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Famous hookups? The Hottest Celebrity Hookups And New Couples Of 2022

Celebrity gossip is a popular topic of conversation for many, and for good reason. It can be difficult to keep up with celebrity gossip as Hollywood sees many couples fall in love and out of love as the years progress.

Everyone has their favorite Hollywood couple, but sometimes love doesn't last forever. Sometimes, you favorite celebrities may turn to family over relationships, or find a new love with someone else.

If you're wondering what famous hookups are still together and who's moving on for the better, check out this list below of the hottest current celebrity hookups and new couples that you need to know about.

Brian Austin Green Moves on From Transformers Actress Megan Fox with Sharna Burgess

Brian was recognized as the spouse of Megan Fox until they split in May of 2020.

It didn't take long for Brian to move on, as romance rumors of him and Sharma were confirmed when the pair went instagram official with a photo of them kissing in January of 2021.

Pictures revealed that the two were seeing one another when they went on a romantic holiday getaway to Hawaii in December of 2020. Since then, the couple has been happily dating for two years.

While at first the pair had considered themselves just friends and took things slow at the beginning of the relationship, it didn't take long before the couples took to a private jet and ventured off on their romantic getaway.

The couple has since been spotted on the red carpet together and is frequently photographed by Getty images.

Recently in 2022, the couple appears to still be going strong as they recently welcomed their first child together this past July. Growing up with famous parents will certainly be a fun adventure for the new baby, Zane.

Reality Star Blake Horseman is Dating Giannina Gibelli

Two worlds collided when reality stars Blake and Giannina moved on from the romantic counterparts that made them famous and started a new life together.

Giannina was known for dating Damian powers on Love is Blind. The pair dated for several years before breaking up due to Damian's suspected infidelity.

Additionally, Blake had risen to fame when he previously dated Becca as a bachelor competing on season 14 of The Bachelorette.

While neither star ended up in the relationship that made them famous, the pair found a new love together and is happier than ever. While Gibelli notes feeling shy about her relationship at first and fearing the drama that comes with a public Los Angeles relationship, the couple appears to remain madly in love.

After being spotted kissing on New Year's Eve, it's safe to say that love is still in the air for these two celebrity stars.

Drew Barrymore Admires Will Kopelman's New Spouse

Oscar Winner Drew Barrymore has not publicly moved on after her and actor Will Kopelman split up. The two remain friends and Drew feels honored to spend time with Will's new spouse, Allie Michler.

Drew and Will share two children, and while the pair dated for just a short four years, they were able to part ways peacefully and work together as co-parents.

Will has happily found love again, and Drew is immensely supportive. While sharing the responsibility of caring for her nine year old and eight year old daughter has certainly encouraged Drew to support her ex husband in his newfound love, she assures interviewers at Glamour Magazine that she is more than happy that will has re married.

Her and Drew may have been known as being one of the most famous hookups at one point, but she recognizes that the actor is much happier now and she sees his new wife like a best friend or sister.

Sharon Osbourne and Ozzy Osbourne Overcome Infidelity

Sharon Osbourne is recognized as the spouse of Ozzy Osbourne. The two have been married for over 40 years, although there was a brief breakup in 2016.

Sharon was only 18 when she met Ozzy, although their marriage wasn't until she was 30. Given that the two have known each other for so long, it makes sense that she's still madly in love with the musician.

While the two did split for several months after Ozzy's infidelity, the couple has since rekindled and is frequently spotted in photos together.

They have been known as one of the most famous hookups for many years now and their reconnection was celebrated across twitter and the news.

Has Tom Cruise moved on from Katie Holmes?

Tom Cruise was known for is iconic partnership with Katie Holmes, which lasted from 2005 to 2012. The celebrity stars were no stranger to press attention any time they ventured out for a date.

Their relationship was the center of many news stories and the couple was frequently asked to share details during each interview. It seemed as though the whole world was obsessed with their romance, but unfortunately the stars eventually divorced.

Tom was then rumored to be with fellow cast member Hayley Atwell. The actress made news as having an on and off relationship with the star for several years.

Chemistry is high when filming a movie, and the fans picked up quickly that the couple was dating. Nobody is quite sure exactly what happened, but after two years their romance has ended.

It's safe to say that Tom did move on from actress Katie, but now he has a new star to move on from. He may miss her for a while, but he will surely have someone new to kiss in no time.

Howard Stern Remains Committed to Beth Ostrosky Stern

Comedian and radio star Howard Stern continues to show commitment to his wife Beth. He renewed his vows with actress Beth in recent years which made news as an exciting event that took place on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

At an interview, Howard stated that he would remarry his wife every day if he could. During their renewal, the pair confirmed their love with an on screen kiss.

When asked to talk about their relationship to a journalist, Howard shared that he felt immensely happy and fulfilled by his life with Beth.

While many famous hookups make news for being unhappy, the two is favorited by Getty images for being ready to share their love through photos at any time.

Sheryl Crow Continues to Focus on her Family

Sheryl Crow has had a husband in the past, but has since revealed that she enjoys life as a single mother better.

Sheryl is not shy to share her experiences as a single mother. While she was married before, she was unhappy in her marriage with her husband and decided to start a family on her own instead.

She utilized adoption services in order to adopt her own son who she continues to happily raise on her own. She's no stranger to Getty images and loves sharing photos with her son.

Zac Efron Has Not Had a Public Girlfriend Since Supermodel Vanessa Valladares

Zac Efron is a star who regularly dominated the news for many years. He has been the boyfriend of notable celebrities and models, the last being Vanessa Valladares.

Zac has not revealed a public girlfriend ever since, although there has been talk of him potentially dating a new secret girlfriend. Sources have not revealed much, so there is no telling whether she's a romantic partner or just a friend.

Regardless, there is no doubt that Zac could be dating someone, as he has been considered the dream boyfriend of many fans for years.

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes Remain Strong

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling are considered one of the strongest couples in Hollywood, and they have been together since 2011.

The couple remains pretty private, although it's still fairly easy to stumble across the occasional news story or Getty images photo of the couple.

Links do not reveal much about the pair, although it is common knowledge that they started off as friends and the relationship progressed over time.

Now, the pair share a daughter and continue to co-parent two children, despite not ever committing to marriage.

While the pair started off as cast members in 2011, they quickly became recognized by news sources and Getty images as an iconic couple.

Khloe Kardashian Dates Tristan Thompson

Khloe Kardashian has been publicly dating Tristan Thompson since 2016. The pair quickly fell in love and has been recognized across news sources for their iconic family ever since.

The family has dealt with a cheating scandal, and it was revealed that Tristan cheated on Khloe multiple ties and even had children with other women.

The two still work together as co-parents, but are no longer officially together. However, they have decided to co-parent a new child together as of recent.

Khloe recognizes that Tristan was not a good partner for her, but that he is an excellent father to his children. Together, they have had a new baby boy recently.

A surrogate carried the child for Khloe and they have celebrated the excitement of a new baby.

While it is certainly for the better if Khloe never dates Tristan again, the pair has found happiness as co-parents and continues to work together in a civil manner to support their children and create a healthy environment for the kids to grow up in.

Joey Fatone Continues Long term Relationship with Isabel Araujo

Joey Fatone previously dated Kelly Baldwin and had a long term partnership with her. The two finally divorced in 2018 after an on and off partnership that began in 2004.

While the two still share children, Joey has since moved on and found a new love with Isabel Araujo. They have now been together for over six year now and continues to remain happily in love.

Joey started dating Isabel before his divorce was even finalized, which led some to question the strength of their new relationship.

However, their relationship has proved to be strong and the couple is frequently photographed by Getty images.

Madonna Splits from Ahlamalik Williams

Madonna most recently dated dancer Ahlamalik Williams for three years. The couple gained attention and was frequently spotted on Getty images due to the fact that many found their age gap to be quite bizarre.

It's not often that you see a 63 year old dating a 28 year old, so many doubted their bond from the start. Despite the assumptions that age was the factor that broke their bond, this was not the case. The couple had no issues with their differences in age, but simply grew apart over time.

Madonna frequently dates younger men and has a history of dating other men in their 20s including Timor Steffens in 2014.

Most can only assume it's only a matter of time before the celebrity superstar finds another love interest to spend her time with.

Who Did Lisa Marie Presley Date After Michael Jackson?

Lisa Marie Presley is an actress and singer who became famous for being the daughter of Elvis. She has dated many notable celebrities over the years, including Michael Jackson.

Lisa has been spotted with many different boyfriends by Getty images over the years.

Recent history of the star is unknown, but she has a history of dating Danny Keough, Nicolas Cage, and producer Michael Lockwood.

Real Housewives of New Jersey Star Teresa Giudice Marries Luis Ruelas

Getty images has recently revealed that Teresa Giudice has remarried. She was with her first husband, Joe Giudice, for over 20 years before the couple divorced.

She met Luis in 2020 and considers him to be her soulmate. While she still has respect for Joe and they share multiple children together, she is happily embarking on a new journey with her true love.


Just like every day couples, celebrity couples are constantly navigating a world of infidelity, parenthood, and other obstacles.

Not every famous person ends up with their fan favorite pairing, but most celebrities find their ultimate love sooner or later.

In contrast, many celebrities grow tired of relationships and decide to shift their focus to parenthood instead.

While it may seem disappointing to watch a partnership that you loved end, rest assured that most celebrities are simply following their intuition and choosing the path that will serve them the best, just as we all should.

And if you're feeling heartbroken over one famous couple, there's no need to worry because a new hot couple will hit the red carpet in no time!

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