has classic cuisine found in that era. Located on 1010 10th street in Sacramento, the establishment's bar is open Tuesday through Saturday 4pm to 2am, and the kitchen has working hours from 4pm to 10pm. If you fancy joining for happy hour, consider visiting during their working hours which are 4pm to 7pm daily. You can get discounted cocktails, wine, and craft beer.

Unlike the other places we have been talking about, this place has a mix of a casual and classy feel. It's not super casual, but not classy enough to require a dress code or something.

Cocktail-wise, they have such drinks as the Buffalo Roam, Banana Daddy, and Lady Luella. If you prefer classics, you can order the Ten Ten Old Fashioned, Mai Tai, or Grasshopper. Other local bar blend options are Frozen drinks, which include alcoholic slushies, Wine, spirits, Whisky, and brews at this Sacramento Bar/Sacramento restaurant.

Now let's get on to the delicious cuisine that is offered presently at this Sacramento restaurant. You can choose from such appetizers as Shrimp Cocktail, Deviled Scotch Eggs, or even Meatballs and Grape Jelly. Hey, don't knock it till you try it! Salad wise, they offer mixed greens or Caesar. Finally, entrees available are tasty Steak Frites, Garlic Steak Sandwich, Meatball sub, Turkey Club, or a Grilled Summer Veggie Pasta.

There is something for everyone at this restaurant in Sacramento! Now there are more drinks to choose from rather than foods, but this is primarily focused on being a bar so that shouldn't be a surprise. Also, there are no reservations, so you don't have to worry about making one advance. Just show up and they will try to seat you at this popular club in Sacramento.

One of the great things that this local club has to offer is how it mixes up casual, classic, and a little bit of fancy. It's just enough to bring you in but not enough to alienate you.

If this restaurant in Sacramento doesn't fit your fancy, consider choosing one of the other options on our list!

Best Dating Services for Sacramento Hookups

So now you know the top five restaurants in Sacramento where you can pick up some singles to possibly hook up with. The problem is not everyone wants to go out and go from bar to bar or club to club to be able to meet someone to hook up with. One way to circumnavigate this is to go on dating websites to find some possible people to hook up with.

In the following list, we will talk about the top five dating sites that you can use to find Sacramento hookups or search local hookups to find nearby city singles.


Now, AdultFriendFinder is not a site that is specifically created for people in Sacramento to find other singles to be able to hook up with. However, when you go on this site, you are able to look in your country of choice and zip code to search for people in your area to hook up with.

This adult oriented online dating service was founded by Andrew Conru in 1996. It is available in such languages like English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Tagalog, and Italian. It is widely used in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, and more.

On this site you can use email, private chat rooms, blogging, webcams, and a webzine. However, some of these things like searching for singles by category are limited to a paid membership.

This dating site is especially made for hooking up, but if long lasting relationships are what you are looking for this is possible too! When you first join you have the option of looking for a woman, man, couple, or trans individual.

Couples are also able to sign up for this website and groups! So, if you are a couple or a couple of people, this does not have to stop you from joining. As long as everyone is consenting and on board with the idea it's all good.

Now while you can use AdultFriendFinder for free, you can't send or read messages unless you have joined the website. They offer the following payment plans:

· 1 month is 39.95 USD a month (Gold membership)

· 3 months for 26.95 USD a month (Gold membership)

· 12 months is 19.95 USD a month (Gold membership)

· The standard contracts are 1 month for 16.99 USD a month or 3 months for 10.00 USD a month.

While it can be a little annoying that you have to pay for this service so you can find singles in your area, it really is a quick and efficient way to do so. This is especially true for people who are in such a big city like Sacramento, California. If you would rather stay inside to find a hookup, consider using this service. AdultFriendFinder is just one of the more popular and easier to use sites.


One of the biggest problems with Tinder is probably the fact that you need to have a mobile phone to be able to use it. There isn't a desktop option and can only be used as an app. It does not matter if you have an IOS or an Android. Either type of phone will enable you to download the Tinder app and use it to find singles in your area.

Tinder was first created in the year 2012 by Sean Rad. It is now one of the largest hookup/dating apps that are used on mobile phones and a highly rated site visited and one of the most popular dating platforms. The most interesting feature on Tinder is that you can swipe right if you like someone, or swipe left if you dislike them. For extra safety, you can opt into a choice where it's required for both users to like each other, or swipe right on each other, before they are even to exchange so much as one message with the other.

What makes Tinder so great is that it's completely free. You don't have to pay to be able to use this site. One of the more popular stereotypes is that tinder is primarily a hookup app. The thing is that they aren't wrong. It is often used as a hookup app, but people also use it for dating as well.

In this context, you'll probably want to use it for a hookup app. If you have a mobile phone on hand, consider downloading this app to be able to join and find some hookups in your area. This is a great one to use in a big city as large as Sacramento.

You may have to do a lot of swiping when the app pops up, which is how they refer to it on Tinder, to be able to find your perfect hookup match (hot girls, men, women, hot guys, etc.).


The dating platform Kinkoo is yet another app that requires an android or IOS phone to be able to download. It was first released on October 7, 2020, and has been going strong ever since. It would be useful if there were a desktop version out there so if you don't have a mobile phone at your fingertips or just prefer to use a desktop, laptop, etc. then this is definitely not the site for you.

You may be thinking that Kinkoo is like Tinder, and in a way it is. You can use both of these apps to find hookups with other people. However, Kinkoo is specifically for those who are into fetishes, BDSM, and other kinky interests. It is available for people in the USA, UK, and Germany so it's great if you fall into one of those countries.

All people are welcome on this site: men, women, black, white, straight, gay, and transgender. There are plenty of kinks you can search for on this app as well. The best part is that you can find local people in your area who want to hook up. BDSM, DDLG, sub/dom, femdom, swingers, and really anything else is possible to find. If it's a fetish that has even a small following, then chances are you will be able to find someone here to hook up with.

Unlike Tinder, this app is not free. There are in-app purchases available ranging from $15.99 all the way to $59.99. Now while this may be on the expensive side, if you are into any kinks or fetishes, this app is really a great tool to help you find exactly what you are looking for. Even if you are curious about it, this is a good reason to sign up and explore your options.

If you do join this app, you will be able to find people in your area of Sacramento to be able to hook up with. Again, the thing that makes this stand out the most is the fact that it is specifically targeted towards people who are into the kinky, fetish, BDSM, etc. lifestyle, which is something to consider before joining. If this does not match your interests, the app may not be as useful in your particular situation.


The Zoosk app was created in 2007 by four individuals. It is available in 25 languages total and can be found in more than 80 countries. The great thing about this application is it is not just an app, but also happens to have a website version, so if this is what you prefer that is definitely good news for you.

While this website used to be free to join and does have a few things you can do, if you really want to be able to use the website you really do have to pay. The subscriptions are as followed:

· $12.49 for six months

· $19.98 for three months

· $29. 95 for one month

The basic membership lets you create a profile, add pictures, search, get matches, and send winks. However, the biggest drawback is that you are unable to send unlimited messages. You can send some free greetings and reply to some members. The problem is, if you want to take it any further than that, you are going to have to purchase a paid membership,

One of the greatest features for free members is that it lets you try out Zoosk before having to commit to anything. For those looking for singles to hookup in Sacramento, this is yet another choice for you.

Not everyone likes to access things on their phone. They just prefer to use it to call, text, etc. Using apps and going on the internet can sometimes be a bit of a hassle for them.


And here is our final choice for dating apps/sites you can use to find possible hookups in the Sacramento area. This app is called Hinge, and like some of our other mentions on this list, it is only for iOS and Android. If you don't have a phone, it will be difficult or straight up impossible to be able to access this site.

It was first created in 2012 by Justin McLeod and is still going strong today! If you want to be able to use this or really be able to use it and get results, then you are going to have to get a paid membership. There is a free option that you are able to use, but it's impossible to really do anything with a free membership.

One of the first options starts at $19.99 for one month. The next option is $39.99 for three months, and finally $59.99 for six months. Admittedly compared to some of the other ones out there, Hinge is on the pricier side. They don't seem to offer a 12-month option, which some people might prefer because of how long it lasts.

Dating Site Safety Tips for Sacramento Hookups

Now this section is mostly for those people who are looking for hookups on dating spaces. It is always important for people to be able to take care of their electronic devices. This includes laptops, desktops, or phones.

One thing that can help keep everything safe is having an antivirus program on all your devices. There are plenty of free options, so you don't necessarily have to pay for one either. If you have a phone, consider using a 2-step verification. You can do this by using an extra email as well. It isn't completely necessary to use a phone, but it is one of the easier methods.

Other than that, always make sure you use a long, complicated password to keep your account safe. Since some of these sites require that you pay, this means you are inputting sensitive information such as credit cards and such. A long password will help you keep your account safe and lessen the chances that something could happen to your account.

General Safety Tips

To conclude, these are some general safety tips that can be applied to those bars/clubs you visit to find a hookup. One thing you can do is bring protection along, or some method of birth control if you are able to. Using these things together will ensure that you are able to have safe sex.

When it comes to going to meet someone to have sex, always make sure that you text your friends, family, or someone else you trust so they know where you are going. If they happen not to hear from you, they will be able to start the process of trying to find you. This is, of course, just a precaution.

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