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Looking For A Reddit Hookup? Read This First

In today's world of endless dating apps, it's easy to overlook some of the more efficient places to find sex. One such site is the much-loved Reddit, very much of a cornerstone of hookup culture - even thought most people don't know about it! So, if you want a Reddit hookup, read on, because we've got your ultimate guide right here.

Is Reddit Good For Hookups?

Amazingly, yes. Reddit has a reputation for being something of a nerd platform. And it's true, there are many subs (short for subreddits) that cater to very niche interests and topics, but Reddit is basically one giant forum with about 50 million users. When this many people come together in one place, it's natural that the conversation will quickly turn to sex.

In the past decade or so, a million different Reddit communities that cater to sex have popped up. And when we say sex, we mean some of the nastiest, most perverted sexual acts on planet earth. There's a subreddit for every sex niche under the sun, and 99.9% of them get a ton of activity - enough to rival even the most popular hookup apps.

How Do I Hookup On Reddit

Think of Reddit as one giant hookup app. It functons very much like one, it just uses a different approach. Every sub features a ton of content, but in the hookup-oriented subs, people tend to post content when they're looking for real life sex or virtual fun. So, if you want a Reddit hookup, follow these simple steps.

Find A Good Subreddit

Your first step is to find the right community for you. Not every community will be to your liking. Some are catered towards dating and hooknig up while some are more catered to porn lovers. Don't worry, because we've listed some of the hottest subreddits to find your next hookup partner below. Or, if you're feeling brave, try all of them. Remember, hooking up is a number game, so the more posts you make, the more chance you have of finding sex.

Browse Posts

Reddit works like one massive personals page. Think of Craigslist or Backpage but on an even larger scale. Go through them, find a post that grabs your attention and message the user behind it. While subreddits are often visited by a worldwide user base (exept for local subreddits, of course), it's sometimes a good idea to search through posts and comments by keywords.

Post Your Own Ad

If browsing stories doesn't do anything for you, the next option is to create your own ad. All you need to do is input the important details in your post, such as your age, location, sexual preferences and whatever else you deem important. This is often the most useful approach since ads stay up forever, so you'll constantly get passive hookup opportunities.

Message Users

Reddit has a fantastic messaging function. It's got an email and a chat system so you can utilize both to your advantage. In most of the hookup subreddits, it's generally preferred that you private message women rather than reply to them in the comments. Remember, the more people you contact, the great your chances of hooking up tonight.

Best Subreddits To Hook Up


R/DirtyR4R (short for 'dirty redditor for redditor) is one of the most popular subreddits of all time. Not just in the hookup niche, but ever. It's got a staggering 2 million subscribed users, putting its popularity somewhere between the movies and video games subreddits.

R/DirtyR4R is as close to a casual sex as you'll find anywhere. It works almost identically to a personals page. Just post an ad detailing your age, location and sexual preferences and wait for the replies to come in. Alternatively, you can reply to other people's ads.

Random Acts Of Blowjob

As the name suggests, R/RandomActsOfBlowjob is a sub dedicated to the art of sucking length. Every post will feature a picture, video or gif or a cock-addicted woman wrapping her mouth around a massive schlong. It's as much a porn sub as a hookup sub.

The difference between Random Acts Of Blowjob and a porn site? All of the content in this community are posted by the suckers themselves. And you can bet any woman who posts pictures of her personal oral encounters is going to be up for some filthy IRL fun.

Dirty Penpals

Some people get off on pictures and videos. Some people get off on the written word. If you're one of the latter, r/DirtyPenpals might be the ultimate Reddit community for you. In here, you can meet like-minded people for sexy conversations and online hookups.

Most posts include the basic details, such as age, location and sexual preferences. Some people most highly specific fantasy scenarios too. It's not the BEST subreddit to find hookups, but we guarantee you'll find at least one post that'll get you tingling.

Naughty From Neglect

This particular subreddit is for casual hookups of a different kind. All of the posts on here are in loveless, sexless marriages, so they've turned to Reddit to find new dirty activity partners. Think of Naughty From Neglect as the Reddit equivalent of Ashley Madison.

Like other subs, people post their basic information and you're free to see them a message. You can also find people through the search bar by searching for your specific location. The only drawback is that anonymity is a big deal here, so you'll rarely see any pictures.


R/Hookup might be the number one relevant NSFW hook up subreddit. It's all available through here. Fuck buddies, one night stands, casual dating friends. If it's some kind of short term relationship, you'll find it through r/Hookup.

You can either post your own ad or messaging other users. No matter your sexual desires; gay straight, trans, bi, kink, whatever - Hoothe Hookup community makes hooking up easier than most dating sites make it.

Let's Get Laid

Let's Get Laid is basically r/DirtyR4R but without the coarse language. This is a more 'respectful' place to find casual hookups. So, instead of hot chicks posting shots of their cleavage, you'll find more clinically-termed posts.

Hell, it does the same job, just with a little less explicit imagery. For some, this is good, because it means the page isn't clogged up with content at any given time. If you want a partner who's equally filthy but doesn't post naked pics, try r/LetsGetLaid.

Cum Sluts

The name says it all. This is a place for promiscuous babes to really let loose and go wild. Not only will find your hookups on here, but you'll find thousands of daily posts dealing with filthy sluts who love nothing more than taking loads.

Once again, all posts come from the Reddit users themselves. You won't find any content posted from the Internet here. It's all exclusive stuff, and you can bet your ass that any chick who posts clips of herself taking bukkake-sized loads is going to be a hookup slut too.


Amateur is another one of the most active subreddits on the entire Reddit platform. This is the place for amateur hotties to show themselves off for the viewing pleasure of millions. Man woman, whatever. Everyone is welcome on this section of the website.

Some of these amateurs are also on the hunt for local hookups too, and they'll usually say so in their posts. So, the best way to find hookup partners through r/Amateur is to search posts and comments by the word 'hookup.'

Real Girls

Much like r/Amateur, Real Girls is a place for hot women to show themselves off to the world. These ladies love a good dopamine hit, so they especially like it when guys message them telling them how hot they are. If you're lucky, this can turn into a hookup opportunity.

One of the rules for posting on Real Girls is that posters must include a photo of themselves holding a handwritten sign with their username. It ensures that all of the stories are indeed from real girls.

Forget Dating Sites, Find A Reddit Hookup!

Is it any wonder why people are ditching Tinder and turning to Reddit instead? Whether you're looking for easy women, porn content or dirty penpals for erotica fun, Reddit has it all. One thing it has going for it over most dating apps is that everyone finds themselves on Reddit at some point, so naturally, it tends to attract hookup seekers on a large scale.

At the moment, Reddit remains the most efficient dating website of all - even more so than Tinder or OKCupid. Not only does it have subs for every sexual niche and kink, but absolutely everything is completely free. Mods regularly enforce the rules and you very rarely get spammers. If you're loking for NSA sex or your next FWB, Reddit is a paradise for hooking up.

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