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Crush Date Hookup Review - Is This App Legit?

One of the best dating apps you have to try is Crush date online. This app makes things easy for anyone finding love, a relationship, or meaningful connections. The users on this dating app hail from major cities throughout the US, so no matter where you are, you’ll find mutual matches.

With the tools available for members, you’ll find it easy to break the ice, send messages, and, if you play your cards right, maybe even have a one-night stand!

The landscape for hookup apps is maze-like indeed. There are so many dating apps. Some of them are great, some of them, not so much. With our years of journalism experience in the area of hookup sites, we’re bringing you our unbiased review of Crush Date!

You’ll learn the strengths, weaknesses, features and benefits of this app. We’ll help you decide if this app shows promise in getting you in the driver's seat for a hot dating experience. Is this the best dating app out there right now? Before you hop on the app store, read on to find out!

When Did Crush Date Start? 

People started Crush dating online about 10 years ago. The co-founder was actually featured on a syndicated radio show. People were really impressed by the conversation he had about his real life experiences finding potential dates. He talked about some hilarious stories where things didn’t exactly go the way he thought they would!

After the app started generating publicity, that’s when things really took off. It wasn’t long before it was featured in magazines, news programming and more. Success stories of people meeting online just poured in.

Real life love stories can help inspire people to go out and start chatting. If you just dare to dream, you never know who you will meet!

Icebreaker Games For Online Dating

When you chat with new people on the app, you can strike up all sorts of interesting conversations by playing some really fun ice-breaking games. Suggesting this to another user is sure to set you apart from others!

People love a game and they’ll remember you as the person who made them laugh or got them really turned on and excited.

One of these is the old standby, truth or dare. Remember that game from when you were a kid? Truth or dare can be a really heart-pounding experience, even when played on an app!

Let’s say someone dares you to go outside with no clothes on. You have to do it! Maybe they want to know about your “First time.” Either way, truth or dare is such a naughty and fun way to meet people.

Truth or dare doesn’t always have to be naughty. You can play it like you did when you were a kid and just make it silly. It all depends on the type of relationship you want to find on the app.

Some ideas for a more PG dare might be to yell something crazy out the window, like “Has anyone seen my rhinoceros?” Instead of asking something intimate for the “truth,” ask for a funny embarrassing story.

Another way to break the ice is to play the fun game “2 Truths and a Lie.” When you chat, you’ll give each other 2 things about you that are true and one that’s a lie. Often people make the more outlandish thing the true thing, and the ordinary thing the lie.

This is such a fun way of finding love on Crush, since you’ll laugh and learn so much about each other.

Does This Dating App Conduct Background Checks?

This is a great question. We investigated this firsthand and found out that a background check isn’t mandatory to use the site. While that makes registration easier, it does mean that you might meet someone you would not have crossed paths with in real life.

This means that you need to take care when you meet a person from the site, since they really could be just about anyone. They probably don’t have a criminal record, but it's not exactly impossible either.

When you chat with a potential match, just take some time to feel them out to see if they might be a creeper. Ask a little about their job, and where they grew up. Just look for inconsistencies that might give you some overall clarity on whether they are safe.

Even if they did do background checks, those only expose things that are officially part of the record. It may mean that someone bad just hasn’t been caught yet. So, you’re always advised to do your due diligence and remain vigilant at all times.

How Does Crush Compare To Other Apps?

One of the great things about the site is the ability to really drill down on specifics in profiles. Other apps like Tinder force you to keep swiping continuously to find a partner. The user experience is clear and clean. 

When you post photos, it’s great to make them pretty high resolution. This is because your potential matches can click on the pictures and view them larger so they get more detail.

Oftentimes a tiny, cropped photo will get your profile ignored in an instant. Likewise, if you see a poor photo, it’s usually a good idea to move on to the next one. 

This app makes things easy when it comes to searching. Create a filter to make it easy to weed out exactly what you don’t want when it comes to your matches. You can make as many filters as you need to fully customize the site.

A new feature that was added on the site was the ability to create a hotlist of people that you really like, so you can come back easily to their profile. 

Crush Online Dating For LGBTQIA+

Queer women and gay guys really want to know if this dating app is for them. Dating experts agree, Crush is a top platform for the gay community.

Whether you are gay, bi, lesbian, gender fluid or queer, you’ll find people that are on the same page as you.

There are other dating platforms that do provide a little more focus when it comes to the queer community. However, by using the search filters, you’ll be able to browse profiles of other lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered matches.

Queer Crush users know what they want out of life! You’ll need to put just as much work into trying to set up a date with a gay man as you would with a straight one. Wear some nice clothes, take a fire picture, and you’ll be on your way to a hot encounter!

Create A Killer Crush Profile

There’s a lot of competition on the site. The same is true for every free dating app. Think about Tinder. When people are swiping continuously, it’s really easy to get lost in the shuffle! Successful online dating requires that you create a great profile that jumps out at other users. 

At the core of every great profile is the photo. It needs to be clear, good quality and above all, really flattering! Pick out an outfit that makes you feel sexy and confident! You’ll know if you did a good job if you get a lot of positive feedback from your potential matches.

Thankfully the app has some great free features that make it easy to create a great dating profile. When you sign up, make sure to check all the boxes of the things you’re looking for and what kind of person you are. 

Be honest about what you look like! When you do meet up, you’ll be happy you did. Besides, no matter who you are, it’s what’s inside that counts! The same goes for all dating apps. Just be yourself, and start chatting!

Sending a Successful Message

Have you ever used dating apps, sent a bunch of messages that never get answered? It happens to most guys. The secret to getting an answer is to make your message stand out to female members. Women, you can basically just write “hi,” and you’ll get an answer! 

Guys, when you message new people, you need to say more than just “hello.” Describe yourself and what you are looking for in a partner. Make sure to include photos and not just ones of your naughty bits! People really need to see your face before they can imagine dating you. 

What Kind Of Users Will You Find On Crush?

The users you find online are often interested in both dating, and hooking up. What sets Crush apart is that it’s not purely a hookup site. It’s really more of an online dating app, but with “benefits.”

We think it’s a really cool idea, actually. The Crush team really put a lot of work into finding an answer to the question of how you can meet new people and make friends online.

These users are often smart and sassy. They go online seeking friends, dating, and chat. In act, it’s possible you might just find a friend to give you advice and talk to when you feel lonely! You might even do that for a while, then meet up for real.

Crush In Your Local Area

A dating app doesn’t do you a lot of good if you can’t find any people nearby. The great news is that there appears to be plenty of users in every single city across the US, and even some other countries. Just how many of these users are online? That depends on the time of day. The best time is usually in the evening after people are done with work.

You’ll find Crush in both the Apple App Store, as well as on android. This is great because you can take it wherever you go.

Is There a Premium Membership On Crush?

Crush offers both free and premium plans to suit your dating experience. It’s priced very competitively with other dating platforms. We recommend giving the premium version a try for a month or two to see how you like it.

Generally speaking, when it comes to dating apps, free isn’t necessarily better. You’ll often find that paid dating apps offer more in the way of chat and search filters. Plus, you may find a less crowded and more exclusive environment.

This means that you’ll be able to meet people much easier, saving you time and money.

How Do I Stay Safe When I’m Online Dating?

Whether you are using Crush or another dating app, safety comes first. Though many users are totally legit, some are out to scam or harm you. Using some common sense, you can stay safe and still have fun with your matches.

One cool idea is to ask that before you meet in person, they give you their social media profiles, so you can check and see if they are real.

Real people will have friends, a place of employment, an educational history, etc. If they are willing to show you that, then it means it’s really likely they are for real.

When an app is free, you do run the risk of finding a user who is looking to steal your personal data. When you sign up for the site, make sure to use an anonymous email address, not your work one.

Same goes for all apps! There’s no reason to give them that information. Second, you’re always free to use a fake name. In fact, at first, we recommend you do this until you are sure you like the site. 

How’s the Crush Customer Support?

All apps are only as good as their customer support. This is because when problems arise, you need them solved immediately, no matter if you have a free or paid account. The good news is that the Crush team is highly responsive to all user inquiries.

Whether it is billing, or assistance with users who are breaking the rules, we found the team to be competent and pleasant to deal with.

What’s the Bottom Line On Crush?

The bottom line is that Crush is a great, free way to meet another user for dinner, become friends and maybe hook up! It’s an app that’s easy to use. Unlike other free apps, you won’t be burdened by hundreds of fake profiles or bots.

It’s an app that’s definitely worth a try. There’s some really amazing success stories of people who met on the app, dated, then started a family! That might not be what you’re after right now, but it’s still great to know that the app has been tried and trusted by so many people.

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