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The Best Cruises for Singles to Hook Up (2022)

Are you a sea lover looking for like-minded lovers on the open seas? Then a singles sex cruise is an option to consider for men and women looking to hookup on the international waters.

Sex cruises are not a new concept. Starting as far back as 2016, these cruises offered everyday individuals a chance to set sail on their maiden voyages filled with bachelors, maidens and voyeurs looking for promiscuous fun on the high seas.

What are sex cruises? What can occupants expect while on the cruise ship with single and sexy swingers? These questions and more are answered below.

Whether you are looking for a singles cruise/cruise ships offer singles events to help you find younger singles or a romantic encounter, there are plenty of interested singles in different age groups sailing around the world, from the west coast to Europe.

Certain cruise lines offer singles mixers and interesting excursions with other singles/cruisers to help you meet people; either single women and men or just new friends. There are a few things that most cruise lines offer, including cocktail parties and public areas to find singles and mingle with another person while cruising.

Your best bet for finding your dream vacation cruise line for a one night stand during spring break or any time will be answered throughout this article. Not everyone is aware of the opportunities to find sexy singles on a cruise ship. From a short cruise/shorter sailings to single cabins, the cruises revealed below are intended for any age group to cruise smarter and get the best results beyond the cabin door.

Can You Find Hookups on a Cruise?

Yes! While finding casual sex on cruises has always been available, most cruises weren't nearly as open about the concept until the last decade. Singles cruises where men and women could find their future lover were popular options for individuals to test their compatibility on these large ocean liners.

What Are Sex Cruises?

Sex cruises take that idea to a whole new level. Instead of finding love on these days-long dream vacations, people are looking for casual sex or hooking up to fufill their sexual fantasies. These romantic encounters take place in an environment with rules that keep the individuals safe while exploring their sexual side.

What Happens on a Hook Up Cruise?

Depending on what comes to your mind when you think of a sex cruise, the reality of what happens on these trips may surprise you. Most cruises offer nude sunbathing by the pool, themed get-together parties and ice-breakers to help you to learn about your fellow cruisers.

As for the hook ups, those are restricted to certain areas on the ship. Rules against where you can get it on are in place to allow people areas where they can relax without fear of interrupting others' activities. Predominantly, the promiscuity is limited to adult playrooms where individuals can fulfill their sexual desires.

Is This an Actual Cruise?

Again, yes! As for the cruise itself, you can expect to visit numerous ports and interesting destinations. You will visit exotic locations like the Caribbean or the Mediterranean, and some cruises even offer Alaska as a destination. Like any other cruises, cocktails parties, dining and most themed events will require clothing and costumes to participate.

Who Are Sex Cruises For?

Also, these sex cruises are not only for individuals looking to hook up on the open seas. Instead, travelers will find a mix of nudists, curious couples and voyeurs who partake in these cruises. While you might find individuals of all ages boarding these cruise ships, expect to find a larger crowd of older singles and swingers looking to take part in these cruises.

Best Hookup Cruises/Cruises for Singles to Hook Up

Now, you're sold on fulfilling your fantasies on a sex cruise. What options exist for you to find affairs miles away from the mainland? The answer: a lot!

Since setting sail in 2016, several companies have started offering sex cruises to solicit an illicit and eccentric mix. These themed cruises are becoming extremely popular, but that doesn't mean they are offered daily. Below you'll find a list of eight cruises offering specific themes and up to week-long trips to allow individuals to experience romantic encounters.

Desire Greek Islands

Desire is the oldest cruise company offering sexy cruises for swingers and singles to hook up. The next ship from Desire is a Greek Islands Cruise in late September. This cruise leaves port from Athens, Greece, and explores Santorini, Rhodes, Kusadasi, Patmos, and Mykonos on a seven-day voyage.

Desire's Greek Islands cruise differs from most sexy cruise companies because of their crew, which Desire calls its cast of playmakers. These individuals help passengers get out of their comfort zone by creating numerous activities each day. At night, multiple live performances and themed parties entertain guests while pursuing their casual hookup partners.

Bliss Celebrity Reflection

Bliss offers a week-long romantic getaway during November to Aruba and Curacao for sexy singles and swingers. While designed for couples only, this adults-only voyage to the Caribbean can be enjoyed by a pair of friends seeking sexual fulfillment.

Celebrity Reflections includes live entertainment nightly and multiple parties for passengers to choose from. In addition to casual sex, passengers can fill their day with seminars and other day-time activities on this clothing-optional excursion. Meet and greets and afternoon playtime are also planned activities for this sexy cruise.

Desire Rio De Janeiro New Year's Eve Cruise

Ring in the New Year with this nine-day castaway by Desire. Leaving Rio de Janeiro on December 30, this sexy cruise explores South America with stops at exotic locations like the Copacabana Beach, Punta Del Este and Buenos Aires.

The Playmakers on board the Rio de Janeiro New Year's Eve cruise promise a spicier experience for singles and swingers alike to bring in 2023 in style. International DJs turn pool parties into mini-concerts for guests in between casual hook ups. Larger playrooms allow romance to come alive in a protected environment.

Rockstar Adventures Star Clipper Costa Rica Cruise

Travel from Puerto Caldera, Costa Rica on this seven-day sexy cruise from Rockstar Adventures. Hop aboard the Star Clipper to explore multiple locations in Costa Rica and Panama in February 2023 while enjoying a more-intimate mix of couples and sexy singles on this smaller cruise ship.

Promising a fun and flirty atmosphere, the Rockstar Star Clipper Costa Rica Cruise offers this as one of their lower-priced options for connecting with other like-minded individuals enjoying an alternative lifestyle. While there are no playrooms on this cruise, the clothing-optional vacation promises to bring together individuals from all walks of life looking to enjoy casual sex and rock the boat in calm waters!

Temptation Caribbean Cruise

Temptation is one of the newer cruise options available for sexy singles and swingers to experience fun like never before. Departing from Miami during early February 2023, this six-day, five-night cruise visits Key West and Georgetown during its time in the waters.

The action aboard Temptation Caribbean Cruise is limitless. A 24-hour R-Rated Red Room allows couples and singles to spice up their love life with hot hookups. DJs keep the pool deck rocking on this clothing-optional sunbathing area, and workshops on the pleasures of sex allow singles and couples to uncover their wildside beneath the sheets.

Bliss Celebrity Summit

Looking for a shorter cruise to test out the hookup cruise waters? Then the Bliss Celebrity Summit in April 2023 may be right for you. Sail from Miami with stops in Georgetown, Grand Cayman and Ocho Rios, Jamaica on this clothing-optional trip.

Couples making this voyage will find a younger crowd on board the Celebrity Summit. With an average age of 39 years, this cruise offers up to 2,000 people a chance to party and play all day and night in a sexy atmosphere. Adult-themed dress-up parties, playrooms and private jacuzzis allow passengers to exhibit their uninhibited side with other passengers in a relaxing atmosphere.

Desire Venice Rome Cruise

Step on board the Desire Venice Rome Cruise to explore Siebenik, Dubrovnik and Sorrento among other locations. This eight-day cruise will explore Croatia, Montenegro and Italy, giving passengers a taste of the unique Mediterranean culture during this mid-May 2023 trip.

Voyagers will enjoy some of the best themed activities offered by any clothing-optional cruise. This is Desire's upscale cruise and one of its priciest offerings as top cabins go for over $30,000.

In addition to all the sexual activities, workshops and clothing-optional areas, guests will be treated to fine dining options and theme pool parties.

Rockstar Adventures Rhine River Cruise

In late June 2023, Rockstar Adventures will offer a unique cruise as it takes travelers down the Rhine River. Guests will enjoy eight days traversing four countries - The Netherlands, Germany, France & Switzerland - in a smaller and more intimate setting.

With the average age between 45 to 60, this option skews older due to both the price and the amenities. Another issue for those looking at this cruise is clothing is not optional.

The area where the cruise takes place does not allow for nude sunbathing nor playrooms for adults to take their sexual excapades outside of the cabin rooms. Despite that, workshops and themed pool parties makes this an ideal opportunity to live out your sexual fantasies.

Can You Find Sexual Activity on Other Cruises?

While the entire thought behind these sexy cruises is to find casual sex partners, knowing what specific symbols you might see others display on any cruise is helfpul. Pineapples and pink flamingos are symbols for what sexual activity swinging couples would enjoy and can be found on sexy cruises as well as regular vacation voyages.

These sex symbols have recently become well-known identifiers for individuals looking for casual sex on all cruises, including ones that are family-friendly and allow children on board.

Carnival Cruises, for example, allows users to decorate their door and allow others to know what they are willing to explore sexually.

Tips & What to Bring on a Cruise

While clothing is optional for almost all of these sexy cruises, swimwear is a must for travelers as not all locations on the ship allow nudity. Most dining areas also require clothing, so semi-formal attire such as hats, shorts, sandals and dress slacks or nice shirts should also be included.

Cruise Vacation Basics

Toiletries are also a must. While most people can use those provided by the ship, items such as deodorant, lotion and body wash are not provided by all cruise companies. Electronic devices such as a laptop or phone also are musts as you can communicate via the ship's WiFi for an additional cost.

Final Thoughts

Whether it's your first time or your first cruise of several trips this year, finding an option with stops that interests you is the first step in enjoying your time at sea. The itinerary of where the cruise visits is arguably more important, allowing you to find destinations that excite your senses and reinvigorate your life.

The cruises on this list offer plenty of excursions while sailing. Cruising singles and couples all over the world can meet new friends and interested people from any age group on themed cruises and singles cruise ships.

If it is your first time trying out a sexy cruise adventure, set your limits and boundaries before the trip. Traveling with a friend or spouse allows adequate time to set limits beforehand, and helps you avoid single supplement cabin fees. Be sure to know and follow the rules on your cruise ship regarding clothing, or follow the American Association for Nude Recreation's guidelines.

Once set, you'll be able to let your wild side loose on these fantasy cruise ships and live out your desires. Remember, there are no strict orders on these types of cruises; so get out there, meet your fellow passengers, and have fun!

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