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Portland Hookups — Your Best Path to Get Some

Portland, Oregon is known for it's beautiful scenery and artistic culture. It may not be the first city that you think of when looking for hot girls, but the people of Portland are just as beautiful as the city.

If you're struggling to find a Portland hookup, it's likely that you may not be looking in the right places.

Portland is full of local singles who are searching for casual flings. These individuals can be found at a night club, venturing out during the day, or online through a dating site. We have gathered the best recommendations for finding your next Portland hookup.

Whether you prefer to find hookups in person or through online dating, you'll have great success by checking out these suggested Portland hookup hotspots below.

Best Bars to Find a Portland Hookup

If you're looking for a hookup in Portland, a Portland bar should be the first place you look. A local bar will be filled with hot singles looking to get laid in Portland.

Check out one of these top three bars in Portland to find your next hookup:

Vintage Cocktail Lounge

Vintage Cocktail Lounge is one of Portland's best kept secrets and is known for serving amazing vintage cocktails, rose champagne, and over one hundred wines.

Vintage Cocktail Lounge is the top bar for those seeking a casual partner or committed relationship. Cocktails can be purchased for as low as ten dollars, making it easy to offer a man, woman that catches your eye a drink.

The bar features an extensive menu in a luxurious yet casual setting. The area's ancient charm attracts many singles each weekend who start their night at the drink bar.

This is the best bar to start your evening before moving on to another Portland club or bar. Vintage Cocktail Lounge closes at just 11, so it is an excellent place to find someone early in the evening or start pregaming for the rest of the night.

Teardrop Lounge

Teardrop Lounge is a fancy bar with a high rating visit site. It is absolutely free to enter and will provide access to potential partners of every sex, age, and ethnicity.

The upstairs lounge attracts many singles who are ready to party all night long. The gathering porch fills with people of every sexual orientation every weekend. Many people who frequent this bar are searching for a sugar daddy, serious relationships, or hookups. Singles will come dressed for a gala occasion in order to impress potential partners.

Teardrop Lounge has many exciting features, such as an exclusive area for those seeking sizzling share parties. The dine out menu has a variety of tapas and delicious steak.

Teardrop Lounge is an excellent place to bring your sex hookups before a night of fun. The modern, sexy feel of this elevated lounge will be sure to impress all of your dates.

Pink Rabbit

Pink Rabbit is a dining establishment and bar serving cocktails in a sophisticated environment. The bar has subtle pink and blue lighting that contributes to the ambiance, along with stunning accent walls and luxurious blue velvet seating.

The interior and exterior seating areas attract singles from the chic Pearl District and visitors from other cities. Trendy cocktails and happy hour deals have made Pink Rabbit a popular spot for young, single women to frequent.

The Pink Rabbit has made it their mission to create an establishment that appeals to all senses. They recognize the importance of having a beautifully decorated bar that also serves the highest quality of food and beverages. This has granted them great success, as locals and visitors from all over the USA, Canada, and the world love to spend time at the Portland restaurant.

The Pink Rabbit is open late until 2am on the weekends. Whether you choose to visit this popular bar for happy hour, lunch, or late night clubbing, you'll be pleased to see the variety of singles that this local restaurant attracts.

Best Clubs for Portland Hook Ups

While bars are a wonderful place to find hookups, clubs are even better. Clubs are guaranteed to be filled with action seeking clubbers who are ready for a night of fun. You'll have no trouble finding singles who enjoy sex at any of these popular Portland clubs:

The Coffin Club

Formerly known as The Lovecraft Bar, the Coffin Club is one of Portland's most popular establishments. This Portland club is famous for their horror theme which provides a unique and interactive experience. While a horror club might not be the first place you think of to find hookups, this local club becomes crowded with hundreds of local singles each weekend.

Over thirty thousand feet of dance floor makes the dirty nightclub a must-see spot for those in search of the clubbing feeling. The unique, spooky theme that the Portland club offers is unlike any other club in the city.

Many consider The Coffin Club to be an essential tourist attraction for those who visit from other cities in countries. Whether you're looking for an American, Canadian, Russian, age partner or any other ethnicity, there are plenty of singles from all over the world in The Coffin Club.

It's easy to approach other singles in this unique, judgement free environment. Many like to express themselves and dress for the horror theme, so if you're ready to celebrate Halloween a little early, The Coffin Club is the place to be.

Many visitors of The Coffin Club enjoy the way that hookah tastes and can also direct you to the best hookah lounges for relaxing after a night out at the club.


Candy is an inclusive and welcoming nightclub that is considered the best club to find Portland hookups by many locals. The club houses real time performances from many famous DJs who tour across the world.

Candy is designed for LGBT and heterosexual people alike to socialize and enjoy a night of fun. No matter what your sexual preference is, you'll find it easy to get laid in Portland at this trendy club.

Candy beat over seven taverns in a competition for the best affordable cocktails. Hundreds of Portland locals flock to Candy each weekend for a fun night of dancing and partying.

45 East

45 East is yet another popular Portland club that many famous DJs play sets at every weekend. You'll have no trouble getting laid in Portland at this extremely popular nightclub.

Make sure to carry cash when venturing out to this club in order to buy drinks and bottle service easily. VIP services include exclusive tables that can be purchased ahead of time. If you really want to impress girls at the club, having a private table to invite them too will certainly do the trick.

45 East features several pop ups and events such as exclusive parties.

Shake Bar

Shake Bar is another one of Portland's hottest clubs. They are known for their selection of modern hip hop and top 40 music. Shake Bar is a popular spot for birthday parties, bachelorette parties, and more. You'll find no shortage of young, attractive singles ready to have a wild night at Shake Bar.

The modern music at Shake Bar attracts a crowd that is mostly under the age of 30. Most people at Shake Bar are eager to let loose and have fun, so you'll find plenty of girls to hook up with here.

Daytime Spots to Meet Girls in Portland Oregon

While the nightlife scene in Portland is the perfect place to find the hookup of your dreams, some may grow tired of nightlife. If clubbing and drinking isn't really your thing, rest assured that it is very possible to find a hookup in Portland during the day too.

It may seem more intimidating to approach people out in public when you aren't in the club scene, but most will appreciate being approached in a respectful, polite way.

Whether you decide to venture out and look for singles at forest park, a bog outdoor such as Ann Arbor, or a coffee shop, you'll have great luck spotting attractive girls at these popular Portland locations:

Behind the Museum Cafe

Behind the Museum Cafe is a quaint cafe specializing in Japanese tea and foods. The cafe has a clean, minimalistic aesthetic with subtle Japanese fish decor incorporated throughout the modern style.

The interior design in Behind the Museum Cafe was created to incorporate traditional Japanese styles with a modern, inviting atmosphere that welcomes individuals to dine and relax inside.

Many enjoy visiting the cafe and unwinding inside. It's easy to approach others in the warm, welcoming environment that Behind the Museum Cafe has created.

The Dragonfly Coffee House

The Dragonfly Coffee House is a coffee shop dedicated to preserving the authentic community coffee house experience. Unlike other coffee shops that have abandoned their original purpose in an attempt to keep up with fast-paced chain coffee shops, The Dragonfly Coffee House is committed to providing a personal experience for each customer.

The Dragonfly Coffee House makes an effort to learn each customer's name as quickly as possible. They provide house made pastries along with top quality espresso. The coffee house encourages patrons to relax and socialize inside on the comfortable seating.

The community aspect of The Dragonfly Coffee House makes it an excellent place to meet and socialize with other Portland locals. Not only will you find some of the best coffee in Portland, but you'll also get to enjoy the company of a wide variety of Portland locals-- one of which could be your next hookup.

Best Hookup Sites in Portland Oregon

If meeting people in person isn't quite your thing, it's easier than ever to take advantage of dating sites in order to meet Portland locals online. Online dating is much less intimidating because you can establish a mutual interest through the dating platform before even starting a conversation.

If you're wondering which dating site will warrant the most success in Portland, check out these popular dating platforms to find your next hookup:

Tinder Continues to Reign as One of the Most Popular Dating Sites

To start, Tinder continues to be recognized as one of the best online dating services for finding hookups anywhere in the world. Tinder has a user base that is primarily between the ages of 18-30, so you'll have the most luck on this dating site if you're within this age range.

It is true that some people will have much more success on Tinder than others. Generally speaking, women will have no problem racking up thousands of matches on the app, while men may struggle to get just a few.

That being said, decently attractive men can still be quite lucky on Tinder. As long as you take care of yourself and have good photos on your profile, a creative pickup line could land you your next hookup within minutes.

Tinder is completely free to use, making it accessible for anyone who wants a convenient place to find hookups. While there are paid membership options that may make it easier to find your desired hookup, most can have plenty of success using just the free version of the app.


Bumble is another popular hookup app that many Portland locals have great success with. Given the large feminist population in Portland, many women enjoy using Bumble in this area. Bumble is a feminist app because women have to message first. It also encourages more intentional matches in comparison to Tinder because users have a limited number of swipes that can be used each day.

Additionally, Bumble matches expire if both parties don't message each other within 24 hours. This is to prevent people from using Bumble for an ego boost like they might on Tinder. If you're tired of dealing with girls on Tinder who match with you yet never respond, you might enjoy these unique features on Bumble. Instead of constantly wondering what pickup line you should send to encourage a response from your match, you can let the messages flow in from interested girls on Bumble.

The age group on Bumble consists of mostly younger users, similar to Tinder. That being said, Bumble is an excellent option for those who are tired of Tinder yet seeking an alternative option that is popular amongst those in their 20s.


While mainstream dating apps such as Bumble and Tinder warrant plenty of success for many users, some may become discouraged by the massive amounts of users who are looking for more than a hookup or simply don't respond at all. Pure has created a solution to this by establishing an app that is designed for instant, convenient hookups.

Unlike traditional dating sites, Pure allows users to create profiles that will self destruct after 24 hours along with all messages that the user sent. This makes it one of the best hookup sites for anonymous, no strings attached connections with others.

After matching with other users on Pure, you'll have only one hour to communicate with one another before the conversation closes. This encourages active users who are ready to meet up to use the app. If you don't plan to meet up or exchange phone numbers within one hour, you'll have no way to continue conversing with that person. This makes this dating site perfect for those who are tired of long, drawn out conversations on dating sites that end up leading nowhere.


Badoo is yet another one of the best dating sites for convenient hookups with others. While it was initially established in 2006, it has risen to popularity in recent years as being a hookup only app. You don't have to worry that others on the app will be seeking a relationship or something more, because everyone on the app will just be looking for a quick hookup.

Badoo is committed to preventing catfishes by requiring photo verification. If you don't want to risk meeting up with a catfish or fake profile, this is the best dating site to use.

Additionally, users on Badoo can utilize the video chat function in order to communicate with their match before meeting up. This is an excellent way to get to know the other person and verify that they are who they say they are before meeting up.

Hud App

The HUD App was designed specifically for convenient hookups. Instead of viewing profiles one at a time like you do on a traditional dating app, users can view all of their potential options at once on Hud. Users with the free membership can only send likes to a limited number of users, so this feature is helpful in allowing members to decide who they should send likes to.

Users can also receive likes and messages from other users free or charge. Messaging is free on Hud, although some people may want to upgrade their membership in order to chat with an unlimited number of users.

Hud is excellent for finding hookups because users can list their sexual preferences and fetishes in order to find others who are interested in the same things as them. No matter what type of hookup you're seeking, it will be easy to find your ideal partner on Hud.

Plenty of Fish

Plenty of Fish is another hookup app that has millions of users all across the world. While there are paid versions of the app, many have great success finding a hookup on the free version.

It is worth noting that some users on Plenty of Fish may be searching for a relationship or something more serious. Fortunately, it's easy to state exactly what you're looking for on your profile in order to attract matches that are looking for the same thing.

The app is dedicated to helping people find their ideal match. The app has a blog where you can read their latest blog articles for tips and advice for finding a match on Plenty of Fish.

The age group on Plenty of Fish is older, with most users being above the age of 30. This app is perfect for those who are in their 30s or older who want to find a hookup in Portland.


How can I find a hookup at a club or bar?

If you're ready to venture out to Portland's nightlife scene in order to find your next hookup, you may be wondering how exactly you can find hookups while you're out.

After visiting one of Portland's prime nightlife locations, assess your options at the club and see who catches your eye. If there's someone that you'd like to strike up a conversation with, approach them with a friendly smile and ask their name or where they're from. You'll be able to tell right away whether or not they're interested in conversing with you.

If the other person appears to be engaged in the conversation, it's a good sign that they could want to hook up with you later. Continue the conversation by offering to buy them a drink or asking to dance with them. If they continue to respond in a friendly manner, you can ask if they'd like to go home with you.

You can be direct or simply ask if they'd like to go back to your place for a drink. Gauge their interest by asking what they're doing when the club closes. If they respond by saying that they're going to bed or going home with their friends, it's a good sign they aren't interested. If they ask you what your plans are, they could be wanting to hook up.

Another great way to find hookups at clubs is by purchasing a table and bottles. This is something that you can do together with a group of friends. Others in the club may be interested in hanging out at your table in order to take a break from the hot dance floor.

Simply by having a table, you might attract interest from other clubgoers. Otherwise, inviting others to your table is an excellent way to start a conversation.

How can I find a hookup in Portland during the day?

If nightlife isn't your thing, it's very possible to find hookups in Portland during the day as well. It may seem more difficult because people tend to socialize less with strangers during their daytime activities, but it is still very possible.

Finding hookups during the day will require you to be more bold because you'll need to strike up a conversation with someone who is probably doing something alone or with friends.

In order to find hookups during the day, start by getting out of your house and spending more time in public. The more time you spend in public, the better your chances are of finding someone that you want to hook up with.

Once someone catches your eye, you'll need to be bold and approach them. It can seem intimidating, but most don't mind being approached as long as it is done in a respectful way.

For example, if you're at a coffee shop or cafe, you can ask a bystander what their go-to order is. This is a polite way to start a conversation and gauge interest. Then, you can proceed to ask them if they're from this area, which can lead to other topics.

If the other person is avoiding eye contact and giving short answers, they likely aren't interested in conversing with you. However, if they're maintaining eye contact and showing interest in the conversation, it's a good sign that they might be willing to hook up with you later on.

After a few minutes of chatting, you can proceed to ask for their phone number or social media handle. Then, you can reach out at a later time and invite them out for drinks.

If you see someone in public but don't have a good way to strike up a conversation with them, you can simply approach them and say that you find them attractive and ask for their phone number or social media handle. At this point, they can decide whether or not they have a mutual interest. If they decline your offer, you can politely move on to someone else.

How can I find a hookup on a dating site in Portland?

If you don't want to approach people in person, online dating makes hookups easy and accessible for everyone. In order to find hookups on a dating site, you'll want to create an account on one or more popular dating apps or websites.

It's important to have good profile pictures on your account, or it will be much more difficult to find matches. It may also help to have a bio that shares more information about yourself.

To find hookups on dating apps, the first step is to match with as many people as possible. The more matches you get, the better chances you will have of finding someone to hookup with.

Once you're getting matches, start a conversation with your matches. Creative pickup lines can be used to warrant a response. If anything, don't just say "Hey." Dating app users tend to receive a lot of messages and they might only want to respond to the more creative ones.

After you get a conversation going on a dating app, you can proceed to invite them out for drinks. Or, you can invite them over for Netflix and chill (most know what this implies). If you want to be classy, you could even offer to cook them dinner at your place.


Whether you prefer to find people to hookup with at clubs, daytime spots, or online, you'll soon discover that there is no shortage of hot singles in Portland ready to hook up.

While it may take some time and patience to find the perfect match, you'll soon have access to plenty of potential hookups just by putting yourself out there.

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