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Phoenix hookup? How to Find Casual Sex and Get Laid in Phoenix (Arizona)

Phoenix, AZ is not only the capital of the state of Arizona. There are so many places in the greater Phoenix Metropolitan area to visit, and this includes bars and clubs.

Lots of singles participate in this night life, some wanting to find hookup. In this article, we are going to show you the top bars/clubs and online sites where you can easily find some Phoenix girls or Phoenix dudes for a Phoenix hookup.

How to Find Casual Sex/Casual Dating

Now recall a hookup means you are having an intimate act/encounter with another person. It can be a serious relationship, hookup, or one night stand. Whatever you want to call it, it’s a popular type of relationship to have in our year of 2022, an erotic age. You can seek hookups with hot girls/beautiful girls or hot dudes in such locations like bars and nightclubs in cities but also online.

The dating scene has never been easier and with our luxurious clubbing knowledge, you'll have an even easier time!


A bar (saloon, tavern, tippling house, or pub as they can be called) is a place that serves alcoholic beverages. They can serve such drinks as beer, wine, liquor, signature cocktails, and other drinks which include water and soft drinks. If food is offered, its usually just bar food rather than actual meals.

Sports bars that have more than forty screen are possible to find hookups in, but not always the great because people are focused on sports.

It can just be a place like a drink bar where all they serve is drinks or it can be a bar/ restaurant. You eat food in the restaurant and can order drinks at the bar or vice versa. It really just depends on the establishment.

Spend enough time at one and you'll become a bar smith!

Usually with these establishments you need to make sure that you have your ID on you since they want to make sure you are of age to drink. People who are under 21 can sometimes go inside, especially if it is a restaurant, but they can't drink.

Night Club/Dance Clubs

Clubs, or a nightclub, music club, discotheque, or disco club, are places open during a night setting. There is party flooring with some kind of music. It's either live music or some disc jockey that is playing recorded music. You can find night clubs or clubs that offer food and drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic). It really just depends on the establishment that you are going to. However, most of the time if food is being served its something like bar food and not an actual meal. Maybe you'll even find some sizzling pool parties.

Please keep in mind that establishment is the same so if you are using this to find singles or find a hookup, make sure you check the rules for the place. It's always important to do that to make sure you do not get kicked out!

Some of these places do tend to have dress codes or a cover charge. They can and will turn you away if you don't have the cover charge or are dressed in something they deem inappropriate for their club.

If there is a cover charge, most are card only but you might find a cash nightclub. Either way, bring both so you can go clubbing feeling at ease that you won't get kicked out.

Online Dating Site

One of the more modern ways to find a hookup is through online dating sites or an online dating space. This is more common today and is probably one of the easier ways to find a hookup. Now some sites are dedicated to people looking for relationships, but there is no reason why you can't look for a hookup on one and vise versa.

Online dating really did take the hassle of actually leaving the house/going out so you can find a date, hookup or romantic relationship. Instead of meeting in person, you are able to talk to people specifically online. It does make the dating scene easier.

In 2022, there are many, many different options. Some are general sites like Adult Friend Finder, Tinder, or Ashley Madison but others are dedicated to certain groups like African Americans, Asian Americans, Jewish, Christians, LGBT, etc. If you think of it, you can probably find a dating site for whatever niche you can think of.

Best Bars/Best Club to Find Hookups in Phoenix

Going to bars and nightclubs to find some singles to hookup with is a very traditional way to go find a sexual encounter and its still as popular as it ever was.

In this part of article we will go into our top 5 choices for the best bars/nightclubs to find Phoenix Hookups. This includes Phoenix girls, Phoenix Women, local girls, local dudes, and men.

A lot of these places are great, open as late as time night restaurant. Some might even have a rooftop patio, tasty steak, and climate controlled its core.

We had a larger list, about more than thirty options, but we'll cover that another time,

Sazerac Phoenix

Sazerac is a local club/local restaurant to meet girls and guys located on North 2nd street in Phoenix, AZ. It's open Monday to Friday 4pm to 2am, Saturday 12pm to 2am, and Sunday 12-pm to 12am. Brunch is from 12pm - 3pm every Sunday as well.

This is a local bar offers a large cocktail collection available for its customers. Not only do they have drinks, they also have cigars that you can purchase! Smoking isn't exactly great for your health, but the fact that they have cigars of all things shows how fancy and upscale this place is.

Cocktail wise, this Phoenix bar offers a lot of delicious options.

  • Sage Gimlet: Vodka, Sage, Lime Sugar, Herbal, Tart, and Light.
  • Sazerac: Rye, Cognac, sugar, bitters, absinthe rinse.
  • Old Fashioned: Rye, Bourbon, sugar, bitters.
  • Craft Beer

Cigar wise, the selection is just as vast as their drink selection. Best part? They are flavored!

  • Olivia: Dark Chocolate and Coffee
  • Pardon: Cocoa and Hazelnut
  • Island Jim: Charred Oak and Black Pepper
  • Oscar Valladares: Ron Burgundy, Light Pepper, Wood and Citrus, Toasted Oak and Cocoa
  • My Father: Oak, chocolate and leather, white pepper and coffee, chocolate and red pepper, nutmeg and toasted cedar
  • Arturo Fuente: White pepper and light oak, cedar and dark fruit,
  • Cao: Cedar and dark fruit
  • Jamie Garcia: Pepper heavy
  • Ashton: Light oak and white pepper
  • LFD: Red Pepper and Coffee
  • Cohiba: Espresso and black pepper
  • AJ Fernandez: Pepper Heavy
  • Karen Berger: Light cedar and white pepper
  • Romeo y Juliet: Light cedar and earthy

And there are even more not listed on their site!

Sadly, Sazerac doesn't have food available. They prefer to focus on cocktails and their cigar collection. However, there is a dining cart outside when the weather is decent.

This is a very upscale place to meet other singles. You'll be able to enjoy a drink and/or a cigar if that fits your fancy before leaving to have some fun.

We promise you'll find some hot girls or hot dudes here. Also, if you happen to walk by outside, there is a bog outdoor. Not important, but its a pleasant site.

Bitter and Twisted Cocktail Parlor

The Bitter and Twisted Cocktail Parlour located on West Jefferson in Phoenix, AZ is quite the historical establishment in our list of Phoenix hookups. They used to be a former Arizona Prohibition Headquarters, which was a time when liquor was banned in the United States. Ironically, this local bar is now home to an amazing and hip Phoenix bar.

This Phoenix club is open five days a week. Tuesday through Thursday they are open 4pm to 12pm and on Fridays and Saturdays they are open 4pm to 1am. Happy Hour is every Tuesday to Friday 4pm to 6pm. During happy hour this Phoenix club offers 2 dollars off all pizzas, 1 dollar off well spirits, 1 dollar off domestic beer, 10 dollars off Market Collins, Margarita, and Mojito, 9 dollars off a Thrifty Cocktail, and finally 8 dollars off a Prosecco.

This local club is closed on most of the big holidays, but open on New Years Eve. However, it is an event that requires you to RSVP so you can't just show up out of nowhere, expecting to be able to be let inside.

Great thing about the Bitter and Twisted Cocktail Parlour is that they have a food menu and spirits list. Their cocktail menu, from their fancy bar, was updated in 2022 and is only available in the store sadly.

For food, they have the following at this dining establishment:

  • Pizza: Plain pie, vodka, tomato, white, and sausage.
  • Snacks: Popcorn, crispy potatoes, and fried chicken wings.
  • Salads: Fattoush and Caesar
  • Sweets: Syrian Lazy Cake.

Drink wise they have beer, wine, vodka, gin, tequila, agave spirits, whiskeys, scotch malt whisky, brandies, Irish, Rums/Cane Spirits, Japanese, and finally Sherry and Port. When in doubt, always ask the establishment.

This is a place that has a mix of a casual and upscale feel. It's not to much of either so you'll certainly be able to feel comfortable here and find someone to hookup with.

The Whining Pig

Okay, admittedly The Whining Pig has a bit of an odd name, but trust us when we say that this is an four on 2013 and has a total of four locations in Arizona. The Whining Pig Arcadia is on Indian School Rd in Phoenix AZ, The Whining Pig Downtown on East Washington St in Phoenix AZ, The Whining Pig Gilbert South Val Vista Dr. in Gilbert, and finally The Whining Pig McDowell Mountain East Bell Road in Scottsdale.

For the hours and days they operate, we are going to focus on the two locations in Phoenix. The Whining Pig Arcadia is open 7 days a week. Monday to Thursday its open 3pm to 12am, Friday 3pm to 1am, Saturday 1pm to 1am, and Sunday 1pm to 10pm. The Whining Pig Downtown is also open 7 days a week. Monday to Thursday 3pm to 10pm, Friday 3pm to 12am, Saturday 1pm to 12am, and Sunday 1pm to 10pm.

This Phoenix Restaurant serves its customers with a large wine and beer bar. It would take to long to name them all so trust us when we say that there is a large selection. You could visit every day for a month and still manage to get something different.

Food wise, their menu isn't as vast and they only offer a few items. These include:

  • Gilled Cheese Sandwich The Heart: Fig spread, prosciutto, and goat cheese.
  • Grilled Cheese Sandwich The Peace Sign: Pesto, sun dried tomato, and mozzarella.
  • Grilled Cheese sandwich The Hash Tag: Smoked Ham and American cheese.
  • Grilled Cheese Sandwich The Star: Pepperoni, siracha, Italian cheese, and cherry peppers.
  • Meat and Cheese Plate: Variety of artisan meats and cheeses, crackers, apricots, nuts, and olives.

So, as you can see, their food menu is very limited but still worth checking out. I mean, what's better than grabbing a beer and grilled cheese sandwich with a possible hookup?

Blue Martini

The Blue Martini bills, an upscale and contemporary local Phoenix Bar in Phoenix offers wine and a great experience. It is located on High Street in Phoenix, AZ and is open Wednesday 4pm to 10pm and Thursday to Sunday 4pm to 2am. Monday to Tuesday it is closed.

One of the unique things about the this Phoenix club includes happy hours 7 days a week and live entertainment. They even have special themed nights like ladies night, industry night, and what they call Something new at blue".

You can find a wide selection of drinks at this establishment. They have white, rose, and red wine along with brut, rose, and splits champagne. Martini wise, they offer several unique concoctions along with a myriad of other drinks.

Their food and party menu isn't as large as their drink menu, but that's not to say it isn't as impressive. It includes spinach and artichoke dip, shrimp martini, beef tenderloin sliders, spicy BBQ cauliflower, Thai chicken, lollipop lamb chops, different types of flatbread, and also chocolate decadence. This isn't the entire menu, but rather a few items that stand out from amongst the rest.

Recall that we mentioned there is also live entertainment at the Blue Martini. This local restaurant claimed it has performers that include bands, singers, and DJ's. It really just depends on that particular month. So because its always changing, its best to check out their website or give them a call to figure out who is playing for that particular month.

Combine the drinks, food, and music/entertainment and you've got the perfect environment to meet singles in. If it doesn't happen that night, then come the next! It's open 7 days a week so there is always a chance for you to find someone to hookup with.

Copper Blues

Copper Blues is a Phoenix restaurant located on West Jefferson street in Phoenix, Arizona. It's open 7 days a week, Monday to Thursday 3pm to 12am, Friday to Saturday 3pm to 2am, and finally Sunday 11am to 11pm. It has the best bar you'll ever find and is probably in our top list of seven bars in Phoenix, but that's another article.

This bar is unique because it has live music. The name itself, Copper Blues, comes from a mix of the rock and roll genre, country, and 80s rock. Put the three together, and apparently copper blues is what you get.

While you are listening to some of their live music, you can choose from a great selection of drinks such as Moscow mule, craft beers, and cocktails to name a few. They boast that it is all fresh and from local places around the area. This is nice because while you drink you can feel like you are supporting the city of Phoenix in a way.

There food menu is probably the largest out of all our choices on this list. They offer the following:

  • Bites: Crispy copper wings, steak bites, nachos, basket of fries, parmesan truffle fries, mac and cheese.
  • Buns: Copper Burger, chicken sandwich, and steak sandwich.
  • Greens: Caesar Salad, Copper Cobb, and Chinese Chicken Salad
  • Sweets: Chocolate Chip Cookie Topped with Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Extras: Warm pretzels, quesadilla, hummus plate, spinach artichoke dip, Brussel sprouts, and bruschetta.

A lot of these are the typical pub or tavern food you are going to find when visiting a bar, but Copper Blues truly does offer a nice selection of pub food to choose from and dine out at.

Now, we know none of these options include a curry crawfish rating in any capacity, but still consider checking them out. Maybe you'll even be able to carry out some panel game titles before talking with some other people.

Best Online Dating Sites to Phoenix Girls/Hot Girls and Phoenix Guys/Hot Guys

Going online to find hookups local to your area is very popular now-a-days. Some may thing its a little too impersonal, but it certainly is convenient.

It really just depends on what you prefer to do. If you do want to go online, we'll have the top five choices on where to meet Phoenix girls or dudes to hookup online with. Consider a rating visit site.


Plenty of Fish or POF as it is usually called is yet another Canadian online dating service to meet girls or dudes that was created by Markus Frind. This was created in 2003 and is available in nine languages total. It can be accessed in Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Brazil, and the USA.

You will be happy to know that PlentyofFish is free to use for the most part. A free account will get let you send messages with few limitations and live stream as well. However, you can't link outside accounts like Instagram or something, which isn't a terrible thing. Not everyone want all their social media accounts linked anyway.

Great thing about PlentyofFish is that there is a desktop app and a mobile app so if you don't have a phone, or vice versa, it is very easy for you to join and create an account.

There is a premium service offered on this dating site that starts around 19.99 USD. With a premium account, you can see which users have liked you and whether or not a message has been read or deleted by the other person.

PlentyofFish is one of the cheaper dating/hookup sites available for people to join. You can do a lot with just a free account which is great because not everyone wants to spend a lot of money on a membership to some dating site.

People use this site to find hookups, long term relationships, serious relationships, one night stands, or even friends with benefits. It really just depends on what you prefer to use it for.

So consider joining to meet women or single women, men, single girls,


Feeld or 3nder as it was once called is a dating application that is just for iOS and Android so if you want to access this on your phone, you are kind of out of luck . It was first released in July 2014 and is available in English, French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish.

One of the more unique things about Feeld is the type of people it is catered too. It's not for the typical mainstream interests but for people who are into casual sexual encounters, polyamory, kink, swinging, and other sexual preferences deemed as alternative. This includes sleeping with more than one person at once. For example, threesomes would fit under this definition.

A review from the New York Times said that over a third of users on the app already had a partner and about 25 percent were identified as non heterosexual. If this sounds like you, this is probably one you want to check out. Its very open and accepting. You'll feel right at home with this app.

There is a free version that gives you a lot of basic features. What is called the majestic membership lets you hide Facebook friends who also use the app, sees when users were last online, use a dark theme, add private photos only matches can see, and finally see when someone likes you even if you don’t match.

For the most part, this isn't the most expensive app out there. Buying a 1 month majestic membership is only 14.99 USD while a 3 month majestic membership is about 29.98 USD. This works out to about 9.99 USD a month.

If this sounds like something you'd enjoy, consider purchasing a membership. Its pretty cheap to try out for a month or so. Hey you might even meet some single women.


Bumble is one of those dating platforms or hookup platform available for iOS and Android that was created by Whitney Wolfe Herd (who formally worked at Tinder) who has called this a feminist dating app. Currently is has 0ver 55 million users in about 150 countries.

It has what we call a Tinder model where you swipe left to reject a candidate or swipe right if you are interested. One of the interesting things about this app, is that it is catered to more female rather than males. We say this because only female users can make the first contact with matched male users in heterosexual relationships. Same sex matches, it doesn't matter. Both parties can send a message.

The basic membership in Bumble is free, with obvious limits. If you want to have more features then you have to buy a membership. This includes:

  • Premium Lifetime Membership: 149.99
  • Premium 6 month Membership: 99.99
  • Premium 3 month Membership: 59.99
  • Premium 1 month Membership: 29.99
  • Premium: 1 week Membership: 13.99
  • Premium 1 day Membership: 3.49
  • Boost 6 months: 59.99
  • Boost 3 months: 39.99
  • Boost 1 month: 18.99
  • Boost 1 week: 6.99
  • Boost 1 day: 1.99
  • Spotlights 1x: 4.99
  • Spotlights 5x: 112.99
  • Spotlights 15x: 29.99
  • Spotlights 30x: 49.99

As you can see, some options cost more than others. However, Bumble offers a lot of different payment options compared to some other dating sites or applications out there. Usually you don't have such a wide variety of choices when it comes to purchasing a paid membership.

If you are a woman we would really recommend you using and/or buying this one because of the simple fact that it is catered towards woman. Same goes if you your sexual preferences happen to be the same sex. Both of these groups will probably be able to get the most of this app.


Zook is an online dating platform was created in 2007 by a total of four individuals. It is available in 25 languages total and can be found in more than 80 countries. One of the great things about this application is it is not just an app but also happens to have a website version. This is sometimes lacking because a lot of these dating applications are only available for iOS or android. Hey, not everyone has a phone or wants to access such things on their phone.

This website is free to join. If you decide to just stick with the basic or free membership, you can create a profile, add pictures, search, get matches, and send winks. However, the amount of messages you can send are limited.

Here are the following subscriptions with Zoosk:

Here are the following subscriptions:

  • ·  $12.49 for six months
  • ·   $19.98 for three months
  • ·   $29.95 for one month

Compared to some other dating applications out there, this isn't the most expensive. Then again, it's also not the cheapest one out there either. Zoosk is kind of awkwardly in the middle, neither very cheap or expensive.

Still, it's a great option for people who want to find hookups or sexual encounters that are local to the Phoenix area. If this does sound like you, then you may want to consider joining Zoosk.

Rather than getting a paid membership, just get one that is basic so you can test it out and see how much you like it. We would recommend this for any website or application on our list


OkCupid, OKC, or OkC is a US based site that operates and offers dating services internationally. It is owned by Match Group which also owns Tinder, Hinge, and Plenty of Fish among other popular sites. This one in particular was created in 2004 and is well known in the general public. You've probably seen a commercial or read advertisement about OkCupid at some point. Also, great thing is that it is available on the computer so don't worry about only being able to access it on just an app on your phone.

The reason OkCupid is a great option for people is that its free to use. A lot of its features can be used without a paid membership. Now there is a paid membership option you can get.

The two paid membership options are A-list Basic and A List Premium. A-List Premium lets you have advanced search options and no various pop ups. The A list Basic offers the following memberships: 6 months 4.95 USD, 3 months for 7.95 USD, and finally 1 month 9.95. For the A-List Premium you can get the 6 months membership for 19.90, 3 months for 22.90, and finally 1 month for 24.90.

A lot of people who happen to use OkCupid are looking for long-term relationships. This isn't to say that people who join this site aren't looking for hookups. It's just commonly used for those wanting to get into long term relationships.

Another thing to keep in mind is that if you are into kinks, fetishes, or things that are considered alternative sexual practices, then this site probably isn't for you. There are other applications and sites that cater to those specific communities on so best to avoid OkCupid and sign up for one of those instead.


Consent means that you are giving permission for something to happen or agreeing that you can proceed with whatever you are doing. For sexual activities, consent is an agreement between two people or more that they are going to engage in sexual activity.

There are some caveats to consent. If someone is underage, drunk, under the influence of drugs, asleep, or unconscious then they are not able to give consent. They have to be in their right mind to agree to sex.

Always talk about consent before getting into any sexual activities so you know where each other stand. Trust us when we say that consent is sexy. There is nothing sexier than an enthusiastic yes!

If you happen to have met this person online, consider discussing it before meeting in person. Now, if you are looking for hookups at a bar or club, talk about consent before going to a second location to engage in sexual activities.

Safe Sex

Some people like to say that the safest type of sex is no sex, but lets be real. Who wants to do that? It's fine if you do, but there is nothing wrong with engaging in some fun sexual encounters. However, you need to keep in mind that if you are engaging in sexual encounters you need to make sure if you are protected. If you aren't then you could end up with a sexually transmitted disease, unplanned pregnancy, or perhaps both.

One popular way to prevent STIs or STDs is buy using condoms. Condoms are great at protecting against STIs. Another thing you can use is to use birth control. Birth control used in the context of sex is to prevent any unplanned pregnancies. There are many different kinds of birth control out there, so when in doubt just talk to your doctor.

Final Thoughts

And there we have it dear readers! This is our full list of bars, nightclubs, and online sites where you can find hookups in Phoenix. There are plenty of other websites, apps, bars, and nightclubs that didn't make it to our list so if nothing here appeals to you, check one of them out.

We just felt these places were unique and stood out amongst the rest. If you happen to be visiting Phoenix, considering checking some of these places out. This includes a certain Phoenix club with an odd name and those on central ave or Monroe st.

Doesn't matter if you are from the USA, Canada, etc. Come visit! Maybe even check out some dive bars, coffee shops, or a lustre rooftop bar,

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