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Kik Hookup? A Must-Read Kik Dating Guide

Kik is a messaging app designed to help users all over the world connect with one another. While it was not designed to be an online dating site, many have realized that they can find fellow kik users wanting to date and hook up on the app.

If you're tired of online dating apps such as Ok Cupid and Match that make dating a tedious and expensive process, you may appreciate how simple and easy it is to find a Kik hookup on this messaging app. Sites such as Ok Cupid spend millions creating matches using complex algorithm, making it more difficult to manually seek out matches on your own instead of relying on a robot to do the work for you.

Unlike complicated dating sites that require extensive sign up processes and make finding a match a time consuming process, it's easy and free to use the Kik hookup site. Online dating sites are not necessarily designed to help you find matches as quickly as possible, because they earn money by keeping you online and constantly searching for your perfect match.

Additionally, an online dating site will more often than not be quite expensive to use. Even if the monthly fee is low, many users of dating sites can end up spending hundreds of dollars on their dating app memberships over time, especially considering that most users of dating sites will have active profiles on more than one dating app at a time.

If you're looking for an easy, convenient, and free alternative to traditional dating sites, messaging apps such as Kik could be the perfect place for you to find your next hookup.

Is it possible to find a Kik hookup? The answer is yes, there are many Kik users seeking a Kik hookup and having more success than they ever had on mainstream dating apps.

Ready to learn how to use Kik hookup site? Read our comprehensive guide below to find Kik users wanting hookups in no time.

How to Use Kik App as a Dating App

In order to use the Kik hookup app, you'll need to start meeting other Kik users to chat with. In order for Kik messenger to work for online dating, you'll need to meet other Kik users wanting a hook up. The chatting app makes it extremely easy to meet other like minded Kik users in your local area and across the world.

In order to use the Kik hookup site and have more success than you might with dating sites, follow the steps below to make the most of these popular messaging apps.

Share Your Kik Profile With Users on Other Platforms

The first step to finding a messenger hookup is to share your Kik profile with users on other platforms. This could include other dating sites or social media sites. All across the internet, you'll find comment sections filled with people who are looking for a Kik hookup.

It's important to share your Kik profile with as many people as possible in order to increase your changes of finding Kik girls to hook up with. No matter where you browse on the internet, make a habit of leaving your profile information in the comments.

This could include the comments on an Instagram, Facebook, or blog post. This will increase your chances of finding a Kik hookup on the online platform because more and more user profiles will find your account and begin messaging you. At the very least, you'll start to make new friends to chat with.

If you have any other messaging apps installed, you can share your Kik hookup profile in order to have more contacts on Kik. Even if you don't hook up with someone who adds you, they could introduce you to Kik hookup groups filled with Kik users wanting a hook up.

In order to make the most of messaging apps, your Kik account would be optimized to encourage others to add your profile. You should have a Kik name that describes you, although Kik usernames don't have to be your real name. Most people don't make their Kik usernames their real name, and instead create a cute username that describes them.

You can also add a profile picture, which is highly recommended. Kik girls will be much more likely to add you if they can see what you look like. Fortunately, you don't have to fill out a complicated profile, and all you have to do is add one simple profile picture so that users can see what you look like beyond just your username.

Join Public Dating Groups to Chat With Kik Users

The best way to use the Kik hookup site is to join as many public groups as possible. There are thousands of people who are creating a new group chat every day through the chatting app. Group chats are an excellent way to meet a Kik single and start chatting. By joining a public group, you'll get to connect people from all over the world.

Kik is full of like minded people who are taking advantage of public group apps in order to make friends and find potential dating partners. It's important to start connecting with people on Kik in order to use the app as a dating service. You'll be surprised to see just how many Kik messages you'll start to get once you start joining as many public group apps as possible in order to chat with people on Kik.

In order to find groups to join, you can be invited by other users who use Kik. This is why it's important to make many friends on the online platform. Friends on the app will be likely to add you to any public group that they're already in so that you can also meet and chat with the active users.

Additionally, the hashtag directory listing can be used to find users on the app. There are thousands of groups created that can be found through the discovery engine. By searching for groups, you'll be able to find users with similar interests who are around the same age range as you.

There are plenty of groups created specifically to be used as a Kik hookup site. Many of these Kik messenger groups work similarly to other dating sites by allowing users to introduce themselves to other users in oder to chat and find dating partners.

While there are groups for different services, such as groups to sell stuff, discuss similar interests, or share media, there are also plenty of groups created specifically for users to meet and chat with one another. You can also search by the hookup hashtag in order to find Kik users to chat with who are specifically seeking a Kik messenger hookup.

Create Your Own Group on the Kik App

While there are hundreds of groups available on Kik to join, you can also create your own public group that can be found through the people discovery engine. Creating your own public group will allow you to control the chat settings of the group and make Kik friends easily because others will want to be a part of your group.

By creating your own public group, you'll have full control of the group instead of being at the mercy of other moderators. This means that you can establish your own usual rules for the group in order to ensure users maximum satisfaction. You can start by adding friends to your Kik group an expanding by inviting other young people to the group.

In order to make a Kik dating group, you'll want to start helping Kik girls talk with half decent guys through the Kik messenger app. The benefit of owning the group is that if there's certain Kik girls that catch your eye, you'll have the chance to get to them before anyone else in the messenger hookup group is able to.

By owning your own dating group on the chat app, you'll have the freedom to share media with friends or sell stuff online. It will essentially be like running your own community through Kik messaging accounts, so you can use it for any purpose that you'd like, although it's likely that your primary goal will be to use Kik messenger to find and chat with Kik friends and potential hookups.

Share Your Profile With Your Contacts on the Messaging App

In order to make Kik messenger even more effective for finding a messenger hookup, you can share your profile with your phone contacts. By connecting your phone contacts, you'll establish an integrated web browser where people who know you can message and chat with you through the app.

It's worth noting that by connecting your contacts, even those who you don't add will be able to see your profile in their contacts list, so you should choose Kik usernames that you don't mind people that you know in real life seeing.

Adding your real life friends to your Kik account through address book matching can make it even easier to start dating through the app. With your friends, you can create groups that are designed for dating. Then, you can chat together with cute Kik girls all over the world.

Additionally, you and your friends can join existing groups together. Joining groups of strangers may seem intimidating, and joining with a friend can make it easier to chat with others on Kik without feeling as nervous.

By using address book matching in order to chat with your friends on Kik, you'll find that there is no need for third party services designed to help you meet girls. Instead, it will become a fun adventure for you and your friends to join the app and communicate with each other and new people in a discreet environment.

Kik Dating Features

Sites such as Ok Cupid spend millions on advanced dating features in order to help users match and chat with others, but Kik is one of the best dating apps for those seeking an alternative to these large dating sites. Kik is equipped with plenty of unique features designed to make dating accessible.

Whether you're simply using Kik to chat with people that you already know or you're searching for people on Kik to meet and hook up with, you'll find these advanced features extremely helpful:

Match & Chat

Match & Chat was designed to bring dating to Kik in an easy and assessable way. This popular kik tool requires users to link their profiles to an external site, where you can browse through Kik users in a model that is similar to other dating apps. You'll be shown one Kik user at a time, and then you can choose to tap Kik and swipe right or left on each user.

If two users match with one another, you'll be able to chat on Kik and explore a connection with one another. If you're tired of dating apps but enjoy the swiping model that many dating sites have, you'll enjoy the fact that Match & Chat brings these features to Kik.

As you scroll through other profiles on Match & Chat, you'll see that a chat feature pop unders after you match. You'll be directed to Kik, where you can then continue the conversation.

Unlike dating sites that typically limit you to your local area, through Kik Match & Chat you can match with others all across the world. If you're looking for an online hookup or simply don't want to limit your options to your local area, you'll find this feature to be extremely helpful.


Matcher is yet another service that makes it easy to use the apps for dating. Similar to Match & Chat, you'll connect your Kik profile in order to begin matching and communicating with other people all across the world. Through Matcher, you can view other active Kik profiles and see who you are interested in dating.

After both people have matched with one another, you'll be able to begin chatting and exploring the connection.


Flirt is another tool designed for dating on Kik. Flirt allows you to browse your potential dating options by sorting by age, location, gender, and more. This makes it easy to find potential dating partners in your local area and across the world.

While some may find Kik to be limited for dating due to the fact that it's designed primarily to help you chat with people who aren't in your area, Flirt combats this issue by making it easy to find people who are located specifically in your local area.

This tool has made Kik a competitor for many mainstream dating sites, because you can search directly for matches in your area instead of relying on complicated algorithms to create your matches for you.

Can You Date Anonymously on Kik?

If you wish to date anonymously on Kik, this is very easy to do. There are thousands of people who use Kik exclusively for anonymous chatting and dating. If you wish to remain anonymous on Kik, all you have to do is add a profile picture that doesn't show who you are, and create a username that does not reveal your identity.

Then, you can proceed to chat with other people without them knowing anything about you. If anonymity is your priority, you may want to refrain from syncing your contacts to your profile, because this will show others in your contacts that your profile is connected to your phone number.

Can I Find Hookups on Kik?

It is more possible than ever to find hookups on Kik. Whether you find hookups by sharing your profile online, joining groups created for hookups, or creating your own groups, you'll find that there are plenty of ways to score your next hookup on Kik.

Kik even comes with plenty of convenient and helpful dating tools including Flirt, Matched, and Match & Chat. All of these features are designed specifically for people to communicate with others who might be interested in dating or hooking up.


What is the Average Age of Kik Users?

Kik has a mostly younger user base. While people are supposed to be 18 to use the app, many people lie about their age and join Kik before they're technically allowed to. That being said, the average age of people on Kik is estimated to be about 20.

This makes Kik an excellent place for younger people to meet and chat with others in their local area and around the world. No matter what you're looking for on Kik, you'll have plenty of people your age to talk with through the app.

Can Adults Use Kik for Hookups?

While the population of Kik is mostly young, people are supposed to be 18 in order to use the app. There are still plenty of older people on Kik, although you may have to do a little extra digging in order to find the groups that are designed for older age groups.

Fortunately, dating tools such as Flirt make it easy to search on Kik by age. There are thousands of people using Kik each day, and you're bound to find others who are around your age by joining specific groups and utilizing the dating tools.

Are there Catfishes on Kik?

Similar to many other messaging platforms, Kik does some have fake profiles and bots abound. Profiles are not verified on Kik, and people on Kik are not required to use photos of themselves or put their real names. Every user you meet on Kik should be taken at face value, because there's a good chance that they could be a fake profile.

While Kik is an excellent app for meeting others all around the world, it is extremely easy for people to pretend to be someone else on the site. If you're using Kik for dating, you'll want to be extra cautious when meeting and chatting with others.

One way to tell whether or not someone is real without leaving the Kik app is by asking them to send a Live Photo of themselves. Kik gives people the opportunity to send photos from the camera roll or taken in real-time, and when the photo is sent it will say whether or not it is a real-time photo.

Of course, it is still possible for people to bypass this. People might take a photo of another photo so that it appears to be taken in real-time, so if they send a blurry or low-quality photo, this could be another sign that they are fake. Additionally, if they keep sending photos from their album and claiming that they are real-time photos, they are probably catfishing you.

A better way to tell whether or not someone is catfishing you on Kik is to ask them to FaceTime or video chat with you. If they refuse or constantly make excuses, there is a good chance that they aren't the person that they appear to be.

Kik is full of catfishes, so it's important to be careful. Most catfishes are simply lonely people who want to talk to others on Kik, but sometimes they can be scammers who are after your money or personal information. Regardless, it can be discouraging to learn that the person you've been getting to know on Kik is not who they say they are.

If you suspect that someone is fake, simply add them to your block list and move on. Kik will not do much about fake profiles because it's not technically against the rules to hide your identity.

How to Avoid Getting Catfished on Kik?

The best way to avoid getting catfishes on Kik is to verify their identity through a video chat. An alternative way is to add them on another social media platform. This is not a surefire way to tell, because fake profiles are easy to create on any social media platform. Even video chats can be faked to a certain extent.

At the end of the day, the best thing you can do is trust your intuition, and keep an eye out for red flags or inconsistencies on their profile. If someone seems too good to be true, they probably are.


Kik is an excellent place to meet other people all around the world. Whether you choose to utilize the public chats or connect with others through the dating app functions, you'll be bound to find your next hookup on Kik with ease.

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