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Is True Hookup Legit? Full Review Here

When it comes to dating sites, there are more choices than ever. The reason is that for years now, more and more people have been indulging in hookup culture. The stigma of the one-night stand is long gone, and these days, people don’t take a “walk of shame” as much as they do a “victory lap” after their hot casual hookups.

If you Google search “hookup app” or “dating site,” there’s one that is likely to be at the top of the search results: True Hookup. You probably want to know if this site is legit before you are on the hook for any money and waste time on a potential fake scam. Do you want to sign up for a site that’s a total fraud? Probably not.

This site was created to bring together a diverse group of people for dating and sex. It’s been climbing in popularity, and building a pretty significant user base.

So, want to know if this site is legit? Read on for our honest review and pro-tips to see if you should join this site.

First Step: Creating An Account

Let’s start by visiting the website. Even before you register, you’ll find a fairly clean and simple interface that prompts you to select the main category of what you’re looking for. Starting the sign-in process is pretty easy!

Simply enter the simple criteria to get started: do you see yourself as a man dating a woman, or are you a woman dating a man?  LGBTQ users, you are in good dating company here. Do you describe yourself as a man dating a man or a woman dating other women?: Easy enough!

When you start to get into the website a bit more, you’ll find a bunch of categories you can choose from for the type of hookup you’re seeking. Choose from:

  • Men
  • Women
  • Transexual
  • Couples
  • Groups
  • Parties

When you go to the next screen, you get a sense of the many types of relationships that this platform supports. It seems like everyone could find something they want from this list:

  • Netflix & chill
  • Fuckbuddy
  • Sugar daddy
  • Swingers
  • Submissive
  • Dominant
  • One night stand
  • Long-term relationships and traditional dating
  • Threesomes
  • Role Playing

It’s like the Facebook of sex! Almost no other dating app does such a great job of offering options to match like-minded people. What’s great is that when you search for other members, you’ll be able to filter out people that are into the same stuff you are.

There’s a little more data to enter as you navigate the sign-up process. You’ll add your age and the age of the people you want to meet. You also need to put in your location so you can find hookups in your local community.

The website then asks you to answer a brief question about who you are and some details about what you are looking for in your dating. Just 5-10 words will suffice here. They do ask for your mobile number, but this step is optional, so if you decide not to add it, you can still continue. 

Add a user name and your real first name, then you’re almost done. Once you link your email and choose a password, you are on the fast track to a hot hookup or dating experience.

Next Step: What Kind Of Cool People Can You Meet?

You’ve completed step one: join the site. As you decide whether to get a paid membership, you need to see who’s online. Take some time to browse the photos before you begin dating. 

The thing about online dating is that the types of people you meet are unlimited. Since it’s all based in your local community, you never know who you’ll meet! That cute guy from the office? He might be there! That fine girl you saw last week in line at Starbucks? She might be a member too. The number of people hooking up is massive, and growing every day.


This hookup app seems to attract women from every background. If you like diversity, you’ll find it here with people of all races and ages, from 18 and up to people in their 50’s. Some are trying dating sites like this for the first time. Others are really experienced. It’s clear from the photos that some are fake, but those are definitely the minority of users. 

What are these women looking for? Well, to put it bluntly, sex! Otherwise, why would they be on a hookup app? Still, it's okay to wait to just ask for it. Get to know someone first, and they’ll really appreciate it. It always helps to be friends, then in the future, friends with benefits!


The guys on the site are just about as diverse as the women. The main difference is that you won’t find too many fake guys. That’s just not the way it works. There are male users that are clearly professional and highly successful. Some appear to probably live in their mom’s basement at 40+ years old, but remember, there’s someone for everyone.

Clearly most guys are looking for sex, but there’s also quite a few that are feeling kind of lonely and want someone to keep them company. If you do live at home, get mom’s permission first!


Gay men and lesbians can also find a home on this dating site. Many members are really open-minded about alternative views of gender as well. The key is to just be upfront and honest in your profile, so other members will find you in their search results. 

Next Step: Create A Profile

All dating sites are going to require you to create a profile. Many of the most successful ones are well thought out and composed.

Here’s a pro tip to save you tons of time. A lot of the information you add to your account is going to be the same regardless of the platform. Make a text document with your profile, details about your life, etc. Then, you can simply input that on another account without having to reinvent the wheel.

Pro Tip: How To Take Fire Photos

One newbie dating mistake that can really give the wrong impression is posting really naughty R-rated pictures. Sure, that may be what you want to do, but it comes off to other users as really desperate.

Members who are the most successful and pop up the most in search results are the ones who have the most eye-catching photos

Face Pics Are Best

The best thing you can do is be brave and post a face pic. Of course, it does need to be a recent picture! You might be tempted to think you should post an old one, but this basically makes you a fraud, so resist that temptation. 

Whatever age bracket or level of attractiveness you possess, you’ll definitely find someone that wants to hook up. When you do meet, it’s going to be so much smoother because they won’t be disappointed. In fact, they’ll probably say you are hotter in person!

Point And Shoot

Having a friend take your dating pictures can be really helpful. That way they can point the camera in a way that it captures your best site, and highlights your eyes. What guy can resist that? Girls just need to be sure their picture is current, and flattering.

Everyone should make sure the photo is well-lit and, above all, in focus! Seriously. so many people miss out on a hook-up opportunity because they have an awful photo. Consider yourself warned.

Sending Great Dating Messages That Will Get You Laid Fast!

After you’ve created your profile, you’ll no doubt discover that one of the really difficult things about online dating is making yourself stand out from the competition. If you’re a guy, there’s tons of it. So how do you write a message to another member that will make the girls notice you, and answer back?

Be Yourself

Most girls can spot a fake a mile away. If you are just pretending that you live some kind of extraordinary life, they’ll probably know you’re a liar. Instead, talk about the things in your life that you’re really passionate about. That passion and personality will come through and boost your chances significantly.

Don’t Get Political

This isn’t the platform to spout off about how much you hate this politician or that law. Trust us when we say that the other members of the site are there much more to talk about sex than they are to talk about the president. 

Leave A Comment On Their Pics

Most online dating sites allow you to leave a comment for other members on their pictures. This is a great way to start off a conversation. Say something flattering, and maybe kind of cute and unique. 

Don’t just say, “hot.” Make a funny pun, the cheesier the better. This is the kind of thing that can set you apart and get you noticed. Try, “I heard you’re from heaven, no wonder the stars are so beautiful.” You get the idea. 

Avoiding Scams

Like any internet dating website that you join, you need to be on the lookout for scammers and catfishers. The reality is that the more prominent hookup culture and dating sites get, the more con artists  there are that are trying to use bait on a hook to lure easy prey.

It can happen to any person, so don’t be ashamed if it happens to you. There’s a few tips you can use to keep your information and wallet safe!

Sign Up For Identity Protection Services

If someone manages to steal your identity, either by hacking the website, or by social engineering your passwords, services like Life Lock are a game changer. Oftentimes services like this don’t come cheap, but consider the cost of being the victim of fraud.

Pay Attention To The Type Of Information You Provide

When you first meet someone on a hookup app, and you seem to click, it’s pretty tempting to let it all hang out, so to speak! Slow down. Scammers are employing sophisticated bots that can mimic literally anyone, and they get better all the time. So before you give them your phone number, email or even send a picture, spend some time making sure you know they are real. 

Make a little joke or odd comment and see how they react. Bot’s or offshore scammers won’t know how to respond. So if you say “I eat cat food for breakfast,” and they say “going out to dinner sounds fun,” there’s a good chance you're chatting with a bot or person with a fake profile. 

Personal Information In Pictures

Before you send that fire picture, check it over and make sure there’s no personally identifiable information in the background. It’s easy to miss that piece of mail or calendar in the background that could give scammers personal details and access to your bank account.

Choose A Good Password

Duh! Choosing your dog’s name or street name with a number in it is so 20 years ago. Use a password manager and make sure it is long, random, and unguessable. 

Final verdict: this website is legit!

We hope these tips help you find whatever you are looking for on this hookup app. If you’re successful, feel free to leave a comment below about your experiences with hookup culture!

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