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Double list hookup? Complete guide to getting laid on double list

Online dating has become a confusing maze of different hookup apps and websites. They come and go for various reasons. Others are just a way of tricking you into paying for live cams. Then, there are the hookup apps.

Some are better than others, but for many men, it’s the classic story of so many swipes, so few results. A dating app is only as good as the number of users it has.

If you’re looking for a great alternative to some of the classics of hookup websites like Adult Friend Finder and Ashley Madison, then there’s a new player.

Our Doublelist review has all the info you need to know if this is the best site for you to find that hot casual encounter you’ve been searching for. So without further ado, let’s take a deep dive into the Doublelist website.

What is Doublelist?

It’s one of the newer online personal ads websites on the market. It was launched in 2018 when Craigslist personals removed its “casual encounters” section

Craigslist was concerned about some of the implications of the Online Sex Trafficking act, which was aimed at combatting sex trafficking and prostitution.

Keep in mind that the law didn’t make the Casual Encounters section illegal! Craigslist simply decided they didn’t want to hassle with any potential problems, so they cut and run.

Doublelist to the rescue!

Enter Doublelist to the world of online dating sites! Right off the bat, you can tell it was inspired by Craigslist’s clean, no-clutter look.

It’s like the Google of sexual encounters! This is one free dating site that seems to have it all: postings from and for female users, for any sexual orientation, gender, and every possible combination of male, female, or couple you can imagine. 

Now that sites like Craigslist casual encounters are gone, this is one website that has really stepped in to meet the demand for dating and one-night stands. It really gives the big hookup apps like Tinder a run for their money!

Doublelist Website Basics: Find a Casual Hookup ASAP

In reading this Doublelist review, you’ll see how much easier and simpler it is to set up an account, search and post than it is on some similar sites.

Their clean user interface makes it a breeze to use, and so much faster than Doublelist alternatives.

Here are some tips to get started so you can have that hot casual hookup you’ve been fantasizing about faster than you’d ever be able to on almost another dating app.

Setting Up Your Account


Similar to Craigslist, the process to create accounts on Double List is easy. You create a profile with your email and come up with a chat nickname. You’ll also indicate what city you are in so you can hook up with people close to you.

They’ll also ask for some other dating preferences and other details in terms of what you are looking for: men, women, gay, straight, etc.

Verification Process

There’s a quick and free email and phone number verification required to use the website. It’s fairly safe to do this since your phone number will not be displayed on the website, and is only used to prove you are a real person.

Quick Tip For Using Doublelist

Unless you want a Darwin award, do not use your personal or work email.

Do you really want your company’s IT guy seeing your dating emails from Double List or sites like Adult Friend Finder, Ashley Madison, or another hookup website?

Searching The User Base

It couldn’t be easier to search the site. Instead of displaying a tile wall of fake profiles or accounts that haven’t been accessed in 10 years like other sites, or by endless swiping, as you’d do on a dating app like Tinder, you’ll just see a simple list of categories. 

Doublelist offers two types of listing categories:

  • “Connect Now,” which is for people who want to get busy and get right to the sexual side of things.
  • “Let’s Date,” which is geared towards people who want to take it a little slower and at least start with dinner before getting to the fun stuff.

Connect Now

Within “Connect Now,” you’ll find just about every type of category possible.

Most likely, you’ll be able to find the best matches of a mate, or mates, within one of these. (If not, you may need a more fetish-oriented website!) Here’s what you’ll find:

  • Guys for women/Women for guys
  • Guys for guys/Women for women
  • Couples for couples
  • Couples for her/Couples for him
  • Males for couples/Females for couples
  • Gay for straight/Straight for gay

Let’s Date

There are far fewer posts under “Let's Date,” but it’s still a great place to go looking for love. There are separate categories to search under Let’s Date, and here they are:

  • Platonic/Friendship
  • Guys for guys
  • Women for guys
  • Men for women
  • Women for women
  • Dating misc.

The miscellaneous section has some postings that are unlike anything else, from workout partners and ads geared toward the people searching the trans community.

This is stuff you won’t find on most hookup sites.

How to Post Personal Ads on Doublelist

Just like Craigslist used to be, it’s quite easy to post ads. The categories we just talked about really help narrow things down. Here’s how to create those perfect and successful personal ads.

First off, you need to decide if you are interested in hooking up, or a more serious relationship.

Obviously, that’s going to be huge in determining how your post is going to look. Here are all the steps you’ll need to follow before finding that hot hookup tonight. 

What do you want on Doublelist? Who are you looking for? 

Begin by choosing “Let’s Connect Now” or “Let’s Date.” In other words, do you want to screw in the next few hours, or are you looking to hold hands and walk on the beach and take it slow?

Next, under “I am/We Are:” choose if you’re a biological man or woman, a couple, or someone who is a cross-dresser or transgendered.

Finally, “What I’m Looking For:” Do you want a man, woman, couple, or someone who is trans or a cross-dresser? In other words, what are your sexual preferences?

If you select “Let’s date,” you’ll then choose your posting category: here’s where you file your post into one of those categories above.

Time To Strut Your Stuff

On the next screen, you need to come up with a post title. Remember that post titles need to be PG.

Next, we move on to the “Body.” We’re talking about the body of your post - the main information you are trying to convey.

But yes, including your body type and the one you are looking for is very helpful.

This is where you explain what type of Doublelist user you are looking for!

Where do you want to meet your match?

For most large metropolitan areas like Chicago, New York, LA, etc., you’ll want to select the neighborhood you are in so you can post personal ads for users closest to you.

In some areas with smaller cities or less populated states, you won’t find a neighborhood listing.

More Info Section

Add your age, and the age of 18+ people you are seeking. Be honest! You wouldn’t want to get catfished, and you don’t want to do it to others. Karma!

Another dropdown tells the world more about what you are looking for. Select from dating, FWB (Friends With Benefits), one-time, and just friends or platonic. 

What’s your mood?

There are a few options here: “coffee first,” “dinner/date,” “Netflix and chill,” or “let's just do it.” 

Be honest with yourself about what you want. If you want it now, it will be annoying to someone who wants to take it slow, and you won’t have a successful hookup.

On the other hand, if you want to take it slow, but the other person wants to get busy now, it’s not going to work out. 

Add Pictures

Finally, upload your best pics.

Personal ads that have pictures are way more likely to be successful. It’s totally understandable if you don’t want to upload a picture of your face, but having some sense of your body type and style can really help set you apart.

Keep in mind that this is one dating site that does not allow full nudity in the personal ads. 

Upload those sexy photos, but keep them more suggestive than explicit. What you do at your sexiest is your business for now! 

Quick Tip

Any replies on your post will go to the email address associated with your Doublelist account, so once again, it’s highly recommended that you use an anonymous, non-personal, non-work account!

More Tips to Find Casual Partners on Doublelist

So how do you match up with other members of the user base with the same interests? The key is to take a little time to make quality personal ads. 

Not Too Long, Not Too Short, Just Right. 

English teachers back in the day often used to say that a paragraph should be like a skirt: “long enough to cover the subject, but short enough to keep it interesting!”

Personal ads are often unread because they are too short or too long.

If it’s too short, then people don’t know what you are looking for, and they don’t really know who you are and what makes you unique.

Too long? People don’t come to a site like this to read a novel. This is your one chance to make a first impression.

Give it time!

If you really think you’ve done your best work in crafting your post and still haven’t had one or more casual hookups, then give it a few weeks before making a change. It’s better to give it a chance before making major changes.

Finding A Long Term Relationship On Doublelist

It’s so important to be honest with yourself and the other users about what you want.

If you post that you want something long term, then meet up, and it’s clear you really want a hookup, the other person will rightfully be really put off. 

Personal ads that are clearly authentic are so much more likely to be successful than ones that are phony.

If what you are looking for is something genuine and meaningful, you’ll never achieve that if you were fake in your post. So, be yourself!

Talk about your interests, your passions and your quirks. You’ll have a much better shot at meeting someone with whom you’ll have something to talk about, and you’ll hit it off great.

What are the Most Popular Doublelist Cities?

A quick check of Doublelist’s active cities shows that the top 3 in terms of population match up to the most popular on Doublest.

As the user base for the site grows, it’ll probably have more users than Craigslist ever did.

Looking at the number of new posts gives you an idea of the most active cities right now:

  • New York
  • Los Angeles
  • Chicago
  • San Francisco Bay Area
  • Houston

Even some of the more rural states have a decent amount of listings.

The one exception might be Wyoming. If you live there, you may have better luck hooking up with a grizzly bear. And not the kind with a beard and flannel shirt who drives cute VW Beetle.

Is Doublelist really free?

In a word, “yes!”

It’s so hard to believe that in this day and age, a site offers so much for so little. While other sites will suck you in with the promise of “free” service and then push you to an expensive premium membership just to read and respond to messages or view profiles, Doublelist does no such thing.

So how does this online dating site make money?

It’s pretty natural to want to know how they could compete with sites like Adult Friend Finder without charging their users, because it seems to be too good to be true. 

The answer seems to be that they allow for sponsored posts. If you follow the “Advertise With Us” link, you’ll be taken to a page where you can describe the ad buy you want to make.

Then, in a few days, their version of Don Draper will get back to you. “Dom” Draper. Or Don “Drop-her.” Whatever, there’s a joke in there somewhere.

Doublelist allows any website to advertise, which gives them the revenue they need to keep the site going.

By allowing for a small number of sponsored posts that contain links to sites like Ashley Madison or Adult Friend Finder, they are able to keep the site free for users.

Is Doublelist Safe?

Whether you are male, female, gay, or straight, you should definitely be asking if Doublelist offers a safe environment.

While it’s really up to all the people on the site to exercise caution and responsibility, the policies that Doublelist has in effect can really help create a safe community.

All hookup sites have some level of risk, and there isn’t anything that makes Doublelist any worse or better than the others. Here’s a list of what is and isn’t allowed on the site:

Adults Only

The site has a strict no-tolerance policy for anyone under 18. However, they don’t perform any age verification, so it’s important for you to double-check.

If anyone appears to be underage, report them immediately. This will help keep the website safe for everyone.

No Selling Of Anything

If you’re tired of sites where it seems there are no “real” users, then this site is for you. So often, you’ll come across a dating site where many of the users are prostitutes or people trying to steer you to a subscription site like OnlyFans, or paid live cams.

Doublelist is a different kind of dating site. They strictly prohibit soliciting of escort services, prostitution, massages, therapeutic services, and things like that.

They also don’t allow people to sell merchandise or subscription services. If you want to help keep the site clean of these posts, make sure to report any users violating the rules.

No Violent, Abusive, or Illegal Content

Doublelist makes it pretty clear that they aren’t a kink or fetish site. While they are actually very accommodating towards people who like all sorts of flavors, they don’t want you to include references to violence, abuse, or degradation in your posts.

If you have a hardcore fetish that involves control, humiliation, violence, or shame., you might want to look into a website more like Fetlife.

Another fetish that will get you banned is any form of animal cruelty or rape. If that’s what you are into, Doublelist is not for you. You should also consider seeking professional help. 

Speaking of that, they do not permit roleplay that would concern anything violent, abusive or illegal. So, you can’t roleplay anything involving incest, rape, or underage pretending.

Also, remember that, like most hookup apps, Doublelist will definitely work with law enforcement if they suspect you are doing something illegal. 

No Drugs

If you are looking to mix sex and drugs, then Doublelist isn’t your rock and roll jam. The site specifically prohibits buying or selling any form of drugs.

Obviously, many posts do reference “420,” but even those may run afoul of the rules.

Posting Guidelines On Doublelist

Doublelist says that since the post subject lines are easily seen and not behind a paywall, they should be “PG.” So, don’t include anything explicit in that line.

Since you have to click through to get to the post body, you can feel free to fully spice things up. 

They also want you to keep to about 2-3 posts per day, so avoid spamming, “Hi! Can we have sex?” It screams desperation and is unlikely to get you any better results than if you just had one or two really well-composed posts.

Of course, trying to evade bans or posting limits by having multiple accounts isn’t allowed on this dating site.

They also discourage posting in a city that you aren’t in, but it seems to be just fine to indicate that you are traveling to another city.

There’s no trash talking allowed - something that should really help to keep the site civil and pleasant. You can make your own posts, but talking about other users isn’t allowed. You also can’t pretend to be a different gender or age, or post pics of people that aren’t you.

The one thing that really seems to set Doubleist apart from other similar websites is their “human side.”

When you read their terms and conditions, they explain that unless a violation is serious, you won’t get banned. The post will just get taken down. They really want people to enjoy their experience and understand an occasional mistake.

You and the other members are the first line of defense for keeping the site safe, civil, and fun. Make sure to reach out to the Doublelist team if you see spam, anything illegal, or users that are causing problems

 The same goes for all hookup apps, do your part to report troublemakers to the mods.

Staying Safe On and Offline

Hookup apps are an easy place to get scammed or catfished.

Fake accounts are always going to be found no matter what site you use. In some ways, the fact that there are fewer pictures and more descriptive language can be a good way to spot bots and scammers.

The fact that the site is free certainly opens the door to scammers, creepers, and predators. That’s why you should always arrange meetings in a safe way.

Meeting in a public place and letting a “wingman” know where you’ll be is always a smart idea. That goes for any website where you’ll be meeting other users IRL.

But wait, there’s more!

Despite being free, the Doublelist site has a whole “Fun Stuff” section of other features that you’ll love.

It feels like Doublelist has sought to really create a community, in a way that most typical dating apps just can’t match. With all the content that gets added every day, you’ll always have a reason to log in.

There’s dating advice, stories, and a sexual education blog written by dating experts with topics you want to know about, like:

  • The Female Orgasm - Demystified
  • Does Size Really Matter 
  • 10 Tips for Spicing up your relationship

Even if you think you are a pro at online dating, you’ll love the “common lingo” section of the site. You’ll definitely find terms in there you never heard of, or things you did you never knew had a name!

Now go enjoy the casual hookups you are fantasizing about!

Hopefully, this Doublelist review helped you understand some of the biggest pros and very few cons of the website.

Dating can be fun, exciting, naughty, and romantic. Remember, be yourself, be safe and have fun!

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