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Top 9 Ways On How To Find Hookups Fast, You Won't Believe #9

Hookup culture now permeates society more intensely than ever before. Right now, there are literally millions of guys and girls on the hunt for no-strings-attached sex throughout the world, and if you're here, chances are you want to be amongst them. The good news is that hookup opportunities are everywhere - and they're yours to grab, fast.

But how do you find these elusive hookups? Do you use dating apps, and if so, what are the best hookup sites to check out? What if you're more of a real-world kinda guy? Can you find hook ups at the gym, the pool, the bar? The good news is that yes you can, you just need a few tips to make it happen. Here's everything you need to know about finding hookups tonight.

So, You're Looking For Hookups

The difference between people who get laid regularly and those that don't is that the former group see hookup opportunities everywhere. Every social occasion or virtual foray is a chance to meet hookup partners, and once you start seeing the world with this outlook, you'll be amazed at all the strange places you can find local hookups.

So below, we've put together the top 9 places to help you find casual sex. You might think that the modern hookup scene is is all based around online dating sites, right? Well sure, dating sites are a cornerstone of hookup culture, but you can find like-minded people for anonymous sex almost everywhere. Check out these top 9 places to find your next one night stand.

1. Get Social

While it's true that most midnight encounters are facilitated through hookup sites and apps, there's still a lot to be said for actually getting out there and meeting people in the real world. Not everyone in the hookup scene actually uses online dating apps, so by restricting yourself to a virtual environment you're limiting your chances of finding hookups.

You can actually find casual hookups in any social environment. It doesn't matter if it's a yoga class or a fishing trip, you can find sex anywhere if you look hard enough. Horny sex-seekers don't just exist between certain hours - there are millions of men and women out there right on the prowl for no strings attached sex.


Bars are where the sexual magic happens. Long before Tinder changed the game, most hookups happened in bars and clubs around the world, and obviously, still do to this day. Bars are full of hot, intoxicated people getting wild, so it's no surprise that sexual tenson permeates the atmosphere. And that's what leads to so many hookups.

All you need to do is get out there and try your luck. Just like on your hookup app of choice, getting laid at a bar is a numbers game. The more women you hit on, the more chance of you have of sleeping in someone else's bed that night. Put on your dancing shoes and your best cologne and head to your local bar for some a quick and easy hookup tonight.


A lot of guys think that hotel hookups only happen in porn films. This isn't true. People hook up with strangers in hotel rooms every night of the week, it's just that a lot of people don't often hang around hotels so the opportunity never arises. It's a fair point. Why would you hang around a hotel in the first place?

Well the trick is to hit hotel bars. Anyone can visit them. You don't need to be a hotel patron. And hotel bars are usually full of bored businesswomen killing time until their meeting the next day, so they're always looking for something to do for the night. You'd be surprised just how many hookups are facilitated this way.

2. Get Social... Media

Social media platforms are basically free hookup sites, only they have a massive advantage over dedicated hookup sites: everyone is on them. If you try hard enough, you can find pretty much anyone on social media. Whether it's some chick you went to high school or that slutty chick from your office, chances are they have a virtual presence somewhere.

Now, that's not to say these people are on the hunt for casual dating themselves, but it at least gives you the opportunity to find out. Social media gets a lot of shit and rightly so, but if there's one thing they're good for it's finding quick casual sex. Here's how you can make it happen.


Everyone uses Facebook. That's just the way it is. It boasts a user base of almost 3 billion people worldwide, which is about a third of everyone on the planet. That's some pretty insane numbers by anyone's metric, and it's the same reason why a lot of people use Facebook as an unofficial dating app.

One great advantage of Facebook is that you have an active profile ready that shows the entire history of you. That's more than any casual dating site could ever provide. You can also message anyone on here for the total cost of absolutely nothing, and the app constantly puts you in contact with people you know or might know. It's the perfect recipe for casual dating.


Instagram is where the good looking people hang out, so it's no surprise people have turned Instagram into an unofficial dating platform. What's not to love? Endless pictures. Easy communication. Free of charge. All you need to do is slide into those DMs and try your luck, and with a user base of 1.6 billion, that's a lot of hookup opportunities on the table.

The even better news is that people on Instagram LOVE being told how good they Without generalizing, the whole idea of Instagram is to post appealing pictures, so guys and girls love it when they know their efforts are being appreciated. Naturally, with a little charm, one complimentary message can easily turn into a one night stand.


Reddit is a little different to the other social media sites on this list because you'll mostly be communicating with strangers. However, Reddit has a huge advantage over the other sites on this list because it has sections (or subreddits) dedicated entirely to hooking up. If you can dream it, there's a subreddit dedicated to it.

Kinky stuff, sugar daddies, sugar babies, alternative relationships, fetish acts, BDSM play - it's all available under the Reddit umbrella. This social media platform is basically one big dating app broken down into a ton of different sections. It's also 100% free, so no premium membership is required, and it has the biggest collective user base of any social media site.

3. Message Your Exes

What's more convenient than hooking up with your ex? You're both familiar with each other. You've probably had a ton of sex in the past. You know each other's likes and dislikes. Hooking up with exes is a core component of hookup culture, and it's good because you don't have to do anything other than have sex. No dinner, no drinks, just pure unadulterated fun.

Naturally, you'll need to be on good terms with your ex to make it happen. You'll also need to make your intentions clear from the off to avoid sending confusing signals. Maybe don't do this if your ex is still besotted with you, but if you're both single and horny, you'll be surprised how many of your exes would agree to some discreet no strings attached banging.

4. Hit Up College Campuses

The seed of what eventually became hookup culture was planted on college grounds. Every night of the week, millions of horny college students are going out, meeting new people and retiring to the bedroom for brief, intimate fun, then parting ways and never seeing each other again. The good news? You don't even have to be in college to get in on this action.

Anyone can go to college parties. Alright, so it pays to have a friend or two there, but providing you're around the same age as the people there, no one will bat an eyelid. College campuses are stacked to the brim with sexually-adventurous young girls looking to explore life and lust, so delete that dating app and get out there amongst the rabble.

5. Adult Dating Sites

We can't talk about hooking up without talking about free hookup sites and apps. For decades now, online dating sites have been the number one tool amongst casual daters, bringing together promiscuous guys and girls for explicit fun every night of the week. It doesn't matter what you're looking for, there's a dating site for you out there somewhere.

So in this section, we've listed a few of the best hookup apps on the scene today. Now, these aren't your typical mainstream dating apps because everyone already knows about them. We've chosen some of the lesser-known adult dating apps to help maximize your chances of getting laid. Here are the best hookup sites to check out today.


SweetSext is a modern day adult dating site that puts a massive emphasis on sexting and picture-sharing. You might be wondering; why would an adult dating website do this? Surely the point of a sex app is to get laid? Well yes, but in the modern age of endless choice, people often overlook the importance of foreplay in the dating scene - even virtually.

For a guaranteed hookup, it's important to build a sexy foundation with your chat partner. SweetSext, a completely free online dating app, helps you do exactly that. It utilizes Snapchat's disappearing media feature, which most users are happy to take advantage of. It's also got a massive user base throughout the United States and Canada.


BeNaughty is a dating site that gets right down to business. It doesn't overload itself with unnecessary features. Like most dating apps, it has a swipe feature and that's pretty much it. Once you match with someone you can begin conversing, and it's really BeNaughty's simplicity that's making it one of the most popular hookup apps around today.

You can create your free account and start swiping through potential matches in seconds. No premium membership required. The site claims 8 million worldwide users so you'll never be short of chat partners. Don't expect to find a serious relationship on here, but if it's a quick and easy hookup you want, BeNaughty is one of the best dating sites to make it happen.

Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder is a pure hookup site that has stood the test of time. It's been around for over two decades; just one of the reasons many people consider it the best hookup site around. Unlike other dating apps, Adult Friend Finder is a hookup app/social media site hybrid, allowing like-minded people to connect in a variety of ways.

Forums, chat rooms, personal ads, video chat. AFF is a site dedicated to adult entertainment, and it has a free version you can check out immediately (not to mention the site is completely free for women). It's a real casual sex paradise, and even the basic features are more than enough to help you find your next casual hookup with ease.

6. Adult Chat Rooms

Adult chat rooms are the younger sister of hookup sites, and they're definitely worth spending some time on if you're looking for casual relationships. While chat rooms operate a little different from hookup sites, the premise is more or less the same. People come together to talk about sex, and that can often lead to IRL fun too.

Not only that, but chat rooms offer a veil of anonymity, and people tend to get a little wild when their identities are kept secret. For that reason, most adult chat rooms are nothing short of virtual sex parties and, of couse, everyone is invited. If you've tried every hookup app out there without success, consider checking out one of these chat rooms instead.

321 Sex Chat

321 Sex Chat is the ultimate site for dirty talk. It's got literally thousands of available rooms, all broken down by sexual topic or location. One of the downsides of chat rooms is that, usually, it's a mish-mash of people from every corner of the globe, but on 321 Sex Chat, you can connect with people close by.

Additionally, 321 Sex Chat allows its users to profiles, making it remarkably similar to hookup site pros too. People tend to list their basic info and a few pictures in their profiles so you can scrutinize them to see if they're worth hitting up for a local hookup. For casual sex chat, this chat room site is worth a few hours of your time.


Omegle is a weird site. Some people call it a webcam site, some people call it a chat room. Whatever it is, plenty of people use it as a hookup site too. If you've spent any time in the adult niche, you probably know how Omegle works. You plug in your webcam, set your parameters and spin the wheel to chat with a random person nearby.

How does it function as a dating site? Well, anyone who's willing to chat dirty with a local stranger is probably willing to actually meet up too. You can set your search criteria to only find potential matches in your area, so if you and your webcam partner like the look of each other, there's nothing stopping you grabbing a sex date in person.

Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison is actually a dating site dedicated to affairs, but it's got a section for filthy chatting too. Of course, the only be able to talk to cheating wives, but if that's fine by you then carry on. Ashley Madison is often considered to be one of the best hookup sites around thanks to its massive user base of hookup-seeking beauties who don't expect commitment.

Why is Ashley Madison so good for quick casual sex? Well, these women already have husbands that take care of them, they're just on the hunt for random casual encounters to satiate their sexual appetite. The site free for women; just one reason it attracts so many misbehaving ladies. For a somewhat immoral casual encounter, AM has your needs in mind.

7. Personal Ads

Before dating sites, people relied on personals pages to find their hookups. Hell, personals were a thing before the Internet. Anyone who's old enough to remember the golden age of newspapers will be very familiar with the lonely hearts pages. Then, with the advent of technology, we transposed personals pages into a virtual environment.

Sites like Craigslist used to get millions of hits every hour from people looking for easy lays in their city. But a few years, some new laws forced Craigslist to shut down, but it wasn't long before a million other sites jumped in to take its crown as king of the personals page. Here are a few of them.


DoubleList is many things combined into one. It's a dating app, it's a chat site, it's even a place to buy and sell used cars. But most of it all, it's a personal ad page, and it's one of the busiest personal ad pages around today. Better still, it's not just packed to the brim with sex worker ads either. you'll find women on here looking for consensual hookups too.

This site has a category for pretty much everything. Not only is it broken down by country, state, region and locality, but it's also got sections for sugar daddies, sugar babies, alternative relationships, fetish stuff and much, much more. It might be a classifieds site at its core, but it double(list)s as a great hookup app too.

Classified Ads is a genuine classifieds site. It's as much a place to buy used furniture as it is to find a casual date, but that's one reason why we love it so much. The site attracts the kind of user base that doesn't always flock to hookup site pros, so occasionally some lonely woman looking for a dogsitter might try her hand at the personals section too.

It's also got one of the busiest personals sections for any ad site out there. Each section is broken down by sexual preference (men for men, men for women, etc) and there's a localized version of the site for every country, state and region. Everything on here is totally free to use, too.

8. Sex Workers

If you just want to get laid quick, who says it needs to be consensual? Sometimes, it's easier and more convenient to just hire a hooker for the night. There's nothing wrong with using an escort to get your sex fix, and judging by the sheer popularity of escort sites today, millions of men do exactly that every night of the week.

And why not? You don't have to make small talk. You don't have to do anything other than sit back and let them do the work. Not to mention you're the one in control, so you can indulge any perverted sex act you desire. If you're looking for escort fun tonight, here are some pages to meet sexy working girls.

Backpage Pro

You might remember the original Backpage. Next to Craigslist, it was probably the best hookup site for escorts around. But like Craigslist, the original Backpage died out with the new laws, and that's when a million alternatives popped up. Backpage Pro is one of those replacements, and it's even better than the original.

Backpage Pro keeps things simple. Find your country, state or city, browse through ads, send the poster the message. There are no additional features or premium memberships to worry about. It's exactly how an escort hookup app should be, and with an average user base of around 2 million visits per day, you're sure to have a ton of choice.


Everyone knows that massage parlors aren't always just massage parlors. Some parlors offer the fabled happy ending that so many men crave, but separating the happy-enders from the women who'd slap you for making such a request can be difficult. Thankfully, Rubmaps does the hard work so you can avoid a lot of awkward conversations.

Using Rubmaps, you can find out which parlors and masseurs go the extra mile to satisfy their clients. You can even book your 'massage' in advance and make your request virtually if you're shy about doing it in person. The site also has a ton of reviews for every parlor so you can be sure you're getting the best tugjob for your money.

9. Festivals

If you've ever been to a festival, you'll know exactly how easy it is to get laid. Festivals are like a hookup app come to life. They're full of young free spirits getting liquored up and going crazy, and if data is to be believed, an average of 36% of festival goers end up having sex while they're at their festival of choice. We like those odds.

There's something about the living-in-a-field vibe that really translates into hookups. Whether it's because these young people are away from home for the first time, or whether it's the intoxicants doing the rounds, it's easier to find sex at a festival than it is on any hookup site.

Easy Hookups At Your Fingertips!

If you pay attention, you can find a free hookup everywhere you look. It doesn't matter if you use hookup apps, prowl hotel bars or try your luck at music festivals, there are millions of people of all genders and sexual orientations looking for local hookups right this second. Using our guide up above, you can make your mark on the world of hookup culture.

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