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Best hookup sites for seniors: Find love at any age

They make it sound so easy! Just browse, date, and fall in love, right? Well, maybe. But it's not always that easy for everyone. Whether it's casual dating you're looking for, or a truly romantic relationship, you'll be able to find senior singles on any of the dating sites listed below.

Before we jump into the best dating site/most effective dating site (caters to seniors), let's cover some of the basics about online dating and how senior dating sites work for dating online.

Do People Really Find Love Online?

Online dating is more popular than ever. As more of our lives are online and on the internet, it's only natural that people have also turned to finding love on dating websites. There used to be a sort of stigma or negative connotation associated with this method.

This is no longer true, for the most part. Most dating websites have become a part of normal life across the entire online dating industry.

It Works – and It's Easy!

Many successful, long-term relationships – especially mature relationships between senior singles – begin online. It's simply much easier to browse through potential matches from the comfort of your home as opposed to trying to muster up the courage to approach someone out in a public place.

Ultimately though, online dating sites work; they really do. Once you get comfortable with the idea we think you'll agree with us.

There are Actually Health Benefits

Finding love later in life is fun and exciting, but it's also good for your health. A study published by the National Institutes of Health finds that strong social ties, like those you'll make by dating and being involved in romantic relationships, help bring down stress levels and reduce the likelihood of heart-health issues.

A different behavioral health study finds that loneliness can lead to increased mortality. Yet another study from Harvard illustrates how happy people are in their relationships is directly connected with delays in mental and physical decline in later stages of life.

Different Types of Dating Sites

There are different dating sites out there. Some act and feel a bit more like social media than anything else – where lots of users mingle and chat online, getting a feel for others before committing to meeting up in real life.

Others are much more service-oriented and you'll be interacting with dating experts who will help you along your way. Whichever one you decide on though, make sure you understand the mechanics of how potential matches are made.

Dating Coaches

Some dating sites are more like a dating coach. You pay for a premium membership and this gets you access to a real person who guides you through the whole thing. These types of services generally have higher success rates than free dating sites or other types of dating sites for seniors.

The downside is that you need to spend time with someone getting to know you and your preferences. It'll likely take longer to find love, but the quality of your connection could be vastly improved with the help of a dating expert.

Dating Services

Still other sites are a bit more like dating services, or matchmakers. This is somewhere between a self-service senior dating site and a dating coach – the matches are made for you, rather than you doing the work of sifting through potential matches.

These often rely on building out profiles of their users, meaning they might be asking you for too much personal information than your comfort level might allow.

Finding the Right Site for You

The dating arena these days can feel very much like that – an arena where you need to compete. We don't think that's necessarily the best way to go about finding mature singles, however. It doesn't need to feel like you're heading out into battle.

It doesn't have to be difficult and dating websites can vary in their ease of use and available features. You need to spend a little bit of time and do a little bit of research to find the best online dating site for you.

We'll go through some of the features and ratings of the more popular dating platforms for seniors below.

First Things First

But before you jump into the dating scene there are some important things to keep in mind. It's one thing to be heading into the dating world as a young person; it's complete different for older adults.

Online dating sites can act and feel a bit like how you interact with people on your social media accounts. So, let's cover some of the basic differences first.

Tips for Building Your Profile

Online dating starts with your personal profile, this is how you tell the world about yourself. Your profile is how the other people on the site are going to get their first introduction to you.

Maybe you want to highlight some of your family members that you have a close relationship with, or accomplishments in your life you're particularly proud of.

Some of those family members might even be able to help you build out your profile in a way that shows off the best of you. But be careful – you also don't want to put too much personal information out there, either. Let a trusted loved one help you build out your profile, if possible.

Do your Homework

Remember, too, that it's common practice to look up a potential match online to check out their social media accounts. It might be a good idea for you to do that, too, before engaging directly with anyone – if you can. It's never a bad idea to equip yourself with as much information as possible.

Do a little Self-Reflection

Take a moment to reflect on the things most important to you. Are aligning religious views important in the senior match you're looking to make? Maybe you want to subtly communicate that in your profile. Are there other characteristics about people that are "deal breakers"?

Keep it Real

Is there a particular age range you're looking to stay within? It's okay to put out that there, too. Most importantly, and this may sound a bit cliché, just stay true to yourself. If your profile accurately reflects real life, you are much more likely to find serious relationships worthy of your time and effort.

Keep it Cool

You obviously want to attract someone – besides, that's why you're looking into online dating sites to begin with. Try to highlight the best things about you: have you had a successful career you're proud of? Do you have some great kids you love to brag about? Perhaps you're the world's fastest snowshoer.

But not too Cool…

Whatever it is that you think makes you cool, it's fair game in the online dating scene! Keep in mind, though, that people looking for serious relationships, especially those looking for senior matches, can often see through exaggerations or tall tales. You're probably (or should be!) keeping an eye out for the same, as well.

Help Them Help You

Some dating services and popular dating sites will have a detailed questionnaire you can fill out. This helps them make the best matches possible between seniors. The most effective dating sites do whatever they can to learn about their customers. This helps them make the most suitable matches possible.

How to Chat and Engage

One of the best ways to start is to strike up a conversation! Many of the sites listed below have online chatrooms where just the two of you can start to get to know each other with low risk. Be careful how you engage in an online date, however – not everyone has good intentions and you need to watch out for scammers and bad people.

Keep it Light and Welcoming

Try to get a little bit of info about your match without being too overbearing or too picky. It's okay to be reserved and hold your cards close to your chest, so to speak. But you also don't want to scare people off – so stay friendly and keep an open mind when you can.

Mature Dating in an Online World

Online dating can be overwhelming and it's likely the dating scene has changed quite a bit since you were last out there.

For mature singles it can be especially daunting, as the idea of dating for the first time in awhile is already a bit scary. Adding senior dating sites to the mix could make it even scarier.

But don't worry. This helpful guide to online dating sites, geared toward senior dating, will help you navigate it all.

Safety Tips and Avoiding Scams

Always be wary of fake profiles and scam artists trying to pass off for someone they aren't. Some of them will be very obvious – pictures that don't match descriptions, outrageous claims or stories that couldn't possible be true, or profiles that are very light on any meaningful information. These are generally red flags (though not always).

Free Version or Paid?

Most online dating sites will allow you to get going with some form of a free account. Take some time to familiarize yourself with a site using that free account, if you can. There will be a different dating pool of mature singles with each online dating site; people usually don't have accounts or memberships across more than one or two of these services.

Potential Dating Pool is an Important Consideration

When it comes to senior dating platforms, the pool is a little more narrow so it might be worth it to get a feel for which site is best for you. It's up to you whether you want to spring for a paid subscription or premium membership.

You don't need a membership on a dating site to be successful with online dating, even senior dating. There are plenty of free account options that allow you try out a service or a site before committing with your pocketbook.

Many will give you access to some of the connection features, so see if you can find the best online chatroom, if that's where your comfortable, or maybe the dating site features some dating experts you can tap into.

What to do on the First Date

First dates are tough no matter the age. You want to make sure the first date is fun and entertaining, but also sets you up best for a serious relationship with meaningful contact. It's always a good idea to have a first date in a public place, just for safety reasons.

It's also important to tell your friends and relatives where you are going, what you are doing, and who you are doing it with – that way if something goes wrong someone knows where you are.

This is true whether you're looking for casual encounters or more mature dating, leading to something more serious and long-term.

Features to Look for on a Senior Dating Site

Many sites will also offer an app for your phone. This way you can stay in touch through your day, whatever it is you might be doing. You won't need to be in front of your computer and can see any activity right from your phone on the go.

It's also not a bad idea to look through some of their stories. Most dating sites will have at least a handful of examples of people who found true love through their service. Keep an eye out for stories featuring older adult singles.

Things to Avoid

Free dating sites are great if you're on a budget. But you really do get something for your money when you spring for a premium subscription. Often this comes in the form of expanded features, or removed caps and limits on the number of connections you can make.

Most importantly though, you are looking for an online dating site that works. Take the time to look around and make sure there is a good number of senior singles on the site. The worst thing to do is spend a lot of time on a site where there just aren't a lot of people you'd be interested in.

Free Trial Accounts for Seniors

Always try to taken advantage of free trial accounts, if you can. Many sites will offer discounts, or even full-service features for a limited trail time for seniors. This can be great to get a feel for an online dating site. However, it can also mean they are trying to encourage more single seniors to join the site because there aren't many there to begin with.

Best Senior Dating Site/Best Dating Sites

Every person is different, and you're likely going to have a different set of preferences and a different comfort level than the next senior single looking for love.

There are plenty of unique features that will allow you to filter your interests with anything from a personality test to specific religious beliefs. Take some time going through each of these senior dating sites – dip your toe in the water before diving in, so to speak.

Here are the best online senior dating sites we could find out there. Some of them cater to certain demographics (beyond senior singles). Some are intended for use by people of all ages and demographics. These are the most popular dating sites in general, as well as the dating sites specifically tailored toward seniors:

This dating site has been at the top of the market for some time. As one of the best dating sties, they've created a user experience few other sites have been able to emulate.

A go to dating site for millions, has a lot of experience in this area and could be the one senior dating site that works for you if you've been having trouble finding serious relationships elsewhere. is one of the most well known dating sites out there. If you stick with make sure you download their dating app too. It can make your experience much more fun.

Eharmony is another popular dating site. You've likely seen/heard one of their commercials. This site invests a lot of their resources into understanding the psychology of online dating. Other platforms don't have near as much attention paid to learning about their clients. They have a compatibility matching system that surpasses many of the other websites out there.

This is another of the most well known dating sites.

This is an exclusively senior dating platform, with limits on the age group that is allowed to register and be active on the site. Plenty of safety features are in place if you need to block other users, report harassment, or if you're otherwise unhappy with how you're treated.

This is one of the best senior dating sites out there. The website is packed with quality matches and is experiencing somewhat of a 'golden age' right now, even with the senior dating site space having a lot of options available. They have great deals on six-month subscriptions too, starting at just $35.

Zoosk doesn't have quite the extent of features that some of the other options on this list may have. To some, it also feels a bit dated and can be confusing to navigate. If you're able to get past some of these learning curves though, the community is rather large and full of potential matches.

The dating community available on Zoosk makes it one of the better online dating sites for seniors. There is just a ton of people on here, and there are numerous success stories coming from this site.

This site suffers most from customer service issues, but like Zoosk has a very large and active community. There are lots of quality matches with senior singles on this website. Most members are legitimately looking for quality, serious relationships. This site rates high in individual reviews and has a high success rate.

The biggest complaints on this site center on customer service and credit card problems – standard business sorts of complaints. On the upside, the complaints generally aren't surrounding the quality of matches or profiles of other users on the dating site.

This is one of the more accessible and easier to use sites on this list. The downside is that the community is rather new and there aren't as many other profiles as there are on some of the other senior dating sites.

The app looks and feels much like Tinder, making the experience straight forward and getting you to matches sooner.

It's a great place to start online dating as the profiles don't need to be built out nearly as much as they do on other websites. If you want to get your feet wet in a low-stakes environment, give Hinge a try.

Tinder is one of the more popular dating apps available. More lately, seniors have been migrating more and more to the app. The matching process is kind of scatter shot, though this also means you'll have more variety in the matches you're shown.

Overall you can expect to find some matches and connections on this app, but the quality of the matches won't be as higher. This app focuses more on quantity over quality. But it's also free, and you can be successful without any of their premium services.

This is another site with easy to use features and an accessible interface. They have lots of features and it's free to contact other people, so you can be successful in your online dating journey without spending money.

Matches on this site are data-driven and based on your profile. That means if you want more quality matches you need to give the system a bit more information about yourself. This is a great alternative, though, to the swipe-to-find-love apps like Tinder and Hinge. There's a little bit more info you can get on potential matches and other seniors from this service.

This site is a bit more reliant on photos and visual displays, it involves putting a lot of pictures of yourself up on the site. If casual dating is more of your thing, and you're not sure yet if a serious relationship with long-term commitment is right for you right now, Bumble is a great way to get into the dating arena and put yourself out there.

This is also a great site for people with safety and/or privacy concerns as a top priority. There are plenty of features that make it easy to screen and block people. Bumble is also a great way to meet friends who aren't looking for mature relationships.

Historically this dating website has been more focused on young people. Recently though there's been a large influx of older singles and those in the 55+ age group signing up on the site.

The main problem here is that there is very little in terms of screeners when signing up – it's very easy to make a profile, including a fake profile.

If you're heading on to Plenty of Fish make sure you're staying alert to scams and paying attention to the quality of the profiles you're matching with. It's a legitimate dating website, for sure, but the low entry bar invites a lot of fakes and scammers.

This is a senior dating platform, meaning it is exclusively intended for those 55 and older. People who have found matches using this site swear by it and claim they would never have success in the dating world without it.

But a quick Google search reveals that there are many unhappy customers on this platform – so judge your comfort level with this site accordingly.

Much of the complaints center around the community. A number of reviews indicate that the site has far too many fake profiles, and there tends to be little interaction between members unless a potential match is made.

There are quite a bit of features you can access with the free account without paying for a premium subscription. This is definitely a site where the premium subscription gets you additional features and access that is well worth the money, however.

There have been some problems in the past with scammers. It seems the problem has been dealt with at this point, but if you're going to use this site make sure to take the appropriate precautions when interacting with other members.

Some extra due diligence never hurts on any site, though – scammers are on all these platforms.

If aligning your religious views in your relationship is important to you, this could be one way to handle that without needing to screen people on other websites.

Matches certainly aren't guaranteed, as they might be on some of the premium websites on this list. However, it's consistently rated highly by users and many success stories can be found across the internet.

The company provides a free app that makes it very easy to stay tuned in to your online dating adventure. The app has all the same features as the site and you can browse other members' profiles for free. You'll need to sign up for an account to make contact, though. 15 million users currently use Christian Mingle, giving you a bit of a larger dating pool.

This online dating website is the premier service for Black singles looking for other Black singles. The app and website are well designed and functions as expected. It's a great option if you're looking for a specific type of person for your serious relationship.

This dating site is great to meet and mingle with other singles. However, the site lacks a comprehensive security policy. This can make for some headaches if privacy and security are important to you.

This is another website aimed at a specific demographic or type of potential match. If rural life is for you, and you're looking for other members who share that love of the countryside, then give FarmersOnly a spin. This is a pretty niche website though, so the dating pool is a bit smaller than you'll find on the other online dating sites we've listed here.

FarmersOnly routinely gets high reviews from users, making it a great choice if this type of mature single is what you're looking for.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, only you know who/what you're looking for in a mature relationship. Whether you're putting yourself out there for the first time in a long time, or you've been dating for a while and are looking for a new way to meet and mingle, online dating sites can be a fun and exciting adventure.

Just make sure you take the time to do a little research on the online dating plaforms you're considering using.

Remember: this is supposed to be fun! If you find yourself stressing out too much about how to make the perfect profile, or find a website's features far too difficult to use, give a different service a try. They really vary in terms of quality, ease of use, and quantity of potential matches.

Also remember, you don't have to have a paid account to take advantage of all the features these websites have to offer; free accounts are more than fine while using a dating service, dating site for seniors/other dating sites.

Exercise general safety tips, such as letting a family member know where you are at all times, and most importantly have fun!

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