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Cam girl hookup? Here's how to actually get laid with cam girls

There is more acceptance than ever towards different sexualities and embracing your sexual side in the current times. With technology, we literally have all of this at our fingertips. We can find people to hang out, chat, date, and sleep with on the web.

One thing that has popped up a lot on the internet is a cam girl or cam model. In this article, we will cover what exactly they are, how these platforms work, general tips and information, and finally, the best and worst cam websites that you can find for hooking up with live cam girls online. 

What is a Cam Girl or Webcam Model?

This is exactly what it sounds like. They are women, sometimes models, that pose for webcams on a website. Usually, they do this as a form of paid adult entertainment. Could there be a cam girl out there who does safe for work (video) chats or private shows over the webcam? Sure, but it's not common. This is especially true if you are getting a private show which is usually of the XXX nature on a live cam site, including simulations of sex and similar play.

Most guys or women who are signing up to chat with cam girls or cam models do so with the hope of having a virtual sexual experience and engaging in some kind of play, from vanilla to BDSM. This isn't to say some aren't looking for a friend or someone to talk with on video, but it's not the norm.

A guy who is joining this type of site to talk or flirt with a cam girl is not joining to do innocent chatting or videoing, most likely. These types of relationships are not usually based on friendship, either. The goal of a guy joining a free public chat or video to talk to a beautiful webcam model is to become more than friends. 

These sites offer a variety of services, and one service you can get is a private show. Some of the more popular models on the web even have fan clubs to support them. This doesn’t mean you have to join the fan club scenes to get a hookup, but understand how popular they can get with other users. 

How do Cam Sites Work?

So now you know what a cam girl is, but how exactly do these sites work in the first place? For creators, all they have to do is sign up and start a live sex cam, live streaming, or a private or XXX show. Usually, people are going live right in their homes, starting a chat from their bedrooms and living rooms. It can sometimes be a very casual environment despite what cam sites end up being used for.

If you want to join and watch one of these models, you can expect to use tokens rather than money in order to get a private show from the chat rooms. Basically, users sign up and pay for tokens. These tokens are spent on the model. You can also give tips during the show. Don't feel like you need to tip, but tips are very important for these women and make up a huge part of their revenue.

They don't play when it comes to tips, which is something to keep in mind if you want to get on their good side. As a member, it helps to pay for play when it comes to webcam girls, as you will not get many results for free.

If you like their public or private show and chat, tip the live cam girl. Give them a nice extra couple of tokens if you are enjoying their performance. Should there be any technical issues, always reach out to support. Usually, it's free to do so.

The signing-up process is slightly different depending on what site you are registering for. For example, some are free, some aren't. However, there are plenty of similarities between all of them with only minor differences. The best advice we have is to just follow the directions on the site of your choice. 

Best Live Cam Sites

Here are our top 3 best choices where you can have fun online. Some may be free to an extent, while others aren't. The free options are always great, because who doesn't love free things? However, you are probably going to end up paying at some point. 

1. Jerkmate 

The cam site at the top of the list has to be Jerkmate. One of the things that makes this one fun to explore is that it allows users to filter for people they perceive as hot girls (or whatever gender you prefer). You can find someone to chat with that fits your fancy! 

After you find someone, you'll be able to talk with them, watch them, and more. There are people who are actual porn stars and professional cam girls that are hired by Jerkmate if you want something that is a little more on the fantasy side. Keep in mind, though, that these babes are very expensive but worth it, given they are some of the hottest girls out there!

2. Chaturbate 

Chaturbate is the second choice on our list to visit, explore, and start watching. You'll be happy to know that this fun option is free! You don't have to sign up if you don't want to and have a choice of a lot of different categories of models. Want a BDSM experience? Then look for a BDSM model. If you want to get to the more explicit stuff, you will have to sign up and tip some of these models in order to chat. 

This option may appear outdated, but Chaturbate has been around for nearly a decade and is one of the largest cam sites on the internet. You really can't get more reliable than this site so if you are new to this, consider checking it out and joining a chat room.

3. Live Jasmin 

Live Jasmin is a fun choice that has a very professional aura. No one looks like they are an amateur. The girls here seem like they are porn stars or career camgirl models. It's also very accepting and diverse, featuring people that cater to every kind of gender and sexuality out there. If you want to use it on your phone, there is even a mobile option. This is great for those who don't feel like logging onto their laptop to talk to some of their favorite models. 

Remember that some of these sites are free while others require some payment,  because not everything is free. Keep in mind that these women are still working, so expect to at least tip. 

Worst Live Cam Sites For Camgirl Hookups

In our top three list below, we'll spell out the worst sites for this purpose. If your goal is to get straight to hooking up with a cam girl, you may want to skip these sites to avoid the hassle. 

1. XCams 

XCams isn't all bad to make an account on. Its models are really diverse (in Europe, so sort of all over the world), so you can search through a lot of categories or different scenes. While this is a plus, it isn't enough to get it off our list of the worst ones out there. 

The performers operate on a price-per-minute structure, which is pretty expensive when you think about it. When you sign up, you only get a small number of free credits. It's great that you do get something, but given that they use a price-per-minute structure, those free credits aren't going to get you very far.

2. Streamate

Streamate is a great choice to visit and make an account or membership. This is because of the sheer number of performers they have on this site. It's pretty straight to the point, so once you match with someone, you will both be able to get down to business, if you catch our drift. 

There are even amateurs and professionals available. It just depends on your preference. You may be thinking at this point: what's the problem with Streammate then? Well, there are a lot of ads to weed through. Click on one page, and you'll end up getting stuck with a bunch of ads and download spam. This might make you less likely to make an account or delete the account after you do. 

3. Babestation

Babestation, on the surface, appears to be a great place to make an account. It's been around for two decades, so it's not like it is new. This is a big website in the UK, so if you are in the UK, you might come here just out of how easy it is to access. 

Unfortunately, once you make an account, you may not be willing to stay once the shine wears off. This is not an easy site to navigate, and performers do lack personality. You may have to search a lot of categories to find a good one.

How to Get Cam Girl Hookups/Model Hookups

When you are chatting with these girls (possibly all over the world), you might get the idea that you want to hook up with them or do some dating. Now, hooking up is a very ambiguous term that can mean a lot of things.

The basic definition is that you are getting sexually intimate with another person. It can be between two women, two men, a man, and a woman, or multiple partners at once. This can also be casual or more on the serious side. All of these fall under the definition of hooking up.

If you want to hook up with one of these performers or a sex worker in general, there are some things you need to know. If not, then this dream will stay nothing more than a dream. Keep in mind that you are a paying member paying for a service. If you want to talk with them on a personal level, consider floating the idea towards them in chat. 

Remember, they have the option to say no if you are flirting with them. Also, keep in mind that sex work is a job for them, so it doesn't mean they are cheating on you or anything. It is a form of their income.

The best piece of advice is to be polite, tip, and ask once if they are interested in meeting up in real life or engaging in dating, and then leave the ball in their court. 

If they say no (because this is how they make money), then that's it. Accept it, move on, and wait for someone else to come around. Hey, maybe you'll end up hooking up with them instead! 

Tips for Chatting to Models

So, if you are familiar with the camming experience, you might be wondering how you can even talk to these babes without seeming overly horny. Don't worry, because there are things you can do to make this a smooth experience for both you and the lady you are speaking to.

The first thing you should remember is that you should be yourself. When you join the convo, sure, you can get straight to the point, but sometimes it helps to break the ice first. Ask some general questions. Their name, interests, or hell, even their fave color, or if they own any pets. It can be as innocent as that! 

You can start getting a little more personal once the conversation turns a little more sexual once they are hooked on you, but never overstep any bounds.

Basically, just let it happen naturally, always be polite, and perhaps let them take the lead. You need to remember that while they are giving you a service, they are also people too. This is still true during a free chat session or when you are feeling extra horny.

Is it Easy to Have a Cam Girl Hookup or Model Hookup Experience?

Can you hook up with them outside of the camera? Of course. It could be paid or unpaid. There is nothing wrong with either one. However, many ladies who do this type of work do it for convenience and safety. They may not be willing to leave the safety of their home to meet up with someone.

You can always shoot your shot, as they like to say, and try to get some cam girl hookups. There is nothing wrong with that. However, you need to remember, as we said above, that if the lady says no, then just move on and accept that this is their answer. They have a right to say no, just like you have the right to ask them if they want to have a relationship outside and away from the camera. If you are patient and wait, you'll meet someone eventually. 

Common Mistakes While Chatting

There are obviously some mistakes you are going to make when going online and chatting to these horny babes or engaging in online dating. Everyone makes mistakes, so if you have made them before, don't panic! Just keep trying, and maybe you will be able to start making these mistakes less and less until you don't even think about doing them!

It is easy to sign up for a site and get caught up in a scam or have your credit charged an insane amount every month for a membership. The best way to avoid this is to do your research before signing up for anything. There are good websites out there and bad ones. This is why we gave you a short list of the best and worst ones out there that you can join.

Another thing you should remember is that you should always be yourself like we mentioned above. If you are nervous, then it is going to make things awkward between you and the person or lady you are chatting to. Try to relax, but if they sense you are nervous, there is a good chance that they will try their best to help you relax during the chat and not be so tense during the experience.

Things to Keep in Mind When Hooking up with These Ladies

Now, if you are in the group that does end up hooking up with one of these ladies, then good for you! It doesn't matter if it is a paid service or you have just formed a connection with one and started a romantic relationship. Some of the advice is just general information that we would give to anyone having a sexual experience, while others are specific for those with dreams of having sex with these babes.

The first thing to keep in mind is that they are sex workers, so they are getting paid for such acts and have a right to say no. This is more something you should be aware of if you have paid for the service. If you two are dating, we say this so you can try not to get jealous over their career. You knew this was their job before you started chatting, so there is no reason to get jealous or upset now.

We mentioned this in the past, but it's always good to mention it again. Now, we'll move on to some general safety tips. They mostly include safe sex and consent. Safe sex involves getting testing, wearing protection, and making sure birth control is being used.

Consent is important because both parties should be enthusiastically involved in the sexual experience. If someone says no (out of the context of fetish or kink play), then that's it. It ends. The same goes for yourself! You also have the right to say no just as much as they do.

It may not sound very sexy on the surface but having an enthusiastic babe who is very willing is totally sexy and can take your experience to new heights. How could it not be?

Final Thoughts

And there you have it! These are the best and worst sites out there to view live sex cams. You may even be able to hook up with one of these beautiful cam models. It may not be likely to happen, but it doesn't mean you can't try! When talking to the babe of your choice as a member of a live cam site, don't be afraid to pay to make your dreams come true. Chat with a few models or even join a fan club, it may get you one step closer to cam girl hookups in the future!

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