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LA hookup? How to Get Laid in Los Angeles (California)

Today, hookup dating culture is alive and well. Doesn't matter what age because it can apply to all age groups out there. In bigger cities, this can be somewhat tricky due to the sheer size of them. One of these cities is Los Angeles, California and in this article, we are going to focus on the top bars/nightclubs and websites that will help you meet lots of new friends and hot girls, whether you are looking for a one night stand or something more.

How to Find Los Angeles Hookups/Dating When Visiting Los Angeles

A hookup/casual sex is basically some kind of sexual experience that you have with someone. It can be casual sex or something serious, it just depends on the two people who happen to have a hookup relationship.

There are many ways to find Los Angeles hookups. You can do it in person or online. Both involve finding Los Angeles Hookups. Keep reading if you are interested in finding a great place with good food or the best location for a night out with a large number of singles.


A bar serves liquor. It can be a place where all they serve is drinks or it can be a bar restaurant. You could also eat food in the restaurant and can order drinks at the bar or vice versa. It really just depends on the establishment.

A club, or a nightclub, music club, discotheque, or disco club, are venues that open up during nighttime. There is a dance floor with a DJ or live music.

Online Dating Site For Hook Ups/Best Sites/Best Bar For Hot Singles

Online dating sites take the hassle of actually leaving the house/going out so you can find a date or hookup/casual sex. Instead of meeting in person, you are able to talk/chat to hot single people, single women/hot single girls, and single men specifically online with high success rates.

There are many, many different online dating sites out there that you can choose to sign up for. Sometimes you want something more convenient when you are looking for hot single people! This is where dating sites come in.

Best Bars/Night Clubs to Find Los Angeles Hookups/Casual Sex/Dating in Los Angeles

The following is a list of the best bars or nightclubs to find hot single people to hook up with, in Los Angeles, California. This is the more traditional method of finding hookups/casual sex but sometimes the old method is the best for some people in Los Angeles. If this sounds like you, then get to reading so you can find hot single people, single women, or a single man.

A Simple Bar in Los Angeles

A Simple Bar in Los Angeles is not a simple bar at all. This is just a name because there is nothing simple about it. You can find A Simple Bar on Cahuenga BLVD W Los Angeles, CA. It is open four days a week (Thursday to Sunday and closed Monday to Wednesday), each featuring different entertainment in Los Angeles.

· Thursday it's open from 8pm to 1am with love house music starting at 9.

· Friday and Saturday it's open from 8pm to 2am with DJ X-Man starting at 9 on Friday and DJ Aymo starting at 9 on Saturday.

There is a happy hour from 8pm to 9pm every day that is open and has no cover. What more could you want? You will also be happy to know that they have a great drink selection at this place in Los Angeles.

They offer simple specialties such as El Hemingway, Old Thyme Salty Dog, or the Miami Mojito. Simple wines available are Rodney Strong Pinot Noir, Ruffino Prosecco, or Sokol Blosser Pinot Noir Rose. For simple draft beers they offer Stella Artois, 805, or Modelo Especial. Some simple draft beers available are Corona, Bud Light, and Guinness which are some of the most classic beers out there in Los Angeles.

If you would rather get a bottle, you can get a bottle of vodka, whiskey, tequila, cognac, or even champagne in Los Angeles. They even offer mixers with different soft drinks, cranberry juice, pineapple juice, red bull, or ginger beer.

For happy hour, there is a 2 for 1 on well drinks and specialty drinks, 5 dollars off house wine, and finally 1 dollar off all beers in Los Angeles.

There are so many options on the bar here. If you decide to go to A Simple Bar looking for someone to hook up with, there is plenty to choose from on the menu. Afterward, you can head to the dance floor to go enjoy the DJ and some live music.

Who knows a hookup with a man, woman, girl, guy, or guys might be in your near future. You won't know until you give it a shot and take a chance to go check out A Simple Bar to find a Los Angeles Hookup.

The Red Lion Tavern in Los Angeles

The Red Lion Tavern in Los Angeles had been going strong for over sixty years now in Los Angeles. It has exchanged several hands over the years and gone through some dark times, but today in 2022 it continues to serve Los Angeles. Located on Glendale Boulevard in Los Angeles, CA, this tavern in Los Angeles is open 7 days a week in Los Angeles. It's open 12pm to 2am Monday to Friday and 11am to 2am Saturday and Sunday in Los Angeles. Great thing about this is that you'll never miss a chance to go and see if there are some singles in your area in Los Angeles.

This establishment in Los Angeles bills itself as the best place to serve up traditional German food and beer. For brunch you can order such food like Pork Chop and Eggs, Red Lion Hash, German Breakfast Pancake, Crepe, and a toast basket. Brunch drinks include Henkel Split Champagne, German Bloody Mary, or even Liquid Pancake. Yes, it is as good and weird as it sounds in Los Angeles.

Now the dinner menu is where they offer a much wider selection. They have salads like dinner salad and Caesar salad or soups like goulash soup, New England clam chowder, or split pea soup. Appetizers there are a sausage platter, potato pancakes, German pretzel, or Cheese platter to name a few options. For full meals they offer sausage, beef, pork, poultry, seafood, or sandwiches. You can even get black forest cake, apfelstrudel, or ice cream for dessert!

Finally, we reach the drink list which offers draft beers with some very German names. You can even get bottled beer or cider, all of which continue to sound very German.

There are so many food and drink options available at The Red Lion Tavern in Los Angeles. You could mix and match and still never have the same thing twice in one month! Consider going to this casual, friendly neighborhood tavern to meet some local singles. Sometimes a beer, food, and a casual environment is all you need to set the mood in Los Angeles.

Remember, this is open 7 days a week in Los Angeles, so you don't have to hurry up and get down to The Red Lion Tavern in Los Angeles by a certain time. It will always be open in Los Angeles so you can find an interesting guy or guys, girl or ladies, man, or woman to have a Los Angeles hookup/date with.

Exchange in Los Angeles

The Exchange in the city of Los Angeles is a nightclub in Los Angeles California located on South Spring Street in the city of Los Angeles. Their hours of operations in Los Angeles are 10pm to 3am on Fridays and Saturdays. Yes, that's right ladies and gents, this place is only open two days a week so if you want to come here then you are going to have to hurry up and either make a reservation or get there early. This is a very popular place for singles to hang out at and find a woman or man so if you fail to get in on Friday or Saturday, you are going to have to wait an entire week in Los Angeles!

This is a very large, and modern venue in Los Angeles that is also an event space besides being a nightclub so you shouldn't be surprised that it is so large. Events that happen here are award shows, premiere parties, charity galas, film shoots, corporate events, and fashion shows in Los Angeles. However, keep in mind if you are not 21 or older then you are unable to come in here.

Exchange bills itself as the perfect place that has an up-scale dress code in Los Angeles. When a place has an upscale attire requirement, it usually means you have to dress up above casual wear, but not so upscale where men are expected to wear a suit and women or a woman in a cocktail dress in Los Angeles.

The following are not allowed to be worn at this establishment in Los Angeles and if you do happen to wear something on the list, expect that you will be turned away at the door in Los Angeles. Doesn't matter if you are a man or woman. You have the same chance of getting turned away, man or woman.

· No sandals or flip-flops. You are allowed to wear toed heeled shoes, however.

· No shorts except during the summer months when it is allowed. This is for a man and a woman.

· No tank tops. This includes women even if girls love them.

· No sportswear such as hats and jerseys. If you happen to have DJ merch from the club, this is allowed. Man or woman can wear them

Going to the exchange takes a bit more effort than some of the other things on our list. You have to dress your best and arrive early in hopes of being able to even get in, in Los Angeles. However, if you want to be around singles in a sensual environment, this is the place in Los Angeles to go and worth the effort.

The Friend in the City of Los Angeles

The Friend in Los Angeles is located on 2611 in Silverlake, Los Angeles, California, which is a residential and commercial neighborhood that can be found in the easy central region of Los Angeles. This establishment is open seven days a week in Los Angeles, so you don't have to worry about missing out. On Mondays through Saturday, it is open 7pm to 2am and Sunday 7pm to 12am. Another great thing is that you can host parties, birthdays, and other events here with no minimums for reservations. All you need to do is email them to find out all the details!

Menu wise, the Friend in Los Angeles has a great selection. This is especially true for their drink section in Los Angeles. They offer the following in Los Angeles to drink:

· Cocktails such as The Joker, The Face, The Passion, The Basic Bitch, and The Lover, The Player, and The Islander.

· Beer

· Natural Wine

· Draft beer such as Peroni Astro Azzurro.

· Bottles and cans such as Pacifico, Abita Light, Stem Off Dry Apple Cider, Guinness, Tall Boy, Old Speckled Hen to name a few.

· White Wine like Spanish Sauvignon Blac Xarello, Muscadet/Pinot Blanc, and Orange Pinot Girls.

· Rose Wine like RAWse.

· And Finally Red Wine like Cotes du Rhone, Chilled Cabernet Blend, and Pinot Noir.

Now they do offer some food from their kitchen in Los Angeles, but keep in mind that it's usually just the typical snack/beer food you would expect to get in Los Angeles. This includes Chips and Guacamole, Mexicali Salad, Amigos Tacos, CalabitasTacos which are vegan, Burritos, and Nachos in Los Angeles. A lot of these seem to be Mexican inspired dishes. To be honest, these go great with beer and other drinks so you will definitely give your pallet a good time if you decide to go here in Los Angeles.

This place in Los Angeles is more of a casual environment to pick up singles and find someone to hook up with. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Sometimes people prefer to find others in a casual environment in Los Angeles rather than one that is more upscale in Los Angeles. If this sounds like you, then you definitely should consider checking this place out in Los Angeles.

Best thing is that, unlike our previous mention, there is no dress code here! You could show up in literally anything and still be allowed to enter. Well, maybe not anything. There are always exceptions to the rule, but at the very least you can wear flip flops, hats, and shorts if you want at this Los Angeles establishment.

Best Online Dating Sites to Find Los Angeles Hookups/Casual Sex in Los Angeles

This list is going to focus on finding hookups/one night stands/dating online in Los Angeles. Now you are still going to be finding other people in Los Angeles to hook up with, but first you are going to meet online rather than in a club in Los Angeles. Then you'll set up a place to meet in person. If this sounds like you, then this list of top 4 of best websites to find local hookups/one night stands/dating is for you in Los Angeles. Keep in mind some do cost money.

AdultFriendFinder for Los Angeles Hookups/Dating

AdultFriendFinder is not a website specifically created to find singles/have a casual encounter in Los Angeles to date or hook up with, but it does let you look up your zip code so you can find people to match with locals to your area to have a Los Angeles hookup with. Great part? You can access it on a desktop or laptop so if you don't have a phone or hate using a phone for anything other than chatting, this is a good option for you.

This adult oriented site was founded by Andrew Conru in 1996. It is available in English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Tagalog, and Italian.

On AdultFriendFinder, you are able to upload photos/pictures, email, private chat rooms to talk/chat to other members/matches, blogging, webcams, and a webzine. Thing is, some of these things like searching are only available to a paid membership.

Most people tend to use this site to find people to hook up with, but if you would prefer a long lasting relationship, you can look for that too. Once you join, you will see that you have the option of looking for a woman/hot girl or hottest girls, man, couple, or trans individual. You could even find a new friend.

Couples are also able to sign up for this website and groups! So, if you are a couple or a couple of people, this does not have to stop you from joining. As long as everyone in Los Angeles is consenting and on board with the idea it's all good.

While AdultFriendFinder is a dating site that can be used for free, you can't send or read messages in Los Angeles unless you have joined the website and paid money. They offer the following payment plans, 1 month at 39.95 USD a month, 3 months for 26.95 USD a month, and finally 12 months is 19.95 USD. These are all for gold membership while the standard memberships are 1 month for 16.99 USD a month or 3 months for 10.00 USD a month.

There really are a lot of different payment choices than you are able to choose from and if you aren't sure if you want to sign up, you can always get it for one month which is pretty cheap. This gives you a chance to try it out first if you are in Los Angeles.

While it can be a little annoying that you have to pay for this service so you can find singles in your area, it really is a quick and efficient way. This is especially true for people who are in such a big city like Los Angeles, California. Plus, it saves time in the world.

Tinder for Los Angeles Hookups/Dating

Tinder was first created in the year 2012 by Sean Rad. It is now one of the largest hookup/dating apps available to find a man/woman and is well known by the mainstream public. The interesting feature on Tinder is that you can swipe right if you like someone, or swipe left if you dislike them. For an extra safety feature, you can opt into a choice where it's required for both users to like each other, or swipe right on each other, before they are even to exchange so much one message with the other in Los Angeles.

The thing that makes Tinder dating so great is that it's completely free to find people in Los Angeles or your country/town. You don't have to pay a dime to be able to use this application. One of the more popular stereotypes is that tinder is primarily a hookup app. The thing is that they aren't wrong. It is often used as a hookup app, but people also use it for dating as well. You just may have to do a lot of swiping on your part to find someone who wants a serious relationship rather than a quick cling.

Of course, given the point of this article you are going to want to use it for a hookup application. If you have a mobile phone on hand, consider downloading this app to be able to join and find some hookups in your area. This is a great one to use in a big city with as large numbers as Los Angeles.

However, you need a phone to be able to find Los Angeles Hookups/Dating or somewhere in the world.

Hinge for Los Angeles Hookups/Dating

Hinge is the second to last option on our list for dating sites/apps that you can use to find hookups (a man, woman, etc.) in the Los Angeles area. Unfortunately, if you want to be able to use Hinge in Los Angeles and get the most out of its features, you have to have a phone. It's only available for iOS or android so if you don't have a phone, you won't be able to use this application, Los Angeles.

This app was created in 2012 by the successful Justin McLeod and is still being used today by millions of people. Should you want to be able to use this or really get the most of it, which includes results, then you are going to have to get a paid membership. There is a free option that you are able to use, but it's impossible to really do anything with a free membership. To get any results, a paid membership is necessary!

One of the first options available for purchases happens to start at $19.99 for one month. The next option is $39.99 for three months, and finally $59.99 for six months. Admittedly compared to some of the other ones out there, Hinge is pretty on the pricey side. They do not seem to offer a 12-month option, which a lot of sites tend to do. Maybe one day they will add one.

Like with all the other dating applications and websites out there, this one lets you find people local to your area like in Los Angeles. The reason this is great is that if people want to physically hook up with someone, they don't want to have to travel halfway across the country/town or even to another city. People want convenience when they are using hookup apps. Why? Because a fun hookup is traditionally a casual experience to scratch that itch in Los Angeles. You don't want to have to go all the way out of your way in a big city like Los Angeles.

Facebook Dating for Los Angeles Hookups/Dating

Facebook is a fun online social media and social networking service that is currently owned by Meta Platforms. It was founded in 2004 by the successful Mark Zuckerberg and several of his classmates/roommates. It is one of the most well-known social media apps out there and is currently available in about 112 languages. We would love to list them all, but chances are we would be here all day.

Yes, Facebook Dating in Los Angeles is an official thing believe it or not and can be used to find hookups (a man, woman, etc.) in Los Angeles. Facebook Dating is not the most secure dating app out there and you have to have a Facebook account in order to log on. However, unlike some other sites out there Facebook Dating is completely free so if you find yourself with a lack of funds and want to find someone to hook up with, Facebook Dating could be for you.

Like with most dating/hookup sites, there are pros and cons that come along with Facebook Dating. Some pros is that Facebook Dating is free and if you already happen to have a Facebook, you don't even have to sign up for anything new. Facebook Dating is simple to use, create a profile, and integrate with even Instagram (for pictures or photos) and messenger as well as Facebook (obviously).

A big problem with Facebook Dating in Los Angeles is that the age group is older and lacks young people, man, or woman. Plus, you do need to have a Facebook so if you don't want to get one then there is no way you'll be able to even use Facebook Dating. Thirdly, Facebook Dating is not desktop compatible.

General Safety Tips for Los Angeles Hookups/Dating

Here are general safety tips that can be applied to those bars/clubs to find your next hookup or heading out to meet your next hookup/casual sex encounter in Los Angeles. One thing you can do is to bring protection along such as condoms. Also use some sort of birth control if you are able too. Using these things together will ensure that you are able to have some safe sex with your friends with benefits/dating partners.

When it comes to going to meet someone to have fun sex/get laid, always make sure that you text your friends, family, and others so they know where you are going. If they happen not to hear from you then friends will be able to start the process of trying to find you. This is, of course, just a precaution for your friends.

We aren't trying to scare you, but it is always important to cover all of your bases before having fun with one night stands/dating. This includes a man or a woman. Believe it or not, things that happen to a man, can happen to a woman. A woman can also be the attacker.

Now computer wise, you should always use an antivirus, ad blocker, and 2 step verification to protect all your devices. Also be aware of scammers (most commonly a woman) on dating sites. They can sometimes run rampant with them and find fun in this so take the lead and be safe.

Consent for Los Angeles Hookups/Online Dating

The last thing we want to mention before wrapping up this article is to remember that consent is very important to have in a long term relationship or friends with benefits or even in your dating life. It doesn't matter if you are going to enjoy a quick hookup or plan or a serious relationship/dating. Always make sure that you have the person's full consent, and they are in a state of mind to give consent as well.

If they happen to withdraw consent at any point, then you have to stop. Friends would agree. The same goes for you though. Do you suddenly want to stop? That's okay! Just say no and the person needs to understand that you have every right to say that. Consent makes dating and sex more fun in life. So, take the lead and bring it up.

Final Thoughts

Well, there we have it folks. After going into a short history/definition lesson, we discussed the top fun four bars/clubs in Los Angeles to find hookups or get laid in Los Angeles and then the top four websites to do also get laid in. This isn't a complete list but rather the options we believe stand out amongst the rest.

Remember, you can always go to California to have some fun sightseeing experiences! For example, go visit Venice Beach or Skid Row which are both fun in their own way. It'll keep your life exciting. Just make sure to get busy taking photos!

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