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It's true, thousands of girls inside this controversial hookup app are looking for guys just like you to hookup with tonight. Can you help them out?

NSA Hookup? Read This First Before Hooking Up With No Strings Attached

Meeting people online for an NSA relationship is at the top of many people’s fantasy list. Just the thought of meeting a stranger on an app for casual dating gives many people that butterflies-in-the-tummy, heart pounding sensation! 

Before you go online looking for NSA partners, you’ll want to read our tips on where to find the hottest girls and guys who want to hook up tonight. We’ll help you pick the best sites, best apps and best places to meet! With these tips, you can hook up tonight!

What Does NSA Even Mean?

If you aren’t familiar with an NSA relationship, you aren’t alone. Many people are new to the world of dating because they are on the younger side. Others are newly divorced or widowed. So, what does this term mean? No, it’s not the National Security Agency, though after visiting some dating websites, you might have concerns about that!

NSA means, “No strings attached.” In other words, people connect on an app with the understanding that they’ll have sexual relationships and nothing more. No love, no feelings, no obligations. Sure, they can be friends, but everyone understands that you don’t owe anything to the other person. Some people also call this “casual dating” or even a hookup.

NSA dating is becoming more and more common. The world is becoming much more non-judgemental about these relationships that are anything but traditional. Meeting people online through an app has become so easy, which has fueled the growth of this phenomenon. 

Relationship or NSA?

The first thing you need to decide is whether or not an NSA relationship is even what you want. While NSA dating can be fun, some people end up feeling a little empty after having sex, then never forming a relationship.

These days “non-binary” is all the rage, and it works for this too. You don’t have to necessarily decide yes or no. You can give it a try, meet some new people for fun in bed, and see how you like it. If you don’t like the way you feel, then choose a more conventional path of dating.

One approach to casual dating is to simply see where it goes. When you hookup, decide if this is a person that seems cool to date for a longer period. If they are, you can pursue it. The key is to just keep it casual and have no expectations.

Where Do You Find NSA Relationships?

There are so many online dating websites and apps that can help get you started on your path to find NSA fun. The problem is that there are so many hookup sites that it can be hard to search through them and determine which app is best for you.

Don’t worry: we’ve got your back! In this article, we’ll compare all the NSA hookup sites and strategies to tell you which ones work, and which ones don’t. Before you sign up for an account with any app or site, you’ll want to read this.

Best Apps and Online Dating Sites You Have to Try

There’s tons of dating sites that are geared towards no strings attached relationships. These are a great place to meet like minded people who know exactly what they wantThese sites are tailor made for setting up an NSA hookup. You’ll want to start your search here. 

Site or App?

One thing you need to consider is whether you prefer working via web platform or app. Some of these sites don’t have an app. Some apps don’t have a site! There’s pros and cons with each.

Usually, sites offer a higher level of functionality than an app. They’ll have more advanced search filters, more in depth profiles, and more settings to tweak the site so it’s exactly what you want.

When you work with an online dating app, it’s super convenient, since you typically have your phone with you at all times. Mobile interfaces are much cleaner since the screen real estate is far less. So, you’ll lose some functionality, but gain in speed and convenience.


This is probably the number one platform for arranging a hookup. Other apps don’t even come close to the number of users and functionality this app provides. Once you sign up, you’ll simply swipe left or right on pictures based on whether or not you are interested! Swiping right means you are interested, and the dreaded “swipe left” means you aren’t. 

There’s plenty of similar apps to try, such as Grindr for gay men or Zoosk for everyone. It may be worth trying those as well if you aren’t finding success in NSA dating with Tinder. 


There’s actually a website dedicated to this type of dating! What’s great is that the intent is indicated right in the name of the site, so everyone should be on the same page from the start. You can actually register for free, so you can get a sense of all the features before you pony up for a membership.


This is another website that tells you exactly what it is in the address bar! This is good because everyone using it is under no illusions. This is not about LTR, it’s NSA, all the way baby! With free registration, great search functionality, chat  and a clean interface, this is a great one to try.

Dating Sites to Stay Away From

Make sure to stay away from any sites that are in business to help people achieve long term relationships. There’s nothing wrong with these sites, it’s just that you’re hoping to make sexual connections, not romantic ones. It’s smart to avoid sites like these, where you won’t meet others who want the same things that you do.


This is a dating site that is tailor made to link people by common interests and values and help them establish a loving and maybe permanent relationship. Sound like no-strings-attached to you? Nope!


Another site you’ll probably want to avoid is Facebook. While it’s not impossible to go NSA on this site, it’s generally far too personal. Do you really want your NSA hookup to be seeing pictures of your friends and family and knowing exactly where you eat and play? No. However, you probably already have an account, so you could see if any of your contacts want to hook up!


This is another app geared towards making romantic connections between people. It’s all about finding the love of your life, not DTF girls who want to hit it and quit it just like you! This app is definitely for having a date at a high class restaurant, followed by a kiss on the cheek and then going home separately.

Most apps and sites make it free to register. This means you can browse the site and check out all the features before you decide if you want to pay. This is a great way to get a feel for the interface and what kind of girls or guys you might meet.

Usually, there’s a pricing structure that allows women to use the site for free, or at a reduced rate, while men must pay full price. This helps keep the gender balance a bit more even. Otherwise, we all know it would turn into a sausage fest!

That’s why if you are a guy, we recommend you pay for a membership. It puts you ahead of the pack, and shows all the girls you are serious about showing them a good no-strings-attached time.

Best Strategies For Successful NSA Dating

Here’s a few online dating must-do’s to keep it NSA, while giving you the best chance of success in having a hot hookup tonight. It all starts when you create an account. You need to follow a certain strategy to make sure that you are heading towards quick and easy NSA fun, not love and marriage. If you want an NSA relationship, you really need to play your cards right.

Sell Yourself With A Great Profile

It isn’t something that everyone wants. The key is to carefully craft your messaging so that potential partners know that you are looking for NSA dating, not a long term romantic partner. Don’t try to bait and switch anyone by pretending you are looking for love, just communicate that you are here for an awesome hookup.

Remember the marketplace is competitive! Lots of men are on these sites, so you’ll need to put yourself in the best position with a great pic and some key points about yourself that will make other users interested in NSA dating with you.

Fire Pics Are A Must

You need a pic! If you don’t have one, expect that everyone will ignore you. If you aren’t happy with your appearance, remember that there is someone for everyone on these sites! Love the person you see in the mirror, and then take a picture. When the real you comes through, you’ll connect with someone for a hookup faster than you think!

This is so important with tinder and similar apps. You have just one chance for members to swipe left or right, so that picture needs to be a good one! Since you are looking to hookup in person, make sure the picture was taken no longer than a day ago, so people know exactly what to expect when you meet up for a date.

Starting A Conversation

Without a doubt, you have only one chance to make a first impression on other users! If you screw it up, there’s really no hope for a future hookup. So, be careful in what you say. Don’t come off as too eager, but don’t seem boring either. 

When you send a message, it needs to be long enough to be interesting, but short enough that someone can quickly read it. Remember ladies on these sites can get hundreds of messages in minutes! New users often don’t understand this, so they’ll spam “Hi!” and wonder why they never connect with anyone.

Keep It Going

Once someone responds to a message, you need to keep the conversation moving, or the other person is going to lose interest. You might want to move it off the site and onto one of the really good chat apps like Kik, Snapchat or iMessage, then partner up for a hot hookup!

Be Careful With NSA Relationships

While having an NSA hookup can be fun and exciting, it does open you up to various risks. It’s important to discuss these so you don’t fall victim to a crime, scam or otherwise negative experience.


Most people have heard about someone getting “catfished.” This is when the person they talk to online ends up being totally different in person. One of the most famous victims of catfishing was former Notre Dame football player, Manti Te’o. Even more sad, Manti really loved and cared about the person he thought he was talking to. He was devastated when he thought she passed away. He came to find out that, as a matter of fact, it was all a hoax, and he had been catfished.

Some catfishers are just ashamed that they aren’t super attractive. Others are hoping you’ll send them your intimate naughty pics. Whatever their motives may be, stay far away. 

Request a video chat for any new people you talk to. It’s a lot harder to fake a video chat than it is a picture. You never really know if pictures that you’re sent are really of the person you are talking to. 

If someone is giving or asking for a lot of weird personal details, that may be another indication that they are trying to catfish you.

Creepers and Criminals

These are people out to do you harm. They can be men or women, but they have one thing in common: they sign up for a hookup app so they can prey on people for their money or personal information. They may even be out to harm people through rape or human trafficking.

Sadly, these people are out there, lurking on NSA dating sites. This is why when you meet people, especially for the first time, you need to let a trusted, non-judgemental friend know where you are going, and what you know about the person you are meeting. Let them know you aren’t looking for a lecture, you just want them to have your back in case something goes wrong.

Share your location with your friend, or even give them access to your account so they can pass any relevant info to law enforcement if something bad comes up. This puts you in control of all situations.

Best Places For NSA Meetups

It’s a great idea to keep your no strings attached meetups away from your home or apartment. Instead, opt for a hotel, AirBnB or even a parked car! These are all locations that lack a sense of personal intimacy.

By keeping the focus on the sex, and not personal stuff, you’ll be able to maintain the no-obligation, no-feelings atmosphere. This can be difficult if you host someone at your home. Remember, once they start seeing family pictures, mementos, and your personal tastes, they might catch some feelings that will only complicate things.

The other benefit is that if your partner does decide they want to move things to the romantic level, it will be more difficult to find you! It’s much easier to block texts than it is to stop someone from dropping by your house!

How Do You Know Someone Is Catching Feelings?

NSA dating is often a bit harder than it looks. The reality is that human beings are highly emotional creatures, and it’s fairly easy for us to get attached. This is just a reality you’ll have to face, and it takes a little effort to keep things from getting romantic.

One sign that people might be looking to start a relationship is that they start asking a lot of questions about your personal or business life. This means they want to get to know you on a more human level. Now might be the right time for a ghosting maneuver.

You’re In Control: An NSA Relationship Can Go Long Term if You Want it To!

There’s absolutely no law that says you can’t take something NSA and turn it into a LTR! It happens all the time. Just remember, whether you are a man or woman, you are in control. If you feel like this is a person you might want to spend time with on a more personal level, you should do so! If you decide you want to stop seeing them all together, that’s your right to.

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