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Drunk hookup? 11 Must-Know Keys for successful hookups while drunk

One of the most fun ways to end a night out is with a drunken hookup. After a stressful week of work, you may be looking to let loose and have fun with drunk sex. It has become more and more socially acceptable to engage in casual sex, and everyone enjoys drunk hookups every now and then.

However, it is important to exercise common sense when engaging in drunken hookups. Before you venture out for a fun night that ends in a hookup, make note of the 11 vital keys to having a successful drunk hookup.

Prioritize Safety

It's no secret that alcohol can hinder our common sense. After a night of drinking, you may not be thinking clearly enough to prioritize safety. Do your future self a favor by ensuring that you have everything necessary to practice safe sex later.

While condoms may not be as fun to use, it's very important to use one when engaging in casual sex with someone you just met. You won't know a person well if you just met them that night, and there's no way to tell who they have been with or if it is a good idea to go without protection.

The right thing to do is to assume that you should use a condom, even if the other person does not request it. Most people will not be thinking straight after a night of drinking, but not using a condom could lead to major regret.

After the booze wears off and the night is over, you'll thank yourself for using a condom. This will greatly decrease your chances of contracting a sexually transmitted disease or infection. One moment of increased pleasure is not worth dealing with a painful infection, or paying 18 years of child support.

Chances are, drunken sex will lack some of the heightened pleasure regardless because drinks can lessen your physical and mental feelings and senses--this is why you can fall down or get hurt while drunk and may not feel a thing.

That being said, it's better to use protection so that there is little room for concern that you could end up with regrets after choices you made while intoxicated.

Limit Yourself to Just a Few Drinks

You might be nervous if you're new to drunken hookups, so you may think that you should get as drunk as possible in order to ease your nerves. However, this is not the best approach to take. Drinking too much alcohol can cause you to embarrass yourself, and there's a good chance you won't perform well during sex if you're belligerently drunk.

Of course, you'll want to drink and have a good time, but bear in mind that you'll likely keep drinking once you and the other person go back to the location where you will hook up. While it may seem a good idea in the moment to get as drunk as possible when preparing for a hookup, you may find that it is worse to drink too much than it is to not drink enough.

Even if it's just a one night stand, you'll want to make a good impression on the other person. You don't want to be remembered as the guy who apparently threw up on his date's bed while they were hooking up. There is no excuse to get excessively drunk before a one night stand, the best advice is to limit yourself to just a few drinks so that you can actually enjoy sex and remember everything the next morning.

One of the essential steps to hooking up with someone after a night out is to talk and get to know each other just enough to feel comfortable with one another. If you're too drunk, you might embarrass yourself during conversation and ruin your chances of hooking up in the first place.

Avoid Contact With a One Night Stand

Many women make the mistake of thinking that a one night stand could turn into something more. When going into a one night stand, it's important to enjoy the moment but remember that it is unlikely that it will turn into something more.

Even if the sex was good, you cannot have any expectations of the other person. Chances are, the one night you share together will be the end of it, and in the morning you will sober up and part ways.

While it's OK to add a one night stand on social media or get their number, it's best not to try to get involved with them. You may end up embarrassing yourself because chances are, the relationship was purely sexual for them. There are very few circumstances which someone you hooked up with on a night out will turn out to be a person that you end up talking to or dating afterwards.

If you're on the search for love, a drunken hookup that you meet at parties is likely not the best place to look. Check in with your own feelings to determine if you can have a hookup with no expectations or strings attached, and if you feel unsure about it, it may be better to wait before rushing into sex with a stranger.

Don't Overstay Your Welcome After Drunk Hookups

While it is perfectly acceptable to sleep over after having sex with someone, it's important to not overstay your welcome. Chances are, the other person may not even want to talk in the morning, so it's best to silently see yourself out before they wake up.

Even if they do wake up early, you should only wait a bit before leaving as soon as possible. It is absolutely necessary to assume that they want you to leave in the morning. Now that you're both sober, it's time to get back to your own life.

You should never assume that your hookup will want to keep talking or hanging out the day after you hook up. Of course, there are always exceptions, but don't go into a hookup with the idea that you will keep hanging out after the night of drinking is over.

Make Sure the Drunk Person Isn't Too Drunk

If you've been consuming a lot of alcohol and the other person has been too, it's important to ensure that the other person is not too drunk to hook up. Be a good person by checking in with the other person and making sure that they have not had too much alcohol.

This is especially important when having sex with women. Even if they seem sober enough, check for express consent. A casual night could turn into a very unfortunate situation if an intoxicated woman feels as if she was not aware enough to have sex.

While it may seem drastic to be accused of rape if you were both intoxicated, it does happen. It is wrong to assume that the other person is automatically consenting, and the safest thing to do is ask.

Don't Drink and Drive

Even if you don't feel as though you have had too much alcohol, it is important to consider the law. It is illegal to drink and drive and it would be wrong to put others in danger with your decisions.

It is two different things to drive after having just one drink than it is to drive after a whole night drinking at a party. This could lead to a very unfortunate situation, so the point is that you should value your life and the life of others by having a sober friend drive or getting an Uber.

Stay Sober Enough to Make Good Decisions

Even if your friends are drinking an excessive amount, know your limits and stop drinking when you basically feel as though you've reached a good buzz. There is no need to consume tons of booze before a hookup. It's very easy to do so, especially in college or at a party.

No matter where you are, watch your alcohol consumption to make sure that you're keeping it under control. You'll have a better night and attract a good hookup partner if you're still sober enough to be aware of your actions.

We've all heard of a friend who gets too drunk and ends up in a poor situation. Watch your drinking levels to ensure that you have a good time without losing all common sense.

Stick to Your Regular Drink Order

Even at a new bar, it's best to stick to your regular drink order if you happen to have a hookup that night. It may be tempting to try new drinks at a party, but mixing too many types of liquor or drinking booze that you aren't used to can cause you to get sick.

You could ruin your chances of getting a hook up if you end up needing to rest or getting a little bit sick. If you want to search for a new drink order, it may be better to wait and do this on a night that you aren't seeking a partner for the night.

If you hear someone mention a drink you want to try, limit yourself to just one or give it a bit of time before you try a different type of drink.

Don't Let Your Friends Influence You

When going out with a friend, it may be difficult for a dude to not get poorly influenced by them. Everywhere in the world, there are people who party too hard. But the guy who makes bad decisions is probably not the guy who will be able to say he hooked up with a beautiful woman last night.

You may want to search for better people to go out with, or simply be mindful of the fact that a guy could not be the best drinking partner if he tends to black out every night.

Think for yourself and make smart decisions, and remember that if something does not seem like a good idea you may want to ask yourself what your sober self would do.

Don't Get Attached to a Hookup

If you tend to get attached, it may be best to exercise caution when engaging in casual sex. Women are especially prone to making this mistake, but anyone can get attached to their hook up partner, even if you only spent one night together.

It is possible to have a lot of fun with someone and build a connection with someone in just one night, but it's important to remember that you will both go your separate ways again.

Most of the time, your partner for the evening could be someone that you'll never see again. It is certainly possible to fall in love after a fun night together, but you should not have this expectation of anyone.

Be Respectful and Kind

In every drunken hook up, it's important to be respectful and kind to the other person. It can be intimidating to have sex with someone that you don't know, even if you have had a few drinks. Before anything else, you should make sure that the other individual feels comfortable and wants to have sex.

When going into sex, you should ask them for consent. Even if they seem like they want to have sex, asking them will show respect and also confirm that everyone is on the same page. The last thing you want is to be accused of rape, and this happens all the time, even if they "seemed" like they wanted to have sex.

Alcohol can greatly cloud people's judgement, and there have been more than enough times that someone engages in sex and ends up regretting it immensely. Showing respect and kindness will ensure that everyone has a good time and feels good about the interaction, even if you never see each other again.


Having a casual hook up can be a fun way to enjoy the evening and the company of another individual. As long as you are mindful of your actions, refrain from drinking too much, and ensure that everyone is comfortable, drunken hookups can be a lot of fun for both participants.

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