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Best Hookup Spots? 8 Proven Places to Find Casual Hookups Near You in 2022

Every bar and honky tonk in the world has a purpose. Some are swanky joints designed to help you court your future wife. Some are great spots for a no-pressure first date. And some are places where horny people go to find hookups.

Sure, dating apps are easier. But there is no better rush than hitting your favorite cities and finding others interested in casual sex dating.

This is your ultimate guide to the best hookups spots near you, and in some of the best cities for tourists looking for a fast hookup.

Best Bars To Find Casual Sex Or a One Night Stand - Sports Bars and Clubs

If you want to amp up your sex life with more women, there is no place like a bar. Free-flowing alcohol, the music of the night, and an overall sense that everyone is there to party - three ingredients you need to find a partner for casual sex.

But before you start meeting up with hot women, you'll need to find the right bar for you. Here is what to look for in the best bars for hookups.

A Party Vibe

The best hookup bars are those that let people get wild. Avoid the stuffy Irish pub and the places where all people do is talk business.

If you walk into a joint and see people:

  • Dancing
  • Making out
  • Playing games

Then you've found what might be one of the greatest hookup spots in your town. A sports bar is typically a good option, as long as it's not Superbowl Sunday. Because then it will be full of football-obsessed men with their eyes glued to the TV.

A Good Location for Hook Ups

You want your chosen hookup spots to be located in an area where there's a high turnover of new people to meet, and a high proportion of people with easy-going ideas about sex.

Skip the cowboy saloon with the cross out front. You want a San Francisco vibe, where the women have no qualms about premarital sex.

A Fun Experience

The fact of the matter is that you might strike out some nights. It's just a fact of life regarding the search for a night of steamy passion.

As such, you want your hookup hunting ground to be a cool place to hang out even if you don't walk out the door at last call with a girl. Find a place with more options for drinks and entertainment. Check their website for more detailed information about amenities and drink options.

Clubs usually have everything on this list, so start there. If you don't find success, you should look around for other good places for hooking up.

How To Flirt With a Girl A Hookup Bars

Just because you find good places for hooking up, doesn't mean you will necessarily find a one-night stand. Most people are at best cautious about strangers looking for a hookup, so you might need to use a little bit of charm.

Here are some tips for hooking up with women at a bar:

Search In The Right Places

While your best bet for a casual hookup is a bar, understand that not everyone in the bar is looking to hookup.

For example, don't approach the girl sitting with a man who is she is obviously in a relationship with (unless they're wearing a bunch of pineapple-embroidered merchandise, then you might be able to bag the wife while the husband watches. But that's a whole other thing.)

Instead, go for female friend groups or women on their own. These women are much more likely to be interested in a hookup.

Clean Yourself Up For a Better Sex Life

Don't show up at one of the best places for a hookup if you look like you just rolled out of bed, or reroofed a hotel. Here are some tips for looking your best:

  • Take a shower
  • Put on some cologne (but not too much)
  • Dress with at least a semblance of style

If you drive to the bar, clean up your car and make sure it looks good. The last thing you want is to get a girl out of the bar only to put her on top of the fast food trash on your passenger seat.

Plan Your Approach Using "Audience Insights"

Once you find a girl you're interested in, it's time to talk to her. There is a bit of trial and error involved here, so expect rejection. If you are rejected, don't let it impact your confidence. Use the feedback to improve your charm on the next one.

For example, if you approach a girl and compliment her body, she might respond with some combination of the words "piss" and "off" and "creep." No dice.

Learn from it. Next time, compliment her eyes or hair. It always helps to point out something she clearly spent time on, like her outfit or flawless skin.

Once the conversation is rolling, ask about her life. Don't pry too deep, just go for the standard information. Low-risk things like:

  • Careers
  • Hobbies
  • Astrological signs
  • Travel

Starting with these topics shows her that you indeed see her as a human being, which makes her feel safe. Safety is a girl's number one priority when she's out at night, so it is your responsibility, and your goal, to make sure she gets it.

Know When To Quit

If you approach a girl and she immediately makes it clear she will refuse consenting to sex with you, it's game over. Don't take it personally, just wish her a nice night and move on.

Leaving a person alone after a rejection also allows you to regroup and try new tactics. Additionally, continuing to harass a girl who doesn't consent is harassment.

The best case scenario if you harass a woman at a bar is getting your ass kicked out on the street by your fellow men. The worst-case scenario is a visit from Mr. Lawman.

Remember, the best places for hookups will strictly enforce no-harassment policies.

Close The Deal

Once you find a woman who likes you and is interested in a hookup, it's time to find a site for closing the deal. Since most bars are very public places, and your house or apartment is a very private place, it helps to find an intermediate site to lock in the idea of sex with your partner.

Get away from the music so you can talk and avoid miscommunication. Offer to search for a hotel room to hookup in, and mention that your house or apartment is also available if she's comfortable with it.

Half the time, she'll go for the hotel. If you're in a big city, this should be no problem. It won't be free, but she'll feel safer if there are people and many buildings around than if she were in your bedroom in the suburbs.

What To Do After a Hook Up

Once you've done the deed, offer to let her stay. It's polite, but it also means morning sex is a potential option.

If she wants to leave, offer to call her and Uber or drive her home. If the night it still young, you can even offer to bring her back to the club, so y'all can keep dancing to the music and having a great time.

After a hook up, assuming you have her contact information, there are a few options for how to proceed with her:

  • Dating
  • Fun, casual sex
  • Ghosting (just the one-night stand)

Decide what you want, and ask her if she's into it!

The Top 8 Places For Hookups in The Most Popular Cities in America

If you live near a big crowd of people - a big city - you're likely spoiled for choice when it comes to bars you can find a hook up in.

Here is a list of prerequisites for places you can find one-night stands in:

  • Free: The great places for sex in your city likely does not have a cover fee. Their business should be predicated on drinks and fun, not selective snobbiness.
  • Not a restaurant: Avoid places where the main thing is the restaurant. You're there to trade in your dating apps for some fast hookups, not enjoy the foie gras.
  • Has parking: Even if you have to park on the street. If you want to bring your car to save on taxis, nothing can screw up your night more than places in cities with no parking.

Now for some specific recommendations on the best place to find hookups in your city!

Best Cities for Hookups: San Francisco

  • White Cap - The search for incredible cocktails is over, this place has the best drinks in America.
  • Mikkeller - Lots of lounge space to poke your head into.

Best Cities for Hookups: Boston

  • The Liberty - Four spots available that all cater to different vibes and ages.
  • Beacon Hill Pub - Cheap drinks and a successful patron base thanks to the local hospital make this place ideal for casual dating.

Best Cities for Hookups: Dallas Fort-Worth

  • The Lizard Lounge - A bumping nightclub with very talented DJs to set the mood for a one-night stand.
  • The Double Wide - The best place that doesn't take itself too seriously, which attracts all sorts of easy-going people from swingers to people into dating.

Best Cities for Hookups: New York City

  • Bua - Wood everywhere with just enough light to get people in the mood.
  • Berry Park - Tons of private areas for getting close. Note: the beer here is incredible, and not too pricy for NYC bars.

Now that you know the ins and outs of finding a good place to find horny women in your city, you're ready to get out there and try your luck!

Just be charming, and confident, and make sure your partner feels safe, and you'll be alright!

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