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Public Hookup? Our 5 Favorite Places to Hook Up Without Getting Caught (Hot)

What is it about hooking up in public that's so damn hot?

Maybe it's the thrill of doing something taboo, or giving your partner pleasure where someone might hear you.

Some people like to be watched, so doing it in public is fun for their exhibitions tendencies.

Of course, if you aren't careful about where you get your jollies in public, you could find yourself on the wrong end of Mr. Police Officer's Baton of Shame.

It's important to find the best place for a public hookup in your city, so you can live out a fantasy without being yanked back to the real world by the wrong sort of prying eyes.

One note before we begin: Lewd behavior in public is illegal in most cases, and many bystanders will report you. We do not condone any form of public indecency or unlawful behavior. This article is for entertainment purposes only. Speak to a lawyer if you are concerned about legality.

Why Do People Like Having Sex In Public?

Like all fetishes, there are many reasons why someone might want public sex. Let's break down a few of the reasons, and how your reason may impact your method for finding a place to hookup in public.


Exhibitionists like the idea of being watched. It's an extremely common kink: 81% of men and 84% of women report enjoying the concept of letting people watch them have sex.

Some of the most viewed videos on porn sites include some sort of exhibitionist behavior, including:

  • Pizza Dares: Short porn videos where a woman opens the door for a pizza delivery guy naked.
  • Party Hookups: Long porn videos where a woman strips and gets banged in front of a crowd.
  • Sleeping: Similar searches include "peeping tom." These videos depict a woman "asleep" while a man watches her.

Some similar searches include: "cuckold watches," "public flashing," and "park hookup with a stranger." The data clearly shows that most people dig this sort of thing.

If you want to watch long porn videos about public sex or similar searches, here are some sites with the best video quality and selection of free porn videos:

  • Pornhub: The best place to watch long porn videos with high video quality and free search.
  • xVideos: More amateur stuff with some of the most viewed videos online.
  • XNXX: A unique selection of videos that can be saved locally or shared with friends.
  • Reddit: Millions of links to all the porn you can handle.
  • ThatPornDude: Tons of videos that can be saved locally (on your hard drive.)

Some people just can't wait, and want to get down to the business of a public hookup free of charge with minimal talk and travel. Meet a girl in a bar, charm her panties off, and then nail her in the ally.

No relationship, no contact, just a moment of passion! That's definitely convenient.

Of course, finding a person for a public hookup is easier said than done, so let's find a process that works for you.

How To Find a Public Hookup Free of Charge

The best place to meet women who want a public hookup is on a dating site. A dating app will give you incredible amounts of data on potential partners right on your computer without ever having to get in your car.

There are many apps and sites you can try, including:

  • Hookup
  • Tinder
  • Adult Friend Finder
  • Ashley Madison
  • Grindr (if you're looking for a guy)

Each of these apps has a specific purpose, but all of them can be used on a phone or computer for a free search for public hookups.

Build a profile, post a few example pictures showing your personality, and write a clever bio to strike up a chat.

Unless you live in an unpopulated country wasteland where no one has a computer, you're sure to find several women looking to get their cheeks clapped in public.

But once you pique someone's interest, how do you go about engaging in public play?

Top 10 Places For A Public Hookup

Public hookups rule, but it's important to do it safely. Here is a top ten list of the best places to have sex in public, as well as some data about using them:

1.) The Movies

The movie theater is an undeniably sexual place.

Seriously, the lights are low, the movie is loud, and everyone is focused on something else.

Many movie theaters are even switching from standard seating to recliners big enough for a couple. It's like they've tried at great length to make it perfect for hooking up.

That's why so many sneaky links bring a blanket and get busy underneath it while everyone around them has no idea.

2.) The Park

If you live in an area with nice weather, banging in nature can be awesome.

Just make sure it's after hours, so no kids are running around. You really don't want to mess with that.

Half the fun is the potential for getting caught, which is the one thing a public garden definitely has.

3.) A Party

A party is a low-risk place for your public sneaky links.

If you have an interest in performing a sexual act at a party, you should find an active swinger's group in your area.

Swingers love this sort of thing, so grab a horny friend and report to your nearest get-together.

4.) A Club

Club life is conducive to public naughtiness. You may have to go to some length to find a secure place in the club to get down, but it can be done.

Just make sure no one around will report you to security. A club that discovers your lewd activity might get the authorities involved or have your picture saved locally to ensure you never gain entrance to the club.

5.) On a Plane

This one is dangerous.

If you have an interest in joining the "Mile High Club," just know that the plane's crew will report you to the authorities upon landing if you get caught.

While the punishment is severe, an analysis of the data shows that a staggering 78% of people want to play naughty on a plane.

Wherever you decide to do it, just don't let the excitement of the hookup cloud your judgment. Stay out of trouble and have a good time!

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