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Top Best Hookup tips that actually work

Hooking up is a very common thing nowadays. Basically, hooking up means that you are having some type of intimate encounter with someone else. Usually this is sexual, but it can involve a kiss or a makeout session as well. When having a hook up experience, sometimes it is casual or a one-night stand but other times it can lead to you starting dating or a relationship or even include a friend/best friend.

There is not one specific definition for a hook up and in our day and age it is even easier for women/girls and men/guys/or a guy to find hook ups thanks to the internet sites. However, even though it's easier to hook up with most people, it doesn't mean that there aren't things you can do to make it an awesome and safe experience.

In this article, we are going to tell you exactly how to do that. By the end you might even be able to boast some amazing communication skills and be boasting on your friend's snapchat story. Girls and guys find various types of partners attractive. Whether you are someone who has interest in tall girls, wants to play with multiple partners, you will find the best tips for your next meetup from your favorite hookup site.

Tips for Best Hookup Experiences and How to not Make it Awkward

No matter how much you try to avoid it, sometimes hooking up experiences with somebody are going to be awkward. This might happen even when you are trying to make sure everything is right. You can't make anything perfect no matter how hard you try.

By following our tips, we will make sure that you have the least amount of awkwardness in your hookup encounters and are your most confident self.

Carry Condoms

Condoms are absolutely the best way to prevent unwanted pregnancy in either yourself or your partner(s) (if that is applicable). They also help prevent STD's or Sexually Transmitted Diseases from arising. Obviously, they are not one hundred percent perfect. Nothing is, but by bringing condoms along you are ensuring that you and your partner are going about this safely.

They can be carried in a purse, bag, wallet, etc. in case your partner forgets. It really just depends on what you want to bring it in. Just make sure that it stays sealed because if it breaks, then it won't be useful or protect you in any manner. Putting one on only takes a brief moment so consider it; this is something that is important not to forget.

Get Consent

Another important thing to remember before you get to any sexual activities is that it's always important to have the consent of your partner(s). Without strong and enthusiastic consent, it's impossible to be able to have a good sexual experience. You truly do need to make sure that the other person is sober, clear minded, and says yes without any coercion.

Same goes for yourself! Be aware that you are able to say no at any moment. There is nothing wrong with withdrawing consent at any point, even during the middle of it. Getting the consent of your partner and being on the same page is always very sexy.

Be Honest

They like to say that honesty is the best policy, and this is very important in regard to sex because you are literally getting intimate with another person. You can't get much more vulnerable than this.

Now when we say this, we just mean be yourself, tell them what you like, what you don't like, and what is going through your mind. Encourage your partner to do so as well. Honestly is the best policy for everyone involved. If you are hooking up with more than one partner, then make sure that you do it for everyone.

Just like consent, honesty is just as sexy as kissing. If you have certain preferences, like shaving preferences, don't be afraid to mention it. It can lead to more options if that makes sense.

Eye Contact

Believe it or not, not forgetting eye contact is a very powerful thing to show you're interested. One thing it does is that it increases trust, which is something we all want during sex. Second thing making eye contact does is prove to the other person that you are fully aware. Third and final thing is that it increases sexual and romantic chemistry.

Interesting and a little crazy how important eye contact is in sex. If you are using a sexual position where you are face to face, consider gazing into each other's eyes just a bit. It will make the moment even more sensual.

Focus on Their Enjoyment/Fun

Now your enjoyment is just as important as theirs during a sexual encounter. After all, if you aren't both getting enjoyment out of the encounter then what exactly is it? Well, it's easy to focus on your own enjoyment because we are usually tuned in to what is going on in our own body. However, the other is just as important as your partner forgetting yours.

Always make sure to focus on their enjoyment during your sexual encounter. Don't make it all about you because nothing is more of a turn off than a selfish lover. This applies to girls as well.

Use Their Name

Like with eye contact, you would be surprised how effective it is to simply use someone's name during sex. For one, using someone's name means you were paying attention to them and care about them in some capacity. We aren't saying that you have to constantly say their name (or whatever name they have given you), but consider addressing them a few times during the sexual act.

What exactly is the reason for this? Well, it will only make an already inanimate act even more intimate. Isn't that something we all want when we are engaging in a sexual act with another someone else?

It might feel weird or feel icky at first, but eventually you'll get used to it and it will feel good. Try putting on one with your own hands to see how it feels.

How to Stay Safe During a Potential Hookup/Dating Relationship

So now you know the best ways to make a hookup not seem so awkward. The next part of our article is going to focus on safety tips. This might not sound very sexy, but you need to keep yourself safe when choosing to have hookups.

Is it possible to have safe hookups? Of course, it is and with all of these tips you will be able to do just that now and in the future.

Always use Protection

We are mentioning using protect earlier, but we want to mention it again so you can understand just how important protection is when you engage in sex. There are different types of condoms out there so if something doesn't work or feel right, consider using something else. You can even use certain forms of protection for oral sex (including for girls) as well.

Text your best friends/family before and after Potential Hookups

When you are going to meet someone to hook up with, chances are that they are a complete stranger who you either met in a bar/night club or online. Even if you know the other to an extent, going to a private space to have sex is putting you in a vulnerable position.

One way you can circumnavigate this and ensure your safety is by texting your friends and family the exact details of your counter. Obviously, you can say it's just a date or something to avoid sharing hook up details, but tell them where you plan on going, who will, what time you will be back, etc. This will keep your friends aware of when you get home safely at night to your own bed.

Be Mindful of Alcohol Consumption

Now there is nothing wrong with drinking and when you go out on a date/party or something chances are that you will be drinking, especially if you are feeling fancy. However, you want to be aware of how much liquor you are consuming so you are able to make informed and safe decisions for yourself. Drunk hookups are common, but a sober hookup is safer.

Don't drink so much that you are getting black out drunk or slurring your words. There is no way for you to consent in such a state. Also, make sure to always keep an eye on your drink. Girls can also spike your drinks.

Have the Tough Conversations Before Sex/Making The First Move

Tough conversations are not something that everyone wants to have. They can be strange, annoying, and just plain uncomfortable. Thing is, when you are going to do such an intimate act such as sex with someone else. You need to make sure you are having all the tough, important conversations before getting involved in such acts with someone else

Doing it after is never a good thing because by then it could really be too late to describe what is happening. It's always good to have these sorts of conversations beforehand. Obviously, you don't have to, but we recommend it before flirting or making the first move.

Final Thoughts

And these are all our best hookup tips to make sure you have a great time that is fun, hot, feels good, and full of pleasure. Now take a break from those onion rings, get out there, and start dating!

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