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Full Hijab Hookup Review - Is This Hookup App Legit?

Today, we're looking at a porn-turned-hookup site called Hijab Hookup. This place is all about those sexually-repressed Muslim women looking for their dick fill in America. If you want to find endless porn videos of Arab women hooking up, HijabHookup can do that. Here's the only Hijab Hookup review you need to read.

What Is Hijab Hookup?

Hijab Hookup brands itself as a porn/dating site hybrid site, but on closer inspection, the dating site aspect of the site is somewhat overlooked. HijabHookup puts most of its efforts into its porn content, and that's fine by us. Here's what the the introduction page says:

"Arab girls and the culture they embrace is beautiful. But that beauty comes at a high cost. These girls are typically brought up in ultra conservative households. They spend the majority of their time behaving and many are so conservative that they even religiously wear beautiful hijab coverings as part of their culture. However, not all of them are willing to act as conservative as their parents require."


HijabHookup looks like your typical porn videos site. It's got that classic black and white color scheme, a ton of thumbnails running down the middle of the page and a couple of sections for videos, categories and top pornstars. You'll get free access to a few choice Hijab Hookup porn videos, but you need to become a premium member to get the most out of the website.

Prices, Costs & Memberships

HijabHookup has four membership options to choose from. These are:

  • 1 Day - $1.00
  • 1 Month - $29.70
  • 6 Month - $99.00
  • TeamSkeet Premium - $499.00

TeamSkeet Premium gives users full access to a bunch of other video sites within the TeamSkeet umbrella and lasts a lifetime.


The quality of videos on offer is mightily impressive. These aren't your standard amateur models by any means. These Muslim hotties can fuck with the best of them. Just take this month's featured video for example: "Three Gorgeous Muslim Babes Shares Riding Friends Boyfriends Cock."

Every video comes with a ton of data, including the names of any pornstars or models, date uploaded, activity levels, number of views and more.

HijabHook is set to Dark Mode by default, but you can change adjust Dark Mode settings at the click of a button.

There's a comment section on all of the videos. Everyone knows the real gold is found in the comment section.

HijabHookup has a ton of interesting categories, from standard ones like anal and riding to niche 'Conservative girls' and 'America hate fucking.' Very weird, but fun.


The dating portion of Hijab Hookup is almost nonexistent. There's a couple of links dotted around the website, but they all redirect to completely different websites. Basically, the dating section is just a scam to lure people into paying.

You can only see a limited number of videos per visit.

Older content doesn't maintain the same quality as the newer videos. Going back just a couple of years you'll find a lot of grainy videos.

You need a premium membership if you want to watch any more than 3 videos per visit.

The website is quite cheap overall, but asking people to pay for adult videos in today's world is quite presumptious.

Hijab Hookup - Great Free Porn Videos, Bad Dating App

If it's pure fucking videos and gorgeous Muslim pornstars and models you want, Hijab Hookup is a fantastic platform to find it. However, we're sorry to report that there are no dating features here whatsoever. You won't make any new friends and you won't meet any real girls. But for porn, HijabHookup is a gold mine.

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