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Facebook for hookups? Try this controversial new app

Facebook has remained one of the most popular social media websites for over a decade. It is considered one of the most widely used social media networks worldwide, with over 2.9 billion users active each month.

While Facebook serves many purposes, such as allowing you to follow the lives of family and friends, joining groups relevant to your interests, and browsing items for sale on Marketplace, Facebook may not be the first place you think of to look for hook ups.

Several years ago, Facebook launched Facebook Dating. People had mixed opinions of Facebook dating, with some saying it's strange that a platform meant for connecting with people you already know was incorporating a dating component. Others saw how helpful it could be to have a hookup app integrated into a widely used social media platform that already has a significant portion of the population using the site.

Roughly 9% of Facebook's user base is using Facebook dating, which may not seem like a lot, but given just how large the user base is, 9% is still a significant amount of users. If you typically use Facebook for other activities but you're curious about Facebook dating, you may want to try out this new dating site for yourself.

Ready to learn how to use Facebook for hookups? Read our guide below to learn how you can use your own account to meet new people and hook up.

How to Use Facebook as a Dating Site

There are several ways that Facebook can be used as a hookup app. Before Facebook dating was introduced, many people would use their friends list to find interested people to hook up with. Others would join Facebook groups made specifically for hook ups and dating.

While these methods are still widely used, Facebook dating has dominated the scene for users finding hook ups on Facebook.

Use Facebook Dating as a Hookup App

In order to use Facebook as a hookup app, the process is quite simple. You can use your existing Facebook account in order to begin matching and chatting with members of the opposite sex simply by signing up for Facebook dating.

Sign up for Facebook Dating

To sign up for Facebook dating using your Facebook account, you can use an internet browser or an iOS Apple or Android phone through the apps. Through your computer, you can activate your profile on Facebook dating and access this account through any other devices.

Once you've activated your profile on your network, you will be granted access to a new tab of resources and settings relating to the hookup site.

Fill Out Your Profile With Information About Yourself and Photos

While you may assume that your account will import all necessary information about yourself onto your profile, this is not the case. You'll have the option to import photos from your account, but you can also upload pictures onto the app from your device. After you've added current pictures of yourself on your account, you'll be given the option to fill out information about yourself onto your profile.

Your Facebook account will not import information about yourself onto your Facebook dating profile, because chances are, the information on your personal account is catered towards business and friends who are visiting your profile instead of potential dating partners. Through the dating section of the website, you can provide a brief summary of information about yourself so that others can get an idea of who you are.

You can also fill out different sections about yourself that determine your interests, career, personality traits, and more. The more information you provide about yourself, the more likely it will be that others will connect with you to chat and hook up.

People will not be able to search for your profile, and you can opt for the settings that make sure that your other friends on Facebook will not be able to see your dating profile. Only users of the app that you don't know will see your profile, and you can delete your profile easily at any time.

One of the benefits of Facebook dating is that its's completely free to connect with other users on the app. Android, Apple, and web browser users can connect with others using any device for free.

Begin Swiping on Other Users to Get Matches

Facebook Dating works similar to many other dating apps, and in order to get messages and find a hookup, you'll need to start your search for other users. Like most sites, you'll have the option to swipe left or right on other users for free.

Members will see your profile after you have swiped on them, and they will be able to decide if they would like to match and chat with you. Facebook Dating is meant to be a local service, so you'll have the most luck on your search for a hookup here if you're looking to meet members who are in your local area.

There may be occasional ads as you browse through the app, but this is typical of most free services on the internet.

Meet Other Members or Express a Crush on a Friend

After you've spent time swiping on the app, you'll start to match with other users who are online. Then, you'll be able to content them through private messages. It's free to message and chat with other users for as long as you'd like. If you have the idea to, you can request contact outside of the Facebook app, or you can continue chatting through your network devices until you're ready to meet up.

While most find it extremely helpful that Facebook doesn't show your profile to your Facebook friends, there may be an occasional occurrence where you actually want to hookup with someone who is already in your Facebook network.

In this case, Facebook has a discreet service that allows you to express interest in your Facebook friend for free. While it may seem intimidating to let friends on the app know that you're interested in a hook up, Facebook will only notify them if your friends claims a mutual interest in you.

Join Facebook Groups for Casual Sex

If you want to use the Facebook app for finding a hookup but you aren't having much success online on Facebook Dating through the website, you can also try joining groups that were specifically created for those who want to hookup. Some groups are made for users all over the country, while others were created for specific local areas.

You can join groups for your local area or around the world, depending on how far you're willing to travel during your search for a hook up. No matter where in the country you decide to search online, most hook up groups work following a similar format.

Users can post photos for free on the group in order to search for partners around the country. Then, others can comment or send messages to the user. Facebook groups are easy to use because all you have to do is log on to the website and gain free access to other singles through your computer screen.

Find Hookups in Your Facebook Friends List

While some want to avoid their Facebook friends while they search the app for a hook up, others want to go online specifically to find someone they already know to hook up with. If there's someone on your friends list that you want to hook up with, it's free and easy to contact them through messages.

In order to do this, log in and use the app to browse your friends list. Make note of the friend that you want to hook up with. Then, you can send them messages to see if there is mutual interest in a hook up.

You may be surprised to see how easily a screen can give you the tools to hook up with someone who you've had your eye on for a while. Just by sending a message on an app, you can manage to score the hookup of your dreams.


Is Facebook a Good Place to Find Hookups?

Facebook is one of the best free apps to find hookups. It's easy to log into your account using your existing data and browse options through your screen. As you can see, Facebook is good for more than just sharing an article or finding free furniture on Marketplace.

Thanks to Facebook Dating, hookup groups, and your friends list, you'll have access to thousands of dating options for free through your Apple, Android, or web browser.

How to Find Hookups on Facebook Without Friends Knowing?

While you might use Facebook to play games with your friend or read an article together, you may not want them knowing about your dating activity. In order to avoid awkward encounters, Facebook will not show your profile to people you already know while you play on Facebook Dating unless two people specifically express interest in one another.

It is possible that you could encounter people you already know if you choose to use local message boards for dating. If you want to hook up with someone on your friends list, this could be a helpful feature. If you're feeling bold, you can simply message them directly.

Is Facebook a Good Website for Dating?

Given the vast popularity of Facebook, it has become an excellent place for dating and hookups. Other companies such as Ventnor Enterprise Limited, Magnus Processing Pty Ltd, and Sinric Processing Pte based on Congress Avenue have attempted to compete with Facebook, but even reputable companies such as Ventnor Enterprise Limited, Sinric Processing Pte, and Magnus Processing Pty Ltd have not been able to create a website as successful as Facebook in their Congress Avenue offices.


While many have mixed opinions on Facebook Dating, there is no doubt that Facebook Dating is an excellent way for users to connect with others in their area and explore new connections. Many have great success using local Facebook forums for dating as well, and some prefer to be bold and message those on their friend's list who catch their eye.

No matter which method you use to find hookups on Facebook, you're bound to find someone to hookup with amongst Facebook's massive user population.

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