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Atl hookup? The Best Spots and Sites for Atlanta Hookups in 2022

Atlanta, Georgia is one of the most populous and well-known cities in the USA. With a large African American population, mires blending together, and a loud and fun night scene, there are millions of people interacting and meeting daily.

Sex is something most of us experience and crave often. That's why casual sex and no-strings-attached sex is becoming more and more popular as the topic of sex becomes less taboo.

With some of the best clubs and bars and many hookup sites, the search for casual sex and one-night stands in Atlanta grows. Take a look at some of these places and apps if you're in the market to meet hot girls.

Local Hotspots

While places in Atlanta like Centennial Olympic Park, Piedmont Park, and Atlanta Buckhead Theater exist out there, Atlanta, Georgia has a lot of cool and interesting places to check out. These aren't the best places to find a hookup in Atlanta. that's why you won't find any parks or other recreational favorite spots on this list.

This Atlanta list is specially made for finding casual sex. So no coffee shops, no yoga sessions, and no shopping centers, just some of the best bars in Atlanta, Georgia!

1. Havana Club

Located in Buckhead, Atlanta, Havana Club is probably the best club to find sex. This is the perfect place for a ladies' night or a guy's night.

Arguably one of the biggest clubs in Atlanta, there are three different rooms all hosting different music and vibes. This Atlanta club has everything you could want in a bar. booze, loud music, and a dance floor in every room, there are hundreds of people to meet at Havana Club.

Clubs like this are full of hot Atlanta women who are looking for discreet hookups. If you see women that interest you, the wonderful and capable staff can help you by serving her a drink of your choice.

2. Golden Eagle

This bar, located in Reynoldstown in Atlanta, Georgia, is a little bit different than Havana Club. This Atlanta bar has two different areas, depending on how you want your night to go.

On one side of the bar is a dining room. It has a more relaxed atmosphere than the other side of the bar. On the other side is a lounge room, perfect for meeting and talking to Atlanta girls in a more close and personal setting.

Golden is a very well-known Atlanta, Georgia hotspot as it's a great, multi-faceted experience for anyone who walks through their doors.

3. District Club

Our third bar is a hotspot in the city of Atlanta is District. Here you'll find a fun and loud atmosphere and lots of sexy girls dancing out on the dancefloor.

District is more of a place for those who are into the more physical aspects of Atlanta clubbing. With loud music and drinks for days, it's hard to keep a conversation when you're busy dancing you're heart and soul out with the ladies.

If you want to get laid in Atlanta, District is definitely the place for you. First-class bottle service and renowned Georgia DJs compliment the bar's reputation. Needless to say, finding an Atlanta hookup may only require smooth dance moves and a couple of drinks in your system.

Who knows, maybe you'll end up in a hotel with a sexy one-night stand!

4. Johnny's Hideaway

If techno ain't your scene, then head on over to the local Atlanta, Georgia hang out, Johnny's Hideaway. Johnny's has a few rooms dedicated to certain Atlanta vibes.

If you're interested in classic rock and older jams, then you might like the atmosphere of this Atlanta bar. The bar is typically an attraction for older women, so if you're into older women or if you're a cougar looking for a man, then you'll have better luck coming here.

5. Northside Tavern

Changing the scene a little bit, let's head over it Northside Tavern. Northside Tavern is one of many popular dive bars in Atlanta, and for good reason. With popular music, cheap alcohol, and pool tables, you're guaranteed the perfect dive bar experience.

What sets Northside Tavern apart from other bars? Other than the standard dive bar features, this bar also hosts live blues music EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT. Altana locals looking for that small-town feeling and local music will really enjoy this place.

Finding an Atlanta hookup here should be pretty easy because of its lax atmosphere and friendly environment.

6. Ellery's

Another popular dive bar in Atlanta is Ellery's. Much like Johnny's Hideaway, this bar is a local hotspot in the city for those on the older side. That being said, finding a hookup, casual sex, or a one-night stand is still relatively easy here.

Let's say you are on the older side: you're more likely to find a one-night stand with someone who's around your age and same mindset, meaning that someone who's been in the city of Atlanta and knows the ropes is most likely what you'll find here. Experience can be sexy!

7. Sanctuary Night Club

Also located in Buckhead, Atlanta, Sanctuary is more of a dance bar, but with a different kind of playlist. On Friday nights, you can go and enjoy some salsa dancing with some girls who had the same idea as you.

Take one night out of your weekend to hit up this popular Atlanta, Georgia bar.

8. Tongue and Groove

Sex is the only thing on most people's minds when they go to Tongue and Groove. Being one of the longest-running bars and lounges in Buckhead, Atlanta, Tongue and Groove prides itself on being a staple in the Atlanta night scene.

And they're right for thinking so.

The dress code in this Atlanta bar is a little bit stricter here, wanting its patrons to wear collared shirts and jeans (for men) and dresses (for women). men are not permitted to wear shorts or tank tops, and no sports attire is allowed.

All that being said, Tongue and Grove is the best you want to be if you're wanting a high-end experience. Even with the stricter dress code, sex is still achievable in this Atlanta bar.

9. Woof's

Our final bar on the list is the beloved sports bar, Woofs. The only sports bar on our list, this bar offers more relaxed energy compared to most bars in the city of Atlanta, Georgia.

Open every day of the week except Tuesdays, this Atlanta bar offers a huge selection of IPAs, drafts, and bottles to keep the night going. Beer isn't the only thing they serve. Food and cocktails are also available.

Finding a hookup and sex here might be a little easier as the atmosphere isn't as boisterous as some of the clubs listed above. So, if you want to go out into the city without feeling like you're in the city, definitely check out Woofs!

Hookup Sites/Apps

If going out into the city of Atlanta to meet girls isn't your cup of tea, or you'd rather search for casual sex in the comfort of your own home, we don't blame you. Atlanta is a huge city, full of pretty girls and handsome guys. It can be intimidating when you're in front of them, tongue-tied.

That's where these casual sex/dating apps come into play. If you want to get laid in Atlanta, check out some of these popular and well-known dating sites.

1. Tinder

Our first dating app on the list is the tried and true Tinder. As one of the largest dating sites on the internet, finding local girls and Atlanta singles is fairly simple.

If you're interested in signing up and joining the growing Atlanta dating site, it's pretty easy. Simply provide your name, age, birth date, gender, email address, and phone number. You can then meet people from your area.

Tinder is popular amongst those looking for a hookup or casual sex in Georgia. The app is good for any type of dating in Atlanta, though, not just sex.

If you live in Atlanta, that means every neighborhood in the city is up for grabs. From downtown to Vine city and more!

If you want special perks like location changing (if you want to meet hot girls from other parts of the state, like north Georgia, you can change the location with this subscription), unlimited likes, and extra super likes, you can sign up for a paid membership!

You can find anyone from any town, city, and state around the world.

2. Grindr

Our next dating app is one of the top Atlanta Hookup sites out there! Our second dating app is popular amongst gay singles in Atlanta looking for sex. Grindr is a hookup site that is specifically designed to help gay Atlanta girls and guys find casual sex or even serious relationships.

Grindr's platform is similar to Tinder's in that it's free, and you only have to provide the basic info such as your name, birth date, and phone number. Finding see in your city is only a few taps away after this.

Single ladies who want the company of other Atlanta girls simply need to clarify that they're lesbian (or even bi). Atlanta guys who desire the touch of other men can do the same.

3. Plenty of Fish

Plenty of Fish is one of the most popular and long-running dating sites in Atlanta on the web. With over 90 million users on the site, this is one of the best sites to find casual sex.

If you want to register on this popular hookup site, you should know it's completely free. Once you sign up, you can chat, send explicit photos, and schedule a meet-up with girls and guys you're interested in.

Plenty of Fish is for anyone of all sexualities. You can filter out the genders you're attracted to and the age group you want to find sex in.

4. OK Cupid

Our next dating site in Atlanta, Georgia is another popular site/app to find Atlanta girls who are down for a one-night stand or casual sex. You won't waste time on this app because there are over 50 million users on this app. you're bound to find someone in your city.

If you want to get laid in Atlanta, sign up for OK Cupid. You can find anything from love to sex on this site. Kick start a conversation by complimenting her or by telling her a joke. If you're into role play, you can let people know by putting it in your bio on your profile page.

5. Be Naughty

Searching for sex can sound like a daunting task at first, but with websites like Be Naughty, meeting sexy women in Atlanta and other locals is fun, free, and easy.

Be Naughty is also one of the oldest Atlanta sex sites on the internet. For nearly two decades, it's been helping people meet singles in their city. It's one of the best places for more anonymity-type casual sex.

You can browse through personal ads that each member makes and use their chatting feature to get laid in Atlanta. It really can be that easy!

6. HER

HER is another popular Atlanta hookup site/app for queer women. Women who identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community can meet for sex discreetly and safely. With over 4.5 million users registered to the platform, the pool of women looking for casual sex is quickly growing.

Being a girl in the dating world can be a little scary. Statistically speaking, if you're a girl, you're more likely to be a target for unwanted attention, mainly from men. That's why HER is great for any girl that wants to explore their sexuality and maybe snag some hookups.

It's free and easy to join the community. HER has been known to create relationships, friendships, and hookups for the people of Atlanta, Georgia, for several years now.

7. AFF

AFF (or Adult Freind Finder) is another one of the oldest and best-dating sites in Atlanta on the web. Getting laid and finding hookups is the main goal of this website. Being in service for two decades, it has millions of users across the USA.

Atlanta, Georgia, has millions of single girls and guys wanting to find casual sex, and AFF is the best place to do it. The signup process is easy and non-invasive. You can stay as anonymous as you want, but to heighten your chances of getting laid, you should include a few details about yourself and a picture.

8. Bumble

Bumble is a great Atlanta app for single women who want to feel in control when it comes to their dating lives. This app is different from most in that only women, or those who identify as a woman, are allowed to initiate the conversation.

If you're a guy, don't worry, you can still use Bumble and match with single Atlanta girls. Only it's up to the woman you match with to start the conversation.

With over 100 million members on the site, it's a popular dating app in Atlanta. This means that you'll have no trouble finding sex on this app. You don't want to miss out on this community!

9. Zoosk

Our ninth site popular for Atlanta, Georgia hookups is Zoosk. Zoosk is a simple and easy-to-use dating site. Zoosk is world-wide, and has over 40 million registered users.

Hookups are relatively easy to come by on this app as that's what most people use it for. You can look through the personal ads and start messaging sexy Atlanta girls and score a hookup in minutes.

10. Hinge

Our last dating app is another quick-dating app that is popular amongst single Atlanta users. This app has over 20 million users finding casual sex daily.

Although this app is usually for people looking to find relationships, you can find hookups just as easily.

Signing up for Hinge is easy and simple. You mainly just need to provide your name, age, birth date, gender, and phone number. You can chat with those you're interested in by using their chat feature.

Safety Tips

Now that you've got a good idea of all the best Atlanta hotspots and great Atlanta hookup apps, it's time to talk about staying safe. Read our list below for our tips.

  • Make sure to meet in public if you're meeting from a dating app. You could meet up at one of the bars listed above! Meeting in public first is smart because it lets you get a feel for the person you're about to hook up with. You can sort out any red flags in a safe and public environment.
  • Get consent. Getting consent is crucial for any fun hookup. Not getting consent could lead to some awful consequences for you, so stay smart!
  • Only give your phone number out if you're 100% comfortable with your hookup. Even though you've had sex with them, that doesn't mean you have to be joined at the hip.
  • Use protection. This one is a no-brainer, but you'd be surprised how many people don't listen to this one. Not only will protection protect from unwanted pregnancies, but it will lessen the chances of catching an STD and it takes most of the stress of pulling out away.
  • Rent a hotel room if you want to find sex while intoxicated. If you don't any way to get home from the clubs/bars, try to rent a hotel room from a nearby hotel. You could save a few lives doing this, including your own.

In Short

In conclusion, if you're looking to get lucky, hit the city or join one of the Atlanta dating apps listed above. Stay safe when meeting up with people. Go to a hotel instead of your place or meet up in public first. But most importantly, have fun!

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