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Hud hookup app review - is this app legit?

The Hud app has quickly risen to popularity as one of the best casual dating apps available for download today. The Hud app is a hookup dating app designed specifically to be a casual sex dating site.

Given that it is a relatively new app, you may be wondering how the Hud app compares to other apps and if it is worth trying. The Hud app was designed to be better than other dating sites and to make it easier to find casual relationships.

Dating apps are often prone to having just fake accounts or not being worth it unless you have the premium membership. So, is this hookup app worth using and is it effective?

In this comprehensive Hud app review, we will determine whether or not the Hud app is one of the best hookup apps today.

If you're asking yourself, "Is the Hud app legit?" Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about the Hud hookup app.

What is the Purpose of the Hud App?

The Hud app is a casual dating app designed with hookups in mind. The app is oriented to be a casual online dating site to find people to hook up with. The app shows you people who are in your local area and have active profiles.

While Hud is designed for casual dating, some users do use it to find relationships or are open to interactions becoming relationships. This is more common for those who are seeking kinky or bdsm dating due to the sexual nature of the app.

Unlike big time dating apps that generally have users searching for all types of dating, Hud is similar to more casual dating sites. The app is perfect if you're looking to experiment sexually with others in your area.

If you know that you are looking for casual sex or a casual relationship, Hud is the best place to look. While Tinder has maintained its reputation as the number one hookup app for several years, it is overwhelmed with inactive users or those who aren't looking to meet up due to the vast popularity of the app. Additionally, many users on Tinder have started to look for more than just casual sex.

Hud attracts users who are more interested in meeting up and having sex due to the fact that this is the specific purpose of the app. Hud would probably be a horrible app to look for a relationship on, but it is an excellent dating app for casual dating.

What Features Are on the Hud Dating App?

The Hud dating app has many more features than other dating apps on the market. The dating app makes it easy to customize your profile and share information about yourself that will attract relevant matches. The app is available for iOS and Android users on the Google Play Store and on the Apple App Store.

You can sign on with your Apple Id or cell phone number. The Hud app also makes it easy to use your Facebook login to start chatting with users on the app. After you've signed up, you can add a very descriptive bio. Hud is a great app for allowing users to share exactly what you're looking for as you pursue casual dating through the Hud app.

What Information Can I Add to My Hud Dating Profile?

Most users on the Hud app will want to add a bio where they can write text to describe themselves or what they're looking for. In order to have the most success on the Hud app, you should add a bio. Your profile should include information about a lot of what you're looking for on the app. Writing text in the bio allows users to see that you're an actual person who they might want to meet up with.

The Hud app also allows customization features that allow you to list your location, gender, height, and zodiac sign. You can also list whether you not you smoke, drink, or do drugs, and how often you partake in these things.

Fill in however much information you feel comfortable providing, because users on a dating app will want to know as much as possible about you in order to decide whether or not they would like to meet up.

It can be intimidating to meet up with someone from a dating app, so adding information about yourself is essential to ensuring that your online dating profile will attract more matches. The Hud app also allows you to list what you're looking for on your profile, and you can select multiple options.

How Can I Specify What I'm Looking for on Hud?

The options for what you're looking for include something casual, something now (an immediate hookup), friends with benefits, and more. The app does include options for relationships or being open to relationships, so while the Hud app is a hookup dating app, relationships aren't completely out of the question for those who may be interested in going that route.

Due to the fact that the Hud app is designed with casual dating and hookups in mind, the app allows you to list your specific sexual preferences in order to find partners who are interested in the same things as you. If you're looking for just a little excitement on the Hud app, this feature can be very useful.

Sexual preferences can be listed on the Hud app through the "Bedroom" section of the app, a list of kinks including bondage, bdsm, dirty talk, dominance, threesomes, and more. The app allows you to select "yes," "no," or "maybe" on each kink to show whether or not you would enjoy each activity in the bedroom. Certain activities also have the option to list whether you prefer to give or receive.

Additionally, the Hud app allows you to list what type of interactions you're open to. The options include meeting up in person, hanging out in public, hanging out in private, video chat, sending photos, and more. The app developer has made it easy to provide plenty of information about yourself while also keeping your private personal information secure.

What Else Can I Put on My Hud Profile?

The Hud app also allows you to list your hobbies and whether or not you speak any other languages. You may wonder why there is the option to list such detailed information on a casual dating app, but the reality is that many people prefer to have some sort of connection with the person they're hooking up with, even if that's all that the relationship is.

And of course, the Hud app makes it easy to upload pictures, which is likely the most important aspect of your profile. Users of the dating app will view your photos before anything else, and then continue reading the rest of your online dating profile to determine whether or not not you would be a good match for one another.

The Hud app requires you to upload at least one photo in order to use the dating app, but you'll likely have much more success with the app by uploading multiple pictures. In order to make the Hud app work, you'll want to have good photos and show your actual age on your profile.

There are few rules to using the Hud app, but fake accounts posted won't warrant much success, so make sure that the same person on your profile represents who you are in person.

How Does the Hud Dating App Work?

After setting up your profile on the Hud app, you'll begin browsing the app just as you would any other dating app. The Hud app is a little different than other apps because instead of viewing one profile at a time, you can scroll through all of them and decide which ones you would like to send a like on or which ones you would like to eliminate.

Using dating apps can become a difficult and expensive process because you have to scroll through so many matches and have no idea who will show up next, so this feature of the Hud app is helpful in eliminating your time online dating.

Even on the free version, it is easy to scroll through all of the profiles. This is a great app for viewing active profiles, and the process can be so much fun when you're able to view all of your casual dating options at once instead of viewing them one at a time.

What is the Benefit of The Unique Hud Feed?

It is easy to find a Hud hookup compared to other apps because you don't have to question whether or not the next profile shown will suit your preferences better than the profile being shown. Instead, scroll through all of your options and rest assured that when a profile is not active anymore, it will no longer be shown.

That being said, all of the users displayed on your feed will be active users of the Hud app who are pursuing casual dating on the app. If an account disappeared altogether, this is likely because the user went inactive or deleted their account.

To browse the Hud app, you can scroll through active users at your pace and decide whether or not to match with them or remove them from your feed. Fortunately, you don't have to decide right away, and if you don't make a decision as to whether or not you should send a like to a user, they will stay on your feed so that you can make a decision later on.

The Hud app also has the option to send message requests to users if you would like to start a conversation. Users on the Hud app will see your message appear in the message request section of the app. At this point, they can decide whether or not they would like to send a message to you and start a conversation.

Users on the Hud app can also send message requests to you through the online dating platform. Then, you'll be able to scroll through your own message requests and decide who you would like to start talking with. If you don't feel like scrolling through profiles or sending messages anymore, optimize your profile in order to make it more likely for users to message you directly.

While the free version of the Hud app is a decent enough app and offers plenty of features that make it easy to find a pretty cool person to chat or hookup with, the premium and purchasing packs on the Hud app offer even more features that will increase your chances of meeting and hooking up with users of the casual dating app.

What Does the Paid Version of the Hud App Offer?

The Hud dating app can be upgraded through a paid version of the app. The Hud cost of the paid membership varies depending on whether or not you choose to upgrade to the diamond or premium version of the membership. The diamond membership is the most advanced paid membership on the website and costs $13.99 a week.

The diamond membership allows you to see who has viewed your profile so that you can scroll through and match with users of your choice. You can also view top profiles and the most popular users on the app in order to see who on the app is getting the most attention.

The paid version of the Hud dating app also allows you to turn read receipts on and off so that you can see who on the app has read your messages. Unlike most dating apps, you can see who has read your messages so you know whether or not they are inactive or if they have chosen to stop responding to you.

There are free trials for the paid memberships, but expired free trial profiles will be automatically upgraded to the premium membership. The free trial period lasts for one week before your account will be automatically upgraded or you can choose to downgrade back to the free version.

What is the Main Benefit of the Paid Version of Hud?

Similar to most hookup dating apps, one of the main benefits of the paid membership is that you can like and message as many people as you wish to on the app. This can greatly increase your chances of success on casual dating apps because you aren't limited to the amount of people that you can reach out to.

If you're having trouble getting matches on Hud, consider trying a paid version before determining that the app is just a failure. Hookup apps take time, especially if you live in a smaller area where hookup dating options may be limited.

While the app free trial period is limited, it allows you to see whether or not Hud premium is worth it for you. Hud premium also allows you to instantly match with anyone who likes you in order to increase your number of matches.

Hud premium also makes browsing function more useful by giving you the option to view people around the world instead of just in your local area. If you're looking for hookup dating anywhere in the world instead of just your local area, this is one of the best casual dating apps to use.

With Hud premium, you can also boost your profile in order to get more matches. Boosting your profile shows your profile on the feed of more users on the Hud dating app. The more people who see your profile, the more likely you are to find people for hookup dating on the Hud dating app.

If you want to try a paid version of the Hud dating app but don't want to invest in the diamond version, there is a less expensive premium version for $8.99 a week that allows you to like unlimited users and see who views your profile.

Is the Hud App Worth it?

It's likely that you're reading a Hud app review in order to determine whether or not the Hud app is worth it. In general, if you have access to the Google Play Store or have an Apple ID and can try the Hud app, it is worth trying out. If you look for a Hud app review, you'll find that most users who use the Hud hookup app are very satisfied with it.

Hud App support is very active and if users encounter any issues with the app, they are able to contact Hud App support in order to find a solution. In a Hud App Review, many users note the benefit of the descriptive bio selections.

The Hud App has implemented a clever marketing technique by showing potential users that getting matches on Hud is not the numbers games that some dating apps are. Instead of mindlessly swiping on users trying to get matches, Hud allows you to scroll through all of your options and make mindful decisions based on who you would like to match with.

You don't have to spend all of your time on Hud looking through options either, because users can like and message you directly. Then, you can view the users who are already interested in you. If you opt for a paid membership, you'll have access to even more options, such as the ability to view users from all over the world and match with anyone who catches your eye.

What Do Users Think About Hud?

Additionally, the paid versions grant you the ability to see who views your profile and send likes or messages to endless amounts of people. Most people who leave a Hud App review note that the free version of the hud hookup app is more limited, but is still functional and can be effective for getting matches.

Many people who leave a Hud App review note how easy the app is to use and how quickly you can connect with other users. Unlike some dating site reviews that note sites having less active members, those who leave a HUD App review note the abundance of active users on the site, despite the app being newer and less common than some larger dating apps.

Unlike female perspective, some men who leave a HUD App review say that it can be harder to find active women's profiles anymore. Fortunately, Hud implements inactive account deletion to ensure that only active profiles are shown on the main feed of the app. Maybe it is only me, but I think that is an excellent way to ensure that everyone you can send likes and messages to is an active member.

There maybe a couple stragglers of inactive users on the app, but the app continues to grow in popularity and gain a diverse population of active users.

Pros of the Hud Dating App

  • There are over 9 million users registered on the Hud app.
  • Allows you to view all potential options at once instead of viewing one user at a time.
  • Designed specifically for hookups so that everyone knows the intentions of other users.
  • Detailed profile allows you to list your specific personality traits and interests, both sexually and otherwise.
  • Free version of the app makes the app accessible to a wide range of users, even those who don't wish to invest in a paid membership.

Cons of the Hud Dating App

  • Features are limited without the paid version of the app.
  • Some fake profiles may be on the app because photo verification is not required.
  • There are less active users than other more popular dating apps.

Hud App Review: FAQ

Who is the Hud App Good For?

The Hud app is excellent for a wide range of users. If you're tired of using traditional dating apps such as Tinder and Bumble, Hud is an excellent option to consider. Hud allows you to be more specific about what you're looking for and what you're open to, making it a great alternative to larger dating apps where users might profile little to no information about themselves or what they're looking for.

If you're seeking hookups specifically, the Hud app is designed to be used for hookups. That being said, it's probably not the best app for those seeking serious relationships, unless you're looking for a specific type of fetish or kink dating. Hud may work for these types of dating because the app allows you to provide so much information about your sexual preferences, which makes it easy to find users who have the same sexual interests as you.

The Hud app is ideal for anyone in search of a hookup because anyone who has downloaded the app will be seeking a hookup and will likely be more serious about finding a hookup than those on larger dating apps. Larger dating apps such as Tinder or Bumble are filled with users who are seeking all different types of relationships.

There are also many users who download popular dating apps to use as entertainment or to chat with others, but they may not actually be interested in meeting up. While Hud has a smaller base of users compared to some other apps, users on Hud are more likely to be serious about meeting up in person.

What Age Group is Hud Good For?

The Hud app is good for younger people, because the primary user base is under the age of 35. While there are some older users on the app, the app mostly attracts younger people due to the fact that younger people are generally more interested in hookups and more likely to seek out specific apps for hooking up.

Older people may gravitate more towards other popular dating apps or specific dating websites that are designed for older people. It is still possible to find older singles on Hud, but younger people will have the most success on the app.

Are There Fake Profiles on the Hud Dating App?

The reality is that there are some fake profiles on the Hud dating app. Occasionally, you may come across fake female profiles hosted by a mere immoral being seeking to scam men out of money. Anyone with an Apple ID or Google Play account can sign up for Hud, so it can be more difficult to filter out fake profiles.

Additionally, Hud does not require you to verify your identity, so it is possible to be catfished on the app. It is possible to be catfished on most dating apps, so it is important to exercise caution when using Hud just like any other dating app. Refrain from sending money to anyone that you don't know because they could be posing as someone else.

Before meeting up with anyone from Hud, avoid being catfished by adding them on another social media such as Snapchat or Instagram. This can help you see that someone is real, but some people prefer not to share their social media with those who they are hooking up with in order to maintain anonymity.

The best way to make sure that a profile on Hud is real before meeting up with them is to request a FaceTime or video call before meeting up. It is much more difficult to fake a persona on camera, so this is an excellent way to see that the other person is real. This is also a great way to break the ice and feel comfortable with one another before meeting up for the first time.

While there are plenty of real profiles on Hud, it is important to keep an eye out for the fake ones. It is important to consider that women filter messages in their matches based on who they want to talk with, and many will receive a high volume of messages each day. If someone hasn't responded yet, they may not have had a chance to sort through their messages yet.

If someone responds instantly and is using suspicious language that seems robotic or is written in broken English, this could be a sign that a profile is fake. They may say things that don't make sense, such as "called hook hahahah lol." Of course, there is always the possibility that you have matched with a real person, and the best way to find out is to ask them to move the conversation onto another social media platform or to arrange a video call.

What is the Best Casual Dating App?

Many will have their own opinions as to what the best casual app is. There are many apps that have earned their place as being the most popular dating apps, such as Tinder and Bumble. Some may assume that because these are the most popular that it means they are the best apps, but this isn't always the case.

While many users have great success with apps such as Tinder and Bumble, these apps have become overwhelmed with careless users and fake profiles, so it can take a lot of time and patience to find a match that is actually interested in meeting up.

If you're looking for an app that makes it easy to get matches that lead to meeting up, Hud may be the best app for you. The app makes it convenient to match with users of your choice by showing you all of your options at once instead of requiring you to view one potential match at a time.

Even with the free version of Hud, it is easy to evaluate your options and decide who you would like to match with. Essentially every dating app has a paid version, so it is up to you to decide whether or not you're open to paying for a membership on a dating app and what you'd like to get out of the membership.

Hud is the best app for finding hookups because it is designed specifically with hookups in mind and the app makes it easy to share information about yourself that would be helpful for those who want to hook up. It is the most popular dating app that allows you to share specifications about what you're looking for including sexual preferences and the type of hookups that you're interested in.

That being said, many might consider Hud to be the best app for finding hookups and casual interactions. Tinder can be successful for some, but the app is still filled with careless users who are on the app simply for entertainment or casual conversation. You'll be much more likely to find people who want to meet up on Hud than on other dating apps.

How Does the Hud App Compare to Other Dating Apps?

There are many different dating apps available for download today. It's difficult to say how exactly Hud compares to every other dating app, but we will offer the main comparisons for the three dominating dating apps users are downloading today: Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge.

How Hud Compares to Tinder

Tinder was the first dating app to become extremely popular. Tinder currently has over 75 million active users. Many people are using Tinder to find hookups, relationships, friends, and more. Tinder was originally designed for hookups, but it has become so mainstream that many users aren't using it for hookups anymore.

There are plenty of people who are on Tinder for hookups, but there are also a lot of users seeking relationships, friends, or simply looking to chat with other users. Therefore, the app has lost some of its initial purpose as a hookup app.

In contrast, Hud maintains its reputation as being strictly a hookup app. It is possible to use the app for other purposes, but most users on the app are looking for casual interactions only. Unlike Tinder, where you can only list some of your interests and add a bio, Hud makes it easy to share an abundance of information about yourself.

Tinder does not have the unique features that Hud has that lets you share information about your sexual preferences and fantasies. Additionally, Tinder does not allow you to view all of the potential users that you can match with the way that Hud does.

While Tinder does have paid memberships that allow you to see all of the users that have liked you and grant you unlimited likes, the membership options on Tinder still fall short to the functions of Hud. Hud is essentially the only common dating app that allows you to view all other users at once instead of viewing users one at a time.

Tinder also lacks the option to send messages directly to other users before matching with them. For people to converse on Tinder, both users must match each other first.

How Hud Compares to Bumble

Bumble is designed to be very similar to Tinder, with the primary difference being that women must message first on Bumble. Bumble also gives you more limited swipes than Tinder does, prompting users to be more mindful about who they send likes to. Additionally, matches expire after 24 hours on Bumble, so both users must engage in a conversation before the 24 hour period ends.

Hud and Bumble are quite different because Bumble was originally designed with relationships and more genuine interactions in mind. The app is still used for casual interactions, and users can select what they're looking for on the app. "Something casual" is one of the options that is commonly used.

Bumble has over 45 million active users, and has remained one of the most popular dating apps for several years now. Bumble is also used to make friends and business connections due to the Bumble BFF and Bumble Business settings, so not everyone on the app is looking for a sexual or romantic relationship.

Bumble requires you to view potential users to match with one at a time. Some users struggle to find matches on the app because you can only swipe on a certain number of users each day. The number is not clearly defined, but if the app notices that you're on a swiping frenzy, they will limit your likes unless you upgrade to a paid membership.

Hud also limits the amount of people you can match with each day, but Hud has the added advantage of still letting you match with people who send you likes or messages. Both Hud and Bumble will warrant more success with a paid membership.

One of the struggles that people face on Bumble is the fact that women must message first, and they must message within 24 hours. Women won't always send messages before the time runs out, leading to wasted matches. Men must also respond within 24 hours or the match will expire.

This can be frustrating to those who lead busy lives, because they may not have time to check their profile or respond to messages every day. For those who want to be able to respond to matches on their own time and want to be able to message women first, Hud is a better option.

Hud is also a better option for hookups because although Bumble has shifted to be a more hookup-friendly app, there are still many users on the app who are seeking friends or relationships instead of hookups.

It is also worth noting that Bumble does not have settings for sexual preferences, which can limit the app's ability to help you find users who are open to the same activities that you're looking for.

How Hud Compares to Hinge

The primary difference between Hinge and Hud is that Hinge is designed for relationships and Hud is designed for hookups. If you're looking for hookups, Hinge is not a good place to look because Hinge is the dating app that is "designed to be deleted."

It is possible to find hookups or casual relationships on Hinge, and the app has recently updated their settings so that users can select what they're looking for. One of the options is "short term relationship."

Similar to most apps, Hinge requires you to view one user at a time and decide whether or not you would like to match with them. Hinge also has a "Popular Users" page that allows you to browse through the most popular users in your area. You are granted one free "Rose" per week to send to a popular user, and you can purchase additional roses if you wish.

Due to the fact that Hinge is designed for relationships, the app makes it easy to fill your profile out with plenty of information about yourself. The app also grants users the ability to respond to prompts with a voice message in order to show more of their personality on the app.

Hinge does not feature any settings that are related to sexual preferences or interests, and this is likely because the app was not designed for hookups. One similarity that Hud and Hinge have is that they both allow users to send messages before matching with another user, and the recipient can view this message and decide if they'd like to match with the sender, even if they have already run out of likes.

Is The Hud App Good for Online Dating?

The HUD App is excellent for online dating because it offers an abundance of features that cannot be found on other apps. While some apps may be more suitable for relationships or friendships than hud is, Hud is the ideal app for finding hookups online.

Hud is becoming more and more popular and has millions of active users. While it may have not reached the popularity that some of its competitors have seen yet, there is still a substantial amount of users.

Not only does Hud have a large user base, but the users on Hud are more active and engaging than users on some dating sites. This is because most people on Hud have decided to download Hud because they were tired of wasting time on the alternative apps.

Users on Hud have downloaded the app because they're ready to find partners for hookups and kinky dating. If you're looking for an app that has active users that want to hook up, Hud is the perfect app for you.

How Can I Get More Matches on the Hud App?

Like any dating app, some may struggle to get matches. This is usually because your profile is not optimized to get matches. In order to successfully get matches on your dating profile, you must have photos that clearly show yourself and what you look like.

Hud allows users to provide ample information about themselves, including sexual preferences. Take advantage of all of these features in order to attract high quality matches. The more information you provide about yourself, the more likely it will be that you can find matches that are ready to meet up.

If you're still struggling to get matches after optimizing your profile, it may be worth considering upgrading to a paid version of the app. A membership on the HUD App can be purchased for as low as $8.99, which grants you one week of the membership.

While one week is not a long time, it is enough time for you to test the waters and see if a paid version is worth it for you. The main benefits of a paid version is that it allows you to send unlimited likes and messages to other users, which increases your chances of getting successful matches.

Additionally, a paid membership allows you to see who has already liked or viewed your profile. People who have already liked your profile are guaranteed matches, while people who have viewed your profile are people who may be interested in you but they ran out of likes.

By upgrading your membership, you will greatly increase your chances of successfully matching with others. Otherwise, if you don't wish to upgrade, it may simply take a little more time and patience to match with others. As long as your profile is optimized to show who you are and shares plenty of information about yourself, you're bound to get matches sooner or later.

Is the Hud App Free?

The HUD App is free to download, and there is a limited free version of the app available. Many users have great success from matching and interacting with other users through the free version of the app. Without paying, you can still send likes and messages to users and respond to likes and messages from other users.

You can also view all of your potential options on the app without paying, you will simply be limited as to how many users you can send likes or messages to. If you wish to get the most out of the app, it may be worth upgrading.

Is the Paid Version of the Hud App Worth It?

If you're struggling to get matches on Hud or simply want to get the most out of the app, it may be worth upgrading your membership. Upgrading your membership will make it much easier to match and message with however many users you wish to.

Fortunately, the HUD App is relatively affordable and memberships can be purchased for short amounts of time. It may be worth at least trying out and seeing if the membership is beneficial to you.

HUD App Review: Conclusion

The HUD App has quickly risen to popularity as being one of the best hookup apps available for download. If you're looking for an app that makes it easy to find hookups who have the same sexual preferences or interests as you, Hud is certainly worth considering.

The app is free to try and offers an abundance of unique features, such as the ability to scroll through all active users at once and send messages to users before matching.

The HUD App is perfect for anyone seeking a casual relationship or hookup. The app is easy to use and makes casual dating accessible for all users.

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