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Hookup App Better Than Hinge?

If you're tired of hinge girls not hooking up, try this controversial new instant hookup app.

Hinge Hookup? Hookup or Relationship Complete Guide

One of the newest players in the world of online dating is Hinge. This is anything but a hookup app. Hinge is a dating app designed to help you find a serious relationship. Could Hinge be used to find casual hookups? Well, anything is possible, but it’s really geared towards finding the most compatible person for a long term relationship.

Let’s explore the ins and outs of how Hinge works, and what to expect when you sign up. We’ll compare it to other dating apps to see which one is the best relationship app!

First Things First

Let’s take a look at what makes the Hinge dating app different from just about any other platform in the world of online dating. Hinge bills itself as an essential, modern tool when it comes to finding serious relationships. It’s open to everyone: straight, gay, queer, transgender, non-binary and more! Hinge is a place for human beings to connect for something much more meaningful. This is where love is kindled!

It’s Exclusively a Dating App

It’s important to know that Hinge doesn’t have a website version at all. Some are surprised to find out that the Hinge dating app does not have a companion web platform. Most people will appreciate this, since most dating sites are very cluttered and hard to navigate. Apps are geared towards a smooth, clean interface and the Hinge app is a great example of design, earning an editors choice on the Apple App store!

Who Are Hinge Users?

Since Hinge brands itself as “The dating app designed to be deleted,” you can be sure that the Hinge dating pool is full of people who are seeking a long term relationship. These are people that are tired of hookup sites and want potential partners who share their values and desires. Unlike so many other dating websites, this isn’t a place for casual encounters or hook ups. 

Hinge is also perfect for LGBTQIA+ individuals who are seeking serious relationships, and might be having a hard time on another swiping app like tinder or grindr. We’ll talk about some of the LGBT features in a bit.

Does Hinge Have A Sister App For NSA Dating?

Absolutely! Hinge is owned by a large, publicly traded company called the Match Group. This company owns tons of other apps, and has received lots of media coverage. They own:

OkCupid, Tinder, Plenty of Fish and over 20 other hookup apps! A hookup app is one where you meet up with other users for no-strings-attached sex, and that’s not what Hinge is about at all.

If you want to take a break from the long term thing, and look for some local hookups, you’ll definitely want to try one of those other platforms. Just be honest and upfront with anyone you meet on Hinge that you are also going out for some fun on the side. These days people are often pretty non-judgemental about things like that as long as they know.

Hinge Isn’t Free

There really isn’t any dating app that’s actually free. They may advertise that it’s free to join, but at some point you are going to have to pony up for a preferred membership. Hinge is no different in this regard. The app is free to download and use, so there isn’t a paid version. However, most of the features require a paid plan.

A premium membership on Hinge is definitely worth the investment if you want to meet serious partners. They come in 1, 3 and 6 month terms. Obviously you’ll pay the least per month with a 6 month membership, but then again, you might find serious relationships right off the bat, and not need the app for the whole term. Of course, since you’re seriously dating, this is a good problem to have! The price difference per month isn’t huge, so you might want to just opt for the 3 month preferred membership.

How Does Hinge Work?

A few years ago, Hinge introduced a groundbreaking algorithm to help people find serious dating partners and avoid superficial contact. This isn’t just any algorithm, either! It was a Nobel prize winning algorithm designed by a couple of economics professors in the 1950’s seeking to improve stability in marriages. 

The focus of Hinge is on finding potential matches for serious relationships. This is why they call it the app “designed to be deleted.” Hinge wants to hand you the love of your life on a silver platter!

Setting Up Your Dating Profile

The Hinge profile is all about going deeper than just pictures. This is for serious dating, not just casual sex, so uncovering your personality, passions and values is super important. This is why you’ll supply some really good pictures, but also answer personality questions from Hinge that allow the algorithm to do its job! Just follow the answer prompts and let the Hinge algorithm work its magic.

When crafting your profile, avoid lifeless and dry summaries of the boring parts of your life. What’s important to you? What are you passionate about? These are the things that will give you common ground with Hinge members to make the meeting process smooth and effortless.

Make sure that your Hinge profile is well written. Avoid sentence fragments, and poor grammar. This is your only chance to make a good first impression, so let them know you’re an intelligent person who puts some work into finding a match.

Should you include your political leanings? That’s up to you. These days, doing so can often do more harm than good. On the other hand, avoiding superficial contact is going to help you have more dates over a longer period, so you may want to tastefully include some of this information.

What Should You Do On Your First Date?

Planning is key. The great news is that the app will most likely help you achieve a good match right off the bat, so you shouldn’t expect ghosting at the end of the evening! You’ll be ready to initiate conversation with your date since you’ll know so much about them already, and have some common ground to get started.

Think out of the box when it comes to meeting in real life. You millennials already know how important it is to be yourself, so if you have a favorite dive bar or sunset-watching spot, head there instead of a stuffy overpriced restaurant. Go ahead, poll your facebook friends to see where you should go on your date!

When you ask questions, it shows you are interested in someone! Be prepared to answer the same questions you ask of others.

A work cocktail party can also be a great first date. It gives a chance for your date to see you in your element with co-workers, and see what you’re like around others. Plus, there’s usually free drinks!

Is Hinge LGBTQIA+ Friendly?

Absolutely! The basic filters of the app allow you to easily specify multiple genders, sexual and romatic preferences. While primarily a location based app, this is one area where the Hinge website is extremely helpful.

They have an extensive “NFAQ” (not so frequently asked questions) area of the site to assist people that are LGBTQIA+ in navigating the site, setting up their profile and search setting so they can find more filter matches who are also seeking long term relationships.

Hinge works hard to be friendly, open and accepting to people of all backgrounds. On their website, you’ll see a variety of experts who work at Hinge with expertise in Queer, transgender, non-binary and the entire sexuality spectrum.

It’s really refreshing to see an online dating platform that is so committed to helping our LGBTQIA+ family find more matches and the serious relationships they deserve!

Is Hinge Good For Hookups?

If you are looking for casual dating, simply choose another app. The Hinge app works for people who want love, not just a quick hit it and quit it. You should look at potential matches as people you might want to marry or at least settle down with for a long period of time.

There’s much better dating sites that are geared towards casual sex, so don’t expect to find a Hinge hookup. That’s simply not why people are there.

What Are Some Hinge Success Stories?

Hinge was thrust into the news during the 2020 Presidential race when former South Bend, Indiana mayor and current Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg announced that he met his husband, Chasten Glezman 5 years earlier using Hinge! 

This helped boost the popularity of Hinge with users of all backgrounds: gay, queer and straight! Secretary Buttigieg has said in interviews that when he had downtime, he’d hop on Hinge. He soon met Chasten and they discussed their favorite movies and shows. It turned out they were both Game of Thrones fans, and this provided an instant connection!

After that chatted on Hinge, they met and dated for a while, before moving in together about a year later. In 2018, the couple got married, and have now welcomed two kids into their happy home. 

It's amazing to think that this great success story started on Hinge. It’s also good to know that high profile individuals like Mayor Pete trusted Hinge to help find a match.

When you check out the Hinge subreddit, you’ll find literally hundreds of similar Hinge success stories. People love the ability to meet and connect on a deeper level. There’s also a common theme that people on Hinge are willing to take the time to get to know each other without pressure. This isn’t about getting married tomorrow, it’s about the building blocks of a great relationship.

How to Stay Safe on Hinge

Safety should be a priority for anyone trying their hand at online dating. While the world is overall safer now than it was 30 or 40 years ago, there are still criminals, rascals, ne'er-do-wells and rapscallions out there just waiting to pounce.

One of the most effective tools in the modern creeper's toolbox is online dating tech. The ability to lure people with sex is a tactic as old as Greek mythology (see: sirens), but online dating platforms allow criminals to supercharge their operation.

Here are some overall tips on staying safe on Hinge:

  • Don't offer personal information

This one seems obvious, but criminals actually have a tendency to get people to dish on private info without them even knowing it.

For example, the tactic of "phishing" is becoming increasingly common. A phishing scam is an email, text, or messaging-based scam where the criminal poses as some kind of authority or at least a harmless party (like that sexy blonde you matched with. They send you a message requesting information from you based on a false pretext. Sometimes, they might ask you for your password in order to "prevent your account from being locked." They might ask for your address to "check how far of a drive it is".

Counteract phishing attempts by ensuring the person you are talking to is the real deal. As a general rule-of-thumb, a company will never ask you for your password, ever. If you are chatting with a potential hookup, a quick video call can usually weed out any scammers.

  • Bring a friend to your dates

Bringing a trusted lookout is a great way to boost your safety when trying to hookup. They don't have to join your date or anything. Just post them up across the restaurant to watch for anything sketchy.

For example, let's say you are hitting it off with your date and you get the urge to pee. You head to the bathroom, and then get a text from your lookout saying, "DUDE, SHE PUT SOMETHING IN YOUR DRINK!!!!"

Time to split! Crisis averted, all thanks to your lookout!

  • Make a contingency plan

Before meeting up with anyone, you should have a mental plan in place for it things start to get a little "Pulp Fiction Gimp Scene" for your taste.

A contingency plan can mean anything from plotting an escape route from a given building to bringing a firearm (if you're legally allowed to) on your date.

The vast majority of sex crimes and kidnappings could well have been avoided with more stringent planning. Parents do this with kids all the time (for example, "if a stranger tries to grab you, scream as loud as you can and don't stop.) Do the same thing with yourself, and you might find that a little prep is the different between getting home safely and seeing your own picture on the news from behind the iron bars of some kind of dungeon.

  • Use protection

Even if your date is just a normal person, you should still think about safety. STDs are no-fun, and a lot of them can't actually be cured.

Wrapping it up is a pretty effective way to stop sexual illnesses. Yes, it's not as pleasant as going raw. But it will mostly eliminate the chances of slightly burn-y sensations the next time you hit the bathroom.

It will also reduce the chances of getting the infamous "I'm late. We need to talk" text. Not good if you didn't factor in a Fisher-Price section in your budget for next year.

Most people are normal, kind members of society. But occasionally, you might meet an evil-doer. A malefactor. A black hat. And when that day comes, it pays to be prepared.

What’s The Final Word on Hinge?

Hinge is far and away the most exciting location based dating app! The Hinge experience is second to none with its wealth of features and relationship expertise. Hinge feels like a very wholesome, positive experience since it’s all about finding a connection when you view someone else’s profile. Instead of focusing on appearance, it focuses on deeper elements of humanity like character and values. This is the kind of dating you’ll want to tell mom and dad and Facebook friends about!

With its attractive pricing structure, there’s really no reason you shouldn’t give Hinge a try. Put some effort into making your profile, and then get out there! Be yourself and have fun. You too might have a Hinge success story to share with the world. 

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