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If you're ready to find your next lesbian sex partner, try this controversial new hookup app.

Best Apps For Lesbian Hookups? You Won't Believe #5

There are a million online dating sites that cater to the straight crowd out there, but there's a disproportionate amount catering to different genders and sexualities. Luckily, there are a few fantastic platforms for gays, lesbians and bi hookup-seekers to find their next sex partner, and we're here to help you track down some of these efficient places to help get you laid.

In this article, we're talking solely about lesbian hookups. You might be on the hunt for hot dates or easy local lesbian hookups, and we've put together a nifty little guide to help you navigate the world of filthy lesbian babes. Read on, because we've got hookup tips and a list of sites to get laid. Here's your ultimate lesbian dating guide.

Do Lesbian Women Actually Hook Up?

They absolutely do. Lesbian and bisexual women love discreet hookups just as much as their straight counterparts. And why not? Queer women have outrageous sexual urges too, and just like those in the straight community, they've ran out of energy to actually "date." In the past few years alone, lesbian dating sites have skyrocketed in popularity for a whole host of reasons, but the most common one is societal acceptance around non-traditional relationships.

The lesbian community is rapidly growing year and year, and you can bet your ass that a good majority of these single women are seeking regular lesbian sex with a revolving door of sex partners. According to recent data, around 56% of millennial lesbians are active in the hookup scene. These women are helping shape a different future for gay and bisexual women the world over, because now, young women are craving easy sex rather than marriage and kids.

Why Use Lesbian Hookup Sites?

Lesbians need to get laid just as much as anyone else, and just like every other sexuality, they're sick of playing the dating game only to get minimal results. They might go out for romantic dinners with potential partners, only to realize they don't really connect. And by the time they've spent an hour in each other's company, suddenly they're no longer interested in moving things to the bedroom.

But when it comes to free lesbian dating apps, this problem is suddenly removed from the equation. Meet gay women, head to a private area and get down to business. You barely have to even learn the other person's name, and boom, all sexual desires are fulfilled. And even if you and the other person don't connect on a conversational level, it doesn't matter because you've already got what you came for - quite literally.

Best Lesbian Dating Apps

So, if you want to meet local lesbians for filthy fun, your first point of call should be a lesbian dating site. Sure, you can try the bars and clubs, but if you want maximum results in minimal time, online dating should be your number one choice. In this list, we've put together a versatile range of dating sites, from mainstream platforms to lesser-known lesbian hookup apps. Here are the free lesbian dating apps we'll be reviewing:

  1. Lesly
  2. HER
  3. PinkCupid
  4. Fem
  5. Lesbian Personals
  6. Hornet
  7. Tinder
  8. Lesbie Mates
  9. Pink Sofa
  10. FDating
  11. Scissr

Without further ado, here's everything you need to know when it comes to lesbian hookups. Your ultimate lesbian hookup site is somewhere on this list - guaranteed.


Lesly is more than a dating site. It offers an empowering lesbian community to facilitate easy meetups that eventually lead to the bedroom. Lesly has actually been voed the best gay dating app in the world for 2 years running as of 2022, beating out even the major names like Grindr and Hornet.

This tried and tested lesbian app tells straight women to hit the kerb. It's completely free to join this community of sex-positive lesbians, although messaging requires a premium membership. However, for what this dating service offers, it's certainly worth the relatively-low price. Lesly is a hookup site like no other.


HER is a massive lesbian community where LGBQT women can come and be themselves. It allows many women to feel at home in a world they feel excluded from, allowing them to express their sexualities around people who share the same desires. HER is a pure lesbian paradise, offering easy conections with other free members.

Unlike other dating apps, HER puts a lot of efort into its moderation. All users are required toconnect their profiles to an active social media account, which the mods then use to verify the user's identity. This ensures that all of the single women who come through HER's doorways are genuine queer women.


PinkCupid is a part of the OKCupid family, so you can be sure that it's a highly reputable dating website. Of course, PinkCupid caters entirely to lesbian singles and queer women. It includes all of the features the original OKCupid is known for, including grid-style searching, forums and an efficient matchmaking section.

PinkCupid boasts a whopping 8 million users worldwide, and more amazing still, it offers completely free membership and free communication with other users. You don't have to paya cent for this dating site, which is why the place is such a hive of activity. Whether you want a long term relationship or someone for the night, PinkCupid is a great choice.


Fem is like a purely-female Tinder, except it includes a little more interactivity for your pleasure. While it's a typical swipe-and-match dating app, profiles on Fem are much more detailed than they are on Tinder. Users are encouraged to upload an introductory video to their profile, which makes a nice change from just the standard selfie photos.

You can only communicate with other lesbian singles once you've matched with them, but as well as text chatting, Fem allows users to communicate through voice and video chat for that personal touch. Given its Tinder-esque approach, Fem is mostly used a lesbian hookup app, so don't expect to find any women seeking long term partners on here.

Lesbian Personals

Lesbian Personals isn't quite a dating app. As you'll tell by the name, this is a personals page - basically Craigslist for lesbians. On here, women can post ads detailing their sexual needs and others are free to private message them offering their services and their bodies. Alternatively, you can scroll through ads, finding one that matches your criteria.

Lesbian Personals is broken down by area to make it easier to find locals. It gets a high amount of activity, usually one new post every couple of minutes - even more in the big populated cities. You'll have to wade through a few escort advertisements to find the genuine users, but it's prety easy to separate the workers from the consensuals.


Hornet. Sounds a bit like horny, doesn't it? We think that's the idea, because Hornet is hub of sexy LGBQT activity. All are welcome, providing you're not looking for a traditional relationship; gay men, gay women, bi people, trans folks. Hornet is a safe space for anyone who identifies are something other than straight.

Does it function as a lesbian hookup site? Absolutely. As it puts a big emphasis on community, women on here ae much more likely to open up to you as they are on a mainstream platform. Also, you can rest assured that you won't get the try-hard from straight men since it's exclusively for the LGBQT community.


We can't talk about the best hookup sites without talking about Tinder. Hell, this dating app invented swiping and revolutionized the entire online dating industry with one simple feature. Even today, it remains the number one free online resource to help people find hookups. Everyone is included; gay men, straight men, straight ladies and of course, lesbians.

Even though Tinder isn't hookup powerhouse it used to be, it's still a trusted place to help find your next bedroom companion. The beauty of Tinder is that it's the first place people come to when they find themselves single, so you'll enjoy a constant influx of women seeking other women on Tinder.

Lesbie Mates

Lesbie Mates ie one of the best lesbian hookup apps for good reason. With an 8 million strong user base, you can rest assured that there's someone for you on the other side of the screen, whether you're looking for romance or lust. Lesbie Mates is a super versatile platform, catering to a wide range of female needs.

One thing Lesbie Mates has going for it is that profiles are more indepth than you'll find on most other hookup sites. Moderators go a long way to ensuring there are no blank profiles in sight, so you'll be able to learn a little bit about your potential hookup buddy before you initiate conversation.

Pink Sofa

Consider yourself something of a mature dater? Are you on the wrong side of 30? If so, Pink Sofa has your needs in mind. This place caters to the older lesbian crowd, alowing mature singles to find their perfect partner, whether it's for life or just the night. And as well as being a dating site, it's also got vast community features.

Detailed profiles. Video chat functions. Extensive forums. Chatrooms. Users can even post updates to their "walls" ala Facebook. If you're looking for a connection based on something deeper than physical appearances, Pink Sofa is well worth your time and energy. It's one of the most popular lesbian hookup sites for good reason.


FDating isn't a lesbian platform, but it's still one of the best hookup sites on the scene today. But even though it's one of the best, not a lot of people actually know about it. The site is still in its infancy, but it's currently racking up the members as the weeks go by, slowly making its mark on the online dating market.

What makes FDating so damn good? Well, the 'F' stands for free. Absolutely everything on FDating is totally free to use. Messaging, video chats, voice chats. There isn't even an option to input your credit card details so you don't have to worry about the site trying to sneak a little cash out of you. When FDating says it's free, it means it.


Take a verb, add an 'r' to the end of it. A lot of hookup sites are doing that these days, but those hookup sites always happen to be the best ones. Scissr is no different, and anyone who's been around the lesbian scene long enough will know exactly what scissoring is. So, as you might guess by the name, Scissr is a place to get naughty with other kinky women.

Scissr keeps things streamlined and simple. It's fully aware that its users are just here for midnight rendezvous with other thrill-seekers, so it doesn't bog users down with unneccessary features. It gets right to the point. No bullshit. No swiping. Just endless, free messaging to anyone you want. Scissr will get you laid.

Best Lesbian Chat Rooms

You don't HAVE to rely on dating apps to find casual encounters. Not when there are so many other virtual environements you can utilize to meet lesbian women. Chat rooms offer another great way to connect with like-minded people, so if you're looking for something different, check these platforms out.

Chat Avenue

Chat Avenue is a massive chat room site that caters to the lesbian community through a number of rooms. While it has rooms dedicated to every sexual orientation under the sun, you'll find at least 4 lesbian dating rooms, all of which have a ton of active users.

Free Chat Now

Free Chat Now is another super popular chat platform, and while it keeps its number of rooms to a minimum, it's got a very active lesbian chat room. On average, expect to find around 2,000 online chatters at any one time. No dating profiles, no pics, just messaging.

Yes I Chat

Yes I Chat isn't strictly for lesbian chatting, but it's got a selection of rooms for the queer woman to find like-minded chat partners. At any given time, expect to find at least 1,000 sex-seeking lesbians in their lesbian chat section.

Pink Cupid Chat

We mentioned Pink Cupid in our dating site section, but it's also got a section dedicated entirely to chatting. On here, you don't have to concern yourself with swiping or dating profiles. it's just pure, anonymous chat sessions.

321 Chat

321 Chat is one the most popular chat platforms in the adult indusry, offering a vast array of rooms for every sexual orientation, preference and kink in the world. It utilizes IRC to run its chatrooms so you'll find lots of user-created hubs on here.

What's The Best Lesbian Dating App?

Designating one dating site as the "best" is a tough call, because it all depends on your preferences. Do you want a fuck buddy, a one night stand, a romantic relationship? How old are you? How many women have you been with? What's your experience in the dating scene? Do you want pure filth or intimate , romantic hook ups? Ask yourself these questions before deciding on what lesbian dating site is right for you.

If you want a nice versatile range of partners and relationship types, PinkCupid is a solid choice. It's the ideal all-rounder, offering endless casual hookups as well as the possibility of romantic connections. If you want an immersive lesbian community, then Pink Sofa will provide exactly that. For pure, unadulterated sexual bliss, Scissr is the online dating site for you.

Is There A Totally Free Lesbian Hookup Site?

All of the online dating sites mentioned on the above list are completely free to join, but very few dating sites offer free matching services in today's sene - even the most popular dating sites. However, there are a couple of sites that don't charge for messaging: PinkCupid and FDating. If you're looking to save money, then either of these hookup sites will get you laid without the need to hand over your card details.

Of course, free access and messaging comes at a cost, and in the cases of PinkCupid and FDating it's a busy user base. Usually, this seems like a good thing, but these hookup sites can sometimes be a little too crowded. It's often difficult to stand out from the crowd on an overly-busy dating platform, but providing you put the hours in, you'll find your effort returned tenfold.

How To Hookup Through A Lesbian Dating Site

So, you've picked a lesbian hookup site from the list above. The question is - how do you actually connect with these sexy lesbians? If you're especially new to the dating scene, opening lines of communication with single lesbians can seem like a daunting task, and hell, even experienced daters sometimes hit a hookup block. Here are some points to keep in mind.

Be Open

Welcome everyone with open arms. If you want to find local lesbians and actually connect with them, you need to come across as warm and accomodating. Don't just send one word answers and try and sound as interesting as possible.

You might get messages from people looking for a serious relationship, and if that's not your intention, it's still a good idea to entertain the idea. After all, sex is a natural part of the road to long term relationships.

Detailed Profiles

Sure, if you're looking for a lesbian hook up, you don't care much about the other person's interests. However, some people might care about yours. Not everyone just wants to hook up with nearby lesbians they have nothing in common with.

Some people can't sleep with someone who they don't bond with on a personal level - even people who just want casual sex. That's why your profile should reveal a little something about you. Something for the other user to latch onto.

Best Photographs Only

Your photographs are the first thing other women will see. It's one of the worst things about online dating sites, but it's only natural that we check out the faces before we check out the profiles. That's why you need to put your best photographs up - and nothing else.

We're not talking about explicit photos either. Put up a good, high definition photo of your face as your profile picture and a couple of others that show you in full. There's no use hiding behind filters because you'll just disappoint the other women when they see you in person.


Every message you send should be personalized to the person on the other side. If you just message a standard template message to everyone, the other women will see right through it, and you can kiss goodbye to that lesbian hookup opportunity.

Just take a minute to look through the other person's profile and find something, anything. Even if it's a quirky remark about her cat or a movie she likes. Personalized messages stand out from the others, so it's wise to use it as ammunition.

Message Everyone

We've said it a million times and we'll say it again: hooking up is a numbers game. It's not like you're looking for a long term relationship and you need the other person to fit your criteria exactly. It's just sex, so, like Matthew McConaughey says, you gotta pump those numbers up.

All of the online dating sites we've listed above allow users to send unlimited messages, so utilize it to your advantage. Meeting local lesbians for easy sex is all about the numbers, so spread yourself far and wide.

Search Far And Wide

And speaking of spreading far and wide, you shouldn't just limited yourself to LGBTQ women in your area. If you do that, you're missing out on a potential world of hookup opportunities. Ideally, set your search parameters to about 10 miles.

Not only will your pool of sex partners greatly increase, but you're also more likely to find travellers who are also women-seeking. This is super useful if you live just on the outskirts of a big city.

Be Direct, But Sensitive

You're entering a world of attractive ladies, so you're going to be competing with many women for people's attentions. For that reason, you sometimes need to be direct in your approach, especially if you're hunting for a hookup.

However, just messaging something like "hey, want to fuck?" won't do any good. Instead, try something like "I couldn't help but notice how gorgeous you are. Anyone who gets to meet you is a lucky lady." Make your intentions obvious but maintain an air of sensitivity too.

Be Yourself

Ys, you might only be looking for casual encounters, and you might not know the other person for more than an hour, but authenticity is super important in the world of hookups. If you don't be yourself, you run the risk of losing your identity.

Plus, there's a chance your casual relationships could blossom into something more, and if so, you want to laid the correct foundations. Always be your true self, right from initial contact through to your actual sexual encounter.

Find Your Next Local Lesbian Hookup Right Here

We hope our guide to lesbian hookups and lesbian dating has given you some useful tips to help get laid tonight. The online dating industry has come on leaps and bounds in the past few years, and now finding casual lesbian relationships is easier than ever before. Use our guide, put it into practice, and have fun!

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