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Before dating sites changed the game, bars and clubs were the number one hotspots to score one night stands. And while you might think that the bar hookup scene has died out, you might be surprised to learn that people still use bars to meet attractive singles every night of the week. Some people still prefer real environments to the virtual.

But as you might know, not all establishments are pure singles bars. You're not gonna get laid at any dive bars in your town, nor are you going to find easy sex in a place rife with arcade games. So, if you want to find the best hookup bars in your city, you might need a little help from the Internet. That's why we've put together a list of the best places to find singles bars.

Do People Still Hookup At Bars?

With the advent of dating apps, you might think that bar hookups are a thing of the past. Well, guess again, because people are finding hookups in bars every night of the week. For decades, bars have been the number one places to find horny women, and their environments are tailor made for sex. Club atmosphere, flirty dancing, lots of beer - it's perfect.

Girls still find guys at bars because they're not hiding behind a screen. They can't use filters. What you see is what you get. Not to mention, there's always a large number of potential fuck partners to choose from, and everyone is usually dressed in their best. Weekdays, weekends, whatever. If you want to hook up with easy women, don't underestimate the bar scene.

Best Sites To Find Bar Hookups

You can't just hit up any old bar and hope that it's a hive of singles activity. You need to know which hotspots to check out before you head out of the house. Using the sites below, you'll be able to discern the party hubs from the shitholes, this increasing your chances of a successful hookup.

Some of these sites are minstream advertising platforms while others are a little more specialist. However, we've put together a nice variety to help you find your perfect hookup bar. Here are the best sites to help you get laid tonight.


Yelp is one of the best known websites of all time, not for just finding dive bars or hip hop clubs - but for anything. Yelp feaures reviews for pretty much every establishment on the planet, from restaurants to music halls to dentists and everything in between. And of course, it'll let you know which is the best bar to hit up for some hook up fun.

How? Well, just search for your city, filter it down by 'singles bars' and see what it brings up. It'll give you a list of the best places to hang out, as well as a number of reviews from real users. It'll give you every detail you need to know, right down to the name of the bartender serving that night.

Adult Hookup

Adult Hookup is something of an all-encompassing adult community, featuring everything from bar reviews to dating site features to live cams. And of course, it'll list you the best singles bars to hit up for easy hook up opportunities. Just find your location from the list, narrow it down by town or city and get searching.

Since Adult Hookup is completely sex-oriented, it'll only list the places teeming with horny women. Most places have been reviewed by locals for that authentic touch, so you can walk in fully expecting to have your choice of the ladies on offer. The site also reviews dive bars and drinking establishments for a little extra information too.

So Naughty

So Naughty is very similar to Adult Hookup, offering reviews of the best bars in town for your convenience. It's also got a few extra features, like highlighting local community events to help you meet that girl of your dreams. So Naughty has setions for every state and city in the US, and it the site gets a ton of high activity.

Not only that, but SoNaughty has a dating section so you can connect with potential partners before you even leave the house. There's also less pressure about the whole thing, because chances are she's using So Naughty for social purposes anyway. So, there's nothing stopping you messaging a local and asking her if she wants a drink at some fancy establishment.

Hookup Ads

Hookup Ads is an amazing reviews app, but it's also got a nice personals section to help arrange meetups with people in your area. For example, let's say you're in NYC, simply post an ad detailing the haunts you're about to hit up. Something like "thinking of hitting that new place on Main St this weekend. Is anyone else going?"

A lot of people who use Hookup Ads are looking for someone to spend their social nights with, so it's a great place to meet locals, whether it's for a quick drink or a discreet hookup. It's basically a dating app disguised as a personals page, which is an excellent idea that we're surprised no one has thought of before.


FourSquare City Guide, more commonly known as FourSquare, brands itself as an "independent location data platform for understanding how people move through the real world." The way it works is quite simple. You turn on the location service on your phone, then FourSquare will tell you what bar to hit up based on current activity.

For example, let's say that bar you're currently standing outside is a ghosttown. Meanwhile, there's a ladies night going on in the bar down the road. Obviously, you're going to hit the place where there's more women. FourSquare uses actual, round-the-clock data to guide you towards the locations that are currently engaged. with real people.

Trip Advisor

If we're talking about review sites, we need to talk about Trip Advisor. Chances are you're alreayd familiar with this website already, since anyone who's ever travelled anywhere will have checked it out. But as well as being a place with info on literally every single destination in the universe, it's also a good place to find your best local singles club.

Trip Advisor actually throw a lot of shit at the wall, but that's the beauty of it. You can get reviews for literally everything in your area. It's a challenge to find something that ISN'T reviewed, so if you're in the mood for drinks, dinner, sex, or even a nice game of dominoes, you'll have no problem finding it on Trip Advisor.

Finder Master

Finder Master is a pure classifieds website, much like the old Craigslist personals page. The difference is that, as well as individual personals, you'll also find personals from businesses and establishments in your area. So, if one of your local dive bars has a band playing on Tuesday night, they might advertise it through Finder Master.

Of course, you can easily use Finder Master to find a good time too. Not only does it have personals, but it'll also list the best places to get drinks in your local area, and there's usually several reviews left beneath each establishments. You need to sign up to use Finder Master, but anyone is allowed in (providing you're over the age of 18).


Sit back and hold tight, because this one is a little different to the other sites on this list. If you're looking for a different kind of date, perhaps one that involves a crowd, AdultSpace is the page for you. AdultSpace specializes in bringing swingers together for drinks, dancing and of course, a whole lot of hooking up.

Imagine Yelp but dedicated entirely to swingers events. That's AdultSpace in a nutshell. It's not for everyone, but if you want to play around with a local couple, AdultSpace will directly you to a bar that's got the right atmosphere, the right style, and enough dark rooms to keep you occupied all night. Just be sure to wipe the chairs down before you take a seat.

Backpage Pro

You might be familiar with the name Backpage. It was once the best place on the Internet to meet escorts, or sometimes you'd be lucky enough to land a consensual hookup. However, the original Backpage has now disappeared, and a number of alternatives have since popped up to take its place. Backpage Pro is probably the best one of them all.

But it's not just escorts you'll find on Backpage Pro. In case you haven't heard, it's now evolved into an efficient reviews website, informing local punters of the best place to meet new people, chat with friends and have a good old laugh. Just look through the large number of reviews, find a place that speaks highly of the sexy clientele and head there tonight.


Sure, singles clubs will get you an easy lay, but what if you're into a different kind of play time? If you're looking for a kinker crowd to walk the fine lines of lust with, Alt.com is the page to check out. Alt.com is a kind of social media page that also advertises local events, swinger meetups and BDSM events, so while you'll definitely find a few singles, they won't be into the vanilla stuff.

Likewise, the kind of establishments Alt.com advertises won't be your run-of-the-mill clubs. They'll be highly specialist places with a particular clientele. As well as advertising local establishments, Alt.com functons like any type social media place. Users have a wall they upload pictures and updates to, and messaging other members is completely free.

Find Your Next Bar Hookup Here

If you're eager to get out there into the real world to find your next lay, our list of the best hookup bars will help you on your quest for easy hookups. It's not just bars, either. Throw yourself out there and you'll be surprised where you can actually find real women; restaurants, hotels, college parties, dance classes - you can find adult fun anywhere.

If you're tired of spending your evenings swiping through faces on dating sites, why not hit a few of the best singles bars your city has to offer? We're all sick of finding sex virtually because it usually ends up in disappointment, but when you meet girls in lounge bars, you'll know exactly what you're getting.

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