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Best Hookup Sites That Actually Get You Laid

Call them what you like - hookup sites, adult dating sites, sex sites - these kinds of platforms have proven to get results time and time again. Hookup sites blow regular dating sites out of the water, for a host of reasons we'll get into in a second. But if you're looking to get laid in 2022, you need a hookup site in your life.

What kind of hookup site? Well, it depends what you're looking for. All we'll say is that it's time to delete every online dating site and dating app on your phone and dive into this world of no-strings attached casual sex today. Read on for the best hookup sites to actually find sex in 2022.

Adult Dating Sites vs Online Dating Sites

What's the difference between a casual dating site and a hookup app? Some people might use the terms interchangably, but there's a few noticable differences between the two platform types. They can be condensed down to a few simple points, but the main contrast is that hookup sites have a much more relaxed, open-minded user base when it comes to sex.

People on hookup apps are only interested in one thing, and that means they're much less uptight than the majority of users on casual dating sites. If you straight up asked a woman on a hookup site if she was down for easy sex, she'd answer honestly (and probably say yes). But if you pulled that trick on dating apps, you'll probably get told to F off.

What's The Best Hookup Site?

When it comes to the best casual dating sites in the world, it's hard to assign the title of "best" to any particular casual dating app. The reason being that individual users will be looking for different things. For example, some free dating sites have a higher female to male ratio to than other dating sites. Some platforms might have a free version whereas others don't.

But with that said certain hookup apps stand out from the crowd for whatever reason. In the list below, we're going to show you the best hookup sites that actually get you real sex with real women. No time wasters, no money wasters. Some are completely free, other are not, but we guarantee these platforms will get results. Here are the best hookup sites in 2022.

  • Adult Friend Finder - Best adult community
  • CasualX - Best new dating app
  • Passion.com - Best for passionate casual hookups
  • Match - Best for serious relationships
  • Tinder - Most active user base
  • Down Dating - Best to hookup with friends
  • Hookup - Best for a sure thing
  • Scruff - Best for gay hookups
  • Feeld - Best hookup app for threesomes
  • Bumble - Best hookup app for women
  • Happn - Best for local hookups
  • Mimitate - Best for appearance-based hookups
  • FetLife - Best for fetish casual encounters
  • Hater Dater - Best female to male ratio
  • Ashley Madison - Best for affairs
  • Reddit R4R - Best personals page
  • Tastebuds - Best for quick and easy hookups
  • Reveal - Best for anonymous browsing
  • The Sauce - Best TikTok dating site
  • Thursday - Best for busy people

Adult Friend Finder - Best adult community

As one of the best online dating sites of all time, Adult Friend Finder is still going strong decades after its conception. Not only is it a tried and tested adult dating app, but it's got a whole adult community to get lost in. Chat rooms, forums, personals pages, blogs, and even an area for member-uploaded content. Put simply, Adult Friend Finder has it all.

But the big question is - will you get laid on AFF? You will, providing you immerse yourself in its horny communities. Most hookups are actually faciliated outside of the standard direct messaging system (one of the few adult dating sites where this is true), but you'll have plenty of chances to meet new people through the forums, chat rooms and personals.

  • Reputable hookup platform
  • Immersive adult community
  • Useful features
  • Very busy site

CasualX - Best new dating app

CasualX is a relatively new hookup website on the scene, but it's fast becoming one of the best dating sites the Internet has to offer. It's actually a very simplistic platform with very little in the way of interactive features, but one thing that makes CasualX stand out is its high levels of profiles completeness. Basically, users need to declare everything possible, from looks to income.

It might sound like a minor thing, but profile completeness is one of the main things that holds back certain hookup sites and apps. A lot of users on other hookup sites just keep their profiles blank and hope their pictures will do the talking for them, but on CasualX, you have to declare all otherwise the mods won't approve your profile.

  • Simplistic features
  • Easy to nagivate laytout
  • Thorough profiles
  • Not many users
  • Profile verification required

Passion.com - Best for passionate casual hookups

One night stands needn't be a detached affair. It's very much possible to engage in hot steamy intimacy with hookups, you just need to find the right type of people to connect with. If you're looking for something a little more romantic than a routine in-and-out shag, then Passion.com might be the hook up site for you. On here, you'll people who want to get hot and sweaty.

The other users on Passion.com expect a little more from their fuck partners. Things like deep kissing, erotic massages, steamy showers and eating cream off each other's asses are all on the menu. You'll need a paid subscription to get the most out of the site, but if you're looking for casual relationships with a passionate twist, other dating apps can't compare to this one.

  • Passionate hookups
  • A little different to most dating sites
  • Free version available
  • Not perfect for quick meetups

Match - Best for serious relationships

Sure, you only want casual dating, but sometimes, these types of arrangements can often flourish into healthy long term relationships. You might not know you're looking for one until you find it, so it's sometimes beneficial to keep an open mind. Match.com allows you to do just that - just one of the reasons it's considered one of the top dating sites of all time.

Match has a dating pool of around 5 million members and the truth is that a lot of them are hunting for a long term relationship. But that's fine, because to get to that point, you have to knock boots on a regular basis. Even if you're not looking for a serious relationship yourself, you'll still bang many users along the road. You'll find hookup opportunities a-plenty here.

  • Trustworthy dating platform
  • Millions of users worldwide
  • Catered towards serious dating

Tinder - Most active user base

No list of the best hookup sites and apps is complete without mention of Tinder. It revolutionized online dating back in 2012 and remains one of the top mainstream dating apps on the scene today. However, Tinder is no longer in its heyday and it definitely isn't the best hookup site around, but it can still get you laid - even the free version.

Tinder's most appealing aspect is its gigantic user base. It boasts a whopping 50 million users worldwide, with about 2 million active at any one time. That's a whole big choice of hookup buddies, and not many casual hookup sites can claim similar numbers. Tinder has a few downsides, like lots of bots and phishers, but it's still worth checking out for easy lays.

  • Most active hookup app
  • Huge choice of potential partners
  • No longer free
  • Lots of fake profiles

Down Dating - Best to hookup with friends

The main problem with hookup sites and apps is that they'll only get you laid with new people. Some people fantasie about laying people they already know, like that hot co-worker or that slutty chick from school. Well, with Down Dating, you can now try your luck with some of the hotties in your life because this app scours your Facebook friends for hookup opportunities.

Simply connect your Facebook profile to Down Dating and find a list of everyone in your social sphere who is DTF. This includes your friends, friends of friends and anyone who the Facebook algorithm might match you with. It doesn't give you a massive user base to choose from, but it's still good if you're interesting in finally making the move on that slutty neighbor of yours.

  • Best way to hookup with friends
  • Anonymous browsing
  • Profiles auto-generated via Facebook
  • Not a huge pool of hookup partners available

Hookup - Best for a sure thing

Some hookup websites keep thing simple and streamlined, and that's exactly what Hookup does. Not only is it one of the top places to find casual sex in 2022, but even the free membership provides more than enough opportunities to get your sex fix. Hookup is a bona fide hookup site that takes the hassle out of meeting local women.

One thing that makes Hookup such a powerhouse is that most users (if not all of them) are very open and direct about what they want. You don't have to beat around the bush at all. If it's a sure thing you're after, Hookup blows most other sites away, and you can check out the free version right now.

  • Best and most direct hookup site in 2022
  • Millions of active users
  • Fuck Now feature to find a partner immediately
  • Very busy platform

Scruff - Best for gay hookups

Let's not overlook the gay crowd. They need hookups too. Now, most people consider Grindr to be the best dating app in the gay scene, but the truth is there are just as many gay dating platforms that do what Grindr does just as well if not better. The first and most prominent one is a fantastic hookup site by the name of Scruff.

It's not just a catchy name either. Scruff is a place to meet masculine, bearded gay men who really embody the image of the classic muscular stud. When you sign up, you can either register as a bear or a twink, and the site will then match you with suitable hookup partners. You'll need a premium membership to get the most out of Scruff, but it's worth it.

  • Hottest new place for gay hookups
  • Much more casual than Grindr
  • Free version to get a taste of the site
  • Premium account required for full use

Feeld - Best hookup app for threesomes

Hookups come in all shapes and sizes. They don't always have to be one-on-one affairs. Sometimes, you might want to inject a third party into your sex games, and Feeld allows you to do just that. This no-strings atached fuck site helps you find willing threesome partners and couples looking for an extra person to join in their bedroom activities.

Strangely, there aren't many casual dating sites that cater to multi-person hookups, so Feeld definitely has an edge on the competition. When you sign up, just choose your desired role (single person looking for threesome, couple looking for additional partner) and start hunting around your area for three-way sex. It's a simple idea that can really help indulge your fantasies.

  • One of the few apps to find threesomes
  • Lots of open-minded users
  • Useful for singles and couples
  • More single people than couples

Bumble - Best hookup app for women

Women sometimes have a hard time finding casual sex. It might sound crazy, but it's true. They have the opposite problems guys do - they get so many messages that they suffer from decision fatigue. Luckily, Bumble has done what it can to skirt this little problem. Bumble makes it so that only women can send the first message to potential hookup partners.

It's ideal for the guys too, because it means you just have to swipe, match and wait for the messages to roll in. Bumble began as a platform for more serious dating, but over time it's evolved into a pure hookup platform (the opposite of what many other sites have done). There's also a big presence of bi and queer women on Bumble too.

  • Ideal for women
  • Useful for men who don't want to message first
  • LGBTQ presence
  • Premium membership required

Happn - Best for local hookups

Happn is such a simple idea that it's surprising it took someone so long to think of it. Basically, Happn will notify you whenever you cross paths in real life with someone else who has the app. It works on a very close proximity, around 100 yeards, so if there's someone within shouting distance who matches your criteria, you'll match with them immediately.

It's a simple geographical gimmick that ensures you only find potential hookups within a reasonable distance of your location. Additionally, Happn has some funky features like voice and video chat so you can get to know your next fuck buddy outside of direct text messaging. For easy no strings attached meetups, Happn will make it happen.

  • Geographical based hookup platform
  • Easy to find someone local to you
  • Pings a lot when you're driving

Mimitate - Best for appearance-based hookups

Let's be honest, a lot of dating sites have fake profiles, scammers, bots and phishers in abudance. That's why it's important to ensure the person on the other side of the screen is who they say they are. Mimitate solves this problem by ensuring every user uploads a selfie of themselves with a handwritten sign declaring their user name.

Of course, this isn't 100% fool proof, which is why Mimitate then makes their users exchange a number of selfies before beginning their chat with another user. It definitely helps weed out fake profiles and scammers, so you can rest assured all of the people you meet on Mimitate are real people who genuinely want a casual fling.

  • No scam profiles
  • Genuine selfies of all users
  • Profile verification required
  • Very appearance based

FetLife - Best for fetish casual encounters

Not everyone is in the hookup game for vanilla sex. Some people want something a little more niche, a little more wild. If that's your thing, FetLife has you coveed. While not a casual dating site in the regular sense, FetLife is a community of like-minded kinksters eager to find a willing partner to partake in their fetish fantasies. It's basically the Facebook of kinky sex.

You'll find members looking for all types of sexually explicit activities on here. From BDSM lovers to misbehaving wives looking for someone to fuck while her husband watches. It's a veritable fetish buffet with millions of users worldwide, and offers forums, blogs, chat rooms and video chats. You can get a free account on FetLife today.

  • Best fetish site around
  • All kinks catered to
  • Extensive adult community
  • Not ideal for instant hookups

Hater Dater - Best female to male ratio

In today's world of polarization and conflicting opinions, people often bond over the things they despise rather than the things they love. If you're looking for someone who shares your hatred of pop music or carnies, Hater Dater will match you someone equally rage-driven as you. It's a dating site with a difference that's what makes it so popular.

Other than this appealing gimmick, Hater Dater is a pretty straightforward fuck site. You need a monthly subscription to get the most from the site, and as it's relatively new, you won't be bombarded with ads and sponsored content during your time here. It's also a great place for bi and queer women to meet hateful mates, and also has a very effective video chat function.

  • Unique hookup app gimmick
  • Easy search functions
  • LGBTQ presence
  • Premium membership needed to use site in full

Ashley Madison - Best for affairs

If statistics are to be believed, a large majority of married people have cheated on their partners at some point in their relationships. One of the reasons for this boom in extramarital activity? Cheating sites that make it souper easy to find a willing partner to break your spouse's heart with. And rally, there's no more famous affairs site than Ashley Madison.

Ashley Madison made big headlines in 2015 when a list of its members was leaked to the world. But even so, this didn't deter its users. In fact, it saw a massive increase in sign ups! in 2022, there's really no better place to find a partner for your extramarital sex games. You'll have to be discreet and build a rapport before getting down to business, but you'll certainly get results.

  • Number one affairs site
  • Lots of wives looking for instant discreet sex
  • Anonymous browsing feature available
  • Most profile photos are blurred

Reddit R4R - Best personals page

We're cheating with this one, because Reddit R4R isn't a dating site at all. Everyone is familiar with Reddit, but you might not know it's got plenty of subreddits dedicated to hooking up. The most popular of all these subreddits is the wonderful R4R (redditor 4 redditor). It works like a personals page. Just make a post with your age, location and sexual needs. Simple as that.

R4R offers a ton of advantage over regular hookup sites too. No premium account required. A detailed search function that lets you find posts with necessary keywords. Not to mention it's visited by millions of users every hour of the day. The only downside is that it's not localized so everyone is stuffed into one place, but it's still an excellent play to find an easy lay.

  • Personals page for hookups
  • Completely free
  • Can search through old ads
  • Need to search by town or city to find local people

Tastebuds - Best for quick and easy hookups

When you first meet someone for the first time, one of the most popular questions that crops up is: what kind of music do you like? For whatever reason, a lot of people bond over their music tastes, and with Tastebuds, you can find someone who shares your passion for folk music, Norwegian death metal, or whatever else you treat your ears to.

Does it help with the hookup process? Absolutely. Sometimes, all it takes a little spark to get things going, and you can then turn this spark into a towering flame of passionate lovemaking. Tastebuds features a very detailed search function so you can help find people who share your love of certain genres or bands. It's not totally free, but it's worth the cost in the long run.

  • Interesting gimmick app
  • Useful to creat quick connections
  • Premium account needed

Reveal - Best for anonymous browsing

Like Bumble, Reveal puts the power in the woman's hands. For women, Reveal is basically window shopping. Guys can't do a whole lot on here other than sign up and fill out their profiles. After that, you just have to sit back and wait for ladies to message you. It's actually a great system, becausey ou know anyone who messages you will already be DTF.

Another fantastic advantage of Reveal is that it's totally free for guys to use. Only women have to pay for the premium membership. Usually, it's the other way around, so if you're looking to put yourself on show for the horny women in your area, Reveal is a great way to do it. You don't have to send any messages yourself - just fill out your details and wait for your inbox to ping.

  • Guys have to do little work
  • Free for guys
  • All messages will be from willing hookup partners
  • Not a constant stream of matches

The Sauce - Best TikTok dating site

Why settle for profile pictures? In today's world of videos, clips and gifs, isn't it time we spiced up our profiles with some moving images. That's exactly what the Sauce does. If you're tired of finding Photoshopped profile photos, the Sauce displays people in all their video glory. No hiding behind fancy angles or photo-edit tricks. Every profile is basically a TikTok page.

It's a great way to see what people really look like before you message them, and it also lets you get a good idea of someone's personality through their body language. Is it good for hookups? Totally, because as you might guess, only the most forward and confident people are happy to put videos of themselves out there. The Sauce is quite new, but it's growing quickly.

  • Video profiles
  • Atractive, young user base
  • No edited display pictures
  • You need to upload your own videos too

Conclusion - Which Hookup Site Is Right For You?

We've put together the most extensive list of hookup sites so you can find the one that works for you. Honestly, we can't choose a favorite because it really depends on your personal needs, but we guarantee there's a hookup site on this list for you. Try one, try all. Whether you want impulsive hookups, fetish fun or raunchy threesomes, our list has your needs in mind.

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