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Midget hookup tonight? Little People Dating Sites in 2022: Best Options for a Hot Midget

One of the most beautiful things about sex in the modern world is that it connects people of all shapes, sizes, colors, and creeds.

Whereas fifty years ago, everyone was expected to be in a committed, heterosexual, racially homogenous, Puritanical man/woman marriage, things are much more casual and realistic nowadays

This means that sections of the population that were once unjustly excluded from casual dating can now partake in this beautiful human experience. This includes little people!

Any adult under the height of 4'10" is considered a dwarf, midget, or little person. And guess what? They get just as horny as you.

If you want to hookup with a midget, you're spoiled for choice. There are an estimated 650,000 midgets in the world. You just have to find them!

Midget Dating: Why Date a Midget and What Are The Benefits?

The bottom line for all dating is that you should find someone you really connect with. Your soulmate, if you will.

Little people often avoid most online dating sites because, unfortunately, many people still hold a stigma against little people.

Understandably, then, little people prefer dating sites that cater to their community. The existence of these sites is a good thing, because everyone deserves to love themselves and be loved.

Of course, it also means that your soulmate, or at least your next sex partner, may not be on traditional dating sites. She may be on dating sites meant for little people.

Why Do Some Guys Like Midgets?

For some men, having sex with a midget is a fetish. The difference in size between the midget and the man in question can make him feel powerful and unique.

You can also do all sorts of positions with a midget that you can't do with someone of average height, including:

  • The Carry: Hoist her up and pound her from below.
  • The "Fleshlight": Gross name, awesome position. Lay down with your partner riding cowgirl, and then lift her up and down with your old chap inside of her.
  • The Bear Hug: Feel the passion by wrapping your arms all the way around your partner and enveloping her in a loving embrace.

The other primary reason a man might date a midget is that she's a really awesome, kind, intelligent, funny individual who just happens to be little. It just depends on the relationship.

Any kind of woman can be fetishized, and little people are no exception. While some midget girls are okay with it, and even like the idea of being fetishized, there are certainly those who don't.

Before hooking up with a midget, check with her about what she's comfortable with. While nailing a midget is a lot of fun, you want to make sure you don't hurt anyone's feelings.

Why Do Some Midgets Like To Date Taller People?

It's no secret that women generally prefer taller men. For most women, the ideal height of a male sex partner is anywhere from 5'11" to 6'3". Any shorter or taller than that, and the attraction begins to slide.

While the reason for this can be heavily debated, the overall consensus is that women prefer taller men because they appear more powerful. They are more likely, at least according to our so-called "monkey brains", to be able to protect the family or tribe.

Because this is the case with women of average height, it stands to reason that this is the case with midgets as well. For the most part, this is true.

Of course, many midget women prefer dating other midgets simply because they relate to them more. But about 50% of the time, midget women go for average-sized men.

At the end of the day, of course, the most common reason why a midget woman might date an average-sized man is simply that she likes his personality, sense of humor, and overall vibe.

The moral of the story is to not get too caught up in the physical differences when dating a midget, and remember that first and foremost, you're dating a human being.

If, by chance, you do have a midget fetish, and you just want to find a midget to hookup with, then you'll need to know the right methods.

How To Flirt With a Dwarf

Dwarves are some of the sweetest and most misunderstood people on earth. They're also some of the most attractive, which is why there are whole sites dedicated to meeting them! If you're not sure how to flirt with a dwarf, here are some tips!

1.) Cover the Basics of Flirting.

Once you have built enough rapport with a dwarf friend or online match, it's time to get down to business. Flirting is as much about understanding the other individual and their perspective as it is about demonstrating your own charm.

As a shorter kind of person, many dwarves are sensitive about their height and might feel insecure about it. You'll want to be careful not to make any jokes or comments that could insult them in any way.

Here's how we suggest you approach flirting with a dwarf:

  • Sit next to her and make eye contact while she talks. This shows interest without being awkward or desperate.
  • Give compliments when appropriate, and be specific: "That dress looks really nice on you" isn't going to cut it here! Make sure your compliment involves something unique about her appearance that other people wouldn't notice.
  • Listen more than talk. Talking about yourself too much is a turn-off for any woman.
  • At the end of the day, flirt with a dwarf like you would flirt with anyone else. Remember, a person with dwarfism is just that - a person.

2.) Talk about things you both like.

If the dwarf you're interested in is a bit of a homebody and likes to spend their downtime reading, try starting a conversation by asking them about their favorite book. This will give you some insight into what kind of person they are and whether or not they have similar interests as yours.

If they are more outgoing than your average person and enjoy going out with friends or family, ask them if they've been anywhere interesting lately. There's no better way to get someone talking than by asking them about their past experiences—they'll have plenty!

It also gives you an opportunity to learn about what kinds of things interest them (and possibly make note of places where these activities might happen.) In the future, you can use this information to plan a date.

3.) Avoid fixating on their height.

Don't make comments about their height.

It's not uncommon for people to comment on a dwarf's height, but it can be awkward and uncomfortable for both parties. If you're unsure if something is okay to say or not, ask yourself if the same thing would be appropriate to ask a person of average height. If so, go ahead and say it; otherwise, keep your mouth shut!

This should go without saying: don't ask someone about medical stuff unless you know them very, very well! Even then, tread lightly and avoid asking questions that could be perceived as offensive or derogatory.

4.) Don't forget to smile!

You've got to be smiley, but don't overdo it. If you're too smiley, you'll look like a grinning idiot. If you're not smiling enough, your partner will think that you're mean and scary.

So keep your smiles at just the right level: not too much, but not too little either. It's the easiest way to communicate friendliness in general. People are more likely to be attracted to someone who smiles at them than someone who glares or frowns at them.

Let's recap how to flirt with a dwarf:

  • Focus on the woman, not her height.
  • Be polite and respectful.
  • Be friendly and smile!
  • Ask questions about their interests!

The bottom line is that if you want to flirt with a midget, it's important to remember that they're just like everyone else.

They have feelings and emotions just like anyone else, so don't treat them any different. If you show them respect and understand their perspective on things, then there really isn't any reason why you shouldn't be able to make a connection with them.

How To Hookup With a Midget

While you can always try local speed dating events and hope that one of the women is a midget, you'll likely waste a lot of time. Only about 1 out of every 15,000 people is a dwarf, which means you might attend 1,000 events without ever seeing one.

Instead, your best bet is to find free dwarf dating sites. Midget dating sites are places where little people meet others like them, or pursue people of average height.

If you want to meet little people to bang, sites like these are your best bet. They make it far easier to find members and single midgets of your age with the same values and common interests.

Here is a list of the best little people dating sites in 2022, and how to use them!

eHarmony: Best Dating Site for General Midget Relationships

eHarmony is one of the most popular dating sites in the world. It's not specifically a midget dating website, but there are certainly midgets who use the platform.

eHarmony is best for commitment-minded people who aren't just looking for short passions, but rather a long-term relationship.

A staple of the online dating world, eHarmony has brought little people and tall people together for decades.

How To Use eHarmony To Meet a Little Woman

The first step to free midget dating on eHarmony is your profile creation.

You'll want to be honest on your profile, and mention that you are only looking for midgets and dwarf dating. You should also post photo profiles and your sexual orientation.

Sure, mentioning your height preference may limit the number of online connections you get overall, but it's the best way to ensure you get a huge amount of attention from sexy midgets.

Whether you're looking for hookups or serious relationships with a midget, eHarmony has something for everyone.

The next step is to browse photo profiles of potential partners. Most users list their height, so you can filter by that as well.

eHarmony and other such websites have tons of useful features for dating, including:

  • A featured members section
  • Real-life profiles
  • Popular dating media like blogs and how-tos
  • Online platforms for chatting

eHarmony is a great choice for general dating, but if you want a free dwarf dating service or free midget sex, you might want to check out some other apps.


Finding a midget on the dating site Tinder is tougher, since you can't filter by height. But swipe long enough, and you will surely find a midget with a great body in your city.

While it's not one of a number of purpose-built midget dating sites, Tinder does have free signup and a huge user base, so it's worth a shot.

Other features on Tinder include:

  • Search filters
  • A focus on serious relationships
  • A "BFF" section for platonic friends and family-friendly sport and hobby discussions
  • New connections made daily

As one of the most popular online platforms for online dating, Tinder has a huge amount of women of all heights, backgrounds, and personalities.

How To Use Tinder To Find a Midget to Bang

If you're interested in hooking up for free with a midget or dwarf, or at least some casual midget dating, then you'll need to have a plan.

While everyone is entitled to their preferences, it is important not to objectify little people. Remember, they are just regular people who happen to be short.

As such, you should go about midget dating in much the same way as you would go about dating a woman of average height.

Start your search by using Tinder's free search filters for location, age, and love interests. You can also filter by other features like gender and sexual orientation.

There are tons of interesting people on Tinder, and thousands of people match with the right person every day. As long as you have a detailed profile, you'll meet tons of interesting men, women, midgets, and dwarfs in your short people dating journey.

Little People Meet - Online Dating for Midgets and Little People

Little People Meet is one of the biggest midget dating sites for little person hookups, dwarf dating, and generally meeting those of short stature.

Most people on the site are dwarfs or at least midget-sized, making little people dating easier than ever.

This site for short people dating has really good reviews, with most users citing one or more of the following reasons for its success:

  • Unlike some sites, it's free to receive matches
  • Most people on the site are little people
  • Users want a variety of relationships, including online-only, hookups, and dating.
  • The site offers safe spaces for little people to enjoy themselves without self-consciousness or self-esteem issues.

There are a few negatives to note for people dating on Little People Meet, including:

  • If you opt for the free signup, you may get a lot of popups.
  • Many users may only be interested in long-term dating.

But overall, the little woman community loves the website and considers it one of the best dating sites for midget or little people dating.

How To Meet Someone on Midget dating sites Like Little People Meet

Short people dating is a lot of fun, and little people dating sites like LittlePeopleMeet make it that much more likely to find a date.

If you want to hookup with a midget for free, just follow these steps:

Step One: Register

LittlePeopleMeet is a free dwarf dating site, so all you'll need to do is enter your e-mail and a password, as well as some information like:

  • Your age
  • Your height
  • What you're looking for on a little people dating site
  • Whether you're looking for online dating, a free dwarf hookup, or serious relationships

Once you set up your profile, you can begin your search for a hot midget.

Step Two: Search Site For Short People

This shouldn't be too hard to find on LittlePeopleMeet, since it's one of the largest online dating communities for little people dating and short passions.

You can use search filters and age filters to find your perfect little people match for a passionate night of sex.

Step Three: Meet Up Safely

When meeting up with someone from online, it's important to make the date go as smoothly and safely as possible.

If you are both just interested in having sex, then this should be pretty easy. Just meet up, get naked with your midget fuck buddy, and have fun trying all sorts of new positions.

If the date is actually a date, then consider bringing your midget date partner to a restaurant or fun activity like bowling.

It's important to be safe, so if this is your first time meeting someone from online, check out these tips for staying safe on a date:

  • Let your friends know that you're online dating and that you have a real life date planned
  • Let them know where you are meeting your little people date
  • Meet your date somewhere public first to ensure they look like they did online before moving to your hookup site.
  • Some online dating sites may be used by scammers to try and steal from you, so consider having a friend supervise the date from afar

Midget dating is super sexy, but it's important to focus on safety for online dating in general, so follow those tips before meeting up with a midget.

Midget Dating Site In The UK: Dwarf Dating

Dwarf Dating is a midget dating site based in the UK, and was developed specifically as a dwarf dating site.

It's free to use, and finds sexy midgets near you. Whether you're looking for dating York, UK or anywhere else in the British Isles, this site is for you.

Meet little people on the site from every corner of the UK and plan a date with a little woman almost immediately.

Pros of using Dwarf Dating site:

  • Free
  • Sort by age
  • Meet dwarfs online in the UK
  • Plan a date for free

Cons of using Dwarf Dating site:

  • Only in the UK for now
  • May be hard to find members in rural areas
  • Most, but not all, profiles are little people - may need to verify height on the website.

If you're looking for a midget to bang in the UK, Dward Dating is likely your best dating site option.

Midget Dating Website: Date a Dwarf

Date a Dwarf is an exclusive matchmaking site and the best dating site for people looking to date midgets long-term.

Because it's primarily a dating website rather than a hookup site, it's a great place for finding a little person match who shares your same values and interests.

This dating site is free to use and has thousands of little people members just waiting for their Prince Charming.

To find little people to date, just sign up for free on the Date a Dwarf website and start browsing.

If you're interested in finding a long-term dating partner, this website is a good choice for you. A site like this is the easiest way to find a midget girlfriend.

Best Site for Finding a Midget To Hookup With: Hookup

Hookup is the most comprehensive dating site for any kind of hookup. Unlike other sites that focus on long term dating and relationships, Hookup is dedicated to finding you a fuck partner fast.

The Hookup site is totally free to join and use, and includes great features like:

  • Free messaging
  • Content posted by members
  • No fake profiles or scammers
  • Best people match algorithms in online dating
  • Any 18+ category you could want, including straight, gay, lesbian, men, women, and trannies

While a lot of dating sites are rife with scammers, prostitutes, and wannabe Russian brides, Hookup only connects real people.

Here are some tips for using this free dating site to bang a midget:

  • Make it clear that you're looking for midgets on the site
  • Be honest about your needs, whether you want a hookup or you're interested in a long-term relationship
  • Post pictures you look good in for other site users to check out
  • View some of the free content published by other members on the website

Hookup is the fastest way to find a midget fuck buddy, and is the only site that offers dating advice as well as free access to all of its features.

While you can find members for free, you can also get a paid subscription on the site to boost your profile and meet more little people.

Date a Little: Best Site For Physical Events

Date a Little was established in 2003 and has been going strong ever since.

It's free to use and has thousands of horny midgets ready to meet you. Date a Little plans and hosts physical events for people who want to date midgets, so you should definitely check them out if you're not super interested in online dating.

What Is The Best Way To Meet Midget Women?

The best way to meet a little person to fuck is online dating.

The reason for this boils down to sheer scarcity. Midgets tend to shy away from physical dating and traditional dating sites because they may feel self-conscious, and lack the safe spaces needed to truly have fun on a site.

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, specific sites are built just for little people to get their rocks off.

Most of these sites allow people of average height as well, which means men and women who don't let something as shallow as height dictate their sexual behavior get to meet tons of great people, no matter their size.

A website built for little people offers a new and safer experience for people affected by dwarfism. Everyone deserves the best sex, and dating sites that provide this for dwarfs should be supported.

Other reasons why a little person might stick to dating sites built for them include:

  • Wanting to stick with other little people
  • Actively seeking men of average height to sleep with
  • No luck on other dating sites

If you want to sleep with a midget, try one of the above dating sites. Dating doesn't have to be hard, and neither does dating a midget.

Find the dating site that works for you, and get to searching. In no time, you'll find a short, sexy woman to play with to your heart's content.

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