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17 Legit Options To Find Austin Hookups & Meet Girls in 2022

Dating in one of TX biggest cities can sound like an impossible task. More people nowadays are looking to find casual hookups when scouring online dating sites.

If you're tired of hitting the Austin personals and other personal ads that live on some shady hookup site, check out these 17 legit options you could use to find yourself a sexy hookup.

1. Real-World Mingling

Austin, TX is no stranger to a fun time. With many bars, clubs, and restaurants, there are an abundant amount of places in Austin to find single men and women. Meeting Austin singles in person also let you establish a more physical connection, as well as get to know them.

The best place to meet people is in the bars/clubs scene. It's probably the easiest way to score a sex partner in the wild! The bar scene is usually relaxed, while the club scene is more upbeat and encourages a great time.

When you go out you don't even have to be looking for a hookup. Enjoy a night out on the town. You don't have to actively search for an Austin hookup to find one.

2. Frequent the Most Popular Bars in Austin

Bouncing off of the first option, going to bars or clubs at night can help you get laid by creating a lax and carefree atmosphere. If you spend any time in downtown Austin, you'll walk past several fun bars where you can meet singles.

Texas is full of hot girls and guys. Being one of the hottest states in the USA, Austin, Texas is privy to equipped to handle the heat. Find the best bar for you and you'll meet a bunch of different girls.

3. Spend a Night in the City

Much like going out to bars, going out into the city is also a good way to meet Austin singles. This way is more for those who aren't actively looking for hookups, but who are cool with going with the flow.

Having a fun night and being a fun person is the perfect match for finding interested girls. With so many fun things to do in Austin, you're bound to meet someone cool!

4. Tinder

If you're not into going out and manually looking for someone, check out our second option, Tinder. Austin local singles will have an easy and fun time looking for hookups and one-night stands.

Tinder can also be used to make friends and establish relationships, but getting laid is the main reason Austin singles use this app.

Tinder is free and easy to join, with often account updates to keep you up to date on your matches. It's also available all over the world.

All you have to provide is your name, age, birth date, email, and phone number. Whether you use the site or the app, single women are everywhere.

Once you have all your info put in, simply put your age selection and a short bio about yourself (try to hook them in with something witty or insightful) and you can start looking for sex partners. Make sure you put in your bio that you're only looking for sex.

Ladies appreciate the honesty and you'll find that getting lucky is as easy as being yourself.

5. Bumble

Bumble is one of the most popular dating sites out there for Austin girls. This app is used for a multitude of things. While it is mainly used for relationship connections, Bumble is also a good alternative for women who want to be in charge of who talks to them and who can't.

If you're a woman, Bumble works for you. Women on the app (or site) are the ones allowed to initiate the conversation, not men. If you want to get laid, but also feel safe, then go ahead and sign up for Bumble.

There's a diverse crowd of like-minded people waiting to have a one-night stand with you. You can age select the men (or women) you wish to be matched with. Once you have all your information in there, simply hit that submit button and start matching!

Austin men will have to take the back seat when it comes to this app but are free to match with as many women as they choose!

6. AFF

AFF (Adult Friend Finder) is another popular free dating site online. AFF is one of the oldest dating sites online. AFF is mostly used for Austin hookups, as well as local hookups for those not in Austin.

This hookup site if you want to increase your sex life. Online dating has been able to grow to what is it today because of dating sites like AFF. It's one the best places to get laid.

7. Grindr

If you're a gay or queer woman or man, Grindr is a good option for you. Grindr is an LBGT dating app used for dating, making friends, and hookups in Texas.

Most people on Grindr are looking for casual sex, sexy hookups, and one-night stands, though. You can age-select the gender(s) you're attracted to and start matching.

Grindr is free to join and easy to sign up for. Austin members of the Grindr community say it's easy to find sex on the app. It's often referred to as the "gay Tinder".

8. Be Naughty

Our next adult hookup app is a classic. Be Naughty, much like AFF, was one of the first online dating sites to enter the city of Austin, TX. Boasting millions of members from around the world, there are plenty of opportunities to meet singles.

This site is perfect for all types of sexualities. Women, men, and other Austin singles can enjoy the sneaky and exhilarating feeling of finding hookups.

To join this free site, simply provide your name, birth date, email address, and phone number. Sex is just a click away on this dating site!

9. Ashley Madison

Spending time on Ashley Madison, you'll probably notice something different about this online dating site. Something you probably weren't expecting.

Ashley Madison is a site for affairs. There are many reasons why someone starts an affair. And you know what that means? That means that there are people actively seeking an adult hookup.

Even if YOU aren't looking to have an affair, you can still benefit from this online hookup site in Austin. Women are more likely to find sugar daddies on this website than on any other site on this list.

Ashley Madison is an interesting community to join.

10. Plenty of Fish

Plenty of Fish was founded in 2003 and is one of the most popular dating sites as it's been around for nearly two decades. It's free to join and another great hookup site in Austin.

The site boasts over 100 million registered accounts, making it one of the biggest sites to meet Austin local singles. Hook ups are abundant on this platform.

This online dating site functions a lot like AFF and Be Naughty. You answer some questions about yourself and express what all you're looking for in an Austin, Texas hookup.

The only downside to PoF is the questioning process is a bit time-consuming but is worth it if you want to make a good connection with your hookups.

So go ahead and hook your bait as there's plenty of fish in this sea!

11. Ok Cupid

OK Cupid is another great Austin hookup app used all around the world. It's free as well as easy to use.

Much like Tinder, casual sex and sex dating are abundant on OK Cupid. Single girls and guys of Austin, Texas won't have any trouble finding the perfect hookup match. Its signing-up process is similar to PoF, where you answer a few questions that OK Cupid will then use to set you up with someone.

Who knows, maybe Cupid can find you a hookup, or even the love of her life.

12. One Night Friend

If you don't want to go through the questioning process that a lot of online dating sites often ask of you, ONF might be a good match for you.

Single ladies and lads are more likely to find a hookup, rather than a possible life-long partner. The Austin, Texas ONF community is bigger than those of smaller cities, meaning you'll have a bigger sea of people to hook up with.


This next option is a relatively new and small (but rapidly growing) platform that specializes in casual dating. If you're a woman and want to find something more than a hookup, Flirt prides itself on being a great matchmaker.

Users in Austin, Texas find that it's an overall great app to use for a multitude of activities. Texas is a huge state full of horny people looking to flirt their way into your life.

14. Hinge

Our next dating app is VERY popular in Austin, Texas for a very odd reason. Most dating/hookup sites want you to keep using their platform, but Hinge is different. Hinge wants you to delete their app.

If you meet the girl of your dreams then of course you would delete the app! Hinge is mostly used to find dates, not hookups. BUT! Austin, Texas hookups are still relatively easy to find on the platform.

15. Pure

The next Austin, Texas hookup site is a bit smaller than most. The name of the site is a stark juxtaposition to what usually ends up happening on the site.

Pure is mainly a woman-based hookup website, with about 66% of the members being female. If you're a girl, though, you can still find yourself an Austin hookup!

16. HER

Our next Austin hookup app is specifically targeted at lesbian and bi women. This app is dedicated to helping queer women in Austin find anything from their perfect match to casual sex.

HER is available worldwide and boasts over 4 million active users. Even though Austin is in a conservative state, there are thousands of queer women looking to hook up with you.

17. Zoosk

Our final hookup option is a very popular one amongst Austin singles. Zoosk is a staple in the dating scene. With over 35 million users and 30 million worldwide downloads, it's safe to say that Zoosk is a reliable option for finding Austin hookups!

Signing up is easy and it's free to join. With a score of 9.5/10 on, Zoosk is a trusted platform to find like-minded individuals to hook up with!

Staying Safe

Now that you've got all these hookup apps in your back pocket, it's time to give some pointers to stay safe out here in Austin.

  • Meet in public before you hook up with someone. If you're a girl, this is especially important as girls are statistically more likely to get hurt in situations like this. Meeting them in public lets you get a feel for them and watch for any red flags in the safety of other people.
  • Make sure both parties expressly consent to the goal of the interaction. If someone is looking into dating, they probably aren't interested in a hookup or casual sex. This ensures that both parties are happy.

In Short

In conclusion, there are many options out there for Austin, Texas singles. If you want to improve your sex life, sign up for one of these services and start finding hookups today.

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