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Instagram hookup? Complete guide to getting laid with instagram

Instagram has maintained its place as one of the top social media platforms throughout the last decade. Instagram continues to be a popular platform for sharing photos and connecting with others in your local area and around the world. 

Instagram is also filled with beautiful girls from every city. Thousands of people connect through Instagram each year and find dates within their city and around the world. 

Instagram is an excellent place to find a girl in your area who is may have an interest in hooking up. As an alternative to dating apps, it is easy to connect and chat with strangers through Instagram. 

There are a few different ways to find hookups on Instagram. By following the tips below, you’ll greatly increase your chances of finding a hookup on Instagram. 

Optimize Your Instagram Account For Messaging Girls

If you want to find hookups on Instagram, guys need to make sure that their Instagram accounts are optimized for connecting with potential hookups. Treat Instagram like it is a dating app—girls aren’t going to want to respond to an account that has no pictures or is private. 

Make Your Account Public

For a person to be able to decide if they are interested in you, they need to be able to see what you look like. If your account is private, they will be less likely to answer your direct messages because they don’t know anything about you. You should make your account public and have posts on your Instagram page that clearly show what you look like. 

Have Good Photos

The best way to get a potential crush to talk to you on Instagram is to have good images that show what you look like. Your Instagram page should also share information about yourself and your life. 

Add a post with friends so that a potential date can see that you have fun and get out of the house. Videos can also be added to your instagram account that share your interests.

The more your page shows about you, the more likely it will be for a girl to become interested in you. Your instagram should feel personal without giving too much away. Posting stories is one way that you can increase interaction with users on instagram. 

Find Random Girls to Direct Message 

The easiest way to find hookups on Instagram is to reach out to potential romantic partners directly. Results vary depending on the person, but you won’t have any success unless you try. 

Unlike Facebook, which is primarily created for interacting with people you already know, Instagram is a popular platform for engaging with new users and starting a conversation with a girl you don’t know. 

If you’re looking for a girl to start a conversation with, there are a few ways you can search for a girl to message. 

Browse Through Hashtags and Locations to Find Girls 

A surefire way to find people near you is to browse through popular hashtags and location tags. This will allow you to scroll through posts and see if there is a person near by that you’d like to date or hook up with. 

The internet makes it easy to find people who visit local sites in your area. Consider local landmarks or popular places that people frequent and check the location tags for these areas. 

Look Through Mutual Friends Lists

One right way to find users to hook up with is to use the search bar to check for users who you may have mutual connections with. It can seem less creepy to get a random message from someone if they have mutuals with you, so check your friend’s following lists for anyone you may be curious about. 

For example, if you go to a popular college, check the following lists of others at your college to see who else may be in your area. 

Check the Explore Page

If you’re wondering where to search for a hookup on instagram, use the main menu to search the explore page. The explore page will usually feature accounts relevant to you or a popular post from someone in your area. 

By scrolling through posts on the explore page, you may be surprised to see how many people may appear. These people could even share your interests due to the algorithm of Instagram. 

Unlike Facebook, Instagram makes it easy to send messages to anyone, even people you don’t have added. 

Dm Random Girls to Find Hookups

Finally, after you’ve found posts from someone you’d like to hook up with, it’s time to start sending a message to your Instagram crush. But first, follow a few tips that will make her more likely to answer. 

Refrain From Commenting on Her Photos

While it may be different on sites such as Facebook, most people do not want random people to comment on their Instagram post. While there is no one size fits all approach to finding a hookup on Instagram, most people will not be likely to answer a random comment. 

Follow Her and Like Her Photos 

The first step is to take control of the situation by following and liking her images. Some guys may be hesitant to draw attention to themselves this way, but it is an easy way to express a sign of interest. 

By doing this, a potential hookup can find your profile and view your past posts to decide how they feel about you. Most of the time, they will not message you first, but they may follow you back, which is an excellent sign to move forward. 

Respond to Her Instagram Stories 

Similar to Facebook, Instagram has the stories feature which makes it easy for people to share anything they wish to, whether it be an article from the New York Times or a funny meme. 

Responding to an Instagram stories post is an easy, casual way to DM someone. You can even send a like on an Instagram story if you don’t want to write something out, but this likely won’t warrant a response. If anything, it may put you on the radar of whoever you want to hook up with. 

Send a DM

While it may seem intimidating, the best way to find a hook up on Instagram is to send a DM. If she has followed you back, this will be easier because your DM will not be filtered in the requests. 

It can be as simple as saying “hey,” or writing a clever pickup line. It’s not as much about what you say, because she will check your profile and decide if she wants to respond based on your profile. 


How do I hook up with a girl on Instagram?

If you want to find a hook up on Instagram, the best way to do so is by reaching out to someone via DM. You will have the most success if your profile is optimized to show who you are and why they should respond. 

How do you DM random girls on Instagram?

There is no definite way to send DMs on Instagram. As long as your profile shows who you are, sending anything from a simple “How are you doing?” to asking about one of their interests is the best way to warrant a response. 

If she doesn’t respond, don’t worry! Unlike dating apps, you can message as many people as you wish to on the free platform.

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