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Hookup Ads Sites That Actually Work.

Looking for fuck buddies doesn’t have to be a chore! When you place free ads on hookup sites, you can often land yourself a hot date with a sex partner before the clock strikes midnight! The key is to post ads on several different dating sites until you get the results you’re looking for.

Sites come and go. Sometimes they are really good and popular for a while, then they fade into the background. Other websites may work for a while, then suddenly go down. We’ve taken time to look at some of the absolute best hookup ads sites out there today!

Stop and Read This First!

Before you post free classified ads, you’ll most definitely want to read our tips for various sites. This blog post will give you all the info you need to fulfill your sexual fanasies and find sex tonight. If you are horny, we’ll help you find classified sites worth your time and money!

Getting Started with Classified Ad Websites

So, where exactly do you start finding free hookup sites and online dating services? Here’s the good news: there are thousands. The bad news? There are thousands! Sorting through them all to find a promising hookup site can be extremely difficult indeed.

Don’t worry, that’s why we’re here! We’ll help you find the best hookup sites so you can be having some casual sex in no time at all. 

Mobile or Web?

Many personal ads sites are only on the web. This means that they don’t look great on older mobile phones, especially if they are small. So, finding a hookup site that has a companion app can be very helpful if you don’t own a computer.

On the other hand, dating sites on the web often have a higher level of search, chat, messaging and filtering functionality! This can save you a ton of time browsing personal ads and viewing only the ones that are the most relevant to you.

The Best of Both Worlds

The best hookup sites have both a web and mobile platform, allowing you to browse classified ads no matter where you are! This shouldn’t be a dealbreaker though. If you find a site that has the right kind of guys or girls, and it doesn’t have the platform you were seeking, we recommend using it anyway.

Your ultimate goal is hooking up for sex, not a great user experience!

This is one of the most important questions you’ll need to ask yourself before posting in any ads section or on other sites. Free hookups are what everyone wants, but they may take more time than if you’re willing to buy sex partner ads.

This is because there are often so many more guys out there on free sites! It’s like going to a hot dog farm. So, as a man, if you place free ads, you’ll have so much competition, which will undoubtedly slow you down.

When you place paid classified ads, you’ll rise to the top, and have more hook ups than you would otherwise.

Are Craigslist Personal Ads Still a Thing?

For many years, using Craigslist personals was the best way to place hookup ads. That all changed when the casual encounters section of Craigslist personals was taken down.

As a worldwide classifieds site, they were concerned about bad actors using the platform to post hookup ads which resulted in people becoming victims of sex slavery.

They were concerned about violating anti sex trafficking laws that had been enacted to keep people safe. So, even though it was one of the oldest hookup sites, the casual encounters section went bye-bye.

Craigslist Replacements

So, what replaced Craigslist personals? The good news is that there are tons of sites that are great Craigslist personal ads alternatives. Some of these are places where you can just post hookup ads, and others are more sophisticated platforms for online communication where you can chat, send messages, browse profiles and more.

So don’t jump out a window, there are still great ads sites to post free classified ads for sex and casual encounters. 

What Other Sites Are Replacing Craigslist?

Don’t worry, there’s lots of ad sites that are still worth checking out. As soon as Craigslist personals disappeared so many enterprising individuals came up with new and unique twists on the same classifieds sites theme.

New sites offered a higher level of functionality and addressed some of the safety issues that plagued Craigslist.

Now, some of these ad sites are better than others. As with any aspect of the internet revolution, there’s a “gold rush” environment where thousands just flock to the river to make a fast, easy buck.

The market has a great way of sorting the wheat from the chaff, however, and the fly-by-night ones die off one by one.

New Sites Post Pandemic

A recent blog post on an adult website discussed how so many classified ads sites are seeing a huge resurgence in popularity lately. It appears that this is because the pandemic created a revolution in at-home working.

With so many of these workers having a high level of privacy, they feel free to hop on classified ads sites to browse for hook ups.

Let’s delve into some of the Craigslist personals alternatives to see which ones are currently the best. 


Debuting soon after Craigslist personals went down, this was probably the most similar to the original. Each city got its own sub-site, and you could post free classified ads in whatever genre you were looking for.

Unfortunately, Backpage wasn’t really long for this world. The same concerns about sex trafficking, prostitution, kidnapping, drug dealing in their hookup ads persisted.

Law enforcement agencies like the Federal Bureau of Investigations started taking a look at what was going on on this classified website. The CEO was actually arrested, and the site was taken down.

The great news is that alternative sites sprung up. Many of these have “Backpage” in the name, for instance, “Backpage locals,” “Backpage Hookups,” “Backpage Dating,” etc. Here too, the same problem exists. Some of these are scams and some are legitimate.

Since these backpage hookup sites come and go, you’ll just have to give some of them a try to see if they work. If you start clicking on ads or running simple searches like “M4W” or “M4M” and you come up totally empty, that’s a good indication it’s a fake and you’ll need to find alternative sites to try.

Each Backpage personal ads section has categorized ads in your typical categories like “Men seeking women,” or “women seeking men.” There’s also plenty of action here for those seeking ads for same sex partners. This is a very LGBTQIA+ site!


One is “Doublelist.” This new and interesting concept is a great new take on something old and familiar. That’s what makes it one of the Craigslist personal ads alternatives that’s really similar to the original.

Anyone can place a free personal ad. These are almost entirely classifieds specialized in people seeking sex. So, if you need your 1989 Ford Taurus repaired, this isn’t the site you’re looking for!

This has a very similar interface to both Craigslist Personals and Backpage. Choose your city, and take a look at what there is to offer!

There’s casual dating for everyone here: men seeking women; women seeking men; men seeking men; women seeking women and much more! It's very LGBTQIA+ friendly as well. 

Checking out reddit and other forums, you’ll discover that many people have had great success in getting laid using Doublelist. It’s definitely one of those websites that is peaking in popularity right now.

What that means for you is that no matter who you are and what you look like, you can probably find someone that to bang! 

Ashley Madison

While Ashley Madison is a great Craigslist replacement, it’s a bit different from some of the other classified sites we’ve mentioned. This is definitely a paid hookup site, but if you want to meet in in real life for casual sex, it’s one of the best around.

As one of the most popular sites around in this category, it has a huge members base, and is literally dedicated to helping people all over the world find hookups. In its early days, it was the subject of some controversy since it was intended to help people cheat on their spouses.

This controversy only fueled a greater level of popularity, meaning there’s many more members to choose from now.

So if you can’t post free ads, why use it? The answer is that free sites often are so littered with freaks, uggos, and scammers that it makes finding a legit hookup difficult. Since you need to pay to use Ashley Madison, that’s rarely a problem.

The search functions allow you to find a perfect match, then live out your sexual fantasies! Who doesn’t want that?


The clean interface on Bedpage makes it super easy to browse and reply to ads. You’ll find nearly every city, large and small, has ads not just related to sex, but all sorts of other things as well.

Let’s say you’re looking for online dating, but you also want someone to tutor you in Portuguese. You’ll find that here! There’s ads in every category: sex, items for sale, jobs, and more! You’ll really go down the rabbit hole looking at these ads.

Each Classified ad has helpful information about the location of the person or item who placed it. Make sure to double check this information as you don’t want to respond to someone that’s extremely far away!


Speaking of a rabbit hole, this is one classifieds ads site where you can not only post free ads, but you can also buy and sell thousands of great items!

Many users come to browse the ads for jobs, unique items, timeshares and more. Then, they stick around to find ads that relate to online dating. 

Guys, let’s take a look at some of the Women seeking Men ads. There’s a cute 35 year old looking for late night movies cuddles. Jenny is ready to meet up, and says she’s “ready.” Do you like BBW’s? You might like a 25 year old “Thick Jamaican Baddie.”

Ladies, there is no shortage of great ads for you either. A mechanic offering massage; a 23 year old latino who wants fun; and an 18 year old who is seeking a dominant woman! You can afford to be choosy with so many great guys on this site.

Each city is divided into neighborhoods, so you can find ads that people posted who are close to you. That’s really important when you want to find that hookup quickly. With gas prices skyrocketing, finding personal ads for people close to you can even save you money when you can walk to your hookup!


Online dating through Facebook is actually more common than you think! In fact, it’s really one of the oldest dating sites around. The reason is that people are able to generally trust each other from the get go, since they have mutual friends.

Instead of browsing through a buch of stranger’s ads, you’ll find men and women often looking to date and even hookup. Just don’t post it on your page after the deed is done!

The great news is that you probably already have a FB account, so you can browse through your friends to see if there’s anyone that might be DTF. You may have even better luck using the facebook app to find people with mutual friends. Then you can just introduce yourself and say, “Hi! I see you are friends with my friend. Do you want to go out sometime?”

While you aren’t going to find an ads section on Facebook, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t act as a great online dating profile.

Unlike ad sites, there are generally very few fake profiles here. Facebook is actually great about cracking down on that. If you see female members, you can trust that they are real!

Oodle Marketplace

Whether you are looking to adopt a cute puppy; searching for lakefront property; or finding a no strings attached relationship in the personal ads section there’s a ton about Oodle that we love. Like Locanto, this site works as a classified ads site that has both hookup ads and posts for products, services and jobs.

People on Oodle post ads for both sex and love. There’s some really interesting people here of all different age groups. Let’s look at some of these hookup ads so you know what you might find on here:

There’s a 51 year old practitioner of Jungian philosophy seeking a woman. There’s a gorgeous, curvy 27 year old in California. Michale is 37 years old, handsome and seeking a friend with benefits. The people here are generally classier, and the ads are a little less explicit than they are on other pages.

Of course it’s not just personal ads either. You can find jobs here like: electrician, quality control technician, shuttle operator or HVAC mechanic. There are ads for rooms to rent in every state, and for every use like offices, apartments, healthcare and more.


The classified ads here run the gambit from people seeking intimate encounters to people selling items and posting job openings. There are free classified ads in categories like: vehicles, services, real estate, pets, jobs and of course, personal ads! 

There are a few different sub categories in personal ads. You’ll find men seeking men, women seeking women, plus gay, missed connections and casual dating.

The ads in casual dating are really interesting. This is where you’re going to find a lot of offbeat and more explicit ads.

In Los Angeles, for instance, a gentleman over the age of 55 was seeking a Mexican or Latina woman over the 50 for a little anytime fun. There’s also an ad for a “sissy” crossdresser looking for a dominant black man. 

As you can see, this is a place for personal ads that wouldn’t necessarily fit on other dating sites. Another great thing about this classified ad site is that if someone walks in your room or office while you are browsing, you can easily switch to a more mainstream category, like looking for a vacation rental!


If you are looking for a free classified ads site that is targeted exclusively to hookups, then this is for you. There are personal ads from not just the entire United States, but from all over the world.

Countries represented on this classified ads site include: Argentina, Brazil, Greece, Romania, the United Kingdom and Vietnam! 

You won’t just find ads that are strictly for personals, either. You’ll also find classified ads for things like strip clubs, massage parlours, sex shops, swingers club and one-on-one modeling joints! One city even had a classified ad for a gay bathhouse. When in Rome!

Many of the classified ads here have great pictures from gorgeous guys and ladies who want to hook up right now. What’s nice is that since the title of the site includes the word “adult,” everyone knows what the other people are looking for.

You’ll waste a lot less time here than you would elsewhere where some people are looking for love, not sex.


If you are a gay man and looking for a good place to post a classified ad, start here. It’s got a great web interface, which makes searching for other guys pretty easy. Our favorite thing about this site is the filter functions.

Let’s say you just want big handsome bears over the age of 45. You can set the sliders for the age and appearance, and bam, you’ll get exactly what you are looking for!

This site caters to gay and bi men or couples. This isn’t geared towards lesbians or bi women at all, so if that’s you, one of these other sites might be a better option. If you are gay, though, there are so many good looking, handsome, hung guys on this site!

Seeking Arrangement

More and more, you’ll find people that are interested in living the “sugar” lifestyle. Sugar daddies and mommies are individuals who have money to spend to lavishly spoil their sugar babies. It’s not about buying sex, it’s more about a mutually beneficial relationship where everyone wins!

While Seeking isn’t exactly a classified ads site in the style of Craigslist or Backpage, it is a great way to browse and meet singles who want to hang out, with benefits!

If you want to be successful on this site, make sure to put some effort into your ads. They should look luxurious! Make it clear you’ve got plenty of money to spend on your sugar baby, and you’ll get plenty of responses to your ads.

Staying Safe When Using Free Hookup Sites

Any Craigslist replacement runs the risk of having some of the same issues that made them take down the casual encounters section. In fact, you’ll find hookup apps of any variety have their fair share of scammers, fakes and nefarious individuals.

It’s up to you to exercise common sense when browsing and posting in a personals section. You’ve got to constantly be on the defensive for your own safety, using some of these great strategies.

Never Leave Your Wingman!

As one of your friends or family members to act as a wingman. Check in with them from time to time and share your location so they can help you if anything goes wrong.

You don’t have to share your sex stories with them! Just let them know this is for your safety, and they shouldn’t judge you or ask too many questions.

Help Stop Sex Trafficking

Sex Trafficking is such a huge problem in our world today. This is why you are starting to see posters and signs in all sorts of locations like airports, airplanes, bus terminals and more that provide a free helpline for anyone that’s being victimized.

While the world’s oldest profession will probably be with us for many years to come, there’s many reasons to try to stop prostitution.

For one, sex workers are often trafficked and are essentially modern-day slaves. Another reason is the spread of diseases like HIV, Monkeypox and HPV, which can actually lead to cancer.

How Do You Know If Someone Is Being Trafficked?

First off, if you see ads in the personals section that ask for money, you should flag them to customer service right away. If you do end up talking to someone and they mentioned migrating from a different country, that could be a warning sign that they were trafficked.

Very often, people try to come to our country seeking a better life away from violence and poverty, but fall victim to exploitation.

What Makes A Great Personal Ad?

You only have one chance to make a great first impression in a classified ad. There’s so many other ads out there, you really need to make yourself stand out. So when you post hookup ads, you really need to put some thought into it.

First off, all ads with pictures are going to get noticed much more than ones without. One picture is good. It’s unlikely that a personal ad with a dozen pics is going to get better results than one that is just as good as a single really good one.

Make it appealing, flattering and eye-catching. Everyone has a good angle, so find it! Have a friend help you.

Second, say what you are looking for. If you want something no-strings-attached, then make sure you mention that. It doesn’t help anyone if your classified ad isn’t accurate about the way you look or what you want.

When it comes to the length of classified ads, make it long enough to cover all the important info, but short enough to be readable and interesting. People will just click “next” on your personal ads if they are a novel. On the other hand if it just says “wanna meet up,” they will probably ignore that classified ad as well.

Tips For A Great Hookup

Just like your ad, you only have one chance to make a first impression. You don’t want your hot hookup experience to be over before it starts. So, make sure that you take some time to prepare. Here are a few great tips!

First off, cleanliness! Just worked out? Unless you are having some kind of fetish oriented meet up, make sure that you take a shower. Scrub those naughty parts if you want someone to spend some time down there!

Dress for success! While the clothes will probably be coming off, you want to look good when you first meet up. So, wear something you feel hot and comfortable in. Should you wear underwear? That’s up to you. Many people find it extremely hot to go “commando” when meeting up for sex! 

Remember that no means no, for men and women. It’s definitely possible that everything might be clicking online, but when you actually meet up, the magic isn’t there. If you aren’t feeling it, or the other person isn’t interested, either one of you can leave at any time.

The important thing here is not to take it personally. Just move on to the next ad. By all means, if someone says stop, or that something hurts, then stop immediately. 

Bottom Line: Choose the Right Hookup Site and You’ll Be Having Sex Tonight!

It may take a little while to choose the right hookup site for you. Each one has its strengths in terms of how many users it has, and the audience that it targets. Since most of the classified sites are free to use, try a few and see which ones get you the most responses!

When it comes to paid sites, most of them allow you to try many of the features for free before you decide to pay. The one thing to remember here is that they are in business to make money.

They sometimes mislead you into thinking you are more popular than you are by sending you grayed out messages that you have to pay to unlock.  We suggest that if you do pay, choose a shorter term first, so you can actually try it before you sink a lot of money into it.

By targeting your approach to the best site for you, you’ll save time and have more hookups! Stay safe and have some fun!

Hookup is the easiest and fastest way to hookup with hot singles in your area. If you’re looking for your next hookup partner, they could be just a few taps away. What are you waiting for, join free and hookup tonight.
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