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Best Cougar Hookup Dating Sites That Actually Work.

Let's talk about older women for a second. Despite what some people might think, mature women need sex too. In fact, they might be more sexually ravenous than their younger counterparts. The truth is that plenty of older babes are cock hungry and ready for lust at a moment's notice, and that's why cougar dating apps are so damn popular today.

Maybe you're looking to dive into this world of cougar hookup sites yourself. But with so many around, howdo you know where to begin? The good news is that young men have more choice than ever, but separating the gold from the crap is the hard part. Fret not, because we've put this guide together for you. Here are the best cougar dating sites available today.

What Are Cougars?

Before we check out the top cougar dating apps around today, first we need to explain exactly what a cougar is. You probably have a good idea, but some newbies to the cougar scene might not be so educated. Basically, a cougar is an older woman who targets men considerably younger than her for care-free sex. That's the long and short of it.

Cougars are pretty much every young boy's dream. Any younger man who tells you they haven't fantasized about nailing an experienced older babe is telling you lies. One question that frequently pops up is: are cougars any different from MILFs? In terms of looks, no, but cougars solely focus on younger guys while MILFs go for any age.

Why You Should Date A Cougar

If you've never experienced the exquisite experience of older woman sex, we'll be the first to tell you that you're missing out. Cougars and MILFs are so in-demand for good reason, and it's because they know their way around the bedroom like the backs of their hands. Here are 4 reasons you ought to consider hooking up with an older woman soon.


Older women have been around the block a few times. They've seen it all. They've done everything. They know what works for them and what doesn't, and they've had sufficient time to become comfortable in their sexual abilities. When you sleep with a mature woman, you won't get any awkward fumblings - just unadulterated sexual exploration.

No Bullshit

Cougars don't have time to play the typical games that come with dating. They won't ghost you. They won't leave your messages on read to 'play it cool,' They'll be honest and upfront about their needs, and if they have a problem, you can be damn sure they'll tell you. Older chicks will be straight with you time and time again.

Just Sex

There's a reason cougar hookup sites are overflowing with mature nymphos, and that's because cougars want sex and nothing more. They've done all the other shit already - marriage, kids, career, divorce, relationships, LSD. They don't care about that stuff anymore, they're just living to have fun, so expect a shit ton of sex.


Once you've familiarized yourself with a few cougar websites, you'll find that older ladies have done all the vanilla stuff. They've had enough missionary and doggy to last a lifetime, so they're more likely to indulge some of the kinkier aspects of bedroom play. With a cougar, there are no limits and no inhibitions. Let your inner sexual demon free.

Why Do Older Women Date Younger Men?

One question that frequently rears its head is: why do cougars target younger men at all? Well, every cougar will have their own reasons for preferring young studs to old, grey men, but we've listed some of the most common ones here. Here are the 4 most popular reasons cougars prefer younger guys.


Mature women aren't immune to ego boosts. They still get them whenever they bag an achievement, be it that promotion at work, attending their kid's graduation ceremony or slamming some hot guy 20 years younger than her. Sleeping with young men gives cougars a hefty release of endorphins and a feeling of success.

Sexual Connection

Men reach their sexual peak at around 18 years old. This is when they're constantly horny and can fuck all night. Women reach their sexual peak at around 36, so you can see there's a clear disparity here. For this reason, older ladies and younger men make have ideal sexual compatibility because both are in their sexual primes.


Men dominate, women submit, right? Well no, not when it comes to cougars. Cougars often take control in the bedroom, perhaps because they've already endured decades of being in the submissive role. Cougars might choose young guys because they can throw them around and make them do their bidding in the bedroom, and that's pretty hot.

Attraction Levels

This one is pretty simple. As men get older, our metabolism and genetics start to give way. We only have to sniff a donut and those rock hard abs we perfected in our 20s will be long gone. However, young guys can easily maintain their chiseled physiques, not to mention they still have all of their hair in place.

Where To Meet Older Women

Obviously, dating apps and hookup sites might be your go-to choice to find older ladies, but there are places in the real world too find them too. Don't neglect hitting on cougars in the wild, because as good as cougar sites are, not every cock-craving honey is on there. Here are a few places to meet your next cougar IRL.


Cougars spent their younger years hooking up in bars. It was what they did before Tinder made everything easier. Still today, a lot of cougars prefer to meet their cubs in bars and clubs around their local areas for that authentic touch, not to mention they're already conditioned to associate bars with casual sex since it was so rife in their heyday.


A lot of corporate women are attracted to the cougar lifestyle. They have that craving for domination. They don't have time for regular relationships. They just need their sexual needs fulfiled at a moment's notice. If you hang around hotel bars, you're guaranteed to bump into a few prowling cougars on business trips.


Mature ladies have to work a little harder to keep themselves in pristine condition, and you can be damn sure they do. For this reason, you'll find a ton of cougars cutting the fat and pumping up their thighs in the gym, and unlike young girls, cougars won't get unnecessarily offended when you hit on them in person.

Best Cougar Dating Sites

What's the best cougar hookup site? Is there a completely free cougar dating app? Don't worry, we've answered all of your questions below. If you're ready to begin your journey into the world of cougars, here are the top 10 cougar dating sites to check out.

Cougar Life

Cougar Life is probably the most famous cougar dating site of all, and for good reason. This older woman paradise has been around since horny mature women started referring to themselves (somewhere around the early 2000s), and Cougar Life has continually maintained its high standards and vast user base of older women and younger men.

This is a classic dating site, allowing guys and girls to scroll through profiles at their leisure until they find someone that takes their fancy. It's pretty minimal when it comes to features, but that's always a good thing because it means the site has nothing to hide. For a stress-free cougar hunting experience, Cougar Life has it all.

  • Massive user base
  • Simple and streamlined
  • Best way to meet cougars online
  • Online forum and chatrooms
  • Some younger women
  • Not free


Any site called MILF Play isn't exactly going to attract the kind of women looking for dates and romantic dinners. As you'd expect, MILF Play is teeming with gorgeous older women who are just looking for the same thing you are, and these babes aren't shy about it. It might be a niche dating site, but MILF Play's massive use base speaks for itself.

MILF Play is one of the few cougar dating apps that boasts more women than men on its platform - a rarity for any dating website, niche or not. For this reason alone, we can't speak highly enough of MILF Play, especially if you're a younger man yourself. With so much choice, the mature woman of your dreams is only a few clicks away.

  • Fantastic female to male ratio
  • Mostly cougar women looking for younger men
  • Chat rooms available
  • Paid membership required
  • Large swinger community presence

Ashley Madison

We're not saying that cougars have something of a reputation, but the ladies on Ashley Madison say otherwise. For those who don't know, Ashley Madison is an affairs site, bringing together cheating lovers from all over the world. Since the site allows free membership for women, there are a ton of hot cougar babes looking for extra-marital fun on here.

Unlike most of the other dating sites on this list, AM is all about the anonymity. These misbehaving ladies don't want their spouses knowing they're hunting for side cock, so Ashley Madison provides a number of discretion options. It might not be strictly for older women and younger men, but AM is still one of the best cougar dating websites around today.

  • Strictly for affairs
  • One of the most unique hookup sites
  • Completely free for women
  • Not a dedicated cougar dating site
  • Expensive for men

Elite Singles

Elite Singles brands itself as a site for "educated singles," which might sound a bit cringe, but there's a positive side: lots of filthy MILF types fancy themselves in this category. On Elite Singles, you'll find thousands of sex-starved CEOs and businesswomen who just need a little side cock to while away the stress. Doesn't sound so bad now, right?

And then there's the flip side. Elite Singles isn't purely a cougar hookup site. People also use this place to find the dreaded L word: love. As well as casual dating, some of these older women are looking for a young man to spend their remaining years with. Elite Singles helps people find easy sex as well as more serious relationships.

  • Elite women
  • Versatility with relationship types
  • Very few fake users
  • Some people looking for long term relationships
  • Not strictly for cougar dating

Silver Singles

Have you reached the age where you're noticing a few grey hairs slipping through the cracks? Don't worry, it happens to us all, and there's even a dating app designed just for you. Silver Singles is a place for mature men to meet mature women for fun, casual dating, serious relationships and more. Silver Singles is totally dedicated to the oldies.

You need to be at least 38 to be accepted onto Silver Singles, and this information must be verified with identification. Of course, Silver Singles isn't entirely a free cougar dating site, as you'll find women who fit into a wide range of categories on here. Additionally, Silver Singles is just as much about finding a committed relationship as it is casual dates.

  • Versatile dating app
  • Wide range of users
  • Must be 38+ to join
  • Not strictly for cougar dating
  • Not for "young" men is a dedicated cougar dating app to help bring older women and younger men together for a good time. It's one of the more newer cougar sites on the scene, but in just a few years it's amassed a decent sized user base and a stellar reputation. This dating app is big on interactivity, small on features, and that's just how we like it.

On, you'll spend most of your time swiping through faces as you would on Tinder. The gender ratio is around 55/45 in favor of men, which is a decent number for any cougar dating site, especially one so new. If you prefer the modern swipe approach rather than the classic grid style, Cougared might just be the cougar dating website for you.

  • Swipe based matching system
  • Purely hookup based
  • Minimalistic features
  • Some bare profiles
  • Expensive premium membership

Elite Meets Beauty

Elite Meets Beauty is more than a cougar dating site, it's actually a sugar dating site. For those not familiar with the sugar scene, it's when an older woman or man financially compensates a young, attractive partner and provides them with a lavish lifestyle in return for regular sex. Sure, it's pretty shallow, and it's basically like hiring a long term hooker - but it works.

That means Elite Meets Beauty is top choice if you're a younger guy looking for a sugar momma to subsidize your income. Does it work? Absolutely. Sugar relationships are based on an age gap dynamic, with one partner being considerably wealthier than the other. You won't find a one night stand, dates or hookups on here, but you might find your sugar momma.

  • Sugar dating site
  • Huge choice of rich cougars
  • Older woman and younger men dynamic
  • Expensive membership
  • More sugar daddies than mamas

Seeking is another sugar dating website that brings wealthy benefactors together with sexual playthings, and it's actually one of the most popular dating sites around today. There's a lot to be said for the whole sugar scene, but no one can deny it's a thriving market, especially in today's world of transactional sex and relationships.

It's not strictly designed for older women dating younger men, but Seeking is packed full of wealthy MILFs who just need a toyboy to take on their next business trip. If you think you can handle being some powerful honey's walking sex toy, and if you fit the criteria of a young, hot single man, Seeking might be the answer to your prayers.

  • One of the most popular dating apps
  • Plenty of mature members
  • Fantastic functionality
  • Not purely cougar dating
  • Need to be very attractive to stand out

Toyboy Warehouse

Toyboy Warehouse is something of a hidden gem in the world of cougar hookup sites, but if you want to blow up your dating life with a single app, Toyboy Warehouse can do just that. When older women need their fix of young men, they can log on to Toyboy Warehouse and take their pick of the bunch. Unlike the other dating apps on here, TBW is totally free too.

It's a tried and tested, pure cougar dating app, so you don't have to worry about younger women infilitrating this vast selection of filthy cougars. The only people who can join are older women above 40 and younger guys up to 30. It might be one of the lesser known platforms around, but Toyboy Warehouse could easily be the best cougar dating site around.

  • Exclusively for older women dating younger men
  • Totally free to use
  • No serious relationship seekers
  • Mid sized user base
  • Some fake profiles

Age Match

Unlike dedicated casual cougar apps, Age Match goes both ways. Everyone is welcome here, older men and women, younger guys and girls, and they all have one thing in common: they're looking for an age gap relationship. Whether you're a younger man who needs a mommy figure or a young girl with daddy issues, Age Match can land that casual date you crave.

Additionally, Age Match is more of a dating app than a hookup site. Sure, you'll find a sexual relationship if you dig deep enough, but a lot of the folks on here are looking for someone to spend considerable time with. Even so, Age Match is a wonderful place to meet cougars for passion, intimacy and romance. You can also send messages and create interesting discussion topics in the forums completely for free.

  • Online forum and chatrooms
  • Message users for free
  • Great search feature
  • Mostly serious relationship seekers

Cougar Dating Made Easy For You!

We've told you why you should sample the delights of a cougar ASAP. We've told you where to meet these delectable femme fatales, and we've given you a list of the best cougar dating sites to satiate your older woman appetite. You might not realize it, but you've got all the ammunition you need to penetrate this world of mature beauties with outrageous sexual force.

With our extensive list of the top cougar dating websites on the scene today, we guarantee that you'll easily find your next hookup partner if you put the effort in. There's a world of horny older ladies out there waiting for your message, so take the steps and make your sex life something worth being jealous of!

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