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Best Hookup Forums that Get Results

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Best Hookup forums that actually work

Hookups in our day and age are even easier to find thanks to the internet. You can do this on dating sites and even forums, for which are usually free, interactive, and easy to sign up.

In this article, we will list several online hookup sites, some for specific niches, that you can sign up for in a few simple steps.

Best Overall Online Hookup Forums/Sites

These following online forums are dedicated solely to hooking up with others and are easy to use. Those who register can easily click through the navigation: woman, man, etc. Regardless of what you are looking for, there is something for you on these websites.


AdultHookups.com is an online hookup forum/site where people can find other people to hook up with. It's free to sign-up. All you need is an email.

If you want to get the most out of the site, you do need to register for a paid membership. After you do you can search for men, women, couples, and even for people local to your area! Doesn't matter if you're a straight man or straight woman.


InstantHookups is similar to AdultHookups. You join and tell them what you are looking for. However, while it is free to join you will only have this free account for 24 hours. If you fail to cancel it, then you will be charged 49.95 a month.

They offer sleeker pages and quicker service, but the price may be a turnoff to some.


Xpress.com bills itself as one of the world's largest and easiest to use adult dating sites. It is free to use, however, if you want to really get the most out of it you need to have a paid membership. Still, its specific search function makes it a good option.

Best Relationship Forums

The relationship forums/sites here are mostly focused on relationships rather than specifically just hooking up.


PlentyofFish is an extremely popular, well known dating site that people use for dating. While it is usually advertised as a dating site, it can be used for hooking up as well. You can join for free. If you like what you see, then consider signing up for one of those 3 payment plans.


Now if you already have to be in a relationship, GirlsAskGuys.com is a great option for you. You can still join it if your single though. On this free forum, you can ask questions to other forum members and learn about other people's experiences from all over the world. Could you use it to hookup? Sure, but it's better used to ask how to hookup.

Best Indian Hookup Forum Sites

Now we reach the niche part of this article. Members of the Indian community and those who are interested can find what they are looking for below.


India-Passions is a dating/personals/and chatting site for the Indian community. It's pretty self-explanatory! The great part about this is it lets people find others like them. This forum costs nothing to join. If you want, you can purchase extras, but it isn't required.


India-Forums is for people who want to get the latest in Indian entertainments like shows, celebrities, Bollywood, and even advice. There is a forum to talk/post to other fans of such things. While this is used for other content, you can bond with others which could lead to such things in the future.

Best Interracial Hookup Forums/sites

Many people are in interracial relationships and prefer such relationships as well. Take our advice that these two forums are the best ones out there to post on.


BlacktoWhite.net is the best forum to join if you want to have an interracial hookup. You can read stories from people, articles, send explicit photos, upload a profile image, and seek out others who are seeking a partner. It's free to join so if this is where your interest lies, consider signing up.


InterracialPassions is in the same network link as India-Passions, so they usually make forum wide announcements all at once. It follows a similar format, enabling people to join for free and find others who are interested in hooking up with other members with the same interests. The particular interest for this forum is those preferring InterracialPassions.

Best European Hookup Forum

Europe is a continent with a lot of different countries and plenty of other users to hook up with. These two forums will let you do just that if you decide to post.


Now FemaleFirst.co.uk is a free news site that is specifically targeted towards celebrity gossip, lifestyle, fashion, beauty, advice, and news from a female perspective. There is a forum on the site where you can interact with other fans/members, which could eventually lead to a hookup event in the future.


The UKSexForum.co.uk is open to all genders and sexual orientations. It's a safe place for members to talk or send messages/post about sex and relationships. This one is specifically for discussing sexual content. If you want to meet people for casual sex, consider joining their sister site meetforsex.org.uk.

Best Mobile Hookup Forum/sites

Sometimes, people prefer to use mobile phones to search the internet compared to laptops or desktops. This is where these forums come in. Both have websites, but are easy to use on mobile and to post on them as well.


SexStory.mobi is one of these places you can access on your phone in order to find a hookup. On this site you can not only read stories, but you can also find people who are looking for others to have sex and be able to message.


Now SoloTouch.com/forum is a place dedicated to people to discuss sex, share videos and pics, read stories/discussion topics, and find others to meet up with or send messages with. There are a lot of different things to do here which makes it stand out so much. You'll even be an original poster.

Best Online BDSM Communities and Hookup Forums/sites

These following hookup forums/sites are targeted towards people who are into the BDSM lifestyle and other sub-categories to have discussions. Pretty self-explanatory!


Fetish.com is a free dating community for people who are specifically into kink. It is primarily for BDSM, but there are other kinks and fetishes you can discuss. Join today and start chatting or to send messages/chat/have discussions with other kinksters.


While Literotica is primarily a free erotic fiction/adult content website, there is a free chatroom available on this site where you can discuss all kinds of things with users groups/registered members. One of the more popular sections is BDSM so chances are you'll find someone in BDSM to talk with in the chatroom/send messages.

BDSM Passions

BDSM Passions is a free online dating and social networking community site that are specifically for singles into BDSM. This is another site that is a part of the Passions Network link so like the others, this is completely free.

Best Hookup Forums/sites on Reddit

Believe it or not there are reddit threads dedicated for people who just want to hookup and have discussions. The following sub forums or threads are the best ones we found.


If you are looking for a hookup, dirty chatmate, cam playmate, or everyone to trade pics with then this sub forum/thread(s) is the place for you. Any gender and sexuality can use this subreddit to find a potential hookup. Best part is it's free to send messages/have discussions.


Naughtyfromneglect is a platform similar to Dirtyr4r. It bills itself as a place to replace the long-lost Craigslist website and a place for members to send messages/chat/have discussions and meet men, meet women, and meet anyone! It's free to join and if you already have a reddit account, all you need to do is join the subreddit!

Best LGBTQ Hookup Forums/sites

In 2022, the LGBTQ community has a lot of resources at their fingertips to find relationships with those that share the same sexual orientations. This includes hookup forums/sites.


The following forums are perfect for gay/bisexual men who want to have discussions.


GayForum is a sub forum(s) for people who identify as gay. You can discuss all sorts of certain specific topics with members which include relationships, sex, and sexuality. It's not specifically for dating, but you may get to know someone while sending messages/have discussions.


GaySpeak is another forum for all those bisexual and gay men out there. You can discuss dating, health advice, and even meet up online/chat too. Best part is that it's free to join. Just make sure to practice good internet safety when sending messages/having discussions.


If you are a queer woman/women interested in women to have discussions with, then consider joining these forums.


Gaygirlnet bills itself as the number one lesbian dating, chatroom, and social network site. It's a safe place for queer women to find love so if you fall hookup forums/sites into this category, you should definitely consider joining and adding a post.


Lesbotronic is another forum for gay women to have discussions. It features all kinds of boards where users can chat, including one called Meeting New Women, Flirting 'Em Up as well as the Best Places for Lesbians. If you are looking for a hookup, that might be the place to check.


If you are a bisexual person/pansexual person who is attracted to all genders and wants to have discussions with them, these are for you. Remember, in forums some old threads on forums are typically archived, so expect that.


HipForums are a series of forums created for different topics/communities. The Bisexual HipForum sub forum is specifically for bisexual people who are looking for other users like them to talk/chat too. It can even be used to find someone to date as well! There are also other sub forums/threads available as well.


BisexualPassions bills itself as a free, stand-alone bisexual dating site. It's just designed for bisexual people so if this sounds like you, you definitely want to consider joining yourself. Remember it's free to talk to other users!

Transgender Hookup

If you are a trans person or into trans people, then consider joining one of these forums!


TransLadyBoy is an online forum who are into transgender females. It is also a place for transgender females to join, start threads, and talk with others via private messages. If either sounds like you, then you need to become a member right away.


TransPassions is a dating platform for transgender singles. The best part is that it is specifically targeted towards trans people wanting to go on a first date/date in general. It's also a part of the Passions Network so keep that in mind.

Best Dating Sites to Find Hookups

While forums are popular people tend to prefer dating sites to find hookups. The following list will tell you what ones are the best.


Tinder is a completely free app that is only available for mobile phones so if you only have a laptop/desktop, you won't be able to join. The interesting feature on Tinder is that you can swipe right if you like someone, or swipe left if you dislike them before sending messages.


Adult Friend Finder is a hookup website that is available in many languages. It's free to join, but if you want to be able to read or send private messages, you are going to have to get one of their payment plans.

Final Thoughts

And this is our comprehensive list! These are all the best hookup forums and sites you can use to find other singles out there. Best part? A lot of them are free and all the technical details can be left to the moderators or those with admin status, keeping spam to a minimum as a registered member.

Remember that you must be 18 or older to access these sites, as you will view adult content and posts on certain topics/sub category that are adult in nature. If you are looking for the best hookup forum sites that actually work, from chat rooms and user groups to a relationship forum or interracial hookup forum, this list will point you in the right direction. Add posts, search by sexual preferences, create your own profile page, and discover links or events you're interested in. The possibilities are endless!

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