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If you're 21+ try this controversial new hookup app to get laid in under 15 minutes. Our read our guide and try your luck at bumble.

Bumble hookup? Bumble Guide: 10 Tips To Hook up On Bumble

Bumble is becoming increasingly popular as one of the leading dating apps used today. A common misconception is that Bumble is meant for serious relationships, but that is not the case.

Many people use Bumble for casual dating and it’s earned a reputation as a good hookup app. If you’re looking to use bumble for hookups or sex, it is very possible to find women on bumble who are open to casual relationships.

Bumble is one of the best apps available for free download to find one night stands, long term relationships, and everything in between.

Here are 10 essential tips that will help you find hookups on bumble.

Is it possible to get hookups on bumble?

While it is possible that Bumble was created with serious relationships in mind, not everyone on bumble is looking for commitment. Bumble is filled with thousands of users, many of which are women who are open to casual dating, friends, or hookups.

Most guys make the mistake of assuming that women on Bumble are only looking for a serious relationship.

This misconception is contributed to by the fact that women have to message first on Bumble, which can make it even more difficult for men to have successful matches that lead to hookups.

By applying the following tips, you’ll find that it doesn’t matter that women have to make the first move on Bumble, or that the app was originally designed with meaningful relationships in mind.

Bumble continues to be an excellent place for women and men to date and hookup on casual terms.

Ready to start meeting and hooking up with women on bumble? Read our hook up tips below to get matches and find hookups on Bumble.

  1. Choose Pictures That Represent You Well

Pictures are the most important aspect of your online dating profile. Without good pictures, you probably won’t get many matches, let alone messages from women.

Bumble girls will be assessing your pictures before anything else, so it’s necessary to choose your best photos to use on your dating profile.

If you don’t have any good photos of yourself, ask a friend to take a few photos that show you at your best.

Take photos while you’re on a night out, or enjoying your favorite hobby. This will show what type of person you are, which can help you get more bumble matches.

Make Your Face and Body Clearly Visible in Photos

It’s important to take photos that show your face and body clearly. If girls can’t tell what you look like, they aren’t going to match with you. The photos should be centered around showing what you look like above anything else.

Mirror selfies can suffice, but your whole profile shouldn’t be full of mirror photos—one or two max is plenty. Show women that you leave your room/bathroom by including photos outside, but make sure that your entire profile isn’t made up of group photos either.

One or two group photos is helpful to show that you have friends and get out of the house, but if your whole profile is made up of group photos, women won’t be able to tell which one is you, and they probably won’t feel like taking the time to figure it out.

Group photos should be the last ones on your profile so that girls already know what you look like and can easily recognize you in the photos.

  1. Add an Engaging Bio

Aside from having good pictures on your profile, bumble users often overlook the importance of having a good bio.

This is especially important for men because women are more likely to assess the personality of a man and what he offers besides his appearance—even for hookups.

Your bumble profile is where you can show users what you’re looking for and what type of person you are. It can be as simple as listing a few of your hobbies and interests, but having something in your bio is better than having nothing.

Bumble is a feminist dating app where women have to message first, and they will be much more likely to message you if they have something to message you about. You can offer this by adding information about yourself in your bio.

Use emojis in order to make your profile more interesting and catch the eye of viewers. Cocktail emojis can used to suggest drinks or a fun night out.

If you’re using bumble as just a hookup app, make this clear through your dating app profile. You can state directly that you’re “just looking for a hookup,” but you may have better luck by finding a more clever way to say this.

For example, use a funny bio such as “Food isn’t the only thing I eat in bed.” This uses humor to appeal to women while also exuding sexual energy in a light hearted manner.

  1. Use Labels On Your Online Dating Profile

Bumble makes it easy to list different qualities and interests about yourself, much more than some dating apps do. If you’re tall, take advantage of the feature that allows you to add your height.

If you have a career or are in school, add this to your bio as well. Women are attracted to education and success just as much as they’re attracted to looks.

Bumble is also one of the best dating apps for stating your intentions up front. To use bumble as a hookup app, add the “something casual” label to your profile.

This shows women that you’re using women as a hookup app, which makes it easier to seek out girls who are also open to hooking up.

There is also a “don’t know yet” label on bumble, which is a good option to use if you’re looking for bumble hookups but also open to anything else. If you choose this option, it’s important to have a bumble hookup bio that clearly states your intentions.

  1. Show Your Best Qualities

Unlike other apps, bumble puts women in charge of sending the first message, so half of the battle is getting women to message you. Bumble is a numbers game, and the goal is to get as many matches as possible and to start talking to these matches.

Guys may not realize how important it is to get women interested enough to send the first message by showing all of your best qualities. While you may assume that your personality and career does not matter if you’re not looking for serious dating, this is not the case.

Online dating requires you to show all of your best features in order to find dates and hookups. For example, if you live an exciting life, show this through your photos. A woman will find a man who goes on adventures or travels more attractive than one who doesn’t.

Bumble is good for showing who you are, and it is easy to do through your bumble profile. Use the app to show that you’re fun, successful, funny, or whatever your best features may be.

All of your best features can lead to girls becoming interested in you and willing to hook up.

  1. Use Pickup Lines

After your dating app profile is perfected, you can start talking to women and finding those who are interested in having sex.

To get the conversation going, a woman will need to message you first, but they’ll usually send a simple message and expect a good opening line from guys just as they would on any other dating apps.

Pickup lines are an excellent way to catch the attention of girls and turn the conversation naughty. It is important to do so in a tasteful way, otherwise girls could start ignoring you or even un match you if you come on too strong.

Even a girl looking for bumble hookups will be much more likely to answer a witty pickup line that turns the conversation a tiny bit naughty over asking for a hookup directly.

One idea is to use a pickup line such as “Are you a bouncy house?” The girl will likely continue the conversation in a confused manner such as, “No, why?” You can answer by saying, “Because I want to put a bunch of kids inside you.”

This is a fun way to suggest sex and turn the conversation naughty while also making a joke that will catch the attention of a woman looking for a hookup.

  1. Ask Questions

Online dating on bumble can be tricky because the girl has to make the first move, but the good news is that it makes bumble good for talking to girls that already want to continue the conversation because they had to message first.

Guys tend to get discouraged on bumble because some women are only looking for relationships or to date seriously, but a girl might also be open to dating casually.

The best way to find out is to ask questions and gauge a girl’s interest. Dating apps make it easy to be direct and show what you’re looking for, so as long as you have made this clear it should be easy to find a girl that is on the same page.

Find Out What Others Are Looking For

In order to find out if a person is open to a bumble hookup or casual date, ask them what they are looking for on apps. It’s important to make sure that everyone is on the same page before the first date so that everyone knows what to expect.

Guys on bumble should make it clear through conversation that they are looking to hook up so that the other person can decide if they are also open to a hookup.

If there is no indication on their profile whether they’re looking to date or hookup, the best way to find out is to ask.

When asking questions, it is important to gauge when it is an appropriate time to ask questions that are sexual. If the other person has not made it clear whether they are not looking for anything serious, start by addressing this.

Then, a guy can move on to ask other questions about what a casual hookup may look like and what the other person is open to. Some women may be open to a casual hookup but would prefer to get to know each other through more conversation first.

  1. Consider a Paid Mode on Bumble

Bumble is one of the best free apps for online dating, but paid features can have their advantages as well. If you’re a guy who is having trouble getting messages or getting girls to answer, an advanced bumble mode may be helpful.

Guys underestimate the amount of women who are open to hookup on bumble, and using a paid mode will allow you to match with more people and see who has already liked you on bumble.

Given that bumble is a numbers game, matching with as many people as possible will make it more likely for you to find hookups.

Paid modes can make bumble good for guys to get hookups by showing you all of your potential options and allowing guys to see who is open to matching with them.

  1. Be Bold and State Your Intentions

Guys on dating apps may be hesitant to be bold in fear of scaring off a woman who they have matched with. However, being bold and stating your intentions will make it easier to find women to match with who are also looking for casual fun.

One of the most important tips that a guy should follow in order to hookup with girls from dating apps is to be upfront about their intentions.

Dating apps can be a fun way to make life more interesting by finding women to hookup with, but only if you’re willing to be bold and upfront about what you’re looking for.

A guy may think that they need to pretend to be interested in a relationship in order to find women to hookup on bumble with since bumble was initially created with relationships in mind.

Fortunately, this is not the case and many users of Bumble are open to a fun hookup.

  1. Move the Conversation Off Bumble

Bumble is the place to meet people and start a conversation, but you’ll have better luck meeting up in person with people after moving the conversation off of the app.

Moving the conversation elsewhere will allow women to feel more comfortable with you and more open to meeting up in person.

Use a Different App to Continue Talking

In order to move the conversation off of Bumble, you can move the conversation to texting, Snapchat, or Instagram. All of these have their benefits and are a better place to a plan a meetup than on the Bumble app.

Texting has the added benefit of being easy and accessible. You can also call or FaceTime before meeting up, which is sometimes preferred so that both parties know that they aren’t getting catfished.

Snapchat can also be a fun way to get to know each other before a hookup on Bumble because you can see that you’re both real people and look like your photos while also conversing in a casual way.

Snapchat is known for being an convenient place to plan hookups or gauge sexual interest in one another due to the app’s disappearing messenger feature.

Instagram can also be a good place to continue talking because it shows that you’re both real and also showing both of your inner circles and lives. This can allow you to feel more familiar with one another before meeting for a hookup.

  1. Meet Up in Person

Finally, after you’ve found a match, talked to her, and established that you’re both real, you can plan to meet up in person. If you take too long to meet up in person, a woman might lose interest and stop answering.

You should plan to meet up after anywhere from a few days to a week of talking. Asking to meet up on the first day could deter women because it may feel too sudden. A woman will want to feel comfortable with you before agreeing to meet up.

If you take longer than a week to plan a meetup, continuously talking could start to get stale and the girl may start to get bored.

Plan a day that works both for you while she’s still showing active interest, and continue to follow up and ensure that this day still works for both of you.

To meet up in person, you may want to meet directly at someone’s house for a hookup. Suggest a movie at your house so that you have time to relax and familiarize yourself with one another.

Some women may feel more comfortable meeting in public before moving locations to a house. In this case, suggest getting drinks in order to meet up and break the ice.


Is Bumble just a hookup app?

Bumble is designed for all types of dating. While it was originally designed with relationships in mind, users are on Bumble to seek out anything from a one night stand to a serious relationship.

Bumble for hookups can be very successful, but it is important to ensure that users can clearly tell that they are not looking for anything serious.

What dating apps should I use for hookups?

If you’re looking for hookups, there are a variety of dating apps available for use. Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge are the most popular, but Hinge is catered towards serious relationships even more than Bumble is.

Bumble is a good place to look for hookups because women have to message first, so it will be easier to converse with women who are already showing interest in you.

Hookups can be found on essentially any dating app, but your best bet will be to start with the most popular apps because these will have the most users.

Some prefer Bumble over Tinder because response rates can be lower on Tinder, but both apps are viable options to seek out a hookup.

Is online dating a good way to get hookups?

Online dating is an excellent way to get hookups because you’re able to clearly state your intentions and find others who want the same thing.

Meeting people in person can be difficult, especially if you’re shy or don’t enjoy nightlife.

Online dating allows you to connect with people all throughout your local area and arrange hookups while setting clear expectations from both parties.

If you’re looking for hookups, online dating is an excellent place to start.

Many users find great success from online dating for hookups because you’re given access to a wide range of people who are all looking for the same thing.

Is bumble a good dating app?

Bumble is a good app because it is one of the most popular dating apps available for free download today.

Using popular dating apps will typically offer more success because there are more people using the app.

Given that dating is a game based on numbers, the more people that you’re able to interact and engage with, the better luck you’ll have.

Bumble is also a good dating app because it allows you to add more information to your profile than some dating apps, which can lead to more people matching with you.

Finally, Bumble has the added advantage of women being required to message first. While this might be seen as a disadvantage, it can also work in your favor because the women who message you will have already decided that they want to talk to you.

Overall, bumble is an excellent place to hookup with people and is one of the best dating apps available today.

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