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Here's What You Need To Know About Hookup Culture

First base is making out. Second base is getting feely, and third base is going all the way. And if you get past this, you might even learn the other person's name! That's the embodiment of today's sexual culture. We're not concerned about emotional connections or deep bonding experiences or even the other person's name - we just want to get laid.

This kind of sexual liberation, or hookup culture as it's known, permeates the sexual climate of the modern age. For some people, hookup culture is a lifestyle. For others, it's a gateway to a more fulfilling traditional relationship. Casual hookups are now now an integral part of today's instant-gratification culture, so we need to learn about it, understand and embrace it. There's a lot to get through, so get ready for a long lesson into the world of hookup culture.

Hookup Culture: Sex At First Sight

According to recent data, 74% of sexually active adults have participated in some form of hookup at some point in their lives. One night stands with people they've met at the bar, midnight rendezvous with a dating site stranger, discreet meets up with an ex-girlfriend. Call it casual sex, call it hookups, call it brief sexual encounters. They're all the same thing - sleeping with someone for the sole intent of sleeping with someone.

Of course, hooking up is nothing new. Old and young adults have been doing this stuff for centuries. Hell, we can trace casual sex back to the ancient Egyptians 4,000 years ago, so this kind of sexual behavior isn't a modern phenomenon by any means. In fact, we could argue that it's a biological response to our sexual urges; a crucial part of the the human condition.

What Are Hookups, Exactly?

Before we go any further, let's establish exactly what hooking up involves. A hookup is simply when two people accept and participate in casual sexual encounters that focus only on physical pleasure, without any type of relational commitment or emotional bonding. They are purely uncommitted sexual encounters between two (or more) lovers that helps both parties achieve their primary desires: instant sexual gratification. Oral, vaginal, anal sex, and everything in between.

The general consensus is that once two people hook up, they go their separate ways after the deed is done. There's a mutual awareness that they won't hang out afterwards or do anything two people in a regular relationship might. While hookups are generally considered to be a one-and-done type deal, the truth is that most regular hookuppers sleep with the same person an average of 8 times over the course of their singledom.

How Did Hookup Culture Begin?

While it's not like we just randomly started engaging in brief, uncommitted sexual encounters around the early 2000s, we definitely saw a significant rise in these kinds of sexual behaviors around that time. A number of factors that influenced this rise were at play; a mixture of sociological and economic factors that are still in place to this day.

Some of these factors are obvious, such as the advent of online dating sites and the inclusion of constant interconnectivity in our everyday lives. However, some of the factors go a little further than convenient technology. Hookup culture may be a psychological response to the world's current state. Here are the following factors that helped permeate hookup culture as a mainstay in modern society:

Dating Sites

The increased use of dating sites have helped men and women the world over find sexual hookups at the click of a button. While dating sites have been around since the 90s, it wasn't until the technology boom in the mid-2000s that dating sites really became a core component in the way people connected for sexual gratification. While many dating sites helped people find their one true love, daters quickly discovered that easy sex was on the cards too.

Hookup culture really reached the masses in 2012 when Tinder broke onto the online dating scene. The hookup app reached heights that no other dating site has done since, and purely catered to this new crowd looking for a string of different sexual partners nightly. Tinder embraced hook up culture like no other platform, based user connections on physical appearances rather than interpersonal connections.

Social Media

Around the time that dating sites reached the masses, social media sites took off in a big way too. Early social media sites like Faceparty, Habbo Hotel and MySpace set the scene, Facebook and Instagram turned social media into a must-have component of modern life. And since this meant we were all on show 24 hours a day, it prompted unexpected connections and a desire to look good at all times.

We'd come across our ex-girlfriends and boyfriends. We'd connect with our high school crushes. We'd start chatting with good looking strangers. To say there is a sexual undertone to all social media use is an understatement, as platforms like Facebook and Instagram facilitate just as many casual sexual encounters as even the biggest dating apps on the scene today.

College Life

No where is sexual hookup culture more prevalent than on college campuses. College students report that hooking up has become another form of recreation that you fit into your schedule, like studying or exercising. It's as much a part of the college experience than actually getting the education you went there for. But as we might expect, it's only natural. After all, a desire for sexual exploration arrives around the same time we hit college.

Additionally, what else should we expect when a bunch of intelligent, good looking young people come together in one place? It would be more surprising if college students didn't hook up than if they did. When college life combines with the other technological advancements that make it easy to hook up, as well as the convenience of having a private location to have sex, it's no surprise college students are having uncommitted sex on a massive scale.

"You Only Live Once"

You've probably seen a million Instagram posts with similarly-worded messages. You only live once. Live for the day. Live in the moment, and other vague, life-affirming mantras. This kind of positive approach to living encourages young adults to seek out brief, short term highs that justify their existence in the moment, not in the long term. Naturally, casual sex is one such short term high.

The chemical reactions that result from sexual pleasure are comparable to that of alcohol use, drug use and sugar intake. Of couse, sexual activity produces a range of additional psychological effects that substance abuse doesn't, such as sensations of feeling wanted and desired. This whole You Only Live Once approach to life enables risk taking and thrill seeking, meaning young women and men are more likely to pursue casual sex encounters.

Lack of Stability

It's no secret that the world is an unstable place in the modern age. We live on a precipice of potential disasters. Political unrest, increased cost of living, unprecidented mortgage rates, deathly viruses that wipe out millions of lives. The mindset of young adults has been twisted by the world's current lack of stability, and so many people have taken a "screw it, why not?" approach to living.

The same way that homeless people turn to drugs to distract them from life's hardships, young men and women might use casual sex to distract them from living in a world they feel they have no place in. After all, it's much easier to numb yourself with brief highs than to sit and ponder the world's problems, because at least it's a fun way to spend your time. A lack of stability means that people are more likely to seek recreation in the long run.


It is quite obvious that, over the past decade, the wide-spread availability and social acceptance of pornogra-phy has played a major role in the rise of hooking up. Pornography is clearly changing the attitudes of young men about the role women should play in a sexual re-
lationship, and it impacts men’s perspective of true sexual intimacy. Porn’s promise of easy, commitment-free sexual gratification on the Internet is very hard for young men to resist.

In years past, to view pornography required a great deal of time, money, and effort. Today, Internet pornography is just a click away and is available 24 hours a day. 20 years ago, only a handful of young men and women were regular porn watchers. These days, the number is closer to 84%. Pornography is powerfully shaping the sexual lives of this younger generation and is fostering this new perspective on sex.

Peer Pressure

Probably one of the greatest fears we face in life is the fear of rejection. We are particularly afraid of not being accepted by our peers, and this is a particular fear for college students. They daily ask themselves this question in one form or another. Deep in their hearts they
Clearly, it is this binge type of drinking that breaks down students’ inhibitions. It leads
them into certain behaviors that they would never engage in if they were sober.

College students will wonder what their peers think of them as a man or woman. They ask, “Do I measure up?" There is a significant amount of social pressure to conform to the hookup standards, and students who choose not to be a part of the norm will experience rejection. Those who do not adhere to, and particularly those who publicly question the tenets or
practices of the hookup culture are thus considered unaccepted, unwelcome, or abnormal.

So, Is Hookup Culture Good Or Bad?

Okay, so we've said a lot about hookup culture already, and you might start wondering whether or not this kind of lifestyle is right for you. Now, if you read about hookup culture online, you'll find most places slam it. According to a lot of sources, hookup culture can lead to a diminished worldview. Some claim it promotes sexual violence, some claim that it's a recipe for emotional and psychological injury. Some say it's making us view people as objects.

Is this true? Not always. Casual sex can result in incredible, enjoyable experiences for many people, providing they approach the culture with a healthy outlook. People desire casual sex without the pressures of a traditional romantic relationship, and for that reason, hookup culture offers a massive number of advantages to men and women who crave sexual intercourse without commitment.

Why Hookup Culture Is A Good Thing

According to the mainsteam media and modern bloggers, hookup culture is the worst thing to happen to human sexual behavior since the dawn of man. This is obviously a little overblown, especially as hooking up has been a part of the world for literally centuries. The only difference is that today, different factors urge us to seek out casual sex than the factors that determined it years ago.

If you ask anyone that actually engages in this behavior whether it's a good thing or not, 99.9% of people will say hookup culture is great. After all, no one is forcing these people to sleep with concurrent sexual partners. They do it because they want to. They do it because it gives them pleasure, be it physical or psychological. Don't listen to the doom and gloom because it's all just a ploy to get clicks. Hookup culture is good, and here's why.

Taboo Busting

Sex isn’t supposed to be this secretive, taboo concept to sweep under the rug. Sexual scripts are a fundamental part of life. Sex is necessary for physical, emotional and mental relief, and you'll struggle to find a person that doesn't like sex in one form or another. Hookup culture, then, is helping remove some of the traditional taboos around sex and turn it into a giant, inclusive club that we're able to talk about and share stories of our sexual encounters.

Even though hookup culture isn't completely perfect, there has been no other time like today where people can express themselves and be open about who they are and what they want in the bedroom. Men and women are no longer bound by traditional beliefs, such as expecting to marry and have children by your early twenties. Hookup culture is helping modernize the way we look at casual relationships, one sexual encounter at a time.


Hookup culture is a modern form of sex education, except the test comes before the lesson. To quote the film the 40 Year Old Virgin: "You are gonna be so bad at sex the first time that you don't wanna have sex with someone you like, 'cause they'll think you're a weirdo for being so lame at it. So you wanna have sex with "hood rats" so that by the time you get to a girl that you do like, you won't be terrible at sex, you'll be mediocre at it. Probably still pretty bad, though."

If sexually inexperienced people want to practice their oral sex skills, the best way achieve this is through casual sexual encounters. No one is born a sex God. It takes practice, and what better way to practice than by utilizing the advantages that hookup culture provides? Hookups allow men and women to overcome their awkwardness and their anxiety about sex so they become more confident in the bedroom when it comes to pleasing their future partner.

Time Saving

As we mentioned, everyone wants sex at one point or another. It's part of our biological conditioning to crave sexual intimacy, so if someone doesn't have access to a long-term sexual partner, why should they be denied fulfilling sexual experiences? We're long past the days when people needed to wait until marriage to jump into bed, so hook up culture allows us to get these fixes without having to partake in a (unwanted) committed relationships.

Along similar lines, many people simply don't have time to seek out committed relationships, so they instead turn to uncommitted sexual encounters to get their sex fixes. 84% of North American college students claimed that hookup culture was an efficient time saving device more than anything. Between studying, working and spending time with friends, these college students claimed this barely left any time to seek out romantic relationships.


Human sexuality is a broad spectrum. While some people might prefer a more traditional romantic relationship, others might prefer sexual adventures of a different kind. You might be into fetish play, or you might have a particular kink that you'd be scared to indulge with a long-term romantic partner. Therefore, hookup culture allows young adults to explore their sexual limits without offending, upsetting or grossing out their partners.

Additionally, certain types of sexual relationship are entirely categorized by a particular kind of sex. For example, many people in the fetish scene have dominant or submissive sex partners, and quite often, these partners do not double as their romantic partners. Outside of their particular fetish boundaries, these two individuals might not interact at all. Hookup culture allows for these kind of fulfilling relationships to thrive in the modern day.

Relationship Foundations

If you asked 100 long-term couples how they met, around half of them would say they hooked up one night and never left each other's sides since. This goes for couples of all generations too, even young couples of today. There's no shortage of 20-something and 30-something couples out there, which means that while hookup culture definitely exists, it may just be a gateway to a sort of relationship culture on the other side.

Sexual hookups can actually lay the foundations for thriving romantic relationships. After all, sex is a crucial component of a romantic relationship, so if you and your hookup partner connect on a sexual level, this could easily evolve into a deeper bond in the long term. Many people involved in hookup culture are indeed looking for their future wife or husband, and hookup culture just allows them to sample as many potential long term mates as possible.

Relationship Culture Exists, Too

You don't have to be a part of hook up culture if you don't want. Despite what certain media outlets tell you, attendance into this modern scene is not mandatory. In fact, some experts argue that hookup culture isn't even a real thing. In the same way that we think the world is burning every time we check the news, the only reason hook up culture seems to be so prevalent is because we have access to everyone's information 24 hours a day.

Back in the 90s, we didn't know how many people were having casual sex. We only knew about the lives of celebrities or the people around us. Today, we know the details of every single person's life, meaning casual sex might seem more prevalent as it feels like a lot more people are looking for it. For example, if you checked the amount of sites dedicated to furries, you'd think furries were taking over the world, but have you ever seen a furry in real life?

Hookup Culture vs Relationship Culture

Hookup culture and relationship culture are two sides of the same coin. The uncommitted sexual behavior of hookup seekers might seem more prevalent in today's world, but the truth is that there's just as many people on the hunt for long term sexual partners. The difference is that we've always been inundated with people looking for relationships, whereas there's been a rise in hookup seekers due to the modern ease of finding potential partners.

There are plenty of young adults that have NO interest in casual sex without emotional involvement, but they'd still jump at the chance to connect with a potential long term partner. There are several factors that dictate a person's likelihood of jumping into hookup culture, and we're going to look at a few of these factors here.


There's a reason why the term "hookup" might evoke images of college students and young adults getting down to business in messy dorm rooms. That's because younger people are more likely to engage in this kind of sexual behavior. In a sample of 7th, 9th and 11th graders, 32% of participants had experienced sexual intercourse and 61% of sexually experienced teenagers reported a sexual encounter outside the context of a dating relationship.

The truth is that once people pass a certain age, they stop concerning themselves with casual sexual encounters. The cut off point is around mid-thirties, when people start desiring emotional connections over penetrative sex hookups. Around the typical college age, men and women are more likely to crave experimentation and exploration, which is why hookup culture seems more prevalent on college compuses around the world.

Sexual Experience

This information might seem a little odd, but according to 2020 data, people who are more sexually adventurous in their youth tend to settle down by the time they reach their late twenties. While there are indeed late twenties, 30-somethings and 40-somethings who partake in hookup culture, those who have already "been there, done that," tend to gravitate towards traditional relationships by the time they reach peak adulthood.

This is why casual sex is more common on college campuses rather than in workplaces throughout the US. Reportedly, 60% of North American college students arrive at college pure and virginal, and so they see college as a chance to finally indulge their raging sexual libido which they've been a slave to for years. Put simply, hookup culture is a mainstay, but its members are transient. Once hookup-seekers have go their fix, they seek out committed relationships.


Good looking people are more likely to get involved in hookup culture. Of course, it makes absolute sense. Those who are genetically gifted don't have to work as hard to attract the attention of potential partners, and often the allure of new sexual experiences is difficult to ignore. Along the same lines, attractive people will be drawn to other attractive people, so hookup culture gives these beautiful people opportunities few others will experience.

That's not to say that attractive people don't gravitate towards long term relationships. In general, this tends to be a male-dominated issue. Good looking men are more likely to become cliched "players," and while gorgeous women gravitate towards hookup culture for the same reasons, women are 50% more likely to stick with a partner they have good sexual connections with. Put simply, men stay in hookup culture, women use it to find long term mates.


Hooking up isn't just limited to college students. The culture permeates a number of different categories and demographics, and one factor that determines whether someone might involve themselves in this culture is their lifestyle. Those who live a transient lifestyle; never at home, always on the road, continually moving or travelling, might gravitate towards the lifestyle for its advantages and lack of commitment.

It's no secret that army soldiers have something of a reputation for seducing different young women. The same goes for touring musicians or artists. People who interact with a wide range of people, especially those of high status, will be attracted to hookup culture since it provides them sexual fulfillment on a grand scale. By contast, people who tend to stay in one place, such as rural small town dwellers, are more likely to seek the comfort of romantic attachment.

Is Hookup Culture Right For You?

Hookup culture is here to stay, and if you want to get involved in it, there's nothing stopping you. Don't think that you HAVE to get involved, but hookups offer a massive number of advantages that regular relationships don't. Lots of outlets slam hookup culture, but the people involved in it (including us) will defend it to the end. If you're ready to involve yourself in this new world, we've got the details you need to hear.

One question that might be on your mind: where exactly do you find hookups? Sure, casual sex is rife on college campuses, but what if you're not a college student? Where else can you find easy lays? The good news is that there's no shortage of hookup opportunities out there, you just need to be in the right places. In our next section, we're going to look at how you can find your own casual hookups.

Where To Find Casual Sex

There are two ways to find casual sex: real and virtual. In this next section, we're going to look at some of the ways you can find sex in the real world. If you’re planning on using dating apps to find your casual encounters, see the next section. Otherwise, dress up and look sharp, because these are the best places to get laid in the real world.


Bars have been synonymous with casual sex for decades. Before dating sites came along and changed the game, the number one place to meet a sex partner for the night was a local bar. Even though bars aren’t the hookup central they used to be, people still use them to find bedroom companions every night of the week. So, we can’t underestimate their place in the modern scene, even though hookup apps remain the go-to source to get laid.

What makes bars such good places to find sex? Well, people are dressed well, so they feel sexy. Alcohol is usually flowing. People are sometimes dancing and grinding. There’s a constant aura of sex in the air. Not to mention that people hit bars for the sole reason of finding easy sex, so half of the work is already done before you step inside.


Hotels and sex. Name a more iconic duo. Hotels are one of the best places to find real life hookups because there’s something about hotels that naturally evoke misbehavior and eroticism. Naturally, a lot of people meet in bars and clubs and then take their filthy antics back to hotel rooms for all-night fun, but how exactly do you find sex at hotels, especially if you’re not staying there? It’s not like you can just hang around at hotels, right?

Well actually you can. There are plenty of hotels that open their bars up to anyone and everyone, and these bars are often frequented by travelling businessmen and women looking to kill some time before their next boring meeting. You’d be surprised what being away from home can do to someone, so even though it might sound like something out of an unrealistic porn film, people find hookups in hotel bars every day of the week.

College Campuses

If you can’t find sex on a college campus, you won’t find it anywhere. A college campus is like a walking hookup app. As we’ve already covered, hookup culture was born out of college campuses across the world, so this is an obvious place to hit up if you’re looking for a good time. Obviously, you’ll need to be of college age as not to raise suspicion, and even if you don’t go to college, there’s nothing stopping you hitting up the parties.

Of course, don’t just walk around a random college campus waiting for hot women to drop their textbooks so you can help her pick them up. Aim for the night life. There are parties in college dorm rooms every weekend, and providing you look the part, you can easily slip in there and join the fun. Alternatively, if you’re actually a college student then half of the battle is already won. Just join the social activities and wait for the hookup opportunities to present themselves.

Social Media

Okay, so not the REAL world, but close enough. Social media works as effectively as any hookup site to find sex because these places are populated with horny young people who love nothing more than showing themselves off. Not to mention, your Facebook or Instagram profile is going to show the real you. There’s no hiding behind fake profiles (or at least very rarely) on social media.

Even better still, you might already have a connection with the person you’re messaging on social media. You might have gone to school together or worked together. They might be a friend of a friend. All it takes is a couple of messages and you can connect with someone through Facebook just as easily as you could though Tinder.


Weddings are naturally aphrodisiacs, especially for women. There’s nothing that gets a woman more in the mood for sex than watching another woman marry the love of her life. Perhaps she’s then motivated to find her own love, or maybe she just wants to soak up the romantic atmosphere and find someone to have fun with. Either way, weddings are fantastic places to find hookups.

Everyone is dressed well. There’s usually a lot of alcohol going around. There’s a natural aroma of sexual excitement since everyone knows the bride and groom are going to screw like rabbits once everything is done. There’s slow dances, cocktails, mixed table groups. Everything about a wedding lends itself to the act of hooking up. Feel free to try your luck - just make sure you’re actually on the guest list.

Best Dating Sites For Sexual Hookups

It's all thanks to dating apps that hookup culture is so permeated within today's sexual climate. Dating sites (or hookup apps, fuck sites or any other designation) allows us easy access to sexual partners, the likes of which society has never experienced before. According to data, 79% of young adults have used a dating site at some point in their life, and 65% have reported finding uncommitted sex through their app of choice.

So if you're looking for easy sexual intercourse on a massive scale, you need to join a few dating apps to get things rolling. That's why we've put together this massive list of platforms to help find easy sexual engagement. For maximum results, we recommend joining more than one app, but which ones you choose depends on your personal preferences. So, have fun, your next uncommitted sexual encounter is only a few clicks away.

Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder is one of the original hookup sites. It was pushing hookup culture before hookup culture was even a thing. It's been around since the 1990s, and has continued to stay relevant thanks to its constant updates and modernization. It remains a powerhouse in the dating site scene today, facilitating new meetups between worldwide users on an hourly basis. If you're looking for uncommitted sex, Adult Friend Finder is a sure thing.

The site is actually more of a social media site than a hookup site. It uses common social media aesthetics and features like blogs, wall posts and a news feed of your friends' recent activity. With chat rooms, forums and multiple ways to connect with potential new partners, Adult Friend Finder is mainstay in hookup culture. No matter your sexual orientation, AFF has your needs in mind.


Zoosk is an old school dating site. It's not your typical swipe-and-bang hookup app, but it's still a great place to find easy uncommitted sex. It works like any traditional dating site; just put your basic information in, set up a profile and start messaging. But what Zoosk has going for it is its massive user base of relationship-seekers of all kinds. One night stands, fuck buddy arrangements, and even long-term relationships.

With 10 million registered users, Zoosk offers a sure thing. You'll find college aged women, mature men and women, even oldies looking for a quick fix before they hit water aerobics. Zoosk's versatility is unmatched, so if you're dying to test out your new social and sexual scripts on eager hookuppers, you can do a lot worse than Zoosk.

Casual X

As the name suggests, Casual X is entirely about the uncommitted sex. It's something akin to Tinder, except it utilizes a grid-style approach rather than the modern swipe system. Its features are stripped down and minimalistic so you don't have to bog yourself down with unnecessary additions. There's around 5 million worldwide users on here, so while it's not as vast as some of the more mainstream sites, it's entirely dedicated to casual sexual activity.

Unlike some of the more popular dating apps, Casual X's users range in age from 18-55, so even if you don't fit the exact demographic of a hookupper, you'll still find potential sex partners here on Casual X. This is one of those sites that, according to opinion pieces all over the Internet, makes men see young women as sexual objects. However, as you'll tell by talking to the ladies on here, these women love nothing more than a little sexual risk.


We can't talk about uncommitted sex without talking about the site that brought hookup culture to the mainstream. Tinder is the original hub for casual sexual activity, transforming the entire sex scene for young people the world over when it first debuted in 2012. It revolutionized the scene with its now-famous swiping system, matching potential partners together based on physical appearances.

Tinder is still alive and well today, although it's not the hookup paradise it once was. While college students and young people are still using it to find easy, penetrative sex hookups, Tinder is also a place to help people find long term partners too. It's morphed into something of an all-rounder, catering to the entire spectrum of sexual activity. Hookups, casual dating, future marriage prospects - it's all available through Tinder.


Human sexuality is a broad spectrum that covers a wide range of sexual needs and preferences. Straight relationships, gay relationships, swinging arrangements, partner-sharing fantasies, fetish play. Whatever your preferred type of sexual engagement, you'll find it on Feeld. This is a place for deep sexual exploration of your inner self, helping you find that sexual partner (or partners, plural) for unbridled satisfaction and fulfillment.

Maybe you're looking for a threesome partner. Maybe you want someone to nail your wife while you watch. How about an orgy? Feeld specializes in the alternative stuff, covering the entire spectrum of depraved sexual acts for your pleasure. It's not completely free to use, but the price of admission is more than worth it. Feeld is fast a central component of hookup culture, so make use of it while you can.

Illicit Encounters

Married people want hookups too. Well, maybe not all married people, but judging by the amount of married men and women that use Illicit Encounters, there are lots of folks out there on the hunt for discreet affairs. If you're interesting in hooking up with married women (and who wouldn't be?) Illicit Encounters might be the hookup app you need in your You don't have to be married to be on here, but it definitely helps.

We're not saying it's the most moral hookup site in the world. However, we can't deny that married women make excellent hookup candidates because their lack of commitment is guaranteed. These taken ladies aren't going to get clingy or demand you take them on a romantic date. They just want easy, uncommitted sex while their husbands are at work. With Illicit Encounters, finding affairs has never been easier.

Now Dating

“Now” is the mantra of the modern generation. We want it all and we want it now, and this translates to hooking up too. On Now Dating, you can connect with people who are ready to hook up at a moment’s notice. On other platforms, you might run into users who are trying to find a sex partner for the weekend. But here on Now Dating, the only people online are the ones who aren’t willing to wait around. It’s sex now, or sex never.

It’s a fantastic little gimmick. It ensures that you’re going to chat with people who are willing to make the move at that very moment. No scheduling for the next week or anything like that. While Now Dating is a relatively new platform, it’s got 2 million users across the US – more than enough to satiate anyone’s sexual appetite no matter where they’re located. Now Dating fits right in amongst today’s hookup culture, offering instant sex at the very moment you crave it.

Killing Kittens

Not a site for murdering cats, but a few pussies have definitely been crushed through here. On Killing Kittens, women do all the work. Men are able to sign up, but they can’t actually do anything until a woman initiates contact. Women on here are able to window shop for guys, and if they like the look of them, they can shoot them a message. Only then can the guy respond. It’s a genius little feature and one that the hookup world definitely needs more of.

 As we mentioned earlier, guys are more promiscuous than girls. One of the biggest problems in today’s dating scene is that women get bombarded with messages while guys get much less interaction overall. Killing Kittens provides a nifty little solution to this issue, and judging by KK’s high rates of success, it’s doing something right. Better yet, it’s completely free for men to sign up to Killing Kittens, so it’s definitely worth having an active profile on here.


Alt.com is a social media-style dating site for lovers of alternative sex. BDSM practitioners, swinging couples, leather lovers, furries, cuckolds, hotwives, age-players and anything else that falls under the alternative banner. It’s all available through this completely free hookup app. Not everyone in the hookup scene craves simple vanilla sex, so it’s great to have a platform that caters to the needs of the more experimental crowd.

The site works a little like Facebook. Every user has a profile, a blog and a wall to post their updates. You can add friends, join groups based on your sexual interests and interact with other members. There’s no swiping systems or anything like that, but the alternative scene is considered a little more mature than other sex scenes. Additionally, it’s not just horny college students you’ll find on here. The average user age is 35 so expect a more mature crowd.

FAB Swingers

Despite the name, FAB Swingers is not a place for swingers. It’s a super popular hookup site that’s been around for two decades, and it’s still helping people make easy connections to this day. It’s available worldwide, so it doesn’t matter if you’re looking for American MILFs, European beauties or Canadian college students, you have a good chance of finding your ideal uncommitted sex partner on FAB Swingers. And just to add to its appeal, it’s totally free to use.

The site uses the classic grid style approach, however there’s a Tinder-style matchmaking system available for those who prefer that model. With over 20 million worldwide users, you’ll be short of a chat partner, and as the name suggests, the place is entirely casual. You won’t get any relationship-seekers joining a site called FAB Swingers, so if it’s hookups you want, hookups you’ll get. Join tonight and get lost in this world of promiscuous sexual behavior.

Hookup Culture - Fun, Risk Free Sex

Hooking up isn't new by any means, and today's hookup culture is nothing more than the result of modern evolution. Today's media might slam hookup culture for its so-called "negative consequences;" apparently Tinder is causing a massive rise in sexually transmitted infections. Apparently Bumble is causing a rise in sexual assault. Apparently male sexuality is as distorted as ever thanks to POF.

Most of this is complete nonsense. People are not having unwanted sex. People crave these sexual behaviors because we're sexual beings by definition. Don't listen to the naysayers because they're all written by people who balk at the thought of any kind of sexual touching. Yes, there's a sexual risk involved with promiscuous sexual behaviors, but there's a risk with any sexual act regardless of who you do it with.

The Last Word In Hookup Culture

Getting laid with multiple partners is more socially acceptable than ever before, so those who crave promiscuous sexual behavior should embrace this new freedom with open arms (and open legs). Hookup culture is not some alien concept to be demonized, it's a new way for thrill-seeking men and women to explore sexual adventures without fear of judgment. Providing you approach hookup culture with a positive, healthy outlook, you'll love every second.

It's also impotant to keep in mind, that while hookup culture is as rife as ever, no one is forcing you into this world. If you're looking for sexual intimacy or a romantic relationship, these are easier to find than ever before too. Sexual initiation is no longer a taboo subject to be hushed over, so get out there and make the most of society's evolved sexual predilections. Hookup culture is a step in the right direction for everyone.

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