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Best College Hookup Apps for Students Trying to Hook Up

College is another place where further self-discovery takes place. In college, you get to figure out sexual preferences, try out casual flings or find a serious relationship.

However, being a college student is one of the most stressful stages of adulthood.

From gaining freedom and independence from your parents to learning different experiences, the college experience can be both good and bad. There are almost always choked-up schedules and at least one uncompleted project paper you need submit the next day.

Making friends and finding love in college isn’t as straightforward as it is portrayed in movies. Its not the typical fairytale where you bump into someone and instantly fall in love.

Your “soulmate” is probably not the cute guy you sit next to in psych class or the soccer girl who half the school has eyes for.

Wanting a hookup date or long term relationship in college is one thing, and actually achieving it is another. College life is about 80% school work and 20% social life, which makes it hard to socialize and get to know your peers.

How To Hookup in College

Just because you haven’t found someone to connect with on your campus doesn’t mean you are unattractive or a weirdo, it just means you need to employ a different strategy.

You should take a step further by expanding your search, and this is where dating sites and hookup apps come in. 

In the past, making connections on dating sites was virtually taboo. You'd be tagged as weird and maybe even called a slut.

Now, however, using dating apps to find love, friendship or just casual hookups is completely normal. Dating apps are convenient for several groups of people such as the elderly, remote workers, and just people who want mutual matches and would rather not ask someone out in person.

Several studies show that most college students use dating sites and hookup apps to connect and find mutual matched. So, many young adults like you share the same need. No one will bat an eye if you choose college hookup apps.

To make things easier for you, we have compiled a list of the best hookup apps and dating apps for college students.

These apps listed below have been well tested and analyzed based on prices, user experience, online reviews, and other important factors.

After reading this article, you will have settled on a platform that suits your taste and offers what you are looking for.

Are College Hookup Apps Good

Before getting into the college dating or hookup scene, you might find yourself wondering "Are college hookup apps good?"

They are good, if not great. College hookup apps are particularly ideal because they fulfil their purpose in a safe, reliable, and convenient way.


Here are some of the best dating apps and the best college hookup apps for every college student. We have added top dating websites for heterosexual and same sex couples.

  1. Friendsy
  2. Flirt
  3. Tinder
  4. OkCupid
  5. Hinge
  6. Zoosk
  7. Coffee Meets Bagel
  8. Match
  9. Eharmony
  10. Badoo

Device compatibility: Available on IOS only

Pricing: Ranges from free to 6$ per month for a premium membership

Friendsy is a hookup/dating app that was made strictly for college students. This dating platform is specifically tailored to suit the needs of college students.

Though it borrows the swipe feature just like other popular apps, the user is totally in control of selecting the kind of relationship they want to establish.

The search filters allow you to browse profiles based on the school, school year, gender, age range, and course of study. The user also has the option of making their profile visible either to their campus or to other schools.

Friendsy has a very unique feature where users can chat anonymously by activating it in the settings. It is a great dating app for college girls and boys looking to keep their identities secret while in the dating pool.

It also has a special hint feature that allows you to send a vague or detailed message regarding what you are searching for.

  • User-friendly interface
  • High-quality pictures are displayed
  • Freedom of choice to your preferences
  • LGBTQ friendly
  • Offers a dynamic interaction interface
  • It has an anonymous chat option
  • Expands your professional circle by serving you with potential matches based on your major
  • Ability to choose who you want to chat with
  • Extremely easy to use and very secure
  • It is strictly meant for college students
  • Must have a .edu email account to sign up

Due to the strict email preference, Friendsy has a small user database


Review rating: 4.14/5.0

DEVICE COMPATIBILITY: Has only Web version available

Pricing: Ranging from free to 12$ per month for premium users

If you are looking for one-night stands or just casual college sex? Flirt is the right dating site or hookup site for you.

Flirt is a hookup site that offers numerous features such as anonymous messages and detailed profiles. With over 90 million active users, it has a friendly user interface for college kids who are looking for potential causal relationship partners.

It offers a bigger advantage to female users over male users as it offers 100% free chatting options to female users.

  • Anonymous chatting options
  • Only users who upload their pictures can communicate freely with each other
  • LGBT friendly
  • It is college budget friendly
  • It lacks an app and only makes use of the web version
  • Lacks proper photo authentication

Due to the option of not using your real name and pic upload, scammers easily have access to raid the cite


Device Compatibility: Available on all devices

Pricing: Ranges from free to platinum, gold, and plus for premium membership.

Platinum- 1 month -$19.99

Gold- 1 month- $10.00

Plus- 1 month- $4.99

Tinder is one of the biggest and most popular dating and hookup apps today. It has a wide reach with over 75 million monthly active users.

Tinder sits at it to the top 10 college dating apps and free college hookup apps in other articles, so the list wouldn’t be complete if we didn't mention it. Whether you are looking for flings or romantic relationships, Tinder is the right platform for you.

The standard Tinder plan offers great features you can use for free before deciding to upgrade based on what features you want to be added to your experience.

So, what makes Tinder so special? Tinder has the most authentic and compulsory verification process in the online dating industry. This feature makes it one safest apps to turn to when others do not work for you.

It takes barely 10 minutes to set a tinder profile. This process also requires photo verification through a live selfie.

Users can select their preferences using search filters based on age, distance, sexual orientation, and gender. When two users swipe right, it is automatically a match.

There are over 75 million monthly active users that Tinder. Most of them are college students and young adults looking to find hookup dates, casual sex, romantic relationships, or just normal friendships.

  • Tinder has one of the largest audiences for a dating service.
  • Popularly known and has huge engagements
  • It has a friendly interface
  • Subscription is optional
  • Available on all devices
  • One of the best free college hookup apps
  • LGBTQ friendly
  • Overrated and it gets boring by the day
  • To get access to other amazing features, payment is needed
  • The free version has annoying
  • Spam accounts
  • Chances of getting pranked are high
  • Deceiving pictures
  • Fake profiles

Device Availability: Available on both IOS and Android devices

Pricing: Standard Plan- Free

Basic Plan- $5.99

Premium- $19.99

Boost Add Ons- $4.99

Okcupid uses different methods in their algorithm to find your perfect match. Just like the other dating apps, it lets users upload pictures, and input their interests, sexual orientation, and what kind of relationship they are looking to find.

OkCupid also offers a sign-up via Facebook feature but that doesn’t give access to your Facebook accounts. It also offers unlimited unique questions about what you are looking for in a partner.

It is a good hookup app for college students because in reality a lot of people spend time together without knowing important stuff about themselves. Subsequently, this leads to a lot of relationships falling out.

However, with OkCupid and its alluring multi-questions feature, you can get more than just a glimpse about someone and their personality.

  • Free private messaging available for all users
  • Passes direct messages to people about what kind of relationship you are seeking
  • It has lengthier profiles than other dating apps
  • Offers instant messaging after a user swipes a profile that caught their eyes
  • Has a user-friendly interface
  • It is LGBTQ friendly
  • You need to upgrade your membership to receive messages
  • Due to the free registration interface, a lot of fake and spam profiles are created
  • Receiving messages from anyone irrespective of your preference.

Device compatibility: IOS, Android

Pricing: Ranges from free to 19.99$/month

Hinge is kind of like if Tinder had a son. It allows a lot of search filters for you to get what suits you. It is one of the most ideal dating apps for college, as it accommodates college graduates.

Hinge is the IT app for casual college sex and fun. The process of getting matches is the same as other hookup apps. However, the hinge also offers its distinctive features. The app matches users based on your location and preference.

Hinge makes it fun for college students by answering prompts and liking or commenting on anything that catches your attention.

  • Standard free version available
  • Ideal for users of the younger generation
  • Several entertaining ways of communication
  • Lacks video chatting option
  • Limited likes with a free account
  • It does not have a web version.

Device Compatibility: IOS, Android

Pricing: Ranges from free to 29.99$

Zoosk is an easy-to-use app to use and understand, and the interface is so simple that even a tech novice can use it.

You can sign up for Zoosk via Facebook or E-mail. As a new user, account verification is compulsory to secure your account. The only free feature available is going through profiles, to connect with your matches, you would have to upgrade from the free version.

Zoosk is one of the best college hookup apps for finding long-term relationships and casual relationships. The app has a huge base of users making it easy to match with your partner.  Zoosk also makes use of video verification to avoid catfishing and scammers.

It is a perfect app for college students because most of the active users are in their twenties, and a large number of users are out looking for serious relationships, if this is your goal, then I assure you that this is your IT app.

  • Large number of active users
  • Photo verification is compulsory
  • Easy to find a match
  • It is fun and entertaining
  • Well secured
  • Limited matches
  • Compared to other apps, Zoosk is very costly.


Device Compatibility: IOS, Android

Pricing: Ranges from free to $19.99 per month

Coffee meets Bagel is not exactly the best app if you are looking for a quick hookup. It uses a fresh and simple approach. If you are looking for a long-term relationship, coffee meets bagel is the app for you.

While it isn't one of the best college hookup apps, it offers a great space for people looking for something deeper. You'd love Coffee Meets Bagel if you're looking to make new friends too.

  • Uses a strict algorithm approach to match users
  • Reasonable amount of singles to be met with each day
  • You only receive messages from profiles you have liked
  • The free app is limited to 5 matches per day
  • Unequal split of genders
  • The algorithm isn’t as effective as it is on other apps.

From Match's history, it isn't too great for a college hookup. It is way more effective if you're in the market for long term love.

Device Compability: IOS, Android

Pricing: Ranges from free to $29.99 per month.

Match is also another app best for finding long term relationships.

  • Free to register
  • It is aimed at long term relationships
  • To get access to other features, payment is required which is costly
  • Lacks authentic verification
  • Has less audience

Device compatibility: IOS, Android

Pricing: Ranges from free to $49 per month

Eharmony is a very well known and long established online dating site. They are responsible for many marriages and are one of the most trustworthy companies to deal with.

Eharmony is a very well-known and long-established online dating site. They are responsible for many marriages and are one of the most trustworthy companies to deal with. Note, however, that it isn't too great for the typical college hookup.

  • Promotes long term relationships
  • Balanced membership
  • Virtual dating
  • Free communication weekends
  • The sign-up process is long and stressful
  • The cost of premium membership is high

Device Compatibility: IOS, Android

Pricing: Ranges from free to $19.99 per month

Badoo has been in the market for over a decade and has gained lots of popularity in a lot of countries. Though it is not a proper dating or hookup platform. It is more of a combination of a social media network and an online dating website.

Badoo has an alluring ability to make you meet and chat with new people, share your interests, have a date, and know if you can end up as close friends or even get a date. Although the platform looks out for its members, it is still all filled up with vibes of casual dating. So if you are looking for some good time or casual hookups in your life, you can always check it out.

  • High engagement and reputation
  • User-friendly interface
  • Has genuine and active members
  • It is well secured
  • Most of the amazing features are not free and can only be available with paid membership.

Best LGBT Hookup Apps for College Students

As we all know, our world today has become more accepting of the LGBTQ community with over 32 countries that have legalized same-sex marriage, even though there are about 69 countries where any sexual orientation other than being straight is illegal, there are still a lot of closeted citizens living in them.

As mentioned earlier, college is also a place for self-discovery and experience that also includes sexual orientation. The number of young people that come out as queer or non-binary every day keeps growing. This is where LGBT hookup apps come in.

Yes, most of the dating apps available are LGBTQ-friendly but they still have lower chances of meeting the perfect match. Plus, they are a great avenue to meet new friends.

Below, I would list some of the top college gay apps for queer women, gay men, and non-binary folks looking to enter the dating pool.

  1. HER

Device Compatibility: IOS, Android

Pricing: Ranging from free to $12.99

Her is an exclusive woman dating app and is the best college hookup app if you are a queer woman. Unlike other general hookup apps, on HER, you have an absolutely 0% probability of meeting with a straight girl, HER is specifically for queer women, trans women, and non-binaries. With her, queer college girls can be sure that almost all mutual matches are a good match.

The usual user swipes trend is also used on HER. You can also sign up using your Facebook or Instagram profile.

It is also similar to our normal social media where you can like other users' photos. You can get involved with LGBTQ events news and connect with a lot of people. Whether you are looking for friendship, hookups, or something serious, it is the right place for you.

  • Targeted Audience(women)
  • It is Safe
  • Unlimited messaging
  • Simple user and design interface
  • a Large number of active members
  • Sometimes, it experiences lagging
  • Limited swiping to free members
  • Lacks web version

Device Compatibility: IOS, Android

Pricing: Ranges from free to $9.99

Just like HER, Grindr is exclusively for queer men, trans men, or bisexual men. It has Tested Whether relationships, friendships, casual sex, hookups, or whatever you are looking for, Grindr has it all.

College men who might find it hard to discover queer men like themselves always turn to Grindr, it is not a recommended app for finding long-term relationships as most users on it are just for casual sex or friends with benefits.

Grindr also has the option to display further personal information such as your medical reports.

  • A large audience
  • Targeted audience(men)
  • Encourages casual relationships
  • Anonymous option available
  • High engagements
  • The app experiences lagging at times
  • It is hypersexualized
  • Fake profiles
  • Matches based on locations only

Device Compatibility: IOS, Android

Pricing: Ranges from free to $16.99

Though Bumble is not LGBT exclusive, it offers special rights to women, when an opposite-sex couple matches o bumble, the woman has to make the first move preventing spam messages and creeps.

However, where it is a same-sex match, either of the women can make the first move. Bumble offers features of not just finding partners but also friends and connects you with people in your community.

If you are a man who prefers being approached by women first, then bumble is the app for you. If you are a woman, well you can already sense the benefits the app comes with, it gives you empowerment to choose who you want to match with.

  • High-quality audience
  • Video chat is available
  • Has a free version
  • User-friendly interface
  • Very LGBT friendly
  • It is a safe app for women
  • Protection against harassment
  • Virtual-dating app
  • Matches lasts for 24hrs only
  • Not every user comes to find relationships or hookups.
  • Profile authentication is very poor.

Scruff app is known as the best LGBT college students' hookup app and the most reliable app like Grindr for gay, bi, trans, and queer guys to connect. Over 20 million guys worldwide are using Scruff to find friends, hookups, relationships, and much more. This Grindr alternative provides its users with huge data searches every day. It has a new group of guys to match with every day, allowing users to obtain their specific niche.

  • Supports video chats/virtual and user swipe
  • 24/7 support for the LGBT community
  • Global gay travel companion
  • Annoying ads
  • Lags sometimes
  • Premium membership which contains most of the features is costly.

A Beginner's Guide to Online Dating

Be Yourself

Online dating can look challenging when you first get into it. What to say, how to say it, all these can give you quite the headache.

The first step is to be yourself. Easy? Not so easy. Being authentic with a stranger over the internet is easier said than done. But, pretending to be someone else is one of the worst thing you can do when on a dating app or site.

Unless you are a dating app recreationalist, if you are lucky, you are bound to meet your match one day. What do you do then?

Save yourself the time, effort and awkwardness by simply being you. Think about it, is it really worth it if the person doesn't like you for you? Also, by being unapologetically yourself, you might even land your life partner.

Be Confident

Online dating will only work for you when you wear our confident face. Forget gender roles. Dating sites are no respecters of gender.

Make the first move, ask the out, schedule the date. Everybody loves a confident go-getter. Instead of worrying about how a complete stranger would perceive you, go straight for your goal. If they judge you for being forward (which they won't), their loss.

Get Creative

While on a dating platform, you might want to consider adding some creativity to your approach. Creativity is interesting and it shows the prospect a little bit about your personality.

Ditch the regular "hello" for something more interesting. Make sure to stick to one persona too. For instance, if you are the funny guy, open the conversation with a hilarious greeting.

Also, don't fall for the myth that urges you to deliberately reply late. Its a huge turn off.

Early, energetic replies make us feel listened to, and make us enjoy the conversation even more. The same logic applies to online daters. Listen more, reply early, and contribute to the conversation.

Do these and you are sure to drive crazy results.

Keep an Open Mind

Online dating can give us a not-so-true impression about our matches. Even with the video call feature and selfies, what you see may not exactly be what you get. They'll probably be very similar though.

Permit some room for differences before you meet for the first time. Keep an open mind and remember that it is still the same person you have been messaging. Don't be quick to dismiss them.

Be Honest With Them

Regardless of our effort, not everyone will be a good match for us. It is important that we tell them to avoid wasting their time and ours.

Its totally okay if you aren't interested anymore, for whatever reason. What's not okay is leading the other person on when you have no intentions of being with them. Politely let them know that you are not interested in pursuing the relationship any further. Not only will they appreciate the honesty, they'll appreciate the consideration.

Don't air them. Its impolite and just plain mean.

Schedule the Date

What if you two get along and you're really feeling it? Then what?

Then you set the date. If you both enjoy each other's company and want to take it to the next level, don't hesitate to ask them out to a date.

Sometimes, both parties wait on the other to make the first move. When neither does, both start to feel as though the other is not interested. You can know when your partner is interested in you. If you are also interested, don't be afraid to take the lead.

Ask them out on a date in a public place. Avoid asking them to meet at either person's house. It is too personal, too early. A great tip is to ensure that your day has an activity. For example, you can go paintballing or bowling. Activities that require team work are a plus because they help provide a bonding experience.


How do I pick which app is best for me?

After listing about 14 different recommended hookup apps for college students, you may be thinking about how to pick which one is best for you, one thing we know is they all have their advantages and disadvantages.

I wouldn’t advise you to follow an online review, you have to test run for yourself at least three of the apps to see which one suits your taste, and less I for user-friendly if you want to have an awesome experience on either of the apps.

You can also take tips from your colleagues in school on what app they have used and enjoyed though not everybody has the same taste at least physical reviews are far better than online reviews.

One more piece of advice is, to know what you are looking for before getting on any dating site or hookup app.

Do Hookup Apps Work For College Students?

Maintaining an actual social life in college is pretty stressful so yes, hookup apps work for college students in terms of connecting students from different parts of the world.

College students are almost nothing without the internet, it has become part of their daily life so the social life of a student physically cannot be the same as it is on social media.

Hookup apps also give room for selecting your specific preferences on the type of people you want to connect with. While sitting alone in your dorm room, you can have a whole love life or casual relationships on your phone. It is less stressful than going out to socialize and make friends which is quite hard, especially for introverts.

What College Hookup App is the Safest For College Students to Use?

Dating, in general, can be very risky but the level of danger that comes with using apps is higher than that of usual physical dates.

Sexual harassment, scams, and robbery have always been associated with hookup and dating apps

Hookup apps are usually secure to use — so long as you`re the usage of safety and maintaining an eye fixed out for creeps, stalkers, and liars.

Few tips you should consider to keep yourself safe while using hookup apps:

  • Always protect your personal information: When meeting a stranger newly, make sure you don’t disclose any information that reveals your location, bank statements, or bank cards, where your school or work.
  • Stay on the app: When you meet someone new on an app and they insist for you take it elsewhere to a general app, don’t be quick to accept that, sometimes it may be a trick to lure you into their scheme.
  • Video Call to check if the identity of the person you matched is authentic, although few of the dating apps lack this feature, which is one major disadvantage of some of the hookup apps.
  • Your first meet-up should be in a public place, avoid meeting up privately with someone you have never met before. Also, share your location with a few friends just in case of an emergency.

 The truth is that younger people have grown up on the internet, so they`re greater organized than preceding generations to identify faux profiles and fend off scammers. Many of them experience snug forming friendships or relationships online because its what they've been experiencing all their lives. According to the latest survey, 62% of teens agree that online courting is a secure manner to fulfill new people.

Though it is still important to be very conscious of the kind of people that you get matched with on those apps, despite the level of the security authentication on the app, it can never be 100% perfect, you also have to do your job and report any suspicious profile you come across.

 Studying courting violent facts and enforcing proactive protection measures can assist singles to keep away from doubtlessly horrific situations. For instance, it`s a terrific concept to set up a primary date at a public location (bar, espresso shop, park, etc.) to experience every different stage of the relationship. In that manner, you can establish mutual trust between each other.

It is also important to take necessary research on your potential partners before deciding to meet up, that way you can easily get to know deeply whether it is safe to meet up with them. Stalking them is different from researching about them, you could use the likes of Google, Facebook, or Instagram for your search just to get basic information.

How to Start Communication on College Dating Apps

When starting conversations on college hookup apps, there are certain guidelines you should follow;

Don’t be creepy and weird!

As tempting as it might be, restrain from using sexual jokes as your opening message. Some people might take it likely, but if you’re unsure about it, then you’re better off without it.

  1. Be Yourself: Be authentic when you reach out. Trust that you’re good enough. People will respond if they sense that you know what you are doing and are sure of what you want. Be honest about who you are and what you do instead of putting up a facade.
  2. Start small
  3. Match with people who share similar interests as you do
  4. If things go well, get personal with them, and share deep and meaningful conversations with each other.
  5. Endorse what they say
  6. Be humble
  7. Suggest date ideas
  8. Don’t make it too superficial

How to Describe Yourself

Your profile description is meant to attract and draw people in, not bore them with poems and nerdy facts. You don’t want to come across as a sadist or narcissist.

It is also advisable to make your bio short, plain, and precise. This ensures that they read everything and remain interested to like your profile at the end. Fill out your bio with your interest and hobbies, and search for great conversation starters to get your match’s attention. If you are blessed with the gift of making people laugh, you can input your humor into your bio, don’t overdo it though.

Lastly, make your words easy to understand. Fluency is key because you want to come across as someone easy to talk to.

How Much Does Online Dating Cost? Are there completely free college hookup apps I can use?

The answer is no. No dating site, or hookup app is completely free, sure they all have their free features but to gain more experience and features, payment would definitely be necessary.

How many photos should I use in a dating profile?

Depending on the dating apps, they all have their limits but it is advisable to upload minimum of 4 photos on your profile and maximum of 6.

Is it ok to lie about my looks on my dating site profile?

No!! Honesty is the best policy especially when it comes to online dating, it is better to show your true self and personality and let someone like you for who you are, and not a facade you are putting on.

How Can I Avoid People I know from Viewing my Dating Profile?

Yes you can, although it depends on the app you are making use off, some would require you to be a premium user before having access to controlling who sees your profile.

Is Online Dating Hard?

Just like making friends in real life, online dating is often tricky. Online dating can be just as hard, it requires patience especially if you are looking for a serious relationship. But if you are looking for just casual sex or random hookups, that’s easier to find.

What should I do if no one Responds to my profile?

Try and change the dynamics of your profile and modify it. Make your profile interesting and alluring to other users.

I always hear people say ‘swipe right.’ What does that mean?

In the world of online dating apps, swiping left simply means, “no, I’m not interested” while swiping right means “yes, please”, that is you are interested in the person’s profile and you find them attractive.

What is Catfishing?

Catfishes are very common on college hookup apps.

Catfishing is defined as when someone takes on an entire different identity online mostly for the purpose of theft or scamming people.

Once you meet someone online and they are acting up when it comes to doing video calls or sending pictures, that is a good sign of catfishing though before concluding, make sure to be sure first.

Once your suspicions about someone catfishing, make sure to do the right thing by reporting their account.

Common Dating App Mistakes Made by College students

Many young adults today when going into online dating platforms and make quite a lot of mistakes that can affect their experience. How many college students actually take their time to sit and realize those mistakes?

Here are a few dating app mistakes common among young adults:

  1. Being on too many dating accounts: As a college student, being on too many dating apps can just lead to more frustration and annoyance even more than that math class you are dreading tomorrow. It is recommended to pick one dating app that suits your taste and stick to it.
  2. Swiping and Swiping and Swiping: Yes, you, you have been caught red handed, a lot of young people have developed the addictive habit of swiping through profiles, yes it is fun but that kills the whole purpose of hookup and dating services. Imagine swiping left a potential match, sucks right? or swiping right at someone with absolutely zero similar interests as you. Why not try reading through profiles before swiping, it’s not always about looks. Looks matter but so does personality!
  3. Spam Messages: Hey young man, I know you might be trying hard to get the attention of this college girl you just matched with but take it easy, do not send spam messages, that would sell you off as desperate. Be calm, collected, and be yourself.
  4. Avoid making pointless conversations: I get that you are trying to keep the newly found vibe going but “nowhere” conversations kills off vibes really fast, this simply means, no matter what, try your best to keep the conversation relevant, interesting and entertaining, make known your actions and intention towards the person.
  5. Don’t be too picky, no human on earth is perfect, everyone has their flaws, sure everybody has their preferences especially when it comes to their dating life.

With the right usage, the right choice of dating app, you can ignite the fun and experiences in your life.

As a straight guy, lady, queer man, woman, yes! It is possible to find love through a dating platform.

Are you among the percentage of a college kids on your looking for other college students to hookup with? It is also 100% possible to find someone.

As I mentioned earlier, never pretend to be someone else, always be yourself and keep it real. If it is meant to be, it is meant to be. Do Not Fret!

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