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Is One Night Hookup legit? Full app review

There are lots of hookup sites and apps dedicated out there to sign up for in order to find like minded people, discreet flings, match people, or just for finding friends in general. Nowadays online chat is the easiest way to find success on one night stand dating sites and traditional dating websites.

One Night Hook Up

One of the most popular dating sites is One Night Hook up. In this article, we are going to go over everything there is to know about this site and whether it is even worth your time. Read on to discover how to start a new chat, delete account, navigate other members, profile photos, spot a fake profile, learn if it will require payment, and any additional features before you swipe left on this free hook up app.

When was it Created?

One Night Hook up dating app is not a traditional dating website(s). It is a dating or hookup application was officially released on November 21, 2018. It has been going strong for 3 and a half years now and will soon have its fourth anniversary. From first glance this might just seem like a typical hookup dating app out there and it just might be. It will not be until later in this article when we'll be able to truly figure out of this app produces results.

Who Created It?

Unfortunately, we aren't sure who created this site at the moment. However, it does claim to have a dedicated staff who are on the app and make sure that everything is running smoothly. If you log onto the app, you can even contact them via email if you happen to have any questions that you feel you need to have answered. Always make sure you check out the frequently asked questions first because the answer you need might be there.

Where is it Located?

As with who created the site, it is unknown where it happens to be located. Again, even though this information is unknown they boast that there is a great staff who looks over the site and helps anyone that may have trouble or needs assistance.

If you don't respond with one message, then you can always consider contacting them a second time. They always say to try and try again until you get results. Do try to not overdo it though.

Who is it Intended For?

This one-night stand app bills itself as a new place to chat online and chat freely with another person so then you can find someone to hook up with. You have to be a single adult, 18 or older, in order to download this app or even use it so keep this mind. If hooking up or casual dating/casual encounter/casual sex isn't your thing, then it even claims that you can find your true love/serious relationship/long-term relationship on here as well. Don't knock it until you try it! That's the only way to truly find out before moving on to alternative hookup apps, one night stand sites, and other dating websites for casual encounters.

When was The Last Update?

We mentioned that this application was first launched all the way back in 2018. It's not even at five years yet, but we are sure it will get there eventually. Last time this app was updated was all the way back in Jan 25, 2022. It's been a few months since its last update so that isn't entirely promising. However, compared to some one-night stand/casual dating apps out there this is still a lot more frequent. Some apps won't even update once a year!

Its always good if it updates frequently so there are new bug fixes. Who doesn't want bug fixes on their apps?

What Can You Use to Access This Dating App?

One Night Hook up dating is one of those apps that cannot be accessed by website. This means you can't use your desktop or laptop. In order to access it you need to use iOS which is usually on an iPhone or Android. These can be found on such phones like Samsung, LG, etc. So, if you do have a phone, then you are in luck. If you don't or hate using a fun to access sites, well you'll just have to use something else.

Nowadays online chats are done via phone, so we have to get with the modern times. This is the only way to have a beautiful night with another single.

How to Use this Dating App

The funny thing about this one-night stand/casual dating application is that it is similar to Tinder in the way you swipe right to like and left to not like. If you happen to like each the other member and they like you, than you get a match! Do make sure to upload a clear selfie. It will help people be able to get to know you and make sure no one flags your profile or profile photo as fake or something like that.

How the Sign up Process for this Dating App Works

To be able to have one-night stands and get the ball rolling to find likeminded people, you have to sign up for this app. First thing to do is download it. Remember, that if you want to use this app then you are going to have to use a phone. It won't work on a website. Follow their directions and you will be able to sign up for this site in a matter of minutes! It's really very easy so you shouldn't have any trouble. You'll be having one-night stands in no time.

Best Features of this Dating App(s)

This has several features but one of the best of the One Night Hook up dating app is that it replicates the swiping feature from Tinder. It's a very popular dating site feature that is quick and easy to use. When you want to have a one-night stand or discreet fling, you don't want to spend much time thinking about it.

An additional feature we like is that you can filter by distance to show nearby men and women who are looking to hookup. If you want to meet someone offline to hookup with, this is by far the best feature it offers. You could even find friends if you want. Either way, send the first message and show what a good talker you are.

Worst Features of this Dating App/Hookup App

Probably the worst feature of this one-night stand app what seems like their best feature. Remember we said that you are able to use a distance filter and find single adults that are local to your area. This is a great thing. However, the location services are very wonky. It might say someone is close to you when they could be all the way on the other side of the country. Another could say they are far when they are only thirty minutes away.

Pricing and Subscriptions

Like with most of these dating applications out there, it is difficult to do much (like look at user profiles) with just a basic, free account. You just can't get instant gratification with this type of account.

Obviously, there are exceptions, but there is not one when it comes to One Night Hook up. In order to be really able to get the most out of this app you need to make some in app items/in app purchases. According to their google play page, it costs about 19.99 per item.

Premium features and premium membership are paid for in USD. Unfortunately requiring payment is a must for these types of apps.

Is there a Free Version of this Dating App?

This one-night stand application is free to download and use to a certain extent. Like with many dating apps or sites, you can use a basic account to do certain things, but there is only so much that you are able to do with it. In order to access more features and to be able to find potential matches with people.

If this is a deal breaker then you can always use something else, but if it isn't consider getting a paid account. Free hookups just aren't always possible.

Results that Can be Expected

So, this site claims that it can get you some hookups, date online, or have one-night stands online with nothing more than a swipe of your finger. It sounds nice on the surface, but problem is with a lot of sites like this there are a decent number of scammers. One Night Hook up dating app is no stranger to scams. It does say it deals harshly with fake profiles or fake accounts, but their user base/active users has complained about there being an abundance of them.

Is this Dating App Legit?

Due to the fact that there are so many scammers on One Night Hook up dating app asking for money, we have to say no. There are numerous complaints about people making a new account and then immediately being rushed by accounts messaging them for money. This is always a red flag. If someone is asking you for money on a dating site, especially right away, you need to just delete the message.

While it probably had good intentions, due to all the fake accounts, it is only a half legit online dating site. They don't even have to write an inappropriate bio. It can sound real, but if they ask you for money, it isn't.

Is it Worth it?

Finally, we are going to answer the main question that we posed at the beginning of this article. This question is if One Night Hook up dating app is actually worth the hassle to download and get a paid account for. Unfortunately, while this app could have had some decent potential it falls very short.

The fact that there are so many fake accounts and scammers using this application makes it impossible for someone to even get anything out of it. What the makers of this app have to do is crack down on this problem for this app to even have a chance at succeeding. Their so-called strict policy needs to actually be enforced.

Computer Safety Tips

Remember that you should always have an antivirus program and adblocker on your computer. This is especially true when visiting sites of this nature. Some of them can have ads that are malicious, which can download viruses onto your computer. Having an adblocker for your browser and antivirus program on your computer is really essential to keep yourself safe.

There are free versions of both these things, so you don't always have to get one that costs money.

Account Safety Tips

For your account, the best thing to do is always have a long password when you log in and a two-step verification system if it is available. This would usually include using your phone or a second email to protect your sensitive data.

If you do have an account, you can always consider deleting the account. Account hacks can and do happen like they did with Ashley Madison. Ashley Madison was a big site and still got hacked.

Sex Safety Tips

One thing to keep in mind is that you really should use protection so you can protect yourself from unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Same goes for birth control.

Now this doesn't make you 100 percent safe, but it does get you pretty darn close to it.


We have to mention consent because it's an important thing to remember. No always means no. If someone says no or indicates, they want to stop then you need to stop. This also applies to yourself. If you don't want to continue or want to stop at any point (and we do mean any point) then speak up.

Final Thoughts

And here is our complete review of One Night Hookup, a one night stand online site which is not one of the best apps out there, unlike any other dating app on the market. The premise sounds very good, but it is just unable to live up to full potential. At least there are other one night stand online dating sites available. Consider signing up for some of the many other dating apps.

This specific app might not be the best for queer men, queer, women, etc. It seems to be mostly for straight people.

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