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This No Credit Card Hookup Site Actually Works.

If you're looking to hookup, without a credit card, try this controversial new hookup app

No credit card hookup sites? These 3 Actually Work

Online dating has become not only a norm for finding hookups and starting modern relationships, but it has also revolutionized the whole idea of how they work. Finding a date or a hookup online is an uncomplicated process, depending on the type of hookup site you land on.

As much as this process is deemed easy, finding a legit dating app or site can be quite a hassle. This is on top of numerous scammer profiles and subscription sites which require payment to access services, on top of the site's advertisers bombarding you with content. You may be facing a dilemma if you are searching for hookup apps and hookup websites/just bang media sites with instant messaging, live video chat, free flirt, and unlimited messages for free members.

The good news is you don’t need to use credit card hookup sites to find a date. Several platforms connect you to sexy women and men absolutely free of charge. Read on to discover the top hookup sites/no credit card hook up sites on the internet with a few key review factors that will help you find discreet hookups with local singles.

Why Free Dating Sites?

Times are tough and basic commodity prices have gone up, so there’s no need to waste your hard-earned money on dating sites/apps when there is a vast array of quality free dating sites. Whether you are looking for a serious relationship site or no strings dating site/completely free dating site, you can rely on a couple of them that are outlined below and offer you the same perks as paid credit card sites.

Let's go over some of the best totally free online dating sites for people who like to keep their money in their pockets. There is no premium membership option available whatsoever. Now, with that being said, Let's jump into some of the best no credit card hookup membership/free online dating site.

Best No Credit Card Dating Sites No Credit Card/Free Hookup Site (Absolutely completely free)

Aimer World is a website that was created in 2015. It is for both straight and the LGBTQ plus community, catering to gay couples and straight couples, unlike many hookup sites. The site has thousands of members the dating site is pretty much 50/50 in ratio of men to women, which is great news all around, whether you are looking for same-sex or opposite-sex relationships the site offers a variety of options to choose from. The main goal of the site is geared towards partners looking for long-term relationships between adult singles on the online dating scene.

When it comes to using the website itself and experiencing its visuals of it, it does a very good job and causes no problems whatsoever. When you register there’s a short quiz you fill up to set up your profile. If you find a person of interest, you can simply like them back and send them a message. Besides talking one-on-one there are also chat rooms available to talk about various topics. is a hookup website that is over a decade old and had originally one person who was the moderator. Now the site has expanded to be a huge hub of moderators and working crew to help make the website run as there are thousands of users utilizing it.

Like the majority of other online dating websites, the majority of the users come from the United States, Canada, and the UK. However, the site has a particularly large number of users that are from the Philippines, Russia, and China who are all looking to find love, also is open to all sorts of relationships, whether it be same sex or opposite sex, and whether it be for friendship, for casual sex relationships or a long-term committed relationship.

Also, the users on this website are aged between 25 and 34 years old. And it should be noted as well that there are more females than males with 60% of the users being female and 40% of the users being male.

If you are looking to use a completely totally free yet very highly functional online dating website where a majority of the users are looking for a long term serious committed relationship, then would be a great choice for you. is a website that is dedicated to making matches internationally with people who otherwise probably wouldn't ever even know about each other. The majority of the membership is in the US, Canada, and the UK with the age range of between 25 and 34. Most of the users are looking for a long-term committed relationship.

It should be noted as well that 40% of the users on this website are male and 60% of the users on this website are female. So if you are looking for females, this website will be really good for you as well.

If you're interested in finding a romantic partner who is from a completely different country and culture than you, then this website is a pretty great go-to. As far as registration goes the process is very quick, and straightforward. The front page looks very promising. The only down sound is that some of the profiles look a little bit outdated and so it needs a visual update.

It should be noted as well that there isn't a big verification process or a process for those who are looking to make sure that they're interacting with real users. So there are scammers and fake accounts on this website as well. So you have to be careful in your search for a hookup and free sites/free features to help you do so.

truMingle is a dating service that was created back in 2015 and was created for international dating. And to be honest, if you are going to use this website, it will be a better experience for you if you are living in an urban area rather than a rural area since there are not that many members on this website.

truMingle offers a place for all people of all different sexual preferences and ages to find long-term, short-term chat relationships. However, it seems that most users on this website are looking for some sort of relationship of some kind. The user base on this website is pretty young as well as most users are aged between 20 and 25 years old.

When it comes to the phone app's functionality it’s pretty simple, and straightforward to use. When you sign up to register your account, you’d have to verify yourself through an email and you are required to upload at least one photo before your account is visible to other people.

You can search for things like gender, age, and location, among other different attributes of an individual who you are looking for to narrow down your search of the people who are on this website. is practically a fossil among all of the other online dating websites that are out there as it was created almost two decades ago. Not only is it an old website, but it also looks like an old website too. Its sign-up process is all-inclusive irrespective of gender and age but a downside is that bots and scammers can get into this website very easily.

And as far as what the intentions of most users on this website are, I would say that they are looking for a more long-term relationship rather than a casual encounter. When it comes to features and functionality, the site is easy to use. The online site could be rated as just kind of okay, it's not spectacular, and it has some downfalls to it like design.

The website does come with some search and filter features that you can utilize. If you don't care about the design and potential usability of a website, then could be a good website for you to use. is created for American, Australian, United Kingdom, and Canadian audiences only and is regarded as one of the best hookup sites. You can look for several different types of relationships there, including casual, long-term, or even just friendships; it also welcomes all sorts of people from all different types of sexualities. However, the website will benefit you more if you are in a more populated area like a city rather than in the middle of nowhere.

And when you do search for other users on this website, it only lets you search out to a maximum of 50 kilometers which is not very far, especially if you are in the middle of nowhere. When you first look at the website as well, it does look pretty outdated itself and honestly deterring away users who could be using this website but are just turned off by the way it looks.

However, the website is 100% completely free, so you can't always get what you want. The site considers the safety of members and it does offer a lot of really great features. Those features include reporting inappropriate photos and blocking members, turning off instant messages and making your profile invisible; blocking emails from members you don't meet certain age criteria, and more.

You can also search and filter for different members as well and this is based on age, gender, location, and other criteria. is open to people of all different sexualities, gender preferences, and ages. The website is pretty dated and was created in 2001. Even though there are members on this website who are looking for no strings attached casual encounters, the majority of the users on this website are looking for serious committed relationships.

The age range is between 25 and 34 years old and there are thousands of users. The downside of the site is the presence of fake profiles that use their account to commit fraud and run scams. When it comes to the features functionality and ease of use of this website, it works well and there aren't any bugs or problems like there are on some of the other websites that are listed.

Registration is simple. But unfortunately, they don't verify photos. So you're going to have to go with what you see. They do also offer a search and filter feature that includes things like age, location, gender, whether they smoke or not, and whether they drink or not, among other different topics that you can choose to narrow down a companion that would work well for you.

Adult Friend Finder

Adult friend finder is a free online resource site with over 80 million members. With AFF, chances are high of finding someone with the same interests as you. It has different features you can use with a free profile that will ease the process and increase the chances of finding someone special.

Their messaging features enable you to massage people who view your profile using the private messaging and chat room. They also have a blog and forum where people ask questions about anything relationships, dating, and couples sex life which is unique compared to other dating apps.


Tinder is one of the famous no-credit card hookup sites worldwide with over 120 million members. They have forty different languages available which means there is no room for a language barrier. If you are looking for something casual then Tinder is the best option to sign up for.

Tinder is available on Android and IOS platforms. You can use it using any gadget. You can quickly and safely register on Tinder via Facebook, Instagram, or Spotify. On Tinder, you swipe right if you like the person and swipe left if you don't like the person. If you match then you can both start interacting.


The site assists singles in making plans and hookups. The website offers free match ideas, free browsing, and free conversation. By using the advanced search filters for age, location, appearance, and background or by swiping through the photos in the Carousel, you can find a potential match. You can contact a match once you've found them by sending a message or a “like” to start a new casual connection. As long as your profile picture is current, you can send messages on BeNaughty for free.

Plenty of Fish

This site has been around for a long time with great reviews. Plenty of Fish requires you to go through a thorough review process and answer a series of questions. The free site accurately matches you to someone compatible based on your profile setup, unlike most dating sites and many top dating sites. It is a slow method but a great site for free accounts. is not a fast-paced site for getting online hookups. It focuses on more serious relationships and does not allow nudity. Each day at noon this site offers you a profile that its algorithm thinks will be best suited for you.


HER offers online dating services to lesbian couples, bisexual women, and queer and Trans couples. Its features are absolutely free. It is a top dating site for sexually active singles and also couples who are looking for casual hookups. This site also has a phone app feature and lets you filter out potential matches.


Although this site has not been launched worldwide and is only available in the US and Canada, it has a phone app component that allows free online hookups on Thursdays only. Every Thursday at midnight, all the features on the app unlock and shows free membership profiles around you available for dating or casual hookups. The site requires you to make profile matches within 24 hours. Additionally, you have to be available each Thursday by turning on the toggle option.


This site offers private chats and hookups to LGBTQ plus community members. Grindr is especially known for its raunchy content and some users have classified it as one of the many free sex sites due to sharing of nude imagery and sexually explicit chats. It is a judgment-free zone for people with sexual desires and kinks who probably don’t want a serious relationship. You can access Grindr locally to find single profiles for casual hookups, casual dating/casual relationship, or sexual encounters.


OkCupid basic features are absolutely free and are found on the free version site. This online dating site allows both straight and LGBTQ+ dating options and has a free chat feature.

Not all credit card subscription dating sites are bad However, for a person looking for a great time, using free online dating and hook-up sites is way better because you have nothing to lose, it is best to know what sites charge premium membership to access comparison services and weigh your options of which to choose. In addition, it is important to know which online dating app may or not be as legit as advertised.


eHarmony was once a pioneer credit card online dating site but over time it has become overcrowded and saturated with outdated profiles ruining many users' online dating experience. It’s mostly geared towards members seeking serious relationships leading towards marriage. They however charge for basic features such as photo viewing and messaging. And yes, people do lie on their online profiles.


Match online dating site once boasted of a large membership but has sharply declined due to a history of fake profiles and very low matching success rates. Also, certain members can impose personal ads on your page while browsing. You also cannot use the messaging feature without using your credit card.


Hinge feature tools extremely limit free membership users to a point that they have to use their credit cards to even get matched to potential hot dates. Hinge does have a high matching rate between compatible profiles, and matches are tailor-made according to your profile. The reason to stay from Hinge is that it has a reputation for sharing personal data on other social and dating sites.


There are mixed reviews on Mingle2 being a dating site. Many users have complained about extra charges for chatting features and unauthorized account access of inactive profiles by adding extra fees on unwanted features. Mingle2 does not guarantee dates and people can go a long time without hookup dates.


Jolly is an online dating site that requires your credit card to subscribe to messaging and chat features; this greatly diminishes your online dating experience since each feature has a charge. Many users, however, have implied that Jolly might be a fraudulent chat site that limits some features to entice users to pay for premium accounts to receive prospective online hookups.

Heated Affairs

Heated Affairs ranks among the top online Credit card hookup sites and offers more adult content-oriented services. Although it offers great dating and matching services, it has a costly subscription fee it’s subscription fees discourage members from signing up for online hookup features.

Safety Tips for Online Dating and Hookup Sites

Both free and paid online dating sites can be fun. However, you and other users need to take precautionary measures to not only protect themselves but also avoid getting scammed. If you have progressed passed chatting online and want to meet up, suggested measures should be taken to safeguard yourself with a potential date.

Avoid sharing sensitive Personal Information Online

Details like your exact living address and government names should not be used on dating social sites. Information about you and your family’s location should not be given out freely to someone you haven’t met yet. Profiles' bio’s displayed on online free hookup sites are not a sure way to determine someone’s true intentions and motives, therefore maintaining your privacy is of key importance.

Background checks

The prospect of getting a long-term date or hookup should not prevent you from doing a background check on the person before linking up. Free online resources like County Criminal History Search help determine if someone has a prior criminal history. You can also schedule private video chats or live Skype video chats before the date to verify you are meeting the intended person. You can also run basic online searches by checking out their free social handles.

Protect your financial information

Some online users may be scammers who will use chat features on your phone or computer to get your banking or tax information. Sensitive financial information such as SSNs, checking account number, and credit card information should be stored in secure encrypted files on your PC, or you should update or delete old apps on your phone.

Meet up in Public spots

Your initial hookups should always be in public spots or familiar spots such as well know restaurants, movie theatres, or even family gatherings.

Inform close friends or family members

Having family members or friends know your whereabouts and how they can reach you helps you and your date remain accountable.

Follow your gut

If something doesn’t feel right you can always take a rain check. It’s always best to follow your gut instincts in case you smell something fishy.

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