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7 Girl Hookup Tips Everyone Needs To Know

Hooking up is big business in the modern age. Today, we're all sick and tired of playing the dating game. We've all been stung by expensive dates and romantic dinners, only for our time-consuming dates to lead nowhere. This is just one reason why so many people are ditching dating and turning to hookup culture to get their sexual kicks instead.

So with this rise of casual sex, it means there's a ton of potential hookups waiting for you out there. And if you want to maximize your chance of getting laid, you need to know how to navigate this world of girl hookups. That's why we've put together this extensive guide, so you can be one of the many hookup success stories out there. Here's everything you need to know.

What Is Hooking Up, Exactly?

That's the important question. What is hooking up? It's basically when two people meet up for easy, non-commital sex with no intention of taking the relationship any further than the bedroom. Hookups usually occur between two single people who are only interested in sexual gratification, not any kind of long term relationship.

Hookups can come in many forms. The most common form of hookup is a one night stand, in which people make love all night then never see each other again. The second most common type of hookup occurs between two fuck buddies (or friends with benefits as they're often known), who sleep together on a regular basis without romantic attachment.

Knowing How To Hookup: Why It's Important

Dating apps have made finding casual sex relatively easy in today's world, but even so, if you're eager to get involved in the casual hookup scene, it's always best to maximize your chances so you've got the biggest pool of available hookup partners. Hooking up isn't always a matter of messaging and hoping for the best. Sometimes you need to put the effort in.

The more you know about hooking up, the more success you'll have in the long run. As well as more opportunities, you'll also get better quality fuck partners. In this next section, we're going to list the seven most important aspects of casual dating, and we're going to dig deep into them one by one. If you want to become a hookup guru, read on for our ultimate guide.

Your Ultimate Guide To Girl Hookups

Hooking up is all about being a desirable, affectionate sex partner. Despite what you might believe, hot girls don't just want any old random dick. They're usually quite picky about their partners, especially in today's climate of endless choice. Broken down, the seven most important components of hooking up comes down to:

  1. Looking Good - How to look your best and bag more girls
  2. Body Language - How to act in her presence
  3. Conversation - How to talk to a girl
  4. Reliability - How to be the hookup partner she wants
  5. Honesty - Why lying won't get you laid
  6. Sexual Ability - Pleasing her in the bedroom
  7. Knowing Your Place - What comes after hooking up?

So with this in mind, let's break each point down one by one.

1. Looking Good

It's well known as better looking people get the girls. However, you don't have to be a young, shredded Ryan Gosling lookalike to find success in the world of casual sex. The truth is it doesn't matter what you look like, what's important is how you present yourself. Even if you look like a troll chewing wasps, the way you carry yourself can still get you laid.

Dress Well

This is actually one of the most important parts of hooking up, perhaps even the most important. The way you dress says a lot about your character, and your character is usually what single women are attracted to above anything else. Dressing well shows you boast a shred of self-awareness, something a lot of modern men don't.

Dressing well doesn't mean you need to deck yourself out in the most expensive Ralph Lauren gear. It can be as simple as getting proper-fitting jeans or shirts. Don't wear anything overly-baggy or too tight, because it suggests you're not aware of your body's limitations. Make sure if it fits and make sure it's clean. Simple as that.

Stay Trim

Obviously, the more in shape you are, the more attractive you'll be to the opposite sex. Now, this doesn't mean that you need to hit the gym every day and refrain from eating any carbs. You can still maintain your regular lifestyle, but little things like daily works or 1-2 gym sessions a week can really make a difference to your figure.

Not to mention, regular exercise will also keep your mind as sharp as a knife. It'll make you happier overall due to the endorphin release, meaning you'll be in a better mindset to get laid. It'll boost your confidence too, and everyone knows that feeling confident is crucial part of bagging girls. To maximize your sex opportunities, get regular exercise.

...And Trimmed

Grooming is an essential part of looking good. When we talk about trimming, we don't mean shaving down below (although that won't hurt either). We're talking about keeping your visible hair growth under control. For a lot of women, beauty is in the effort that guys make, and nothing shows effort like sculpting your hair and beard.

Sure, a lot of women like the long beard look, and Chris Hemsworth has made long hair hot again. However, the average man doesn't look like Chris Hemsworth (and most men aren't shredded multimillionaire A-list actors), and trimming your hair and beard regularly are an easy way to add a little shape to your face and highlight your more attractive features.

2. Body Language

Body language, or non-verbal language, does a lot of the talking for us. We might not be aware of it, but both you and your potential date are constantly giving off signals through your body that betray your true intentions. Not only that, but we pick up on these signals subconsciously, which then affect our hookup game.

Positive Non-Verbals

From the moment you meet your online hookup partner in the flesh, you want to give off lots of positive non-verbal signals. If you do, she'll pick up on them on a subconscious level and associate you with positivity and good feelings. It might sound like wishy-washy hocus pocus, but non-verbal signalling is very much backed up by science.

Positive non-verbals include maintaining eye contact, smiling regularly, keeping your feet pointed at the other person and not fidgeting. These are most basic, old-fashioned techniques, and they still hold true today. In general, it's best to display "open" non-verbal signals, as though you're happy to welcome her into your arms at any moment.

Negative Non-Verbals

Believe it or not, other girls will pick up on negative non-verbal language much easier than positive signals. Therefore, you need to know what NOT to do in the presence of your next hook up girl. Negative non-verbals, in general, tend to be "closed off," or they exhibit signs that you're quite literally moving away from the other person.

For example, don't fold your arms - ever. This implies you're creating a barrier between you and her. Likewise, if you're at a bar, don't place drinks directly between you and her, because again she'll construe this as a "closed off" barrier. A lot of young people aren't too savvy when it comes to non-verbal languages, so being aware of them gives you a kind of super power.

3. Conversation

Conversation is the ultimate precursor to casual fun. Even if you're just interested in local hookups and casual relationships, you're going to need to chat with your new friends before you initiate that first passionate kiss. So, you need to know how to hold your own in the conversation arena.

Don't Talk About Yourself

Despite what some people think, conversation doesn't just mean talking about yourself. In fact, very few people actually want to listen to the other person talk, even the shiest of hookuppers. You need to maintain a flow back-and-forth of questions and answers and natural conversation.

Of course, you need to give a few details about yourself, especially to new friends. But at the same time, continually ask her about her opinions or her interests. If you do that, she'll return the gesture and you'll get some easy conversation on the go. You might not be super interested in what she has to say, but it's still important to ask questions.

Keeping Conversation Flowing

The art of natural conversation is a tricky one. Some people just know how to keep it going while others have to work hard at it. The key is to always have an ace up your sleeve any time the conversation falls into a slump. Having an assortment of topics to discuss whenever you feel the need will help the conversation feel alive.

Something as simple as "have you seen that thing in the news?" or "have you seen that Netflix documentary?" can kickstart a new topic instantly. So before you head out on your date, maybe familiarize yourself with some hot talking points in case you need to jump-start the conversation.

Compliment Her

Compliments go a long way. A subtle comment about her hair, shoes or make-up can be the diffference maker when it comes to hooking up. Think about the last time someone paid you a compliment. If it was a hot girl, chances are you would have jumped into bed with her right away. It works the same for women, although slightly less intense.

Remember there's a fine line beetween complimenting a woman and coming off as a creepy pervert. For example, "wow, your hair looks really good, have you had it styled?" is perfectly fine, and she'll be receptive to something like this. Staring at her legs and saying "damn, those legs are fine, what time do they open?" won't get you any one night stands.

4. Reliability

Women want a hookup buddy who's reliable and stable. It might sound counterintuitive, but hookups (and especially fuck buddy relationships) are based around the need to have sex RIGHT NOW. Therefore, women don't want some fuck boy who's going to flake on her to hit the bar with his buddies instead of slamming her.

Be There

When your hook up buddy asks for sex, do everything you can to indulge her desires. If you don't, she'll just find some other dude to get sexy with. If you address her needs when she asks, she'll be more likely to return the favor when you're in need too. Hookups are all about mutually beneficial sex, so it pays to be there for one another when you need it.

Of course, that isn't to say you should drop everything and run over to her place whenever she asks for it. Life often gets in the way of casual hookups, so it's important to balance real life with your hookup commitments. If you genuinely can't make it to her place, then let her down gently. She'll understand.

Don't Push

Nothing will kill your hookup relationship quicker than being pushy. Like we mentioned above, occasionally things will crop up that throw a wrench in the works. You can't always make a hookup session and that's absolutely fine. If you're in a friends with benefits relationship, you'll both have to let each other down at some point, and that's understandable.

The worst thing you can do in situations like this is push the other person to meet up in spite of their circumstances. For example, she might be tied up with college or work commitments, or she might be meeting a friend she hasn't seen in years. If you give her the old "oh come on, just a quick meet up?" then you can kiss goodbye to any more casual encounters.

5. Honesty

If you want a fruitful hookup or friends with benefits relationship, honesty is a core component. If you start telling her lies, you might get laid once or twice, but women will see right through your shit in a second. Girls appreciate honesty, so always wear your heart on your sleeve.


This might sound like it has nothing to do with the world of sex, after all, guys bag girls by lying all the time, right? Sure, but if you want a fruitful sex life with multiple girls (or the same girl multiple times), you need to be completely open - not just with her, but with yourself. Doing so will allow everyone involved to feel comfortable.

For example, you might be seeing other women, and if she asks, you have a duty to be honest with her. Not only that, but if you're in a hookup relationship, chances are she might be seein other guys too. What if you're not okay with that? What if you're concerned about safe sex? Voice your concerns at every opportunity, and be honest with both her and yourself.

Don't Hide Important Things

When you get involved in the world of local hookups, it's very easy to catch feelings for one or more women. It's totally normal. After all, sex creates feelings of intimacy, and while you might think you're a hardened stud who just wants to fuck and chuck, the reality is never always that simple.

So, if you do catch yourself falling for one of these sexy women, you need to tell her about it. Don't just keep sleeping with her hoping it will sort itself out because it never does. Chances are your relationship will never progress to anything more than casual sex, so if you feel yourself craving more, you need to open up.

6. Sexual Ability

This might be the most important part of the entire hook up process. You might think it's all about your pleasure, but if you want to make a good impression, you need to blow her mind with your outrageous sexual ability. Doing so will ensure more hookups in the future, so honing your bedroom skills is very much encouraged.

Delivering The Goods

Hookups are generally considered to be short, explosive bursts of sex without all the trimmings that come with relationship-sex. This is a myth, however, since most women crave more than just a simple wham-bam. The whole reason they've turned to hook up culture is to satisfy their growing sexual appetites, so you need to deliver every time.

When it comes to sex, the golden rule is: your partner's pleasure is more important than yours. If your girl keeps things in mind too, then you've got a recipe for one hell of a memorable sex session. Don't just jump right in there, bust your nut and get out. Put some effort in, and you'll find more hook up opportunities on the horizon.

Specific Techniques

Chance are that girl you're seeing is having sex with a bunch of other guys too. That's the backbone of hook up culture and we all need to be at ease with it. So, how do you stand out from the crowd? How do you make sure that she booty calls you instead of some other local stud? The trick is to learn some sexual techniques that will blow her mind.

Thankfully, there's no shortage of sexual techniques to learn. You could master the art of squirting. You could become an oral sex God. You could introduce some roleplay elements to the scene. If she's into the kinky stuff, you could shell out for some specific sex toys that you could both get use out of. Make her remember you and more sessions will follow.

Ensure She's Satisfied

When you're "done," don't just roll over and fall asleep. Don't just pull your pants on and drive home. Put the extra effort in to make sure that she's finished. While guys get one orgasm and then a long refractory period, girls can keep on cumming over and over again. Sometimes, it takes more than just one orgasm to keep her satisfied.

Obviously, you don't need to get explicit permission to do this. Just offer your services in a light and subtle way. Give her some sensual finger play. Maybe use your tongue to get her off again (providing it's not too messy down there).

7. Knowing Your Place

What happens when the hook up comes to an end? You need to know where you stand. Hookup relationships can sometimes be quite tricky to navigate because you're not in a relationship nor are you actually dating. Here are some important points to keep in mind.

Don't Be Pushy

We mentioned this up above, but we need to reiterate it. The last thing you want to do is push your next girl to see you again. These kinds of relationships are by their very nature casual. Neither of you are committed to one another, so it's important to behave as such. If you keep pushing girls to meet up after one hookup, you probably won't get anymore.

Hookup relationships should be mutually beneficial, and if one of you isn't getting what you need from the arrangement, it's time to close up shop (more on that below). She might have gone into your arrangement expecting a simple one night stand, whereas you might have had different ideas. If she says she's not interested, accept it.

Understand Your Dynamic

Hook up arrangements are kind of bizarre when we really think about them. They're very primal in nature, calling back to the days when sexual fulfilment was the basis of all marriages. But the difference today is that you and your hook up girl aren't married, so you can't expect to do the things that married couples do.

For example, are you and your girl able to to hang out outside of the bedroom? Do you meet each other's friends? Can you hit the cinema together? What about sleep overs? These might all seem like inconsequential things, but they all go into making your hookup relationship as fruitful as it can possibly be.

The Inevitable End

At some point, you and your sexy hookup girl will have to go your separate ways. It's as inevitable as death and taxes. Very few one night stands ever turn into anything more. And if you're getting regular hookups from a single girl, there's a chance that you might become quite enthralled with this particular girl. That makes the ending even more devestating.

Really, there's nothing you can do to prepare for this. Just be aware that it's going to happen at some point. Like we mentioned earlier, this is why it's so important to re-assess your situation if you begin to catch feelings for any girls, because everything always ends.

Finding Hookups

So now you know exactly how to hook up with girls, you need to know where to find them. While most people will immediately turn to online dating sites to meet girls, we shouldn't overestimate the importance of real world settings. Here are three top places to meet sexy girls for hook up fun.


Before dating sites changed the hookup game, people found their single-serving lovers in bars and clubs around the world. Even today, there's nothing wrong with meeting girls in bars. In fact, some people prefer because meeting in person gives them unrestricted views; the other person can't hide behind filters and fancy angles.


Lamp-smashing sex in a hotel room is a cornerstone of hookup culture. It's super sexy, and something everyone wants to try at least once. This is why hotel bars are an awesome place to find potential one night stands because there's always a nearby bed to get it on. Not to mention hotels have a kind of erotic, sensual atmosphere about them.

Singles Nights

Going to a singles night is like walking into a living, breathing dating site. You can be sure that everyone in the vicinity is on the hunt for easy sex, so you don't have to feel awkward when approaching some sexy chick at the bar. Everyone is there for the same thing, and chances are she'll welcome it anyway. Use a site like Yelp or AdultSpace to find your nearby singles bars.

Dating Sites To Find Hookups

Finding hookups in bars and hotels can be a lot of fun, but if you're looking for convenience, a better choice is casual dating sites. Luckily, there are a ton of hookup sites out there teeming with gorgeous women just waiting to be woo-ed by a potential suitor. Here are the best hookup sites to check out today.

Casual X

Casual X is a very streamlined online dating site with around 8 million worldwide members. As you'll tell by the name, it's a pure hookup site, helping people connect with like-minded casual sex seekers across the world. Like so many other dating apps, it's purely based around swiping and matching ala Tinder.

While Casual X isn't completely free, the paid version comes at a very reasonable price. For around $16.99 per month, you can find people on the same page as you. The site is stacked to the brim with horny women, so don't expect to find many people looking for long term relationships on here. It's a tried and tested hookup app that gets incredible results.

Adult Friend Finder

AdultFriendFinder is more than just a dating site. It's a massive adult entertainment hub, loaded with interactive features to help you meet people with ease. As well as offering standard dating app features, you'll also get access to chat rooms, forums, blog posts and personals pages.

AdultFriendFinder has been a mainstay in the online dating scene for literally decades now, and it remains one of the essential components of today's hookup culture environment. With so many members to interact with, as well as excellent matchmaking and search features, you'll never be short of chat partners here on AFF.


Nothing to do with the social media site of a similar name. Fuckbook is a hookup site that very few competitors can equal. It's got everything that a person could want from a hookup app, including messaging, chat rooms, forums, matchmaking, locations services and community features. Fuckbook is your all-round hub for adult fun.

You can utilize everything here on Fuckbook through the use of a free account. There's a paid membership available, but if we're being honest, there's really no need to shell out for it it. Unlike so many other sites, you can use all of the essential features are the cost of absolutely nothing.


Speaking of free online dating sites, there's one completely free dating site that stands out above the rest. This site is FDating, and the F stands for free. Even though very few people have actually heard of this site, it's one of the best places for casual hookups in the modern day, facilitating casual sex sessions every night of the week.

And even though this hookup site is completely free, doesn't make it any less incredible. It's a grid style site that also uses a matchmaking feature to help you meet available women, and it keeps everything stripped down and simple. As you'll tell by the name, FDating is more of pure online dating platform than a hookup site, but it's still great for one night stands.

Endless Girl Hookups Are A Click Away

Our girls hookup guide is here to help you navigate this world of adult fun and casual sex, from your first date to your first kiss to your first one night stand. If you follow the guidance above, we'll have no doutbt that you'll get laid time and time again. Remember to look good, be interesting and ask her a ton of questions - it's a perfect recipe for success!

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