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Best Discord servers tagged with hookup [ Full List ]

There are Discord servers available for almost any topic that you can imagine. While Discord might not be the first place you think of to look for a hookup, Discord has an abundance of chat groups created to function as dating discord servers.

Ready to find Discord servers that are perfect for finding hookups and new friends all across the world? Check out these awesome Discord servers below.

Cutie Club

Cutie Club is one of the most popular discord servers for connecting with people online. The Discord server is a friendly community of users with similar interests who are dedicated to creating a fun atmosphere where you can find friends and relationships in a safe place.

If you're tired of traditional hookup sites, the active community on this discord server could be exactly what you're looking for. Users are able to join and add information about themselves in the introductory sections before joining channels designed to help you meet people and interact with others.

Little Bunny

Little Bunny is another popular dating server on Discord. Dating Discord servers are designed with certain safety measures, such as requiring verification before granting access to NSFW channels.

Little Bunny is full of active chats where users of every sexual orientation can meet others. The voice chat function makes it easy for those on the discord channel to meet and make friends with new people.

Active mods monitor the communities in order to help users stay safe as they chat with other members.

SKINS (Some Kind of NSFW Server)

SKINS is a Discord server featuring NSFW channels and other fun channels where members of the growing community can explore NSFW content together. There is a verification process to be granted access to the Discord dating server. This is to ensure that everyone who joins the adult dating server will be over the age of 18.

Users of any sexual orientation can join the small server and interact with the friendly community. Members love to participate in fun events relating to NSFW and SFW topics.


Servitude is one of the most explicit Discord dating servers that you can find. This is one of the best hookup sites for chatting with members of both your gender and the opposite gender.

On this Discord dating server, you can create a personal profile, search for other channels, and talk with members through regular voice chats. You'll find plenty of users to date and hookup with who have the same interests as you in this community.

Discord dating servers such as Servitude make it easy to find a blind match that you can explore your fantasies with.

Dating Lounge

Dating Lounge has earned a reputation as one of the most popular Discord dating servers. Whether you're looking to change your relationship status, find a group, female friends, or hookups, the community on Dating Lounge encourages you to join us.

Dating Lounge has many features such as the ability to add your location to the site in order to find others on the server in your area. When you join the server, you'll need to verify your identity and location in order to access these features.

Noose 18+

Noose 18+ is one of the best Discord dating servers to search for a hookup. Users can add roles to their profiles in order to show others what they're looking for in a date. You can also display your relationship status on your profile. Members on the Discord servers can stream movies together and chat with others.

Others on the Discord dating servers can search for members in order to find people to chat with. Whether you want a group, female friends, or someone to hookup with, you'll find plenty of options on Noose 18+


Playroom is one of the largest dating servers on Discord. There are thousands of people online at any given time on this Discord server.

It's easy to search for others on the server in order to meet and chat with new people. There are also upgraded pay options on the server that grant you access to more features, such as the ability to post in exclusive rooms.

Sinful 18+

Sinful 18+ is another one of the most popular dating servers on Discord. This server requires you to verify your identity before joining, and then you'll be granted access to the exclusive server where you can share information about yourself in order to find a potential partner.

Through the server, you can browse various channels in which you can share photos of yourself and meet others around the world.

World's Lounge

As you find awesome discord servers for dating and hookups, World's Lounge is certainly one worth checking out. This server encourages users to interact with one another through contests and various niche channels.

Similar to most of the servers on this discord server list, you will be required to verify your age and identity before joining. This is to ensure that all users on the group are old enough to interact with the adult content.

Like 18+

Like 18+ has over 15,000 active members searching for a hookup. Users can share their age, gender, and location with others in the server in order to find potential partners in their area and across the world.

The server is monitored to ensure that everyone in the group acts kindly towards others. Catfishes will be spotted and banned by the attentive mods.


What is the best hookup Discord server?

All of the Discord servers provided in this list are known for being excellent servers with thousands of active users to meet.

Fortunately, servers are free to use, so you can join as many as you'd like in order to determine which group is the best for you.

How do I find Discord dating servers?

Discord dating servers may seem difficult to find, but once you find one, it's easy to find others. The more servers you join, the more you'll learn about. Users may share their favorite servers with you so that you can continue to join more.

The 10 servers listed in this article are all an excellent place to start.

Which Discord dating server should I use?

All of these servers have risen to popularity due to their reputation for having an active user base and attentive mods that prevent any problems from developing in the group. All of the ones listed above will have real, verified members over the age of 18 looking for hookups.

If you're wondering which one you should use, rest assured that they are all excellent options. If you don't have success with one, you can easily move to a different group.

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