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Best 6 Asian Hookup Apps and Dating Sites In 2022

The continent of Asia is massive, with over 4 billion people living in the region. Safe to say, there's an abundance of Asian singles out there. The online dating scene today is mainly full of free platforms that let you find the one.

If relationships aren't your thing, casual encounters or one-night stands are pretty easy to score nowadays. Most hookup apps on the market can help you with that.

If you're looking for the best Asian hookup apps and sites, want to meet Asian women, make a connection, or develop an open relationship, check out this list of the 6 best Asian dating and hookup apps.

Unlike other articles, we'll give you detailed information about each site and how to best utilize them. Read through the whole article to find some dating tips to help you stay safe out there.

1. TrulyAsian

TrulyAsian is a well-known Asian hookup app AND dating app! You can be in different countries and still use this site. If you want to meet local Asian women from anywhere, you can do so by using this site.

TrulyAsian can find you any of the following types of relationships:

  • Asian hookups
  • Casual fun
  • Long-term relationships/serious relationships
  • Friendships

Signing up

Signing up for this free and fun dating site is easy to do. TrulyAsian prides itself on being a quick matchmaker. Being one of the top Asian dating services and hookup apps, they don't require you to fill out long forms or questionnaires about yourself.

To get started you only have to provide your name, gender, e mail address, and password to this hookup app. Once you have all of that taken care of, it's time to fill out your profile.

You can age select those you wish to match with as well as clarify your preferred body types, height, and weight. A lot of hookup apps don't have this feature!

To find your perfect match, you've got to fill out your profile truthfully. If you're into Asian women, maybe find a way to relate to them and maybe tell a non-offensive joke that would make sense to the Asian community.

Finding a Match

Now that you've filled out your preferences, it's time to start meeting some single Asians. TrulyAsians is a more open platform compared to dating apps like Tinder. You can browse multiple profiles at once and go into chat rooms with those who interest you, rather than seeing one profile at a time, like apps like Tindr and Bumble.

You can also check out the popular pages of users who are in high demand. These users can be popular for a multitude of things. Most of the time, it's because they are attractive and interesting. Try reaching out to them and see why they are so popular!

Be aware that there are fake accounts and fake profiles on this hookup app, much like many other dating sites. You don't need to worry about that, though, as it's not common.

To best utilize this Asian dating app, make sure you branch out. TrulyAsian offers a unique feature that a lot of other dating apps don't. You can video call!

Review Rating

The reviews of TrulyAsian are that it's a wonderful Asian hookup site. The dating lives of those who use it blossom and grow. Most people claim the site is more fun than traditional hookup apps, mainly because it's specifically for Asian women and men.

You won't have to worry about the western men that don't know a thing about your culture and where you come from (if you're not from the west.)

2. EastMeetsEast

One of our next Asian dating sites is EastMeetsEast, also known as EME. This Asian hookup app has grown over the past few years, with over 150,000 couples matched to date. EME is a dedicated Asian hookup/dating site that offers a close community of like-minded individuals who all seek the right partner.

Whether that partner is Asian or not, EME is considered one of the best Asian dating apps.

Registration Process

All you need to sign up for one of the top dating websites for Asian singles is a strong internet connection and an open mind. Simply provide basic information about yourself as well as some interesting facts.

EME is a free-to-use Asian hookup app. Meeting local Asian girls

How it Works

Unlike other Asian hookup sites, EME works by letting you search for your own match, instead of swiping on profiles that might interest you. Being a niche dating app, it's easy to find somebody that shares the same values as you. Asian online dating nowadays usually involves that, but not EME.

To find your perfect lady or gentlemen, simply go to the filter tab and select what you're looking for, press the submit button, and start searching.

EME also takes the time to ask Asian singles when they came to the USA, Canada, Australia, or any other non-Asian countries.

Getting Matches

Now to the fun part, initiating the conversation. This hookup site allows members to chat with anyone they fancy. EME has a feature that allows you to 'hide' profiles you don't wish to see on your dash, making it easier to find those you do.


This dating app is considered one of the best Asian hookup sites out there, and for good reason. Most people find the layout and functionality of the hookup app easy to use and very well put together. (a popular dating site review site) rates the Asian hookup site an 8.4/10, indicating that most people are satisfied with their platform. No wonder it's one of the most popular Asian hookup apps!


Another popular Asian hookup site is Now, this service is an industry standard in the Asian dating scene.

This is a paid online dating site, but there is a free version that allows you to do:

  • Message paid users who initiate the conversation.
  • Create your own profile by uploading pictures and you can access all the account functions.
  • Use the search bar and have access to the basic matching algorithm the hookup site offers.

Getting Started

To get started with the free version, you’re able to create your own profile and search around and look at other members on the site. During the free trial, you can only view the members' main profile pictures but can view all the pictures if you sign up for the paid subscriptions.

With the paid version, you're able to do a lot more and access more functions. If you're an Asian single and want to get the most out of your dating experience, then the paid version may be for you.

The paid version allows you to be the one who initiates conversations. While you could answer messages with the free version, you aren't able to be the first to message. The paid version allows you to do so.

You can also browse all photos on members' pages and you're able to browse anonymously!

Find Your Match

If you've decided to go with the paid versions because of the great perks it offers, it's time to meet your match.

If you want to stick to the free version, it's worth it to go ahead and sign up. Even though you can't initiate the conversations, you are able to message those who message you first. You can still find great connections with the free version.

Asian ladies and lads can both initiate the conversation on this site, so go ahead and shoot your shot!


Most people who use this dating site say they were satisfied with the service. You're more likely to find love and relationships on this site than you are hookups, but you can still find those too!

4. eHarmony

Any woman, man, non-binary person, and others can use eHarmony. This dating app is one of the most popular ones around the world.

Signing Up

You can download the mobile application or use the desktop version for this dating app. eHarmony does require a little bit more time to sign up as it asks you a bunch of questions to properly match you to local Asian singles.

While this site is available all around the world, you can find Asian girls and guys pretty easily.

This site is mainly used for love match-making, rather than hookups. However, you can find a hookup nearly everywhere, and finding one here is doable.

Meet Your Matches

eHarmony is a free site, but to access all the features, there is a monthly fee of $36 a month. Woah! That sound like a lot!

Don't fret, eHarmony is popular for a reason. Their match-making algorithm is state-of-the-art and should be the industry standard for all paid dating sites.

With the paid version you're able to:

  • Unlimited messages and photo viewing.
  • Match filtering (you can filter out certain personality traits and other things.)
  • Distance searching (meaning you can search ANYWHERE you want)

The distance searching option is a good feature to use if you want to find Asian girls or guys in Asia or other parts of the world. The paid subscription is good for those who want to branch out and experience new cultures and practices.

Again, it's not a dedicated hookup site, BUT if you want to find meaningful connections with a hookup, or you are in the market for finding love.

Why eHarmony?

So you're probably asking, why eHarmony? Why not just use the free apps you've listed before?

Well, the answer is simple. eHarmony is and has been a trusted dating site for many years. Millions of people have found true love on this website.

They also claim that every 13 minutes, a perfect match is made!

5. Asian Friend Finder

This hookup site is popular for finding Asian ladies who are down for a hookup. This hookup site is popular amongst young Asian singles.

While it's not a dating app (it's a desktop application), it's just as easy to use as any other hookup app. Premium prices start as low as $5.75 a month. So, it's super cheap but super worth it!

How to Get Started

Getting started with Asian Friend Finder is just like any other Asian hookup app. You simply provide your name, age, gender, birth date, email, and phone number.

The layout is very similar to AFF (Adult Friend Finder) only this one is specifically for Asian dating.

Find Your Asian Hookup

Let's say you want to meet an Asian woman on this site. Doing so is simple. The layout of the website is similar to AFF in the sense that you can scroll through available matches, instead of only seeing one at a time.

You can message any Asian girl that strikes your fancy and browse through her photos on her profile. Try to find something you two may have in common.

Since it's not a dating site and it acts more like a hookup app, there isn't a match-making algorithm in place. You must seek out and find the perfect Asian girl for you, but you'll have fun doing it!

Fun fact, most of the women on this site are from China!


Most people that use this to find free Asian hookups are happy with their service. With over 5 million users to date, that means that a lot of people have found hookups and relationships using Asian Friend Finder.

6. Zoosk

Our final hookup app is a very popular one amongst single Asian women and men. Zoosk is a staple in the dating scene. With over 35 million users and 30 million worldwide downloads, it's okay to say that Zoosk is a reliable option for finding an Asian hookup.

Did we mention it's completely free? This Asian hookup app has free registration!


Registration on Zoosk is very easy, simple, and quick compared to other Asian hookup apps. Simply provide your name, age, birth date, gender, email, and phone number.

Being one of the free Asian hookup apps out there, there are also paid options if you want to chat with people. Payment plans start out as low as $10 a month, or $120 for a whole year.

Finding Your Hookup

Once you've started to chat with a few Asian locals, it's time to start finding your hookup. Find a common ground and start a conversation from there. If you both like playing poker, talk about the luckiest hand you've ever had. If you like dogs, talk about dogs. It's super easy to find a common interest.

Make sure you show/talk about every interest and hobby you have. This can help you be more presentable and friendly to potential hookups, meaning more people will want to talk to you and meet you!

Reviews of This Hookup App

As mentioned earlier, Zoosk is an extremely popular dating site. Even though you have to pay a little bit to do basic chatting and messaging, it's worth it to have quality matches!

The hookup website has a 9.5/10 on

Staying Safe

Now that you've decided on one of our Asian hookup apps, it's time to discuss the safety measures you can follow to keep yourself safe.

  • Meet in public before you go home with them. If you're an Asian girl or Asian woman, this is especially important for you. Any man, woman, or anyone with violent tendencies can be lurking on any of these sites. Make sure you message on the hookup app you chose to meet up somewhere. You want to make sure you get a feel for them before being alone with them.
  • Get consent. Your top priority when it comes to hooking up with someone is to make sure they expressly consent to the activities planned. Not doing this is not only illegal but also morally corrupt. Consent matters. Don't overlook it.
  • Bring protection. Casual hookups and one-night stands are breeding grounds for STDs and unwanted pregnancies. Make sure your partner proves to you that they're clean and that they intend on using protection.

In Short

In conclusion, these Asian dating apps and hookup apps are perfect for those who want to snag a local Asian hookup or start a relationship with somebody.

if you want to use a paid service, we suggest eHarmony, Asian Friend Finder, For free services, you should probably check out Zoosk, EME, or TrulyAsian.

If you're wanting to find someone who shares the same interests and cultures as you, check out one of these sites and see if they're a good fit for you.

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